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It's ya boi, BradyBunch. Hold thy applause 'till the end.

I needed a group for people that like what I do on the site. So I made this. Here, you can see everything I've written, and you can talk with me about just about anything. Suggest stories to me. Ask questions about me or my stories. Debate on any subject, if you really wish.

I really don't have any restrictions here, except the normal site rules. This is going to be a family/dictatorship/clubhouse. Everyone's going to be happy here. Unless you don't want to. In that case, you'll hate it here.

Now don't pig out too hard, you hear?

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Yay! Fan club for my favorite human!

When can you have a look at what’s been recommended to you?

i didnt even know you made me an admin, thanks!!!

Thanks for the invite!

Thanks for the invite.

Thanks for the invite!

Thanks for the invitation!

Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to your future works.

Not sure how I earned an invite but here I am.

Hey there Brady! You got a new member:pinkiehappy:!

You can't add stories in Recs.

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