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loves the show, aspiring to be a great writer and welcome to reviews


I was running from the government at a very young age with my parents because they found something mysterious and refused to experiment on it any further. One day we were moving towns again but this time I wasn't coming, I was dropped off at the orphanage and I accepted my fate because my parents said it was the best for me but when I got there I was threatened and I defended myself with some kind of repulsion field. I ran to the garden to be away from the others until I met a voice saying he could transport me to a world where violence doesn't exist and I won't have to run anymore, I accepted and I became a dragon-like being. With my dragon-transformed dog we set out to live our lives the best we can with our abilities.

special thanks to dragon whisper 243 for the idea

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It is a good idea, however it is kinda rough and poorly written,but that is a given considering how inexperienced writer you are. I may not have written any stories myself, But I have read a lot of fics.

Comment posted by Dusty Gears deleted Jun 19th, 2017

then how do I improve my writing?

Great work is this before starlight become bad

well I like the idea I just hope that nix doesn't fall for starlights cutie marks are evil and we need to forcefully take them away speech

0.0' ... Damn son, I'd like to see more o' this... please continue, you have a good story so far.

OneNote you called Starlight by her name before she introduced herself besides that it was pretty good :twilightsmile:


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