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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Knight of Friendship

The newly knighted Flash Sentry has returned to his life of keeping the peace. But even that has problems as his new responsibilities as a knight, member of the friendship council, and a certain new relationship with Twilight will keep him busy. The Knight of Friendship is about to go on the wildest ride of his life yet, as he soon finds that other secrets, threats and new trials are on the horizon.

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Aww, I was hoping the CMC thought that they are decorating Scoot's room, but turn out to be Springer's room instead

Hoorah! Knew they were gonna sleep together!
Now im excited for STARLIGHT'S return

Lightning nodded in agreement, "Your Sacred Light form come in handy again?"

getting a little too dependent on that, Flash

"You too Sentry," Iron added as he glared at the half-dead pegasus. "You've been running yourself ragged for weeks now."

I can understand days, but weeks

She got her answer when Flash's wings instantly shot out

of course... hey I tease PinkieDash with Rainbow's wings stopping, so I ain't judging.

Hearing its name made Spike gulp

You are a DRAGON! You swam in magma! You spat out lava! This shouldn't bother you.

Spike was now showing a look of pure pain on his face, his spine feeling like somepony had been doing the river-dance on it. "Ow ow ow ow ow..."

see my previous retort

Flash turned to the males of the group, only for them to all point at Iron. Grumbling at this, Iron looked away, "Alright...I may have set up a kind of obstacle course in one of the unused hallways."

Wait so Lightning and Wild didn't add anything... well they have been foes longer and friends

All and all a nice start to Season 5.

Wow this was a good way to start S5, guess Twilight wasn't the only one trying to avoid the new castle this time around. :twilightsmile:

"Did Flash and Twilight not come home last night?" He asked himself, only to pick up Flash's aura a second later...and find it was outside. "Huh?" A few minutes later, he was outside, only to sigh as he found his partner. The pegasi was in a nearby tree, loud snores coming out of the branches. "Seriously?! Not this again..."

Wonder how many times Springer had to knock Flash awake from there? :rainbowlaugh:

Both Flash and Twilight shared a glance before Twilight replied, "Oh uh...has it been that obvious?" Everypony nodded back, making them both sigh.

"Guess we weren't exactly subtle about it." Flash responded, only to feel a tug on his leg. Looking down, he saw a teary eyed Pinkie staring up at him. "Pinkie? What are you doing?"

"Please don't break up! You just got together! You're not even giving this relationship a chance."

Whoa there, don't go sinking ships Pinky! :raritywink:

Seeing this, Rarity started chuckling. "Oh, is that all? Why, you simply need to decorate darling. Make this space your own!"

"And you'll need to add in some defensive measures," Iron added. "Like I said, this place is so big that an assassin could easily sneak in unnoticed...which already happened with that stinking fox Shade!"

Iron has a point (jerky fox) but something tells me he might go a tad overboard? :twilightsheepish:

Springer raised a paw next, making everypony turn to him, "If you don't mind, leave my room alone. I already got it how I want it."

Seriously I thought we would find Springer shocked at seeing his room all changed XD

Springer nodded as he opened the front door. "Hope they didn't go into my room. I just got it the way I wanted it." But as they entered, they saw the place looked no different. "Guess they didn't get to this place yet."

"Eh, they're probably busy doing the throne room or the dining room, or-" He didn't finish, as in that moment he felt his foot tap something. "Huh?" Looking down, he now saw some kind of string, "What's this?" He got his answer when he raised his foot and the string snapped, causing one end to retract into a wall before something else flew out from the shadows. What followed was a swinging paint can, which Springer tackled him to dodge the incoming attack. "Thanks..." Spike moaned as they got back up.

Guess Iron couldn't help himself, I'm all about security but that might have been too much! :rainbowlaugh:

And as the jakhowl disappeared, Lightning turned to Rarity with a low glare, "You know, leading that little guy on like that isn't a good thing."

Glad you had Lightning calling Rarity out on her behavior toward Spike so early in the series. At least *Dragon Dropped* finally put this issue to rest after 9 years with a good outcome.

Out of all of them I wasn't expecting the CMC to actually give the grown-ups the idea on how to make the castle more homely, nice twist there Banshee! :pinkiehappy:

Two smiles started to appear on their faces as Flash whispered, "So uh...looks like we're sharing."

lol guess one of those rooms might go unused after all! :rainbowkiss:

Starting off strong here, can't wait to see how the rest of the season will go! :twilightsmile:

But can't they just fix the problem by trading rooms?

Also, why would anyone think that voice-activated fireworks was a good idea? :ajbemused:

9837411 True, but he still need to move his stuff to the other room, and it just an annoying work to do in my opinion

Comment posted by Kayceejr91 deleted May 30th, 2021

9837441 I'm afraid I have more important things to write about during those events.

Great start to this story. It sounds like Ponyville is becoming a major tourist attraction. That ending was pretty sweet too, where Flash and Twilight realize they need to sleep together to fall asleep now.

"Wow...how many of them are there?" Springer gasped as he stared at the chandelier.

"One hundred and thirty four," Lightning told him. "Pretty impressive, don't you think?"

Wow, that really is impressive. I think I get the reference, but I counted this series has one hundred and thirty six chapters before this one, unless it refers to something else.

9837676 I took the original number, 93, and added on for every original chapter I've done.

That makes sense. Thank you. It is still an impressive number either way.

Hey, this has been feature. Well done.

This was an awesome way to begin Season 5!

I'm really looking forward to you version
Of the mlp fim legion of doom
But add some more members here's
The line up that you can have in your version if you want.
1.Grogar (Master mind)
2.Queen Chrysalis (cunning shifter)
3.King Sombra (Dark magic user)
4.Storm King (Weather manipulator)
5.Lord Tirek (The magic drainer)
6.Cozy Glow (Manipulator threw adorableness)
7.Doom Razor (Warrior of revange)
8. Shade (Wicked magic fox)
9.Long Horn (The muscle)
10.Shake Shocker (The mercenary)
11.Rover (Hechmen 1)
12.Fido (Henchmen 2)
13.Spot (Henchmen 3)

9837810 You know, I've been wondering this for a while. What makes a story go into the featured box?

I think it is determined by how quickly a story gets thumbs up and favorites.

Geez louise...what is with all the dislikes?!

It's got a romance tag, a Flash Sentry character tag, and the words "relationship with Twilight" in the description. :ajbemused:

Hey Banshee, can you do a chapter featuring a villain that defies magic itself, you know...anti-magic, its your opinion

At least they are outnumbered by all the likes, which is pretty much anyone who actually takes time to read these stories.

Youre literally the best Flashlight writer ever. :twilightsmile:

Looks like another ally has joinned, I wonder how he will affect the story

9850300 Actually, no he's not gonna stick around.

Glad Iron knows he's valued and needed (And he knows the values each piece of the chessboard).

Sweet chapter featuring Iron, guess anyone would start feeling useless with Flash handling everything in town. At least Celestia came up with a good compromise. :twilightsmile:

It was Spike, the young drake yawning as he moved through the outside hallway with a plate of gems in his claws. The little one had just snuck into the kitchen for a late night snack, licking his lips as he stared at the dish, only to see that the library door was open. "Uh-oh...is Twilight still up?" The drake tiptoed over to the door, peeking in as he tried to see if Twilight was in there.

Who needs guard ponies with Spike around for a midnight snack eh?:rainbowlaugh:

I liked Double Take, here's hoping we see him pop up again in another story! :pinkiehappy:

Iron shined a big grin, "Let's do it. Starting tomorrow, we'll work in shifts." The defenders shook hooves and paw at this, everypony else happy the issue was resolved. That is, till Iron's grin got a cheeky twirl at it's ends, "But that starts tomorrow. Today..." he turned to Twilight and Flash, "We're gonna start working on some actual security features for your castle."

"Seriously?! After what happened to today?" Flash asked, only for Iron to lean in with narrowed eyes.

"Oh yeah. And you're helping me over every single bit Sentry. Remind me...who failed to keep the thieves out last night?!"

lol Smug Iron laying down the law against Flash & Twilight was priceless, I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

He's not wrong about adding some security measures for the castle though, we know that at least one more incident will occur *cough*Starlight*cough* in this season. :raritywink:

4 new OC huh? That mean is choose the voice actors time. Which voice actors do you think should play Crimson Masquerade Gang?

Hmm, I wonder how you're going to do the rest of the season. If a remember correctly, this season has mainly been a bunch of slices of life with the finale at the end.

Steve Blum as Wolf
Kevin M. Richardson as Gorilla
Grey DeLisle as lizard
Dante Basco as Double Take
These are my picks and tell me what are yours

Well it is good that Iron still knows he is needed, even if Flash is the strongest of the Defenders. I hope Double Take will be okay, he deserves a better life than what Wolf was giving him.

Iron still insisting on a security system was funny. Unfortunately it seems like it will all be for nothing since we all know what happens in the finale.

That is true, there were a lot of those type of episodes this season. I think the main theme of this season though was about destiny being fulfilled and using your special talents to help others. That's what people who worked on the show said it was like when I saw interview videos on YoutTube.

I'm so glad that Iron will be sticking around. Plus I have a strong idea who would be Double's perfect match for a marefriend for this alternate universe (who's also a certain apprentice to Princess Luna).

Huh.... the way this chapter was going, I thought Iron was going to ask Double to become his apprentice.

Ooohhh please. I don't mind OC cannon character ships. But Trixie and Starlight are just too freaking cute together. Plus I do feel like there could be some gay couples here and there....

"Extra! Extra! Crimson Masquerade Gang strikes again!"

Iron turned to the pony and bought a copy, looking the paper over. It was over a gang of thieves known for wearing masks and capes that had been terrorizing Fillydelphia. They had just recently stolen a rare diamond from one of its museums. "Huh...wonder what their next target is.."

Me: "Is this a Hitman reference..... (10 seconds after saying it and processing):facehoof: Wait, no I meant Payday!"

Mind: I should post this mix-up before fully reading the chapter even though no one could hear me saying it.........

I guess I'm not too well versed with Disney since I'd didn't pick up on them. Though I'm assuming its more recent Disney then the classic, the post-Walt Pre-Isner and the Renaissances stuff I remember avidly watching on video.

I do like these sort of sedate slice-of-life stuff. Heck, The EK is made up of it.

9860465 They're a mix of classic disney and semi-modern.

Well, then, I didn't notice them. So, I'll wait until someone points them out.

To everyone wondering, this is absolutely what happened next:

Their frist date nice and also the up coming make new friends but keep discord can't wait to see how the knights and the mane 7 deal with the Discord in that episode and that means that Lightning will be un-banhish from Canterlot wonder how that'll go.

This was a very sweet chapter, really enjoyed the *not official* first date for Twilight & Flash here.

As for highlights :

The girls all nodded, Pinkie speaking up next, "And don't forget, Cadance wants lots of pictures of their first date. If we're not there, who's gonna take them?"

"Agreed. Princess Cadance will not be happy if we don't get that." Rarity sighed, crossing her hooves, "She considers those two her greatest failure and we promised to help her with them."

LOL Cadance still won't let it go! :rainbowlaugh:

Spike watched as she began to pace again, now three quills magically writing notes. Sighing at the sight, Spike stepped in front of her and grabbed the alicorn's cheeks before pulling them to his face, "TWILIGHT!" The princess stopped muttering as she found herself staring at drake's eyes, "You need to calm down. If you keep going like this, you'll be a nervous wreck by the time the date arrives, and then you definitely won't enjoy it."

This is why Spike's my fave, he knows Twilight mindset like the back of his claw.:moustache:

Fake liquid from the fake bottle now overflowing on the illusionary table, the four stared at each other in pure silence. Flash's face started to turn more shades of brighter red as the others kept their brains completely switched off while displaying blank faces. That is, till Iron broke the silence by saying, "Oookay. This is literally the most disturbing thing I've ever seen."

LOL to say the least! :rainbowlaugh:

"Well...next week is the Grand Galloping Gala, followed by the Fantasia Parade. That's when Lightning's trial is set to commence."

Geez only 1 year has passed for all of these??? That's one crowded year fer sure!:derpyderp2:
Hope we get to see what happens with that!

"That's one spoiled rabbit ya got there," Applejack told her. "Hate to see what he'd do if yah ever got too busy to pamper him."

Rainbow started chuckling, "Maybe the same thing that happened to Flash and Twilight when they had that little potion mix-up?"

"You mean they switched bodies?"

"Like that'd happen," Rarity commented before they all laughed. "Now then Pinkie, do you have everything?"

At least we won't have to worry about that till the last season, unless Banshee pulls an *Amending Fences* on us! :raritywink:

Flash just shrugged, "Eh, guess we could still go on that date and say it's our first one. That way, the others won't feel like they missed out...and we can get the pictures." Flash's eyebrows hopped up and down, "Let's only give Cadance one pic though, and we have to make sure its not romantic at all."

LOL and Candance gets burned yet again, priceless!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

All jokes aside it was an awesome read, looking forward to see what the rest of this season will bring! :twilightsmile:

It was sweet... that's about it it was sweet

Well that was a very heartwarming chapter. I am not sure what the Disney references are but I think the ramen thing was a reference to Naruto.

We still have a lot to look forward to. Like they discussed in this chapter, the Grand Galloping Gala, Fantasia Parade, and Lightning's trial are all coming up soon. I wouldn't be surprised if each event got its own chapter (especially since the gala should essentially be the one from Make New Friends But Keep Discord).

Hmmm, Disney references (thinking music), well, the mother quail in the rainy day scene was straight out of Bambi. I'm not certain, but the part with Twilight and the fireflies reminded me of The Return of Jafar.

By the way, RARITY!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage: You are the queen of bad love advice!

Also, I LOVE the part where the two of them plot to troll Cadence. :trollestia:

By the way, I almost forgot. Are you going to be leaving the magic puddle unexplained?

9861468 Yes I am. Go watch Scrubs's my way home episode. That's where I got it for. Secondly, you were half right. The rain scene was from Bambi but the firefly scene was from Lady and the Tramp 2.

Please bring back the diamond dogs. In any way as long as you don't reform them. Have them a villain henchmen or reoccurring villains.

This was a most enlightening chapter! Because I've learned that not every date between two lovers has to be planned.

By the way, could someone please recap on why Lightning has a trial coming up?

Lightning was an antagonist in season 1. He tried to overthrow the princesses with the Alicorn Amulet, several forbidden spells, and his father’s old creation. After he was defeated he accepted his punishment, being banished from Canterlot for exactly one year and needing to travel Equestria to see its strength. This trial will determine if the princesses are satisfied with his progress.

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