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Charles Farrow

I’ve always wanted to tell stories, I’ve always struggled to do so. I wish and hope that I will be able to one day.


Our story starts with: 'Darach Meldrak Obenhjerthe' The first of his name and clansman of the Meldrak household. Specifically it starts with the end of his life, at the hands or rather hooves, of his own horse as it accidentally tramples him to death after getting startled by a snake.

Darach had abandoned his religious ways back during the war, so when he died he expected nothing more than the cold void of nothingness, perhaps the pyres of damnation if he was unlucky.
What he got was quite a bit different from his expectations.

Reborn into the body of a horned pegasus, he would have to make sense of his new life as a small pink princess, and try not to disturb his new parents too much with his strange personality.

Behind the scenes though, strange forces begin to stir.
Change will come and in time it will be up to the young princess to face it...

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So, this is a case of Flurry actually being the true reincarnation of some (presumably Scandinavian given the names) human, and not some random human taking over a legitimately separate being Flurry Heart?

Good so far, was the person he was before a knight?

Right on the nose, you are! I thought it might make for a more interesting concept than if some average Joe was just displaced into her. :twilightsmile:

Yes you may, but only after you've eaten all your veggies, young man!:trollestia:

Close. He was a soldier in a war of sorts between rivaling factions from his scandinavian country.
So not a knight.:moustache:

Yep XD 😎

She kinda reminds me of what Star Wars and Harry Potter call " The Chosen One ", I don't know why XD

Drafts were not "invented" for a long time, y'know? He must have been a knight, maybe a knight of one shield (a poor and landless one).

If you dont eat your meats, you cant have your pudding.

How can ya' have any puddin, if ya' don't eat ye'r meat!!

I like this story. a very nice start. Is the right accent to read his voice/narration in scottish? Probably a scottish Norwegian mix judging by the name of the horse and Marinduur. (Guessing a 75/25 split from scottish to norwegian)
Is that a real place? Or something new?
I'm excited to see what the next chapter brings.
Maybe keltic now that I think about it.

It's definently something of that sort. I'm not completely set on it yet, but I think you nailed what I was going for pretty well.
I'm quite new to writing, so I hope you'll forgive me for any strangeness in upcoming chapters. I'm up for ideas and criticism though, so if ya get any of that and those, I'm like 2 ears and a couple eyes for it.

I'm not much of a history buff, but somewhere between 1400-1700 ac. Though i'm leaning more towards the latter.

Thank ya kindly, I hope to make it even more awesome with time and practice!:pinkiehappy:

Wonder how Cadence would react to what Flurry/Darach would tell her.

saw this pop up on latest updates click to find no new chapters. :< whats up with that? I didnt know you can get onto latest updates by editing your chapters.

I think it might have been because i accidentally clicked publish instead of edit on the second chapter I'm writing.
sorry about that :twilightsheepish:

God dammit, This edit button is too darn close to the publish button. like what the actual heck.

Well it's happened twice now, so it's not so bad. But still. It's kind of annoying, you know?

Wait, what are you writing on? A laptop or a cell phone?

I'm writing on a laptop. though I'd imagine it would be harder on a phone.

You see, it's all about the buttons. Edit is on the left and publish is on the right. It's not my fault that they're so close, but they are.

Well I've been doing some development on the characters and read some writing tips, and in the process, found that everything I had written for the second chapter was severely lacking and slightly nonsensical.

So I scrapped it and started over writing it

Just need to get around to doing that.:twilightsheepish:

Cannot wait to see the looks on their faces when they hear what Flurry Heart has to say about who she's supposed to be.

so the story is one and done that sucks a lot

If that guy's dead for real, then you're in charge of the reboot.

In the meantime, would you want to post your idea for the story on the blog?

I'm not actually dead you guys, though at the pace that I'm moving, I don't blame you for thinking so.
I've got somewhat of a layout for chapter two, I'm just having a hard time getting it to have the right feel, which is kinda wrecking my motivation.

If you guys wanna take a go at the concept yourselves I say go for it, but I'll try to get chapter two done relatively soon. Though It might not be very good, mind you.

Something was wrong, something was very wrong. She should have no idea where she was, but at the same time the room she was in seemed eerily familiar. She shouldn’t be calmed by the appeasing acts of some strange horned pegasus, but at the same time she couldn’t help but to lean into her for comfort. She shouldn’t even be here. Why was she here, why was she a pegasus?

Ahhh, so i am guessing that the memories of her past life decied to come back in full force and temporarily overwhelmed the memories of her current life :moustache:

Let's see where you take this :coolphoto:

Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was gonna die here. Though, if you had some of my ideas in the mix, I'd like to say thanks for using them. If you didn't, then that's good, too.

one. pump. chump. it's been seven months, this story is dead.

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