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Flare Blacksmith


After a human wakes up to find that he's changed species and gender, he/she ended up spending a decade as an adventurer and after gaining a reputation as a member of a well-known group of explorers traveling the world. They have decided upon their next destination... Equestria.

But what led this human turned Dragon to this point?

This is the story of Flare Blacksmith, dragoness, traveler, Explorer, and did we forget to mention that she has a strong resemblance to a certain baby dragon named Spike?

This story is heavily inspired by the longtime favorite of many, Ten Years Gone, by Some Other Guy.

This is a prequel to a upcoming rendition of ten years gone called Ten Years Redone

I fully admit that the initial concept is not mine, and that some chapters have similarities to the original. I would gladly contact the author of the original if not for the fact that he has completely disappeared, and hast not been on the site for quite some time.

Artwork is not mine, source is unknown, All credit goes to them and I would be more than happy to accept a more original variation.

(Mac349: Mythic Void: Boldish42: official editor's and proofreader's)

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Well I saw a comment on ten years gone saying "If he won't come back to write this it's only a matter of time before someone else does." Well that time has come, and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Thank you for at least having the stones to try this when so many people remember the sadly unfinished story this is based off of. Best of luck to you my guy.

I remember this story. Kept hoping it would continue one day.
This isn't how I thought it would happen, but you won't hear me complain!


Well! this is a great story. i have a love for stories that start before the show. and this one starts, even if its only 10 years, before the show. Nice concept and i hope you continue it. Looking forward to reading this when it updates.

This certainly seems interesting and fun. Somehow, dragon blacksmith isn't something I'd seen before. I'll be interested to see where this goes, and wish you good luck in writing it.


It's okay, but I definitely preferred the approach of the original, which skipped to the end of the ten years when the MC was a fully developed adventurer, with occasional flashbacks to said adventures, with the first few days/months/years left to the imagination.

Hmmmmm... This is a great start to the rewrite.

Lookin good so far can't wait to see what happens next

Nice to see that your back.

Just a heads up. All the changing and deleting of previous chapters, seems to have broken the automatic tracking feature on the story. For example, I wasn't informed about the latest chapter you published. I had to remove my thumbs up, tracking request, and favorites, so that I could reapply them. I think your going to see some strange things going on with your thumbs ups, and tracking requests as others try to get back on this stories auto tracking.

Great first chapter, BTW. Looking forward to seeing more.

The Monk

“To say that Twilight Sparkle went bugfuck would be like saying the Incredible Hulk had some mild anger management issues.” -DustTraveller

Yeah, I'm not going to lie this whole thing has set me off in more ways then just that. I had a good pace going and how it got thrown off a little bit by this whole thing and it's going to take me a little while to get back into it

Don't let it bug you too much. I like your new chapter is a great start.

The Monk

"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study and be evil." - Reykan

That's what this was supposed to be but the mods did not like that it was so similar to the original. Thus the change.

Hope for more chapters😆

What happened to the latest chapters? Are they being rewritten?

Yes, unfortunately they were too similar to the previous story, so now I have to redo all of them.... It was either that or be banned

I believe I chose, wisely

Looking forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

As my editors when they'll be done editing

oh so sooner then we think but longer then we hope gotcha

Yo dude. If you're having problems with editorial work, I could come on board.

i like this chapter even if you say its unedited

Good stuff as allways my man! I'm going to wait for the finished product to nit pick though:ajsmug:

A very good start but yep needs an editor. I’m glad you gave her wings in this version.

I love this world you've built and look forward to more.

I want to know is this story supposed to be the main character as a female version of Spike cuz if it is I don't want to read it. I really am fed up with Spike getting gender flipped when him being a male is what made him special in the original series.

Is Spike a separate entity in this or something else?

Separate entity.. or possibly blood relation.

I'm not spoiling that the secret yet

Thank you telling me that Spike will be a separate entity from the main female character mostly because spikes my favorite character I mean he's the main reoccurring male character in MLP.

For the record of anybody who might take their time to read this, I am trying to keep as close to cannon as possible while trying to create a original story that also connects to the story this is inspired by.

Will the concept end up similar to "Ten Years Gone"?
I hope so, but I'd be fine if it's different.
Good so far, looking forward to more.

Here's an idea for Spike's back story how about instead of Spike being born of immortal dragons he's the son of a Dragon God specifically the god of Kings Heroes and Justice Bahamut the Platinum.

Пожалуйста, я тебя умоляю продолжай писать.

(google translate)
Спасибо, я сделаю так

I love Flare, she's your friendly neighborhood Blacksmith-Dragoness.:moustache: Her most used weapon is her wallet:rainbowlaugh: great read, desperately willing to read more:heart:

The dragon looking back was iris with green accents with an overall design that looked far too familiar to Spike

Should be "similar", not "familiar"

Stuff like "Have you heard of a place called Equestria? Don't know where it is from here, but I heard it's nice." And "They have something called the Summer Sun Celebration, and they keep score on how occasions they have had it. What number are they up to?"

I assume you meant "how many occasions they have had it", not "how occasions they have had it". Also, why would they keep score on how many occasions they have had the summer sun celebration?

I apologize if you don't like people correcting your work

If you must know, I am still working on the next chapter without a editor. It Is completely understandable, considering that this is the holiday season. But I'm afraid I cannot say for certain when the next chapter will be done. Also, in the next chapter, there will be a major announcement. No further information on that will be given.

and did we forget to mention that she has a strong voice and to a certain baby dragon named Spike

I think there are some words missing here after the 'and'. As things stand the sentence doesn't make much sense.

The only real issue I found grammar wise is that you sometimes use capitalization without an apparent reason.

I was able to get out of the way And at one point I Started fighting back.

But forgoing that it's an interesting read, nice work.

*rips off shirt and flexes*

Bruh, I was so peeved when the original author just up and left this story, you have no idea how happy I am to see it started up again. Keep it up m8!

What he means is that we have never heard of a Dragon artisan before and one of great skill no less.

She's an Artisan Dragon!




I think I've been playing too much of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

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