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Who is Raccoon?

I'm a punk-rock musician / computer scientist / fantasy-horror writer from South Florida, and I'm addicted to My Little Pony. When the episodes aren't coming out fast enough, it's nice to unwind with an exceptional fanfiction between tasks or before bed. As writing and proofreading is something I've done professionally for a long while, I've proofread quite a few stories over the years, and at some point I started writing my own stories, which are apparently well received. I work on them when I have enough time to sit down on them, which is work-dependent, and publish updates when I have something that meets my quality standard.

In order to free up more time in my work schedule, I've started a Patreon Page: followers directly influence my speed of writing AND get early access to unproofread chapters and back-room material. Please consider throwing me some money on there if you like my work!


WRITING ADVICE MASTER INDEX · 10:37pm February 24th

Here they are! All of my writing advice posts in a master-index for y'all to scan through, and reordered for slightly better presentation than chronological order.

Raccoon's Writing Advice


COMING SOON: The 5 steps of Writing Anything like a Professional
Revising a Story

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Huh... *twilight zone music sting* :rainbowderp:

I don't think I actually Favorited it... I like your avatar though.

Thanks for favoriting Memorial! :twilightsmile:

It's a reference to Dr Lolipop, a one-off from Cartoon Hangover.

Where did you get your avatar?

  • Viewing 114 - 118 of 118
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