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Let's summarize a bit shall we? First guy named Ghost (not real name you can think of a name of you want) goes to a con dressed as the Courier. Second he has multiple weapons with infinite ammunition of each type, like .50 explosive rounds. Finally he is OP as all fuck and probably cannot die.

Complete supplies list
Anti-Material Rifle (GRA)
A Light Shining in the Darkness
Riot shotgun
Survivalist's Rifle
This Machine
Sprtel-Wood 9700
Rad Away
Med + Rad x
Doctor's bag
Sunset sarsparilla
Infinite ammo for each weapon
Infinite ammo types for each
Elite Riot Gear

Picture used without permission.

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he is OP as all fuck and probably cannot die.

Oh OK, it's not like the most interesting part of action stories is the hero learning how to deal with danger or anything. I'm glad this story is cutting out all of that fat that other stories have.

Totally unrelated picture from an action movie

Sorry I'm just preparing myself for eventual hate comments and I read very quickly I usually miss some words.

So far seems fun. I am intrigued, to early to make any critical observations but I’m still on board. Awaiting the next chapter!

What the hell are you saying, dingus? I don't share this profile with anyone.

What I am saying is simple. If you think that this story is so bad, write it yourself. If not, then stop being incredibly rude to other authors and quit posting comments like the ones you currently post.

Write about some useless lump putting on a poorly made costume then, for no reason, said lump winds up in Talking Animal/Waifu (bestiality, eww gross) Land where they get Super Amazing Powers/Abilities (without having to earn them/train)to beatdown Sombra/timberwolves/minotaurs/diamond dogs/Discord (without being in a fight at any point in their lives outside a video game) and save the proverbial day?
Ah ha ha, no. My self-respect isn't low enough to do that. But I am planning out a short story about Ra Endymion's escape from the Webway and exile on a Death World. But as for the rest of your comment regarding fee-fees...no. :rainbowkiss:

Speaking of respect, do you have any for anyone else? You seem to be lacking. Do you get some sick pleasure from making other people feel bad? Are you that sick and demented? What is wrong with you?

Would you like a tissue?

Can you cite the source for the picture please, It just good practise, also great start to the story, honestly made me chuckle at points. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Get your terminology right, my gender confused not-friend. The term you're looking for is "dick".

*definitely, not defiantly.

Sorry i forgot it was 2018 and we are above that. Also thanks for the correction, im dyslexic and did not notice that.

From you, no. You need a mental institution, however.

You do realise that he is just goading you on, right ?

True. He deserves it though.

Ok, so its a modded character/player from Fallout New Vegas and the name he or she picked was Ghost, am I getting this right?

So basically this person is just modded with OP mods or conceal commands, like infinite ammo, and a shit ton of hp/invincibility, with infinite carrying weight, correct?

And to top it off, he/she has maxed stats and has probably all the OP guns in the vanilla and DLCs...

In my eyes, everyone's a cunt. You have your swell cunts, your dashing cunts, your "fucking cunt"s, and my favorite the daft cunt.

"You don't need to listen to orders when your leaders acting like a daft cunt." ~Alexander Anderson, 2017

Lurk yer way to a Fosters ya root rat.

I see a lot of hate and I get it. One of my most hated tropes is “I went to the con dressed as...and bought the thing from the merchant and now have unlimited everything” but I feel like this blows through that like I would normally reading stories like that. It’s like it knows it’s a lame trope and just gets it over with like we all want it too. I still feel like it’s too early to judge this story so I don’t really get the hate. I mean shit it’s fanfiction...not lord of the rings

Danke, :twilightsmile:
Da fook ya on aboat, mate? I just got dun wit a grade school, ya honestly tink I got enough in me fer a Foster's as well? A cunt is whatcha are, no doubt. (This was my immediate thought, judge me all you want.)

You do have to give props to the guy, he explicitly tells you what you're in for in the summary.

Whats goin here? I know you little cunts wag anyway, what's this fuss about? You a kiwi?

Lord of the rings was a blatant gary sue work for tolkien. If it wasnt for the hippies and "weed dude lmao", the series would've lingered in obscurity.

Accusin' me o' bein' a kiwi, huh? You fuckin' slag.

It just clicked in my head that your pic is Peepi.

Only a kiwi cunt would be passin on a fosters after a wag. You don't sound like a Melbourne pooftah, so it's obvious what you are. How those All Blacks doin', kiwi?

Facehoof Infinite supplies. You just had to give him infinite supplies. Why.

This has officially escalated to a point in which I have no reply... Peepi, may your reign be swift and forgotten. Also can we back up for second?

How those All Blacks doin', kiwi?

Woah! I don't like the way you said "those".


Hamster Master: I will never write a story, I'll just go around leaving nasty comments on Displaced stories yet I will never say anything positive to go with it, and if I come across a very popular Displaced story or a story that I can't force into groups, I'll just ignore them like coward that I am. I have no common sense and no self-control over my actions nor will I ever learn from my mistakes regardless of how many times I get temperally banned from Fimfiction.

Hmm, so basically he became the embodiement of the console code in a way?

Another sleeslaw sobbing about the words of an internet rando. Keep crying mong. Those tears will dry someday.

Peepi may fall, but two shall take his place.

You're no saint either, Hamster, seeing as you spend alot of time in the comment section or your profile arguing up a storm regardless if they talk to you with a positive or negative approach about your attitude. I mean really, your responses and comments are just as equally bad as the very thing you're attacking.

"Giving you the truth, no matter how it hurts." This rule appeals to you as well as long as you respond to others negativity, it may as well be your response as a form of 'being hurt' by what others say to you.

Your rambling, semi-coherent outrage aside, when have I ever said that I'm a better person than some dweeb who penned a bit of wish fulfillment? Riddle me that, snowflake. Point out any instance on this site where I've made a judgement call on a person themselves, and not their writing ability (or lack thereof). Then come back and reread your comment, but be sure to check your hypocrisy first.

“Another sleeslaw sobbing about the words of an internet rando. Keep crying mong. Those tears will dry someday.”
There, that’s an example. If you insult another you believe yourself to be better than them, therefor this is you saying your better than someone based off of character.
After all, he just tried to stop you from being a cunt just because you don’t like displaced. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, and it was obvious this was displaced from the bio.
And considering you insult someone in an comment saying you never said you were better than someone, to quote yourself, rearead your comment and check the hypocrisy.




therefor this is you saying

So what is he is saying?



I wouldn't bother talking to Hamster_Master if I was you two. He's never going to learn and I think that replying back to him only pet his oversize ego.

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