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After Dusk's official graduation from Celestia's tutelage, the Princess invites him for a quiet dinner to talk. Just the two of them.

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This was nice. I think I enjoyed this more than some of Your other work.
What inspired you to make this instead of your normal brand of writing?


I've never written a proper SFW romance story before, so I just felt like giving it a shot.

Well you did a good job

Xalok #5 · 1 week ago · · ·

well that was a Nice and relaxing read, well Done

This was definitely a much more interesting change of pace from porn from my perspective.

And it shows. Cause damn that was nice to read. Hope we do get more someday. Goes to show a fic does not need to be a M rated fic to be good.

This was amazing (and fun) You left me wanting more.:twilightsmile:

So... did that dinner end with a body-slammed princess? :trollestia:

how good it is to hear from you again brother

a question there will be a sequel where they go to the next level


I don't even know what a sex is, good sir. I am but a humble romance author :ajsmug:


Maybe. Depends if anyone wants one. If anyone does, I may make a habit of doing wholesome, romantic, and non-explicit stores followed up by sequels of them pounding the fuck out of each other.

"I asked you first." he countered.

She countered - for Celestia.

Ps. Nice story! Loved the banter.


On it.

And thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Something not M-rated by Buster? Hot damn let’s check this out!

I'm going to leave this story a like because it was well-written and accomplished what it set out to, but I really dislike the relationship as shown. This really feels like grooming to me, to a far greater extent than Celestia in the story acknowledges. I don't normally feel so strongly against the idea of Twilestia, but the power dynamic shown by Celestia's aggressive, domineering demeanor in their conversation made it especially bad.

I would find it genuinely horrifying if this story ended up with Dusk in a relationship with his Mom-teacher for the rest of eternity, regardless of how he actually felt about it.


I suppose that's a fair assessment.

The fact that I personally don't see an issue with it shows I'd have been really easy to groom as a kid though :fluttershbad:

It's like... at a certain point it's not about what You want anymore. It's about what other versions of You who got to choose would have wanted. I can see other versions of Twilight/Dusk from other timelines looking in at this Dusk and feeling pity for him.

Free will and informed consent are a hell of a drug.

Immortality is a real mixed bag. Enjoying the setup and development of the relationship between the two of them. Obviously, they would be attracted to each other on some level, whether consciously or subconsciously, and having a mature and frank discussion is the only way to move forward in a healthy and progressive fashion.

That's not what I meant, though. Dusk DID threaten to body-slam her through a table if the teasing didn't stop. :pinkiecrazy:

A nice story, wouldn't mind to read more like that in the future

NGL, was not expecting wholesome Dusklestia today, but I feel better for having read it, and the SFW work was amazing and a nice break from "hey, wanna see how far dusk can shove his dick into older, more powerful people"


I'll keep that in mind. I do have another idea for another SFW slice of life story in the works.


Variety is indeed the slice of life.

This was amazing can we get a sequel?

That ending. It was soo muppets.


Good story man, but when I first saw the title I got some Slim Shady vibes,

Super pleasant!

That's it, I'm quitting writing, I'll never be this good.

I'm overdue saying this: Burying the hatchet was what told me that this right here was gonna be fantastic. I don't know if others share this opinion but if the explicit scene was removed from the above it'd still hit hard. This here is something I know others share: YOU ARE A FANTASTIC AUTHOR! Do please keep up what you're doing.

This fleshed out very well,the conversation felt very organic in its pacing

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