This story is a sequel to Astral Aegis

We had almost fifteen years to prepare. We have a world that would be a shield for Equus when war finally comes to us. We have new weapons, armor, and vehicles for this war. We have the Aegis Guard, which I trained to the best I could, a force that would serve on the front lines and more for this war. I just hope that is enough.
Editors: Personal Gamer Chapter 1-6
Rozen Knight Chapter 10 and onward.

Chapters (16)
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Hooray, it's finally here! :rainbowkiss:

The bodies. Get them ready.

When will the sisters learn to stop messing with Aether like that?

Yea! Im glad this is going again.

typo. Didn't you hear?

Ready to go on a wild adventure again:pinkiehappy::yay:

Brony on!:heart:

Its just like The Alchemist and the Mirror all over again... i see this and squee

How old is aether now?

The hype train has no brakes.

That is going to be a headache...

As if running out of ammo would stop her!!

And now a new episode of... The Windbag Adventures!! :rainbowlaugh:

Good to see this back, faving and hoping for more!

7109950 If its been 15 years since she arrived, she should be about 44.

I cant help but feel that her personal guard are going to be redshirts. Knowing war fics anyone whoes not a main character can die.

Let the hype train commence! It has begun! :pinkiehappy:

7111191 :pinkiegasp: that was a awesome combination of songs, especially when you time the songs just right. How do you even do that? It matches this fic perfectly :raritystarry:. Let me try.

Although they're both Evening Stars

Do you mean her physical age, or how long he's been alive?

At last it has come, and I'm interested in how far you'll go into writing the war with a "T" rating. We can't really expect grisly deaths or description heavy scenes of soldier bits raining down from exploding shell fire but of course there will at least be deaths


It begins... I must view this properly

*grabs popcorn, lawn chair, and 3-D sunglasses*


7111531 Don't know, really. The chapter just remind me of those. Sometimes, when I was listening to a song, it fit just right with a scene that I was reading. Other times was like I said at the beginning. Finally, I sometimes actively seek out a song in my play list that fit the most...or have a most suitable title.
Also...Those two songs feels a bit off.
Not sure what about the first one but the second one feels like you are remembering about the better times while the world collapses around you or you looking at a wreckage of something and reminded of the pass.

So glad I saw this i thought the image looked familiar and when i read the description I got very excited, can't wait to start reading this :pinkiesmile:

*Initialization complete*
*Connection established*
*Orbital bombardment ready*

This looks promising, gonna fav this and save for later.:twilightsmile:

Sorry my first time doing that, the octavia song was too happy making it contradictory. I thought that this would've been more sorrow:facehoof:

I'm sorry I'm kind of burnt out with the storyline after the first two. I put it on my to read list, but I doubt I will. The character is interesting and everything, but it feels like its going far past what i'm willing to put into it.

Woot! A new chapter in Aether's life! :twilightsmile:

Now, with More Chairs, More Tasers!, and More Gateways than Ever Before!:pinkiehappy:

This puppy's headed off the charts before it even gets started :rainbowwild:

I am ready and armed, my electric chair launcher is primed for battle

7114689 A new chapter and a new book!

DON'T FORGET YOUR FRYING PANS!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

7112496 I thought that the Octavia one was going to be more sorrow:facehoof: now it's contradictory.

7117375 *shrug* that is just my opinion.

fianlly time for war fic reading lol

I don't remember what E.U.P. stands for...

You know, this is getting better. Really better. As if, awesome kind

7119210 EUP is just an acronym of the three tribes, iirc. The wiki agrees, too.


7124415 even mentioned in the show, in a season 4 episode, though I don't remember which one...

See this is why you don't try to force things on Aether.

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