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This story is a sequel to My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest pegasus alive

Equestria is changing, this is an era of a new kind of heroes.

The Dash, the Arrow, and the Canary are the new defenders of Equestria. But, when a menace from the past comes to threaten the Kingdom, they'll find themselves overwhelmed. And will need to find new and powerful allies to help them to protect it from evil.

Luckily, they don't have to look so far.

Editey by rich-online. Thank you for all your help!!

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:pinkiehappy:And we are back! Can't wait to see how this goes.:pinkiehappy:

i was not expecting a sequal

Hmm I admit half have this image of the elements as this universe's Justice society, the old guard of heroes from the previous age of heroes though admittedly the society's membership did a have overlap with the justice league given some of their members were part of both groups.

Also Diamond Tiara as the local version of batman... that somehow seems appropriate.

I love this please continue

For some reason i want there to be a way for Barry and rainbow to be pen pals
and then for heaths warming rainbow sends Barry a JLE greeting card of a picture of all of them and then Barry displays is somewhere and then other members of the JLA see it and and ask him about it he tells them about his time in equestria and we see thier reactions to the knowledge of thier counterparts


LMAO Diamond Tiara as the bat.

Need more back story on Scootacorn though.

She is this worlds captain marvel or SHAZAM pony. That is why she is also secret Alicorn.

And with these two

But it is less of crossover and more of Kaliann25 using the ideas form those stories.

Ah ok, I think I remember that now at the end of the last one.

To be honest I only knew I only knew the one about Scootaloo/SHAZAM. The others are new for me.

Someone else pointed them out on your last story

That was when I knew about those stories

Love this! See my other post on the first story for ideas I had for things, but I saw a good review here. Have Pony JL meet Human JL.

Oh,and where has Discord been?

“Is that really supposed to be a disguise?” asked Marevel, pointing to a nearby statue of Spike.

Well, you are the only known kid dragon in, perhaps, all over Equestria even, Captain Obvious.

Hmmm, I smell a Spike as a Green Lantern spin-off fic.

Ok, Hal Jordan confirmed, so inside their existing universe is the Justice League(hopefully the awesome animated one of the 2000s) so that means that Flash(Wally) could meet this Dash, and she introduces Barry from before? The potential fun to be had!

Still wandering how Trixie reacted to Starlight dying and how she could come up as a new hero(Zatanna maybe, Huntress?). As well as Sunset across the mirror portal and if any of them have gained hero identities. Don't need full other story, but it gives you great ways to expand story plots and fill in holes like the Trixie point.

Again, whee has Discord been? Love the crazy nature Alicorn.

Clearly Sunset and Trixie will be Fire and Ice, or maybe Hawk & Dove, or Lois & Jimmy... Zan and Jayna. Blue Falcon and Dynomutt!

Alright, well done and glad to be first review to new chapter. The scene was short but effective. Tactics used rocked and what was needed for now was covered. Hmm, kind of wonder if Blackest Night may occur here. Plenty of dead this run to pick from.

Still wondering on Trixie learning about Starlight, cause I know that'll be rough.

Where in Chaos is Discord during this mess?

Either Celestia or Twilight should call the first meeting of the Justice League of Equestria sooner than later.

It'll be Twilight or Luna. I'm hoping it's Twilight.

I think they need to be called "meta-creatures" at this point. Also, why couldn't Alicorn Marevel have been a part of this meeting? Batmare was. So, I believe this is all of the League, or will there have to be another addition to the team some time in this story?

So, how soon until Batmare's identity is revealed to the others?

Ten bits say within three chapters.


“Oh, she’s explaining the situation to her family,” said Spike. “We agreed that they deserved to know the truth before anypony.” He turned to Rainbow Dash. “Oh, Rainbow, your family is waiting for you

This is why she wasn't at the meeting

Poor bat DT. The others found out she’s orphan.

Great story

Good because Justice League and Time Lord doesn’t look well together.

I love having the Doctor for this, and I know the two of the Arrow team will drop jaw at that last reveal.

Cool talk out for Scootaloo too here. Eager for more!

Glad to see Batmare seems to be the main character of all this. She definitely has the best storyline going at the moment.

You know, I was thinking that the alicorn stallion reminded me of Swamp Thing, and then youy go and put this line in

"I forgot; I'm supposed to use pony manners. Call me Forest Thing; it suits me better than Eclipse Darkness.

in addition to this in the Author's Notes

My friends' idea was about a deity who was unhappy with his domain, and tried to overthrown his sisters. But, since I liked his forest abilities, I asked him to use him as the equivalent of the Swam Thing.

I feel satisfactorily validated in my comparison.

Also, I approve of having a Swamp Thing-esque character as the first major villain of this story. Even though Swamp Thing himself is primarily neutral in his alignment, so long as no one is harming the nature of an area under his protection or threatening the plants of Earth, he is DAMN powerful. Easily alicorn level if he was in MLP.

Damn, Geas are NASTY spellwork. Good character!

I feel like we probably should have had more foreshadowing for Celestia and Luna’s Parents, but okay, I’ll bite.

They should bring in reverse dash

Sweetie Bell Cyborg, that I did not see coming.

I can only imagine the face of Rarity when she found out.

I fully concur to first review. A Sweetie Borg from the fan jokes of Sweetie Bot was NOT expected. Oh shit....Rarity is going to freak the straight fuck out. And we STILL need to see how Trixie and Sunset react about Starlight. Man, this'll be big.

Oh wasn't expecting that, guess we should start taking bets on who the next hero will be.

I am still wondering who Super mare or stallion will be, he/she should be appearing too.

I know what you mean: for one thing, I just can't see Rarity's sister yelling "Booyah!"

Lantern is going to be Outmatched to Tartarus and back against Forest Thing, if you've made the Alicorn even HALF as powerful as Swamp Thing.

Of course Sweetie Belle is Cyborg. Why wouldn’t she be? Great chapter!

So now that Sweetie Belle is going to be Cyborg, Applebloom now has to take up a hero mantle to balance out the crusaders. I think that Supergirl would fit for her but I could also picture Static or Beastboy.

Wow. Makes me wonder WHO....IS AQUAMARE?

Alicorn Marevel, Sweetie borg and I am wating to see if applebloom becomes a super pony now

AB will probably become like wonder woman or something.

But I don’t think its likely. All the others have had a parallel back story to a earth superhero so if ther is wondermare or superstallion they would most likely be OC ish charecters.

Hmmm. Well there is hope for her at least. I wonder when we will see Trixie popping up as the Zatana analog.

...To think this is but a taste of what Forest Thing can do when fighting to protect nature. I'm sorry, but I am just LOVING that we have a character that is analogous to Swamp Thing as the first main villain. Swamp Thing is one of my favorite sideline DC Characters! I mean, he is basically IMMORTAL so long as there is vegetative plant life on Earth! EVEN SUPERMAN KNOWS THAT PISSING OFF SWAMP THING CAN ONLY END IN PAIN FOR THE MAN OF STEEL!

Swamp Thing villain... not that big a stretch, when one remembers that Swamp Thing's VA also is VA for two villains.

Damn, Forest Thing is a good analog to Swamp Thing after this chapter. Hmm, I think Luna giving mental training to Batmare would be quite good. True ninja training level. Sweetie Borg form is cool.

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