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im not the best writer but I'm proud of every story I make some more then others tho Also I would love to do crossover's they are so much fun


Loreley never asked to be put in a high position of rulership as the Queen of the Dead... and yet here she is.

She never asked to possess the power to have complete control over the dead... yet here she received it.

Now over the years of quiet solitude and ruling over all the dead, she has grown distant and prideful for no friends exist for the Queen of Death and unfortunately, she hates immortals and those who fear and/or cheat death.

If things turn out differently, maybe she might feel some sort of wholeness in her empty void that she calls her heart.

Co author Lunar Flarion

Edit: Featured on September 18...... I have no words for my thanks

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Very catching story

it sounds like a fun story

Hi viper, your story is looking good so far. Keep up the good work.

Just started reading and gotta say, I'm already loving it

Who better than to pick an avatar of death then Death himself. You see death is a busy entity and has many important duties to get done. So to pick the perfect avatar, he must be quick and efficient. He will use the tried and true method of a dart and the stream of souls that are running throughout his realm of the dead and afterlife. He doesn't have time to interview each individual soul to fairy them to the afterlife from across the multiverse.


After taking a moment to wipe his eyes with his leg. Sombra looked at me, a tear in his eye, ”P-parents? I-I do-don't have any...” He then gave me puppy eyes,” P-Please! I-I’ll be good! J-just get me away from the s-scary mm-monster!"

He hasn't introduced himself yet
Also who is the 'scary monster?'

that would be discord for the second question

I know this pict from YouTube..
Nightcore city of the dead
I like that one

As do I in fact that song inspired this story

"When three things happen," I said. I can see his smile and sparkling eyes widen with anticipation. "The first one is when you can defend yourself." He nods "The second thing is when you can stay up past sundown consistently." He nods faster his smile growing. A smile forms on my face when Granite takes the words out of my mouth.

Did you forget the third or meant two things?

I honestly forgot the third. Hehe I'll fix that write away

This is the 1st time hearing this song and i love it thx

Upon reading the section in the context of the story it makes sense and I meant just the two with her friend making a joke about the third one but if you wanna know what the third one would have been here
"And finally for the third one is learning how to manipulate weak-willed individuals through subconscious brainwashing, death threats, and intimidation. This one takes in the form of careful yet quick thinking and specific phrases and actions."

I think I have a theory on how sombra turns evil in this universe... if he does turn evil in this fic

I would like to hear it

When loreley confronts celestia and luna she (somehow) loses and gets imprisoned. While that was happening sombra was watching, and he grows angry and vengeful against celestia and luna for imprisoning his 'mother'. After that happens he trains himself to become stronger, and eventually conquers the crystal empire to help him against the princesses.

O.o how did you know?

Are you being serious or is this a joke?

You will never know

Well technically I will once you tell me in the story

"Really?!" He then makes some sort of squeak as he runs up to me and hugs me, his horn piercing my stomach. I notice I feel no pain or discomfort from his horn, just some mild annoyance. "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU," He repeated his flurry of thank you's as I brushed the black mane of his head. Eventually, he separates from me, and by extension, his horn from my stomach.

So that's you explanation on why sombra's horn is red?

the long answer is Loreleys blood is cursed to stain whatever it touches. But can be removed after a nice bath of salt water and mint.

Ok, I was actually wondering about that, I just didn't have time to type out a full response earlier... although does that curse also include regrow ingredients limbs like when sombra's horn gets chopped off in the season 3 opener?

If Sombra does indeed live a thousand years

Well depends on how much you are willing to follow canon

I think I'll leave this here

Awesome song and quite apropos

Nice chapter. Though there was a part where the section repeated itself. Other than that, nice work.

fixed hehe sorry about that

No biggie, sometimes they sneak past any writer.

There is another section where it repeats itself

Umm could you possibly point it out?

Before I could do anything else however a blue beam of magic blast one of my arms off. "How inconvenient," I mutter as I drop the spell to look at the pony that struck the blow. I see that it is Luna and her sister up in the sky.

This one

Hey guys, Frost here. I’m glad to see that this chapter is finished. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future

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