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I made this group because many of the others are dying or do not provide the services that both Christian and secular users desire, and I can't just up and ask for adminship by means of proposing my new plan with a different style of administration and a different focus of conversation (believe me, I tried). So I just made a new group. Anybody can join and do this, all are welcome.

Besides, those groups that are active and provide exactly what users come for tend to strictly represent very specific schools of Christian thought. This group will represent all of them, but it will admittedly put more emphasis on the old Evangelical schools of thought, the original Protestants, such as the Lutherans (hence the title), as they are remarkably poorly represented in proportion to how numerous they are on FIMFiction.

What's also important is that I'm not an Evangelical Protestant myself, which leads to another major principle of this group: This group's motto is that we will disagree with what we have to say to each other, but will defend the right for all voices to speak.

To ensure that my new plan will work, I have created a new system of governance, as explained here, that can sustain itself even long after my absence.

We don't have much in the way of official rules, but they are clear and defined for all to see here.

If you want to discuss matters without coming across as an idiot, read these guidelines.

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Thank you for making this group. God reigns forever and ever.

Someone put a fic called "Bad Dragon Clop Collection" in the Adventure folder.

I like Christianity now.

More time than you might think; I'm almost finished with the constitution. This group will be officially protected from mob rule.

Grand, another supposedly Christian group.
How long until it devolves into hate rants and debates that go in circles? Place your bets.
Forgive me, experience has made me cynical.

Thanks for the invitation, brethren. :twilightsmile:

I appreciate the invite, but I'm not sure what I can offer to this group specifically. I tend to be one of the people trying to avoid arguing entirely, because I can't always defend my points without getting overly emotional about them.

Thanks for the invite!

I think I might change the title one one more time. Any suggestions?

Hey, you actually to decided to use the image I suggested for the icon! Great :D

And thanks for inviting me, of course.

Thank you for inviting me:twilightsmile:

To be honest, I forgot who you were (I invited followers, people who were members of groups that would have majorities that would get the points of this group, and general co-conspirators, and you have gone under a lot of names)! But it's all good, anybody can join this group and discuss matters, and as it stands you're an intelligent person.

Why invite me? A well known Anti-Thiest?

413286 alrighty then, i'll give it a go!

Many are dying, and wouldn't take me for an admin, but I have a health care plan group governance plan that would keep the cultural decay all these groups inevitably undergo under some measure of control.

how many of these groups do we need? :applejackunsure:

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