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Feking hell writing is hard.


....... A demigod tries to fight a force of the World itself?

There's a reason Discord is invulnerable, he is chaos incarnate. And his imprisonment is only due to his "physical" form. Imagine, a force like discord only invulnerable.

Imagine an enemy that assaults you from the very ground you tread on, the air you breathe the animals that lie, one you cannot see nor harm nor even touch for doing so would destroy the very things your civilization uses to live. -Orrm

No - The Sarcastic Brit.

I don't threaten people; I notify them of the consequences of their actions. - Dapper Skelington

So it turns out that the primal hatred people have towards barny is strong enough to pull a disembodied consciousness out of the abyss of existential despair and into the physical world out of pure spite. - The internet

You can't spell nutrition without NUT

im no adult nor a man
im a child with expirience and a schnitzel - Lloyd

"Forty-two," - Deep Thought

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Thanks so much for the watch! :D

Thank you for adding An Overlord Apart to your favorites!!

Thanks for favouring the Lord of humanity let me know what you liked and disliked. Make sure to check out my other books because they’re kind of similar to this.

Thanks for adding THE EMPEROR COMES BITCHES!!! to your favourites

Then I keep reading, only periodically forgetting about it. Maybe I even get tired of it remove it from tracking for a while, then come back read however many chapters they have released. Then keep doing that until the story is finished. Oh, yea and then forget about it.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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