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They say that life can only be beaten by the strong. They are wrong. Life can be beaten by anyone, and anyone can make life work for them.


Thanos has all six infinity stones, and he finally snaps his fingers to wipe out 50% of all life in the universe. 50% of all life. In the UNIVERSE. This has way more disastrous consequences on Equestria than anywhere else.

Inspired by Awesomo3000’s “Something’s Happening...” Thank you for the wonderful read!

Click here to find out who survived and who died!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 26 )

Oohh, so basically Equestria is FUBAR?

Wouldn’t any place in this situation?

Very true, however with Chaos magic not having a medium Equestria's extinction is sped up by a few decades.
Whereas Earth after the snap would have about a century or two before everything is fully extinct.
One other inconsistency with the Gauntlet though, in the movie Thanos says it will wipe out fifty percent of life in the universe, preventing overpopulation. Yet we see animals and humans dying, just them, sentient life, instead of just life in general. Maybe the budget was too small for that? Who knows but that line needs to be changed to fifty percent of sentient life in the universe.

The Russo Brothers (the directors) confirmed that 50% of all life died. Including viruses, which can be argued to be not alive in the first place. The plant thing was likely to do with the budget, hence why I included trees disappearing (e.g. Zecora’s home).

Re: Discord, If you’ve seen endgame you would know that everyone snapped is brought forwards in time 5 years so the “extinction” doesn’t really come into play anymore.

Curse you Thanos! I swear you will pay for what you have done! Whatever it takes, you will pay!

In all seriousness good job. I enjoy these types of stories, not just because I love the MCU but because I had the idea of what would happen if Thanos' snap affected the multiverse instead of just the universe and seeing how the different franchises and series across culture react to 50% disintegrating. Granted I know the Gauntlet and the stones only work in the universe they originate from in the comics but it is fun to imagine.

I think it was clever to have Discord explain everything to the Mane 6 and why he couldn't interfere so they understand what is happening before he turns to ash. I hope this gets updated soon because I want to see more of the aftermath.

Ah, i see. Thank you for clearing that up.

I understand that the stones only affect their parent universe, so I decided to have some fun playing around with a combination of the Many Worlds Interpretation (i.e. there are an infinite number of parallel universes with a slight difference to each) so this one is “The MCU but MLP also exists 300 million light years away” and also the mathmatical law of impossibly large numbers and how it applies to quantum mechanics. Basically, the odds of the MCU and Equestria being in the same universe are almost 0. But not quite. Let’s say that they’re 1/graham’s number. Over an infinite number of universes, you are guarunteed to come across at least one of these universes (infinite, actually) just because you have so many solutions. I probably butchered that but I hope you get the jist.

I should have expected this... Good job...

You know what, that makes perfect sense. I like that explanation a lot.

You should have gone for the head.

He killed Discord. :twilightangry2:

I hope they can get some some form of vengeance.

Pretty good start, kudos. :twilightsmile:

Disney secretly bought Hasbro.

Thank you for your words and inspiration.

Thanos will pay for this. And all thanks to the Avengers and a great sacrifice (spoilers to those who haven’t seen Endgame) they stopped Thanos and brought everyone back. Or almost everyone.

This is great! can't wait for more chapters.

Thanos dun goofed...without discord the whole universe is doomed...

Thanos didn't save the universe, he simply didn't know about Discord

Great story!

Nice job dealing with the aftermath of everything and everyone’s joy when their loved ones return.

Obviously there's the implied cases of those who've moved on. I ended up rolling a dice to see if Sweetie Belle would go and develop that familiar bond with Fluttershy, but obviously it's implied that she now has to choose between her true family and her chosen one. That's the real disaster the snap caused, throwing so many lives into disarray, even undone.

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