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NOTE! This story is having a reboot, I have lost inspiration for the world I was building in it and am having difficulty finding it, but I have found inspiration for a story that has a different world and plot from the same sources. sorry for being unable to continue this story.

I was at work one day, cleaning up to go home when I found this plushy of the dragon Saphira from the Inheritance Cycle on one to tables. Figuring it was child's and groaning as I knew that meant paperwork before leaving the toy in lost and found and going home. I had to just pick it up.

Now I'm a dragon, I'm in the Magical land of Equestria, and dealing with walking on four legs and being turned female. Surprisingly being female is easier than walking on four legs.

Disclaimer, Displaced story

Featured October 3rd, 4th, 2018 thank you.

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I mean, I guess at least there wasn’t a merchant! :ajbemused:

Plot trope: Fine. I don't mind a merchant or not, but either way I knew what I was getting into, and it wasn't terrible
Anthro ponies: Cool. It will probably make riding the dragon easier for anthropomorphic ponies anyway
Setting/timeline: Also fine. Should be interesting with an Alagaesia dragon thrown in the mix
Main character: I don't really like how he's completely reverted to infancy. I don't mind that he's an infant, but I could do without the lack of higher thought and defaulting to instincts. I don't care that he is now a she, so that's whatever (Although, did he have to transform specifically into Saphira? Would have been more interesting if he was his own dragon).

Overall, this is just my opinion, so either way, keep writing what you want to write. I'll be reading this upon further updates, and we shall see where we go from there.

i like this keep up the good work

I have to wake up at 5 am just to get to work at 7 am

I feel you. the only difference is i have to wake up at 4 in the morning to get to work on time

Good start can't wait to see ware this story go's...

Grumpy #6 · Sep 30th, 2018 · · 1 · Ch.1 ·

This could be good,im willing to see where it goes .Starts fun but as with any other Displaced fic.The whole multi-universe bullshit will come with crossfic, crossovers that will completly derail focus of the story.I hope that is not the case..

Oh, now I know I'm not the only one making a inheritance cycle character.

Nothing wrong with cross-overs but ONLY if it's done correctly. Most others who do a cross-over often end up doing too many cross-overs, or they do nothing in advancing the plot/help world building/character growth, or worse: The story focuses too much on just two displaced while the story is frozen.

If however people want to cross-over but are afriad to ruin the story, they can still be done but do it non-canonly outside of the story and on it's own seperate side story. That way the flow won't be disrupted.

He's adorable!

Comment posted by cunning_linguist deleted Sep 30th, 2018

Wait, I just realized something. See, when a recently hatched dragon has been touched, The gedwëy ignasia (meaning "shining palm" in the Ancient Language) will appear on whoever first touched her first. Starswirl touched her but did not get the mark, so either this alternative version of Saphira alreaddy has a rider but doesn't know whom it is, or the rule doesn't apply since he/she is only a Displaced copy.

The Dragons in the Inheritance Cycle don't just bond with the first one who touch them, otherwise the first one to touch the egg would bond with them. The bond is forged with the one destiny chose as their rider.

I didn't mean in egg form. And yes, the one who is destined to touch the recently hatched dragon will be the one who gets the mark, however I do recall in a Q&A with Christopher Paolini he once said that if a dragon first touches someone else that is not meant to be the rider, the bond will be weaker.

I think the mind speak will come naturally with age considering the original Saphira did it when she was old enough, perhaps it's like some sort of animal instict? same goes for her fire breath, naturally learned. Now, the rest of her powers are a bit of a mystery, like when she repaired the Isidar Mithrim (star sapphire) or when Saphira turned brom's sandstone tomb into crystal clear diamond through magic she felt pulse through her. I do know that she also has some mind abilities such as warding her rider's mind or altering Eragon's mind in order to fool the twins.

Oh boy, Luna, you'll be surprised as Alagaesia dragons never stop growing, I mean look at how big Shruikan got.

love it I'm a fan of the the inheritance series good job can't wait for more

Shurikan is only a little bit over 100 years (or was). :)
How BIG she will be when we reach Twilight Sparkle
times? XD

Speaking of ages. Even though dragons never stop growing, there is something I never understood. See, according to wiki and what I could remember of the books, Glaedr is 700+ and yet is smaller than Shruikan, did Galbatorix use some kind of size alter spell or is there another factor in a dragon's growth I'm forgetting?

I am not sure, but I suppose that Galbatorix when stole Shurikan and made him his slave, he used magic to give him faster growing body. However, it was explained that this method has negative effect like lack of control over enchanted body parts. Oromis said that negative effect can be reduced by other spells. Anyway, I don't believe that G. would wait hundreds of years to get dragon that would be big enough for his needs. (I know that Saphira was "big" in few months, but growth slow down after that, probably fast growth at the begining protect them from other predator in case when their parents are absent). All this I write from memory, if you feel I am wrong, then feel free to correct me.

Actually, you're onto something, what if the growth of the dragon changed based on how much danger the dragon and/or its rider is in due to some spell placed on them during their egg stages? Kind of like white blood cells, they change and adapt to counter the previous sickness/disease it fought.

Like Galbatorix, he probably gets attacked daily by assassins daily, this his dragon grew to counter the threats.

Hmm... well, it is possible. But I think that he used magic like in case of Murthag's dragon. Eragon noticed that his growth was not normal. In shorter time he was almost as big as Saphira,it was mentioned doring their second encounter.

Oh yea, I forgot about that. Hmm, what if the dragon's size is determined by how strong the rider is?

It IS stated in the books that Galbatorix sped up Shruikan's growth through magic.

Hard to say. Humans and elves have limit. Magic drain Energy of their bodies, so their power is restricted by how strong their bodies are. And even if elves are much stronger than humans, they still have limits of their race. They can store energy in gems but their bodies won't get stronger... If they won't use magic boosts ;) i think acces to food can be a factor. In the book, Glaedr (I think it was him) said that old big dragons, to reduce amount of food they needed were taking "naps" that lasted months. That probably was slowing down they bodies functions for example growth.

*face-palm* Blek, sorry. It's been 15 years since I last read the book series.
Ze1 just told us what happend.

I am glad that someone here remember. I wasn't sure :)

wonder if he will age physically like saphira did. didn't more than mere season or two to be grown.

With the direction of where this story is going, I believe you should aim for no cross-overs with other Displaced authors, however if you want to do that and have fun, I suggest you do it after you finish the main series. Everything afterwards will non-canon, like some sort of alternative timeline. This way the main series is kept pure.

The grammar is awful but, this is a fun read. Gotta start somewhere I suppose.

So far this is just adorable :heart:

Hm. Interesting. Might read this after today.


Surprisingly being female is easier than walking on four legs.

I have not read any of this, but this part of the description... I mean, seriously, people think the gender swap would be the worst part of it? I would think the whole ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PHISICAL MORPHOLOGY AND EXTRA LIMBS would trump the outy turning to an inny.

that's kind of why I described that the gender swap was easier to deal with than having to learn a new body.

He probably would of freaked out if he was an adult dragoness. It's like this; putting an adult in a baby's body will show confliction, your mind says adult but your body says kid. Ditto for male mind in female body, there's confliction between the two genders which will cause changes in attitude/way of thinking.

Btw, Silverwolfdemon, here's some useful tid-bit for ya. Says here dragons Alageasia dragons gain the ability to breathe fire after six months.

Baby or adult, such a drastic species change would conflict more with the human mind than a gender swap. With gender, there's at least some phisical analog between the two. But with species, there's a lot more going on. Gender swap alone would be freaky as all get out, but pile the issues with species change on top and the gender bender kinda takes the back burner.

Everyone reacts differently though, some can think calmly while others tend to freak out. As of now, people are enjoying the story despite the minor lack of a reaction.

Breakneck pacing, but enjoyable enough. Adding this to Tracking as I want to see where this goes.

I like this story.:heart:

Congrats on your 100th like!

More eragon stoties on this sute is allways wecome :D

Comment posted by Timeless Lord Slayer deleted Mar 23rd, 2022

When I say frozen, I meant if the story focuses on only those two Displaced and nothing else, nothing going on, the ponys not being aware of the visitor from another verse, nothing has improved or made progress. Basically if a second displaced comes along, it needs to be hold some sort of value and importance to the plot/world building/character growth. Like for example, if Saphira summoned Elwood's dragon and she asked him if he could teach her certain things she couldn't do on her own such as speaking telepathy, breathing fire, to fly better, etc, this creates some value as he is helping with the character development, everything else is up to the author. Afterwards Saphira can use what time they've spent together use it for the story, nothing major that could cause problems for the author or their readers. Whenver I cross-over, I'm caution of what I have my character do as I don't want to mess up anything.

Is he/she going to have all of sapphira's knowledge of the ancient language, and is he/she going to have a bonded rider as well?

I like this. I like this a lot, reminds me of the books in a way.

If I remember corectly Alagaesian dragons grow by a prosentile of the mass they eat.
Thats why they seem to grow slower the bigger they get as ther is more volume to spred that mass over.

...Wait, did she have all knowledge or just some?

Pretty sure her knowledge of the ancient language was the same as Eragon's, especially once murtagh gave them the name of the ancient language. Either way, I was asking if she had sapphira's memories and/or knowledge, not if she automatically knew all of the ancient language.

will cynder be having any ancestral memories like saphira or an eldunari?

I quickly sketched it, a heart with weird gold embroidery around it.

pre00.deviantart.net/166a/th/pre/f/2016/366/c/2/princess_cadance_s_cutie_mark_by_parcly_taxel-dato77s.png Wait... :rainbowderp: That's Cadences Cutie mark... Is she bonded to Cadence? :pinkiegasp:

She can be a bit clumsy so that would explain the dropping of her egg. :rainbowlaugh:

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