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Prince Lightning Charge

I'm a brony and that's all I'm saying.


I've heard rumors of people dissapering after buying things from a weird dude dressed like the merchant from Resident Evil, but I was always dissmisive of rumors. I should have listened to them. Now Im the Green Lantern of a Gijinka Equestria, hey could have been worse, I could have been turned into Aquaman.

(Displaced Story)
P.S. Gijinka is just Japanese for Humanized. (I just think its fun to say:pinkiehappy:)

P.P.S I won't be accepting any crossovers. I also have A.D.D so updates will be sporadic.

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You might want something in your description about the status of your story on if your character is accepting cross-overs or not. That way, you'll avoid getting comments or PMS about it.

thank you for reminding me I totally forgot

my suggestion is to not have crossovers they tend to ruin displaced fics unless handled with care or unless there used to add an element into your story thats unobtainable otherwise, like how some displaced go into other worlds and destroy as much as possible creating a totally new and different obstacle for your main character. (The displaced I’m referring to tend to only exist as antagonists for stories and don't have any actual story of their own.)

also if anyone wants to know what a Gijinka is this is what I got on the first page when I looked it up.

I agree with your opinion on the crossover thing, also gijinka is the Japanese version of anthropomorphic but look more like a human then normal antro, like say twilight will still have her horn even though she will look like a human. The whole idea is commonly used for Pokemon though.

Hmm, definitely minus points for having a character that played Knak, the first or the sequel more than once, as it is a clear sign of poor taste. However, plus a point for having boy-scout training, and again for not immediately being able to make good, solid constructs with the ring.


like say twilight will still have her horn even though she will look like a human.

Then that would be humanized and use the human tag. Anthro tag needs more non-human elements than just a horn/wings.

also gijinka is the Japanese version of anthropomorphic but look more like a human then normal antro

Again, that sounds more like gijinka is the Japanese version of 'humanized' than the Japanese version of 'anthro'.

I know what it means I just wanted to mess with as many people as possible.

Oh I figure you knew I was just explaining it for those that don't

Interesting story. I enjoy good green lantern parodies.

Kinda wonder if he's also got the lantern battery for recharging his ring. If not, he's gonna be swiftly SOL.

I don’t do much for these. But this? Has potential.

Alright. I’m in!

Either that, or create a new story and post the cross-over chapters in that separate category. That way, Prince can have fun crossing-over without them being part of the main story and that they'll contain no impact. Prince's Displaced could make a small mention of meeting said displaced, but nothing major other than friendship, no new powers, no impact on the story/world building, etc.

Let's get in on dis boat...
Does de author know de way

The boat is powered by memes...
(I'm totally wearing a flash t-shirt right now)

.....iiiiiironcally, I have a Superman shirt.

The justice league is here... Without powers... (I just got idea but have no commitment to making it story... One because I have no time and two because it has no relation to mlp... Unless.... Someone already wrote it on fanfiction.net...)

Give me the short version

Well... The entire justice leauge ends up at comic-con in their outfits... But they have have no powers and have to seek out someone to restore their powers before the multiverse collapses from lack of heroes to protect their section of said multiverse (there is lots of room for making it mlp related...)

I have a feeling you might write that...

Ooo. Nope. Got more than a few projects to tend .

Tell me when the next chapter is out I might just track this if I like it.

I would like to see how this goes so please continue.

Not a bad start I'll let you know what I think more about it in the next chapter

This is the greatest story in the universe times three. Liked and followed.

Sooooo... Next super awesome chapter in 11 months?

oh no... the snap
(Avengers: Endgame time)

*insert doctor Frankenstein yelling out his famous line*

In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight,
For those who worships evils might,
Beware my power green lanterns light!

So... two years has gone by. Any update?

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