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Just a simple guy, wanting to write stories of ponies in epic adventures and cute romances


All he wanted was to buy the last copy of Summer Wars, that was literally it and what does he have to show for it? Absolutely nothing since he bought it, and had ended up entering Equestria as one of the most ferocious villains of said movie. But hey at least there's one pony who is willing to be his friend right?

Join Ethan/Love-Machine and his weird friends on the funny, exciting, adventures they'll all have together or at least that's what they're all hoping, but knowing Ethan's luck it isn't going to end well for him. He has only one thing to ask?

"Why Me?"

(Featured- 4/20/17 - 4/21/17)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 36 )

What's this Summer Wars that this is based on?^^ Looks like an interesting character at least.

8109918 It's from a movie, go search it up and watch it XD

can't say I like it or Hate it haven't read enough of it....

still sounds great

8109920 Ah. I remember it now. Saw it on Adult Swim once. It was great, but so dang long. XD

8109957 I know, but it's so good though XD

8109918 This should provide some insight as to how badass he is:

8109960 Checking the chapter. Decent start, buuuut, you seriously need a proofreader. Already seeing mistaken use of 'there/their' words, and so many dang run-on sentences and lack of comma use.

8109972 I heard a lot of good things about Your Name, I might get it when it comes out on DVD.

8109977 Heh, thanks and you should, it's really good

I love Summer Wars and the story is off to a good start...But why dragon ball super enemies so suddenly?

8109986 I found this out awhile back but the movie was inspired by disasters and the aftermath of the possibility of losing someone close to you because of it.

8109998 Yep and no regrets lols XD

8110012 Well if you think about it, it does fit the theme of the movie.

8109961 I think this one does a better job at showing his OP-ness XD


I will hold my opinion about this story until at least two to three chapters in and I'll let you know what I think

8109998 If you are familiar with the story that Pen has done called "A New Destiny" and other stories that tie into it, some of the other people in those worlds and places are from different genres of games, movies and anime. I've had the priviledge to work with him and some of these characters also include others from DBS, such as Hit

...Get an editor p

This could get a bit confusing if you start so many stories that well are so far in the future. I mean I'm interessted, but I wouldn't be suprised if one or another information doesn't exactly makes sense in one of those stories or doesn't exactly fit in this universe because on of them.
It is just a feeling, since I noticed this is in the future of another story.

Now only his personality has to fit but I figure that out if I read it.

8109937 no problem the funny thing is I was creating a story with the same name before I changed it....

Please continue

8145139 New Chapter is out my friend

It's nice to see this updated.

I like it and I'm kind of glad he didn't thought he had to name himself after what he looks like.

Oh yea baby been waitin fer this

5 Years Later



Nevermind, it's a different story...

*Reads last words*....oh no

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