This story is a sequel to Justice League (of Equestria)

This is a new era of heroes, the era of the Justilce League. But as a new kind of hero appears, also a new kind of threat.

As Diamond Tiara does her best to balance her hero-self with her normal self, a new, powerful foe appear, and he's obssesed with 'playing' with Batmare.

In the meantime, Cheerilee struggles with a problematic student, and all her attempts to help her being blocked; and Princess Luna does her best to protect the sanity of her chosen knight.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 13 )

A slice of justice league inspired shit. Please don't let the delivery driver who brought this sorry piece of plague have another job.

More please but next story has to be arrow because i want to know

I give them a week at most before Joker is giving Batmare a bad night again.

Cheese Sandwitch as The Joker. Makes sense. But, if Pinkie isn't Harley.... I wonder who is? Could Silver Spoon be Robin?

Hopefully, we can get a Spike Green Lantern story soon. And I just frogot Pinkie doesn't have a super identity yet.... I think. Pinkie being Harley would be great, though.

Time for Harley's Equestrian Counterpart. OOh, maybe it's Nurse Redheart.

More DC referensi next you gonna bring me freeze or poison ivy or rindler or maybe league of shadow (assassin) is up to you man

Silver must begin the training.

Silver Spoon becomes Robin confirmed.

Nice job, Diamond. Really flipping back and forth on if Pinkie or Redheart will be Harley.

nicely done; also:

There was something different about Apple Bloom's eyes. They were now bright green.

wait, does this mean that Apple Bloom is Beast Boy...er, Beast Filly? ...I'm okay with this

So, we are now only missing 'Starfire' and 'Raven' to be able to form the Equestrian Teen Titans.

Beast Filly! So, we have Sipver Spoon as Robin, Sweetie Belle as Cyborg, Apple Bloom as Beast Boy, so we neee a Starfire (who’s an alien), and Raven. Hmmmm.... who knows who’s next. Love this solo fic!

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