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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S3

The seventh instalment of the Flash Sentry Chronicles. After what could be considered the greatest battle Flash has ever participated in, Flash finds himself in the new role of being the protector of the newest princess of Equestria. However, he and his friends will soon see that this can bring new dangers, as a figure from Princess Celestia's past has come back to haunt her. Now, Flash will find himself in a place he never expected, in a new land that will defy everything he knows.

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Cadance let out a small sigh at this, "Those two are monster hunting right now."

Nice to see that loose end tied up.

Aww. My boy is a real pal. :twilightsmile: I mean, I guess he's your boy too. You know what? Flash is everybody's boy. :twilightsmile: Well, except for his haters, but we don't talk about them. Besides, they're totally missing out. :scootangel:

Cadance laughed at the sight as she walked over to her sister-in-law. "Twilight!" She pulled her into a hug. "I haven't seen you since the coronation!"

So when was that, last week?

"It has always been kept in the throne room of Canterlot Castle...but when Princess Cadance took over the Crystal Empire, we sent it here for her to watch over."

So how did ShimieShim know where Twilight was roomed? How to get around? Etc?
This why in own take, My Little Mages: The Lost Student , I changed it to be set the night following the coronation and in the capital.

But my own shameless and unapologetic self-promotion aside, not a bad start, a little too close to the EQG film because it falls into the same logical problems, but maybe as this take progresses those plotholes will be filled.
Looking forward to Twilight's reaction to her being a naked ape in this, it was pricelessly hilarious in the film.


Nice to see that loose end tied up.

Okay, that explains Shining's absence, but how did Bacon-hair know where Twilight was sleeping, what the crown looked like, how to get around in the castle of the Crystal Empire?

Thank you, Semi-perfect Cell.


So how did ShimieShim know where Twilight was roomed? How to get around? Etc?

I refer you to Silver Quills Rainbow Rocks review. It makes sense to me.

Seen it, but why would Celestia reach out like that and given the amount of dust and grim on Sunset's copy, it clearly had not been open for a LLLOOONNNGGG time. So that really doesn't answer the question.

Well you finally reached the big milestone. I admit I am surprised Springer didn’t join them, I thought he’d run through with Spike and we’d see him as a puppy like he was in your Power Rangers story. But I guess it is just Twilight, Spike, and Flash this time. I can’t wait to see what the design for Flash’s human form will be.

This story's being featured! YAY!:yay:

9206498 I'm starting to think the feature section hates me. Whenever I go to it, my stories are never there. Then when I leave, it seems to magically reappear. :pinkiesad2:

Do you have the mature filter on? I have only been able to see your stories in the feature box if it is turned off. That’s still an accomplishment though.

Okay now this is a great start to the story, but couldn't you have made it so Flash could have taken his Celestic Gear with him into Human Equestria, that way he would have something to help protect him and Twilight when Sunset goes all Demona Shimmer at the end.

9206673 Oh sure, I could have totally done that. Just one question. How many kids you seen carrying a large cutlass around a school and not get arrested.


It's a magical sword, couldn't it change shape to be something else so that Flash wouldn't get arrested then?

9206808 By that logic, the Element of Magic would have done the same thing.

Flash had seen enough. A vicious glare on his face, he stepped out and yelled, "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

That should have been Twilight's line.

Flash frowned as he saw her disappear down the hallway. "I wanna call her a name, but I'm scared we'll lose our everyone rating."

Last I check Flash couldn't break the 4th wall.

Flash let out a long sigh at this. "This is either gonna lead to something very good...or apocalyptically bad."

the two aren't mutually exclusive.

All in all, not a bad second chapter.

Well, now the hard part starts. Flash and Twilight need to learn how to fit in while in the new world and gain acceptance. Their confrontation with Sunset in the hallway is going to be fun I bet.

"THAT HITCH!" He yelled, panting after he did so.

I would have gone with “witch” personally.

9219935 Oh you have no idea, (laughs menacingly)


That should have been Twilight's line.

I personally don't see it as that big a deal. I mean, Twi might be the leader, but it makes sense that Flash would make the first move, protective instincts and all. I do agree about how weird that fourth wall break is.

I know that this series is Flash's story, but you're not going to sideline Twilight into a secondary role, are you? :applejackunsure: I mean, she and Flash are supposed to be a team. At least, that's how I see them.

I don't want to and am trying to make sure Twilight isn't left out. Hopefully the rest of the story shows her in a better light.

Hmmmm now I wonder if there's a Flash Sentry at Crystal prep

I mean, this story is doing great so far in terms of balancing the amount of focus that Twilight and Flash each get, but it's a REALLY delicate balance, and that balance has tended to tip in Flash's favor in previous installments. I mean, that's understandable since this is Flash's story, but at the same time, I can't help but feel as if Twilight has more to offer this story than the role she currently has. :applejackunsure: I don't know. It's pretty complicated. I don't know if this is just because I'm a girl or if it's because I'm looking too deep into it. :applejackunsure:

what could you possibly do that would take me down?"

:facehoof: Flash, you are stupid. So stupid, there are least two things she can do that come to mind.

their faces instantly colliding.

Thing one


and Thing two.

Another book he enjoyed was about automobiles

Flash is a Hot Rod. I approve.

Yikes, Sunset is definitely trouble. Stealing Flash’s first kiss is bad enough, but mocking him about it and kneeing him in the groin is just cruel. What’s Sunset planning to do with Flash, spread rumors that he’s her new boyfriend or something? Might be difficult without photos or videos like she has on Twilight.

Flash's glare intensified, only to switch to a smirk, "Sorry, my mother taught me to never date a girl who wears leather. Or is...well, a total nutcase."

I just love Flash’s Spider-Man levels of snark.

"Sorry, my mother taught me to never date a girl who wears leather.

I don't know, those girls are a lot of fun:raritywink:

"That blows," Flash said as he picked up what he was told was a burger. Granted, it reminded him of a hayburger, though his nose told him it was something slightly different. "But at least those guys didn't let Sunset ruin their dream." With that, he took a bite of sandwich, instantly surprised at how it tasted. "Dang, this is good...wish we had something like this back home."

Better not tell him what it's made of. "shudder" :pinkiesick:

Oh, my poor baby! :twilightoops: Ooh! :twilightangry2: That girl is going down hard.

(I know I said that Flash was every Flash Senturions' boy, but is he also every Senturions' baby? I mean, it's affectionate when a girl says that about him, but I'm trying to imagine a guy calling him that, and it keeps coming off as weird. :rainbowderp: Also, I didn't coin the term Senturion. I borrowed it from Ro994. I don't know where she got it from. :applejackunsure:)

only if the leather is in the bedroom:raritywink:

9234976 DUDE! Kids read this...I think.

:applejackconfused: I was talking about biker jackets


(I know I said that Flash was every Flash Senturions' boy, but is he also every Senturions' baby? I mean, it's affectionate when a girl says that about him, but I'm trying to imagine a guy calling him that, and it keeps coming off as weird. :rainbowderp: Also, I didn't coin the term Senturion. I borrowed it from Ro994. I don't know where she got it from. :applejackunsure:)

It's based off of 'Sentry' (Flash's Surname, which a short hand of 'Sentinel' which means ultimately means, in etymological terms, 'one who protects because he uses his senses') and 'Centurion', the leader of a hundred men (Century) in a Roman Army.

You're right it does sound weird coming from a guy...:rainbowderp:

"You on the other hand, don't look half bad. I could use a new boy toy since my last one started misbehaving and I had to throw it away."

Guys this is what happens when you think with your.... wait, this is an E rated story.... BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, I don't know if she came up with it herself or borrowed it from someone else. :ajbemused:

Better not tell him what it's made of. "shudder" :pinkiesick:

Hey Flash, there's something you might want to know.... (get's knocked out with a book to the back of the head)

Go Sunset. She is a b*******. And flash just had to deal with it. I hope Twi pumches Sunset when she finds out about the kiss.

Also if Sunset tries again, Flash should have a cup.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for the update. I hope tomorrow Flash can help the knights some more while twilight hangs with the girls.

I swear, if the final battle music isn't set to Beelzeboss, I will be VERY disappointed...

Helping Twilight Win The Crown was the song that convinced me to give Equestria Girls a chance! So far so good!

For me, its every time that I volunteer to help with the decorations at a school function, I get an e-mail from you saying you has plenty of volunteers!


Are you or your editor trying to give Flash a harem? :rainbowderp: At the same time, it was nice how they all became Flash and Twilight's shippers. :rainbowlaugh: Man, I love this part. :twilightsmile:

Dang Sunny seams even more vindictive in your version. Can't wait to see things come to a head between Sunset and Flash when she tells Twilight about the kiss.

She bit her lip as she turned and walked down a nearby hallway, muttering to herself, "I won't lose. That crown belongs to me, along with Equestria. I will get it, and even if I don't, I'll make sure you never make it back! You and your blockhead bodyguard."

que the ominous doom doom doom music.
So how will Flash get out of... Sunset's crappy photo-shop...:facehoof: Please tell me you have something more creative in mind.

I normally don't ship more than two people together, when I do it's always with Flash.
Stay sentry, my friends. :raritywink:

A filthy shipper AND a filthy memer are you? :rainbowlaugh: The name's Kettle by the way. :rainbowlaugh:

Not really a memer, just thought it was a nice joke. But I am surprised you didn't call bs because I am on the record to ship Big Mac with Sugar Belle and Marble Pie.

Oh, yeah, I guess I just got too caught up in the joke to remember. :twilightsheepish:

This was a good chapter. I'm glad to see more of the royal knights action. I can't wait to see what happens next. I wonder if Sunset is going to try and blame flash as well. If so. Lightning's return would be awesome.

Nice job. I like how the Royal Knights were also there to learn Twilight, Flash, and Spike were from another world. Now I can’t wait to see how you handle the climax.

Grand nodded with a small hidden smirk. "It seems someone combined these photos to make it look like these were the one who trashed the gym."

....:facehoof: seriously... I get the movie was what got you into the fandom, but seroiusly you're going the photo-chop route...:facehoof:

"Those two are kind of odd," First commented.

understatement of this chapter.

Everyone stared at Pinkie, only to hear a loud facepalm from Flash as he groaned, "Why...WHY?! Why didn't I see that coming?!

Good question Flash, it's like Pinkie hops between words in a tag te...am...:rainbowderp:

And because I know you'll ask, we do have 'World ending danger only happens on Tuesdays' t-shirts in our world."

I small sarcasm all over that... and hyperbole too.

The final battle begins. Wonder what changes will show up in it.

Honestly, given how little you strayed from the movie's story so far here, I'm not expecting much.:ajbemused:

It's so far a good story, but all in there doesn't seem to be a reason why pony Flash needs to be a part of it, at which point, why even tell this story. Sure Sunset as a dark seductress to Flash is kind of interesting, you know the whole woman as temptress trope, but you don't seem to be doing much with it. We all know that for Flash in this going for Sunset is bad, but there hasn't been a shown reason why Flash would even fall into the trap in the first place.

9261348 In all honesty, this and Rainbow Rocks ain't gonna be so different. I'm only writing it because I need to for the big changes I have planned for Friendship Games and Camp Everfree.

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