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Hinobi, the greatest videogame company in the world. A perfectly normal company that sells games for all ages and platforms.

But after witnessing a monster coming out of her new console and the Hinobi employee erasing their tracks Sunset is convinced that Equestrian magic is involved. The girls would have to find the truth about Hinobi as the avoid their memories being erased by the Glitch Techs.

FEATURED 10/26 thank you so much guys!!

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Flurry Heart is not like other filles. She’s your local geek, otaku, cosplayer, comic obsessed fangirl. She’s also a Princess, but who cares?

And it’s her favorite time of the year, the San Neighgo ComicCon.

Cosplay? Check!

Life savings? Check!

Extra big saddlebag for her new collectibles? Double-check!

Permission form her parents? Che… hey! What you mean with diplomatic meeting? Does it have to be today? Wait! Not fair!

No, this is not going to end like this. Flurry would go to ComiCon and that’s final!

A silly one-shot for the Cadence is a Terrible Mother contest!

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This story is a sequel to Injustice for All

It is the beginning of a new era. Princesses Celestia and Luna are ready to retire leaving Twilight as the new Monarch of Equestria.

But when the unexpected happens, a Hero rises instead of a Queen. Twilight must learn what means to bear her new power as the most powerful metapony in the world as the League of Doom and the Master Mind plan their next move.

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This story is a sequel to Batmare: Filly Scourge of the night

Part of my MLP/DC Comics Universe:

Grogar have been preparing his master plan for centuries, recruiting all the old threats of the ponykind in order to conquer the ponies once and for all.

But when new allies shows up, he realizes the new heroes are too powerful for his Legion of Doom. The Era of Harmony is no more, now it is time of the Metaponies.

As the rest of my DC-Universe, this is edited by rich-online. Once again thank you for your support.

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Side story of Chaos: the Age of Spike.

Since his first Nightmare Night, Pipsqueak and Luna have shared a beautiful friendship.
And the young pony has always dreamed about becoming Luna’s knight in shining armor.

A dream that he decides to pursue at the age of eighteen, when he enlists in the Lunar Guard. The strongest soldiers of Equestria, under the command of their feared and admired leaders, the Black Swordsman and the Lightning Flash.

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Blood Emperor Jircniv, ruler of Baharuth Empire, refused to apologize after sending the Workers to the Group of Nazarik, so, Ainz Ooal Gown decided it is time to vanquish humans from the land. But he can’t do it alone.
Ainz learns about a secret civilization that went into hiding to protect themselves from humans. Maybe they would join him in his crusade.

But their rulers, Princesses Celestia and Luna would accept the alliance, or Lord Ainz would have to ‘persuade’ them first?

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This story is a sequel to Justice League (of Equestria)

This is a new era of heroes, the era of the Justilce League. But as a new kind of hero appears, also a new kind of threat.

As Diamond Tiara does her best to balance her hero-self with her normal self, a new, powerful foe appear, and he's obssesed with 'playing' with Batmare.

In the meantime, Cheerilee struggles with a problematic student, and all her attempts to help her being blocked; and Princess Luna does her best to protect the sanity of her chosen knight.

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Alternate (and shorter version) of my previous fic, Pony Art Online. The adventures of Yui, Asuna and Kirito in Equestria.

After the death of Yuuki Kono, Asuna Yuuki knows she needs a break from ALO. She convinces her boyfriend, Kazuto Kirigaya, to try another game for a while.
They connect to a new game, called ‘Legends of Equestria’, but it seems to be much more than a game.

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This story is a sequel to The Code of the Villains

All Princess Flurry Heart wants is to become a hero. But not like her auntie, or her parents; but like her beloved comic book characters. She does everything in her power to live her life as a comic book, but now that she turned eighteen, her parents want her to forget all about that and accept more responsibilities as a Princess.

At the same time, Prince Bright Spark wants to do more for Equestria. But all the Princesses, including his mother, consider him and his methods too dangerous.

But, with their problems aside, the two of them will do everything they can to make Equestria a better place… for ponies. And a nightmare for all villains.

NOTE: this is a sequel to ‘The Code of the Villains’

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After being defeated by the Rainbooms, Adagio and Aria want some revenge.

Sonata only wants to make her sisters happy again.

And Lord Black Hat wants to make a profit. This cannot end well.

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