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High school nerd with dreams of getting into the Air Force. Writes on occasion. Plays more often than writes.

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

I agree with you now. That game totally screwed me over.

To you, i also started skyrim before any fallout games and currently belive (vanilla) fallout 4 is slightly superior to (vanilla) skyrim.

To you, i hope you understand fallout 76 sucks now that you have played it. It might suck less with the human npcs that are being added in, but i will probably not play ever again.

Thanks for the watch!

Cheers for the follow.

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Direction of Story in Future · 12:14pm Mar 5th, 2020

Alright, it has been a long time since I posted anything on my story and yet people are still liking it and adding it to favorites. I don't have the motivation to write out a whole story arc and everything that comes with it. So I'm thinking of deleting the last couple of chapters and either combining them or outright deleting them, instead doing multiple shorts in every chapter between characters. This way so I can write sporadically and not once a year, and also because most of the chapters

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