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  • 7 weeks
    CMC Question

    What sizes/proportions do you guys headcanon the adult anthro CMC girls to have?

    I wanna see if there's a trend among my audience.

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  • 20 weeks
    Commissions Closed + Minor Unfortunate Update

    As the blog title states, I'm gonna be closing my commissions down and not taking any new ones for the forseeable future. You may ask 'but Uncle Buster, didn't you only do one?' and the answer is 'yes, yes I did'. Unfortunately, it seems like my return to writing was a fleeting one and the spark has died out once again. Since this has been a recurring thing for years now, rather than saying I'm retired, I'm just gonna disappear until the urge to write comes back in another three years.

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  • 24 weeks
    PC Kaput Again

    Got my PC back after two weeks of it being in the shop and having every inch of it tested to figure out what the problem with it was. Everything came back green across the board with no issues and the fault couldn't be replicated.

    Got the PC back today and within ten minutes it started doing the same forced restart with no error message shit it did before I put it in the shop.

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  • 24 weeks
    We Are So Back

    So my return is in full swing and I have gone from being unable to write more than a paragraph of horsewords to managing to work on a decently-sized personal chapter and then crank out an entire commission in 4 hours at my usual level of quality.

    I've gone from being writing impaired to nearly back to where I was in my golden age where I could crank out 4 fics in a single day.

    This may be only a temporary revival of my powers, but as of right now we are back, boys!

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  • 24 weeks
    Opening Emergency Commissions

    Heya, gang! Uncle Buster's back and as poor as ever! Since I like being able to eat and you like whacking off to porn, let's make a consensual financial transaction that will benefit us both greatly.

    Rates are as follows:
    50 GBP per 1k words. Can only be paid in GBP and you must convert your currency to that amount during payment. Payment will made with Paypal via a link provided to you upon agreement of details.

    Maximum amount is 5k words.

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CMC Question · 3:22am October 20th

What sizes/proportions do you guys headcanon the adult anthro CMC girls to have?

I wanna see if there's a trend among my audience.

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It's good to see you back, friend.

Comment posted by NicktheDragonPony deleted September 9th

Any chance I could convince you to write a story or two featuring Sunset Shimmer? I've always been a fan of Sunlight (both as lesbian and straight couples). It's kinda surprising and disappointing to see Sunset not having some love thrown her way too.

Unretire post haste lest I fondle your lawn gnomes.

Don't think I wont. Just ask 3202138 what I did to his plastic flamingoes.

  • Viewing 69 - 73 of 73
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