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All Marcus had to do was stay with the group during the field trip. Follow the group through the museum, listen to the guide, and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! Too bad he isn't one for following rules and immediately grabs the handle of a mystical hammer on display. As a result he is now stranded on an unknown world with the powers of Thor, the God of Thunder.

Oh....and 'accidentally' kidnaps a pony princess. Yeah this isn't his day.

At least the hammer keeps him company....sometimes.


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The second installment of The Hybrid Multiverse. Reading previous installments is not required.

This is a displaced story
Featured 10/29/2018
Mjolnir is based off both the Marvel and Norse Mythology versions of Thor. There will be no foalcon! Flurry Heart is nineteen in this story.

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Oooo. This is good. Can't wait for more.

Ill give this a shot.

Great first chapter. Ten Points for not doing the retarded overreaction that seems so common in these stories.

Looking forward to more.

The Monk

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical going into this (mainly because we've been getting more bad than good displaced fics in the group...), but I'm glad I was proven wrong!

Very solid first chapter, and I like that you used a museum setting for the beginning!

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans poor Marcus ends up getting into as he faces the life of a displaced.

A word of warning, there will be a few trolls that'll show up in the comments, just ignore them the best you can. Otherwise, I wish you luck!

Good job on taking a different route compared to most Displaced stories that overuse the whole comic con merchant cliche. Btw, I suggest you choose with caution on whether or not you plan to cross-over with others. While there are people who like it, there are others who don't.

great story, please continue the dragon ball and mlp :pinkiesmile: :pinkiehappy: :derpytongue2:

You know, I came into this expecting trash. What I got, while it does have some issues with tenses, isn't half-bad. I await more, and hopefully a PRT rating.

This has potential.

Good start, despite doing that flashback-2-seconds-after-starting thing I dislike.

This is a really good setup in the first chapter, Looking forward to the rest of the story.

Is he badass thor with short hair or normal thor with long hair ?

Can't wait for the next chapter

Oh hey, my story is the 'Also Liked' tab! That might explain the recent activity in my stories...

Neither, he still looks like his normal self but he just has the powers of Thor. I hope that explains things. :twilightsmile:

Knowing her parents however, there was probably going to be another gathering at the palace with mostly high class stallions trying to hit on her. Then her dad will get involved, then the yelling, then fighting, and then some nobles getting sent to the hospital. It's been that way almost every year, at least they planned to have the paramedics on stand by this time.

Well at least you'll have some entertainment :trollestia:

Now Flurry felt a pang of guilt in her chest, "Mom, I know you and Dad want to keep me safe but I can handle my self. Also I don't think whatever is down there can beat five alicorns, a dragon, and two powerful unicorns."

.... we'll see :moustache:

Looks interesting so far :twilightsmile:

What is this mystical object? Is this a...good displaced fic?

Marcus groaned as the tour group he was in stopped again to marvel at another exhibit in the museum he was in. Three hours. Three DAMN HOURS of hearing the tour guide's stupid puns! Three hours of the some lady's kid crying as loud as they can be! And three hours of the couple making kissing noises at each other! He felt like he was going to snap at any second if this kept up. He should be at home right now, playing PS4, eating, shit, and then sleep. Only to repeat the same process the next day. Why was he hear again?

Change hear to here.

Thanks! I must've missed that when editing.

I’m not currently editing for anyone, perhaps I could be an editor for you? If you have a Discord account, message me the name and number of it so we can chat.

Alright that would be great! I'll PM you.

The pink princess sighed as she placed a slab of toothpaste on her toothbrush and started to brush her teeth. She loved her parents really much, but she doesn't think being a princess was...well who she is.

Might want to change this to very. :twilightsmile:

Cadance's expression softened and sighed, "I-I guess you're right. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you are growing up and not the same little foal I held in my grasp."

I suggest changing this too. It makes Cadence sound like treats her daughter like a foal because she never saw her growing up. It makes it seem a bit like Cadence is purposefully smothering Flurry. :twilightsheepish:


Derpfucius say: Always time for things to go wrong, there is. :derpyderp1:

Me and your father will be waiting

See? No cultured pretty princess would make a mistake like that! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

There's lots more that a good editing pass is needed for, really.

edit: Lots more. You have your work cut out for you. Happy hunting, typo trouncer!

A displaced story that's well-written, avoids the shitty cliché, and is featured?

Holy shit I think I found the needle in the haystack

Seems promising... * shoots a tracking dart*:derpytongue2:

Curious to see where you're going with this. Having the ability to control thunder and lightning could be a bit mundane in a land where one in three of the locals are pegasi.

But I wonder... IS he Worthy?

Definitely tracking, but not quite faved yet. I eagerly await this tale to become worthy of a fave. Just as I await this teen to prove himself worthy.

(Btw, self insert of not? Cos I’m confused about that)




(Random pegasus) you hear something?

He'll propably start making errors once he tries to connect to the multiverse of the displaced.

That remains to be be seen....:trollestia:

This is not a self-incert, this is all third-person. I think a self-incert is second person?:applejackunsure: I might be wrong XD

Don't worry that will DEFINITELY not be happening. I looked at other stories and found that it doesn't work out to well. Marcus will be in his own universe and that's it. Hope that clears up any misconceptions.

Some self inserts are second person, some are the authors followers in a story, and others are of the author inserting themselves into their story. That is just how I understand them though.

It actually depends on the author you crossover with, some do it really well, others.... leave a bit much to be desired. But crossing over with another story is your choice and if you don't want any crossovers, then go full steam ahead with it.

No, a self-insert is where you write the main character as yourself, rather than making up a character or using a new one. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 1st 2nd or 3rd person.

Wait whut ? Then why do you label it a displaced story ?
That's basically the gist of it, being moved into a world of ponies as a being with power, by an object or a displacer and connection to the multiverse of the displaced via tokens.
If there's no multiverse then it's not a displaced story it's just a guy that got to equestria as a god of Thunder (and that's actually better beacuse most displaced stories I ever find are crap [or maybe require more ability than people often writing them have])

Yeah I get that, I meant that the MLP universe that Marcus is in will be the only universe in the story. (That's not counting the human universe where Marcus came from)

Good choice. Keep the focus only on this universe and allow it to grow.

Wait?! :rainbowderp: He's having trouble lifting it?! :pinkiegasp: BWAHAHAHA!! :rainbowlaugh: He can't get it up! :rainbowlaugh:

Was that about god and the universe a refrence?

Love the dislocated arm 😂

HAhahahahaha! Yes! This is nice

"Hey." said the orange one.

"Yeah?" replied the maroon guard.

"You ever wonder why we're here?" asked the orange guard as he glanced in the sky.

The maroon guard nodded and replied,"All the time. Are we even important? Are we some byproduct of the universe? Is there really a god? I don't know dude, but it keeps me up at night."



"I meant what are we doing in this crater, when we should be out at the local bar."

"O-Oh, uh...yeah."

"What was about that stuff with the universes and a god?"


Also nice Red vs Blue reference.

Heh, mental breakdown for Twilight.:rainbowlaugh:

"You ever wonder why we're here?" asked the orange guard as he glanced in the sky.

Red VS Blue any one else still watch that??


Me, but that shit was years ago. It's still a funny joke that some random group became famous for making some bad quality halo videos.. damn I miss those days, anyone else feel old?

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