Flurry Heart is not like other filles. She’s your local geek, otaku, cosplayer, comic obsessed fangirl. She’s also a Princess, but who cares?

And it’s her favorite time of the year, the San Neighgo ComicCon.

Cosplay? Check!

Life savings? Check!

Extra big saddlebag for her new collectibles? Double-check!

Permission form her parents? Che… hey! What you mean with diplomatic meeting? Does it have to be today? Wait! Not fair!

No, this is not going to end like this. Flurry would go to ComiCon and that’s final!

A silly one-shot for the Cadence is a Terrible Mother contest!

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Comments ( 17 )

That was fun! There a few grammatical mistakes but otherwise it was good.

Flurry, you sly little fox. Not that I would ever condone disobeying your parents, but bravo!

Fun little piece!

What if Flurry Heart did something to not only tick her mom off but had help too?

That a girl Flurry! :)

The next two hours Flurry was forced to sit on a spare room with her mom practicing the correct way to speak, to eat and how to walk.

"on" In this sentence should be changed to "in". :)

Chrysalis: "I admit, she would make a fine changeling."


Ehhh, she's made these plans with months of anticipation and it was her mother who forgot and made plans for her.

I think she's earned the right to rebel and make it to the Con by any means necessary.

Get some help from her Uncle Spike with a prank.

I could see that if she's not a rebel already. I mean, if she's a good girl who does what her parents ask, they kinda owe it to her to have some fun.
If she's a rebellious teenager, well...

Cady and Shiny, I'm disappointed in you both, especially you Shiny. Flurry is part of the Twilight clan and as such you should have prepared for how clever she is. She may be more adventurous than her aunt at that age, but still, you both, especially you Shiny, should have prepared for her ability to think on her hooves and quickly adapt to a situation.

Dan #14 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Maybe she should set a few diplomats on fire "accidentally." That way she'll never be invited again.

As to be expected from one who is a servant of the Supreme One, Ainz Ooal Gown.

This was a very good one-shot. I think that Flurry Heart should have a calendar so , She can put anything on there so her mom and dad can know what is going on .

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