• Published 28th Oct 2018
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Thunder - The Zebra Hybrid

A human gets transported to Equestria with the powers of the Norse God of Thunder. Second installment to the Hybrid Universe.

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We're Not In Kansas Anymore.....

"Are you sure you haven't seen a human like him before?" asked a curious Celestia as the purple alicorn shook her head.

"I'm certain. The humans I encountered from the mirror have a brighter complexion, like the rainbow on a spectrum. Not to mention that his eyes are way to small." Theorized Twilight.

"Maybe he's a different human? Like a different species?" suggested Luna.

Twilight put a hoof to her chin, "That could be true, but why is he still human in our world? Normally when you pass through the mirror, it would change your physical appearance to that universe's desire. So he should be a pony like us."

The ponies and dragon were now all in the throne room of the Crystal Palace, after lugging the mysterious human to one of the guest rooms in the palace. However when they tried to move the hammer, it wouldn't budge a single inch. Not even the princesses were able to pick up the silver weapon. After a few more failed attempts and a mental breakdown from Twilight, they all had decided to retire to the throne room to figure out where this strange creature came from and how he was able to bypass the shield that surrounded the Crystal Empire.

Flurry sat in the corner of the room bored out of her mind as she watched the older ponies and dragon converse about the arrival of the human. They had been here for Celestia knows how long debating, when the human himself could have a concussion in the other room.

He did hit the ground pretty hard.

Wait, why was she still here? The human technically wasn't a danger to anypony, so maybe she should go check on him to see if he was alright and learn more about him. As she was about to leave the throne room a low cough made her freeze in her place.

"Where do you think you're going young lady?" asked Shining Armor, her father, from behind her.

"U-um," stuttered Flurry as she turned around to see the stern expression on her father's face, "Pl-Places?"

"You're going to see the human aren't you?"

Flurry let out a groan, "Dad, I'm nineteen years old! I don't need you and mom to watch over my shoulder all the time!"


"No you don't understand-..wait what?"

Shining gave a smile, "Flurry, I understand that you're older now and that you can make you're own decisions. Which is why I'm not stopping you, but know this sweetie. No matter how old you get your mother and I will always be there for you."

Flurry gave a smile back and pulled her dad into an embrace, "I love you Dad-"

"But make sure you don't stay with that human too long. Bring a guard with you just in case. I'll tell your mom where you went so she won't get worried."

And there it was.

Flurry could only smile and nod as she broke the hug and left the throne room. Once the two doors closed behind her she let out a breath of relief to finally be free. Too be honest she didn't expect her Dad to be that understanding, maybe it won't be so bad if she opened up to her parents every once in a while.

The pink alicorn then made her way through the crystal halls of the palace and towards the room that held the human that fell from the sky. While walking, many questions swam through her mind. What was his world like? How did he get here? Why did he come here? Is he some kind of warrior? That would explain the hammer, but why couldn't they pick it up? Was he that strong? Maybe it's an enchantment?

It was then something clicked in her head. This creature has probably traveled places! Outside of the Empire, or even Equestria! This could be her chance to finally see the rest of the world! All she had to do was make sure she was with him if he ever leaves the empire and her dreams would finally be a reality!

Only problem though....her parents.

And just like that her hope was taken around back and shot in the back of the head. Her parents would never let her go out of the empire, let alone with a human they just encountered. They are already skeptical on how he managed to get in the Crystal Empire without bypassing the shield.

She walked for a few more moments in silence, lamenting her crushed dreams, until she finally made it to her destination. In front if her was one of the guest rooms with two crystal guards guarding the doors.

Flurry put on her best poker face and walked toward the guards and spoke in a commanding tone.

"Guards, I will require-"

"No." interrupted the first guard with a stoic expression.

And just like that Flurry's facade shattered.

"B-But why!?"

The second guard gave an apologetic look, "I'm sorry princess. We have explicit orders from your mother not to let anypony in."

"But my dad said it was okay!" Flurry whined.

"Sorry princess but your mother is scary when she's angry. Especially when it concerns you. Remember what happened to Private Garnet that was assigned as your personal guard?"

"Who's Private Garnet?"


Marcus groaned in pain as he came back to the world of the living. His head throbbed every few seconds making him hold his head a couple moments before the pain finally subsided. Was all that pony shit a dream? He opened his eyes slowly and found that he was in a bed. A damn comfortable one at that. Crystal walls surrounded him, with a dresser beside him and two doors, one leading to a bathroom and another he assumed lead outside the room.

"So that wasn't a dream," Marcus concluded to himself, "Well shit. What do I do now? I'm trapped on a world full of ponies thanks to that stupid hammer. Speaking of, where is that metal piece of shit?"

Marcus looked around his bed to see that the hammer, or Mjolnir, was no where near him. There were two possibilities on where it was; either those ponies confiscated it and were now experimenting on it or they just couldn't lift it due to none of them being worthy and it is still sitting in the crater, where he appeared. Right now however, he could care less about the mystical weapon, and worry more about the fact that he may be stuck on another world with no way back home. That thought lingered in his mind making his expression fall a bit, he may never see his friends and family again.

"Oh SHIT!" exclaimed Marcus as he leaned up on the bed, "I left the stove on back at the house!"

He groaned and face planted in the pillow, mumbling curses to himself. If he had only just stayed home and not let Devon convince him to go on that museum tour. At least these ponies seemed nice and friendly, judging that he's in a nice, soft, comfortable bed, instead of a cold and dark cage.

He looked toward the dresser beside him and found his hat resting on top of it. As he was reaching for it, the door to his room came open making Marcus jump a bit in surprise. He glanced and saw a familiar pony walk in the room.

She was the one of the first ones to encounter him when he first arrived in that crater. Now that he had a good look at what she looked like, she didn't look like the ponies back on earth. First of all her muzzle was smaller, with big round eyes, and not to mention that she looked super soft, like a marshmallow or a plushie.

As she walked in the door closed behind her. She walked to the foot of the bed.....and she looked nervous. Marcus could only raise an eyebrow, shouldn't he be the one shitting bricks right now? He's still not one-hundred percent sure if these ponies are hostile or not. Maybe they think the same as him?

Taking a deep swallow Marcus gave his best smile and hesitantly waved, "H-Hey....I've come in peace?"

Smooth. Real smooth.

The mare seemed to freeze in place clearly surprised by Marcus' greeting, "H-Hello, I'm here to see how you were feeling?" she answered with a nervous smile of her own.

Marcus felt a little relieved and responded, "I guess I'm still shaken by this whole situation. First finding out that I'm not on Earth, and then meeting talking ponies."

The pink mare clocked her head to the side, "Earth? Is that where you're from?"

"Yeah, it's kind of a crappy place, but you get used to it after a while and call it home. What's your name by the way?"

"O-oh, my name is Flurry Heart, or Princess Flurry Heart to most ponies."

Marcus internally screamed at the mention of the pony before was actually a princess. He was surprised that his brain hasn't melted down due to all these revelations happening at once. He was staring to think being with that pervy guide back at the museum wasn't a bad idea.

Damn, Devon and his cougar fetish must've been rubbing off on him. He needs to fix that later but first he needed to keep calm and find out where he was exactly.

"Hey, Flurry was it?" He asks as she nodded in response, "Where in God's name am I anyway?"

"You're in the Crystal Empire," she answered, "and judging by your appearance you aren't from around here. If you don't mind me asking, why did you come here?"

Marcus could only shrug as he leaned back and rested his head on the soft pillow, "Too be honest, I have no clue. The last thing I remember is that my friend and I were about to take a picture, and next thing I know I'm here and surrounded by talking horses."

Flurry gave him a sympathetic look, "So you're saying that you're stuck here with no way to go back home?"

Marcus sighed, "Yeah I guess so."

Marcus was then faced with the actually reality that he really will never be able to go back home. He'll never see Devon or his family again, and the fact that his house is probably burned down by now. The human smiled and perked up from his bed, "That's fine though," he said to Flurry, "moping around and being depressed isn't going to get me home. So I'll just make the most of this place."

Flurry looked at the human a bit confused. He had just learned that he won't be able to return home and here he is smiling like it was okay, "Are you at least a little down, because you can't go home?"

Marcus gave Flurry a look making her think back to what she just said. Her face then retorted to a look of regret as a pang on guilt rose in her stomach, "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean it that way its just-"

"Nah, you cool. I understand where you were coming from. Too answer your question though, I am a little bummed out and confused. However I was taught to make the most out of your problems."

Flurry smiles, "You're very optimistic you know that?"

Marcus smiles back, "It's a gift. God knows I needed it when I was growing up."

There was an awkward silence between the two. He didn't really have a terrible childhood, it was just certain variables affected things where he couldn't have or do things like other kids his age. he still doesn't really like to talk about it much with other people. The only other person who knows in specific detail is Devon.

"What does that mean?" asked Flurry snapping him form his thoughts.

"Don't worry about it . So what's it like being a princess?"

Marcus watched as her cheerful expression to one of annoyance, "It's not as great as you think. I barely have any things to do for myself because of my stupid 'duties'. Not to mention that my parents are way to clingy to me, they won't even let me leave my room without an escort most of the time."

"It does sound like a lot of work, but it doesn't sound too bad. Have you told your parents about how you feel?"

"N-Not really. They do so much for me, that I feel if I say thing it'll make me feel selfish and I don't want to be taking advantage of them."

"I'm sure they'll understand. You'll never know until you try."

"I guess you're right."

Marcus then stretched and swung his legs off the bed before standing. It was then he noticed how small Flurry was compared to him, she wasn't super small due too the fact that she only came up to about his stomach, counting her horn. Marcus then heard a familiar hum as he snapped his head to one of the windows in the room. Flurry gave him a confused and worried look at his sudden reaction and asked, "Are you ok?"

Marcus knew that sound, it was coming from Mjolnir. Judging how Flurry couldn't hear the hum like he can it was probably calling to him, "Yeah I'm fine. Hey Flurry you think I can go get the- I mean my hammer?" he answered.

"Well, I guess so. I'm sure my parents won't have a problem with you. They seem to trust you anyways."

Marcus nodded as he placed his hands behind the back of his head and made his way toward the door, "Yeah I figured that since I woke up here and not in a prison cell with my booty getting taken."

Flurry giggled and followed, "Hehe, yeah I guess so....wait what was that last part?"

After Flurry had a long struggle of trying to convince the guards that it was okay for Marcus to leave the room. As the two walked they conversed a little about themselves. Which didn't really go well as the both of them thought. For Flurry it turned out that the human didn't like doing a lot of work, as a matter of fact he didn't like work at all. From what she was hearing his friend would literally drag him around to get hings done. Marcus however learned that Flurry, was starting to sound a bit unappreciative from her parents. Yeah, she says that she's not but it doesn't sound like it when she's complaining about them.

The two made their way to the courtyard of the Crystal Palace where as the large crater where Marcus arrived, was still present. Lying in the center of the crater was Mjolnir and beside it was two crystal guards, ordered by Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor to keep watch over the mystical artifact.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to go over there and pick it up?" Marcus asked with a fearful expression. Yeah these ponies where inferior in terms of size compared to him. However they still had weapons and military training where he only had a metal of eating the most hot dogs in thirty minutes.

"Don't worry you'll be fine," assured Flurry Heart, "As long as your with me it should be fine.....I hope."

"You hope? That's not very assuring. I would rather not my first impression on these ponies be with me being in jail and..."

"For the last time! You will not go to jail and be.....anally violated. Just let me do the talking and you will have your hammer back, and what are you worried about anyway? You're a powerful and brave warrior aren't you?"

Marcus gave her a confused look, "Uh, are you talking to me? You said 'powerful' and 'brave', so you must be talking about someone else."

The pink princess rolled her eyes, "Of course I mean you! You did survive the fall and has a hammer nopony else can pick up!"

"Making a lot of assumptions here. First, I'm no where near brave or powerful. Second the only warrior I am is the warrior that slays roaches in his own house."

"But the hammer-"

"Was supposed to be a prop at a museum in my world, but turns out it was the real thing. So now here I am on a different world."

Flurry groaned and rubbed her temples, "That...complicates things. Look just pretend you're some powerful warrior for now."

Marcus looked at her with an eyebrow raised, "Uh why the hell would I do that? I'm trying to befriend the people, er, ponies who are deciding whether I'm dangerous or not. So I don't think lying would be a good idea."

"Just keep quiet, I'm good at this. You'll be fine."

"That doesn't sound too promising and you know you're starting to sound a bit more ungrateful every second I'm with you."

"I am grateful! I appreciate what my parents have done for me! I just need to be out on my own and think for myself for once. Plus you're starting to sound bit more of a lazy couch potato every second I know you."


The two made their way down the crater where they got a closer look at the two guards, both of them wore the standard guard armor for the Crystal Armor with one of their coats being a dark maroon and the other being a bright orange. The two didn't seem to acknowledge their presence due to the both of them conversing about something.

"Hey." said the orange one.

"Yeah?" replied the maroon guard.

"You ever wonder why we're here?" asked the orange guard as he glanced in the sky.

The maroon guard nodded and replied,"All the time. Are we even important? Are we some byproduct of the universe? Is there really a god? I don't know dude, but it keeps me up at night."



"I meant what are we doing in this crater, when we should be out at the local bar."

"O-Oh, uh...yeah."

"What was about that stuff with the universes and a god?"


Marcus and Flurry gave each other unsure looks at what they were walking on, but continued forward. The two guards noticed them and and saluted toward the princess before aiming their spears at the human who quickly put his hands up. He groaned in annoyance and wanted to tell these two guards that he was not a threat, but he remembered what Flurry said and decided to let her keep quiet and let her take the wheel.

"Princess Flurry," said the maroon one, "why is the creature out it's room?"

"First of all, it's a he," stated Flurry in a calm but authoritative voice, "Second he is with me so we can retrieve that hammer. It belongs in his possession and it would be kind to return what belongs to him."

Marcus was literally speechless this didn't sound like the same pony he had just met moments ago, even when she was persuading the guards to let him leave the room. Also for a princess who hates her duties she is actually really good at it. Does she not realize that many other people would give their life to be in her shoes? He does understand that the bird has to leave the nest some day and her parents does sound a bit over protective of her but they were still her parents though.

"Are you sure about that Princess?" added the orange one, "Not even Princess Celestia or Princess Luna could lift this thing. What makes you think this creature could lift it?"

Flurry gave a prideful smile and looked over to Marcus, "Call it a hunch. Marcus would be kind and show these two your immense strength?"

Wait what?

Marcus gave a weak smile and whispered down to her, "What the shit are you doing? I know I'm supposed to be this powerful warrior or whatever, but why are you throwing ME under the bus! Matter fact it sounds like I'm you're damn servant. I don't deal with slavery thank you very much! Racist ass mother-"

Flurry harshly whispered back cutting him off, "That's the whole point! Did you not understand? We need them to think that you're some all powerful being. In that case they will be more careful around you and not point spears in your general direction. Also I'm not racist and I hate slavery!"

Marcus face palmed and slowly slid his hand down his face. Yep, he definitely should've stayed home today, "Fine...."

The human walked toward the hammer as the two guards stepped aside. He again heard the hum coming from the Nordic weapon, but this time however, it was much louder and he could feel everything in his body vibrate with some unknown adrenaline like he was being supercharged. He took a deep breath and wrapped his hand around the handle, grasping it tightly. If he managed to pick this thing up in the museum he could pick it up now.

"We're waiting..." said the orange guard in a bored tone.

Marcus gulped and then with all his might pulled the handle of the hammer. However the hammer didn't even barely move.

His arm however did move and pop out of his socket though. The two guards and Flurry looked at the human's arm as it fell limply at his side making Marcus let out a mighty yell.