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This filly will do things to your fanny, yes! And she will not ask permission, no!

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Hai kids!
I'm a punk-rock musician from South Florida, and I'm addicted to My Little Pony. When the episodes aren't coming out fast enough, it's nice to go find an exceptional fanfiction to unwind before bed with...

Ongoing stuff I'm involved in

  • Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale In the decaying metropolis of Detrot, 60 years and one war after Luna's return, Detective Hard Boiled and friends must solve the mystery behind a unicorn's death in a film noir-inspired tale of ponies, hard cider, conspiracy, and murder. by Chessie 1,144,668 words · 25,199 views · 984 likes · 42 dislikes
  • Night Errantry Princess Luna and Zecora travel Equestria and beyond to battle evil and inspire virtue in the good. by Bronetheus 208,575 words · 2,747 views · 164 likes · 16 dislikes
  • The Bright Side of the Moon Princess Luna has been going through a bad patch in the last thousand years or so, to put it mildly. Now, at this time in her life, she is finally ready to answer the difficult questions. But there's one thing she's never thought to question ... by Crescent Minor 29,296 words · 795 views · 56 likes · 5 dislikes

Stuff I've been (and am probably still) involved in

  • Astral Aegis Aether managed to help the princesses fix the dimensional barriers of Equus, but now she had taken the role of training a team of ponies devoted to dealing with any potential interdimensional threats that could come to Equus. by Silvak 150,855 words · 7,948 views · 1,472 likes · 66 dislikes
  • Cosmic Rifts Selene has been discovered, as an invasion takes place. As one of Equus' military leaders, Aether must lead the Aegis Guard alongside the rest of Equus against their new enemies. by Silvak 19,298 words · 2,554 views · 484 likes · 12 dislikes

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No problem. :twilightsmile:

Why thank you! I have a lot more regular readers than likes, I've noticed...

I forgot to like your story. I'm doing it now.

I thought it was a good romp through the European countryside with the NAZIs...

Blade of Agony=Wolfenstein for broke ppl.

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