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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


Bakugan, the most popular game in the world. Almost everyone wants to play and be seen as the best, including a young man by the name of Flash Sentry.

But when Flash finally gets his own Bakugan, he learns that there's more to this game then meets the eye. And with friends both new and old, he'll need to fight as hard as he can to save not just one world...but two.


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A fitting start, Flash Vs Garble with Flash being a quick study.
Interesting name for the Bakugan, Leonidas, I am getting a 'This Is SPARTA!!!" vibe.

11192616 Actually, Leonidas is a canon Bakugan. He's the main character's partner in the Bakugan Video Game.

Leonidas is my favorite bakugan ^^

Good to see this has begun as its own story now. Hope it is as successful as all your other ones.

Awesome so far. We got to see Twilight battle here, and she and Spike actually managed to beat Flash and Leonidas. That just shows Flash and Leonidas will need to learn to work together to win in the future. Spike was awesome here though. I like the idea of him being a Bakugan and have no complaints. It will be interesting when he and the other Bakugan start talking though.

So it seems right now that Sombra is the Big Bad here too. You really seem to enjoy making him the first major villain in a lot of your original stories. It is going to be fun to see what he is up to this time.

"We came from Vestroia," Leonidas replied. "But don't ask me why the Bakugan are suddenly here, because I don't care. All I care about is battling." He turned towards Twilight, "girl! We're battling again. I refuse to let myself be defeated by such a weakling." He then turned to Flash, "and you'd better do better this time. I would have won that match if you had activated my abilities faster." He continued to berate Flash, making the teen wish Leonidas had remained silent.

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

A few highlights

There, a man with grey skin and black hair was sitting behind a desk. He wore a full black business suit and was currently watching a TV on his wall, which was showing Flash's battle from earlier and mainly focused on Leonidas in battle. "Strange. Very strange."

Wait, Sombra... I am of two minds, in one mind he'd make a great villain for Flash, yet in the other, I am kind of hoping for this to be one of the few cases of him being good, maybe tricked to help the bad guy, but he's the most violent to the bad guy when he learns he's been used. Will have to see.

"Do it, Spike!" Twilight yelled as her Bakugan ran forward while Leonidas was still trapped.

Aw. that's so cute. I hope he gets a PeeWee Phoniex and an Owlowiscious add-on or partner..., and will he get his wings? Although this means no SmolderXSpike and thus no real grounds for a Garble change of heart... well you can't always get what you want. I take it Rainbow has a tortoise-themed one she calls Tank, Applejack has a dog-themed one she calls Winona, Rarity has a feline-themed one she calls Opalescence, Fluttershy has a rabbit themed one named Angel and Pinkie has an alligator/crocodile themed one she calls Gummy.

"Take this!" He yelled, "you overgrown sand gecko!"

Okay Leonidas, I see you have chosen war. Get him, Spike.

Flash: 0%
Twilight: 50% (Winner)

YAY SPIKE, Who's the dragon? SPIKE! SPIKE!! SPIKE!!! I know I should feel bad for Flash because he lost, but Leonidas needed that serving of humble pie.

"We came from Vestroia," Leonidas replied. "But don't ask me why the Bakugan are suddenly here, because I don't care. All I care about is battling." He turned towards Twilight, "girl! We're battling again. I refuse to let myself be defeated by such a weakling." He then turned to Flash, "and you'd better do better this time. I would have won that match if you had activated my abilities faster." He continued to berate Flash, making the teen wish Leonidas had remained silent.

I feel yah, Flash. Maybe a few more servings of humble pie, like say five, will do his ego some good. Oh goodness, we actually have a character with a bigger ego problem them Rainbow.

All in all this will be interesting.

Not familiar with the franchise

This chapter was AWESOME!! Btw, Leoniedas is my all time favorite Bakugan since I first played the first Bakugan game!

"We came from Vestroia," Leonidas replied. "But don't ask me why the Bakugan are suddenly here, because I don't care. All I care about is battling." He turned towards Twilight, "girl! We're battling again. I refuse to let myself be defeated by such a weakling." He then turned to Flash, "and you'd better do better this time. I would have won that match if you had activated my abilities faster." He continued to berate Flash, making the teen wish Leonidas had remained silent.

Leonidas in this is just competitive as he is in the video game. Too cool. And something tells me that Twilight will be hanging around Flash more often.

You know what's funny I actually wanted to suggest this crossover idea to you a long while back but I didn't go through with it. Great minds think alike.

Derpy hummed. "I could be that it's a newly made Bakugan that hasn't been entered into the system yet. But I'm not really sure. What I do know is that if this Bakugan was used in a battle, it should work the same as the others." The computer then beeped. "Huh, the stats have finally been found. Let's see." She read through the screen. "It says its name is Haos Leonidas."

Dang it. I was hoping Leonidas was going to be Darkus.

11192886 No, there's a lot of evidence that Leonidas is meant to be a Haos Bakugan.

You sure cause a lot of people prefer him as Darkus.

11192912 Yes, but his haos form is a lot more detailed then the others, plus his gate card and Alpha Blaster cards have him in that form on it.

Huh, can you show the image?

Ok I see what you mean, but I prefer him as Darkus cause it fits well with origin.

11193041 Nah, I prefer him as a Haos Bakugan. it shows that even the darkest of places can give birth to something bright. Besides, there's a reason Leonidas his a Haos Bakugan. It'll be explained as time goes on.

No what I meant to say is you can like him as Haos, I can like a as Darkus. It’s general opinion.

Oh... Now I remember that name! He's the Bakugon from the video-game with the OC player. I picked Darkus because he looked more Darkus than the others

I really hope that Sombra isn't talking about Naga.

Okay, this is an interesting variation of Bakugan. A mix of the show, first video game with Leonidas, and something else because of that life meter thing. I'm going to enjoy this! Let's see what the others use if Flash has Leonidas and Twilight has Spike as a Bakugan. I definitely see Fluttershy having Monarus as one of her main picks.

Okay, looks like it's not just the higher numbers, but also what Ability Cards are used to figure out the damage dealt to the life meter. I'm okay with Spike being Twilight's Bakugan partner. He can help out when he can this way. I bet his evolved form will have wings. But with Leonidas revealing he can talk and other Bakugan are alive, our heroes are going to have some interesting matches.

I hope that the characters can battle away from arenas using the same tactic as the original show, using Field Cards to fight in a different dimension while time stops for the real world or something.

Let's also try and figure out who would use what Bakugan partner for their main battles. Twilight has Spike, I see Fluttershy using Monarus and maybe some others based on her animal friends, I remember this jester-like Bakugan in the sequel and it could be Pinkie's, Rainbow could have a pegasus or something and use Ventus Bakugan primarily, Applejack strikes me as the type to use Subterra and her partner could be something associated with her episodes in MLP, and Rarity might go with a Carbuncle-inspired Bakugan of sorts.


A mix of the show, first video game with Leonidas, and something else because of that life meter thing.

The life meter was a rule that was added from the second season onwards. Each player starts the battle with a 500G life gauge, and when their Bakugan is defeated the gauge is lowered based on the difference in strength. Take for example the first battle of the chapter here. Leonidas defeated Serpenoid, and since he had 100G greater power, Garble's meter was lowered by 100Gs. This allows the players to keep battling and keep using ability cards for however long it takes to determine a winner. Also, there is a rule where if your Bakugan wins a battle with a difference of 500Gs or more, which essentially means an instant win, you win all of the Bakugan that your opponent was using for that battle, which was why Flash obtained Garble's Warius, Saurus, and Serpenoid at the end of the battle.

I feel bad for Flash, he just wanted the respect that seems to be just handed to Bakugan. I hope he's able to find a Bakugan that is willing to work and grow with him and he's able to play and love the game.

Overall I am glad that Flash's main interactions are with his own group of friends, Derpy, Lyra, and Bonnie (would like to see some Sandalwood and Microchips, and a few other guys, namely his bandmates from Rainbow Rock, but I appreciate what I'm given) and Twilight seems to have her own thing and they are just intersecting at this point.

As for Leonidas... am I not sure. I feel no pity for him for his two most recent losses and kind of want to laugh at him for his hubris being so undercut and having his ass handed to him two times out of three. Also, I am still mad at him for calling Best Dragon (Spike) a gecko.
So am I suppose not like Leonidas? Am I supposed to route for him to change? I am feeling rather conflicted about him. To be sincere, he can break into a thousand pieces and I would not feel sorry or bad for him, in fact, I might just feel happy for Flash because he managed to get out of what seemed to be a highly toxic relationship before it could cause him any serious trouble. Yet at the same time, I am not sure I'm supposed to feel that way. Can I have a quick and easily understood point of reference for how to feel concerning Leonidas? I don't have the time to play the game he comes from.

Well this certainly doesn’t look good. Flash's anger towards Leonidas at the end and throwing him away reminds me of the infamous ending to Bakugan episode 3, when Dan and Drago get into their argument and Dan throws Drago into the river in anger. Though unlike there where both sides were to blame a bit, maybe even it being a bit more Dan's fault, here it is pretty clear that Leonidas is the guilty party for pushing Flash too far and constantly insulting him. I can easily see that as a pretty realistic outcome to having a partner that doesn’t respect you though. I wonder how those two are going to reconnect after this? Hopefully it will help Leonidas learn some humility though.

It also looks like this Phantom will serve as Flash's main rival here, similar to Masquerade or Marduk. Pretty fitting since all three of them are Darkus users. Hopefully once Flash and Leonidas improve they will be able to get some payback.

"Ha," Leonidas chuckled, "like I need anything else. Just throw me in and let me show why I am the strongest of all Bakugan. I will crush them."

"Don't freak me out," Flash told him. "It's like you hate every Bakugan or something. Lighten up, will ya?"

I see you had put that little discussion in with Leonidas and the Avatar from the game. Nice.

All the while, the thought of her own talking Bakugan was driving her nuts. "Come on," she poked her Bakugan. "Just one little word. That's all I ask. Please." She waited for a few seconds, but he ball remained silent. "Ahhh!" She continued to pout and crossed her arms, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

As Lyra continued to stare at the Bakugan, a sudden explosion of blue light occurred outside the window on the hallway she was in. Lyra looked up at this and flinched at the light, but couldn't stop herself from moving forward. She opened the window to get a better look, but still couldn't see what was causing the bright blue light.

Then, something flew out of the light and shot passed her. It hit the ground behind her and bounced for several seconds, whilst the light finally faded.

Light gone, Lyra's attention turned to what was now behind her and she slowly turned towards it. And there, laying on the ground, was an Aquos Bakugan. "No...no way," she whispered before she slowly moved over to pick it up.

So Lyra is like Runo and Nimue is Tiguera. Cool

I'm liking Nimue. Named after the Lady of the Lake, she'd definitely have some interesting abilities in combat. And with that fight against Phantom and Leonidas' attitude, Flash has had enough of the dragon and leaves. Let's see how they make up. I feel like Fluttershy or Sunset could help with that. OH! Speaking of Sunset, she'd definitely use Pyrus Bakugan and have a phoenix or gecko/salamander partner.

Awesome, Flash and Leonidas are back together! It was nice of Twilight to take care of Leonidas for awhile after Flash threw him out, and helped him see the error of his attitude, with Flash also getting some advice from his dad. Her plan to get them back together was also pretty smart, though I am a bit surprised they let her take so long when giving him back to Flash and letting the two reconnect for a moment, without giving any warnings.

It was a bit surprising to see Thunderlane in the role as an antagonist. But the final battle between him and Flash was awesome, especially Flash's brilliant strategy to reset everything once Thunderlane was out of ability cards.

We also saw cameo appearances for Pinkie Pie and Rarity. It will be fun when we finally get to see them battle, as well as the other Rainbooms. The brief glimpses at the end of Heath Burns and Soarin were also great. I hope it is implying the two of them will join Flash's main group of friends.

I feel a Tag Team Battle what coming on

I hope Vladitor will be on Leonidas' side this time

I just found this story, and I quite like where it's going.

I see some bits from the original series and the first video game, like Leonidas, the shop, and the life meter from New Vestroia. I'm not sure if you included aspects from the remake because I haven't seen it, but it looks good to me.

I do wonder where Vladitor is though, if he's not with Dark Industries. Or maybe he is and just hasn't appeared yet. What I do know is that if Leonidas is here, then Vladitor must be as well given their connection.

Will Vladitor be the Darkus member of Flash's Brawler group? Or another enemy?

But I do know what, or rather who, Dark industries is trying to free.....Naga.

I am happy for Lyra, she hadn't had a true awesome moment since Power Rangers: Legendary Guardians (because there is no sequel to that, the story has reached its natural ending).

I do feel bad for Trixie with Phantom out and about and her failure.

So will Bonbon get her own talking Bakugan?

This was awesome! We finally get to see Lyra and her partner Nimue in a brawl together. This was also the first battle in the series where more than one Bakugan battled on both side at once, so it was interesting to see how even if one of them is beaten it is possible for the other to make a comeback, instead of them losing together. It was cool how Lyra was saving Nimue until the very end, as a way of not showing her full hand right away and seeing what Trixie could do first. Though this battle also showed that it might be smart for Flash to get some more Haos Bakugan soon so they can better support Leonidas, like Lyra did with Nimue here.

It was also pretty interesting to have Trixie as the antagonist this time, especially since it is pretty rare for her to be an antagonist to someone other than Twilight. Her being Lyra's opponent kind of reminds me of her appearance in your Power Rangers series, where she pretended to be the Blue Range, much to Lyra's anger since she was basically stealing her identity.

"Well we have Twilight to thank for that," Flash told her. "I'm glad she didn't give up on us as a team." He looked around, "you guys seen Twilight?" Bonnie smiled at this.

"Missing her already?" Flash blushed at this, causing her to laugh. "Sorry lover-boy. She said something about staying behind to work on a project she has due." She then gave him a look, "I hope you haven't let brawling make you forget about your homework?" Flash's eyes went wide.

I see some ship tease is forming between them already.

I have a feeling that new Bakugan are going to arrive soon. It makes me wonder if Darkest Vladitor will make an appearance. Because a Leoniedas means a Vladitor will be here too.

Very nice to see Lyra brawl. I hope to see the other heroes show up and maybe even have the other members of the Mane 6/7 join in.

Loved the brawl with Rarity and Pinkie! They did well together. I'm excited for that tournament. I hope we can see Fluttershy in action, too. Let her show off her Monarus upgrade or something.

Wow, Twilight was not wrong, Rarity and Pinkie are good. I can only imagine the rest of the Mane 6 are just as skilled as them and Twilight. Though this does make me wonder, where is Sunset if she isn't among the group of friends now?

I am a bit surprised to hear about this tournament, since I don't recall the anime ever having any tournaments of its own. It was always more of a "save the world" genre from beginning to end. But it will be interesting to see how good Flash and his friends do, especially if they end up battling the Mane 6 at some point.

It is pretty clear that Heath and Soarin are going to join their team at some point, but I was surprised to see that Twilight is making a team with the Mane 6, since it felt like she was becoming part of Flash's main group of friends. I am not sure who else could fill the role of the main Darkus user in the group right now, unless of course Derpy just happens to use a Darkus Bakugan.

Can't wait to see to see who that new Bakugan is. Plus, it would be so awesome if we see Vladitor in this soon.

Rarity and Pinkie are not to be messed with. They are leading ladies in their own right. But that was a great first attempt on Flash and Lyra's part.
I wonder where Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Applejack place... and can we expect Sunset to show up.

Oh god this new bakugan is high. But that was a good battle showed Flash and Lyra cant start getting overconfident but the biggest problem as they were told is that their team work was lacking. Great chapter

Okay, loving Heath and Wukong! The massive battle was awesome! The whole thing was crazy and I loved seeing it. Great work.

Is Wukong based of Inferape?

11227358 More like a fusion of Rilaboom and Darmanatan

So, Flash finally uses another Bakugan besides Leonidas. Leonidas might be cool and really powerful, but he can’t do everything himself. Sometimes you need backup. I really liked the final battle of the match, where everyone used three Bakugan at once.

Now Heath has officially joined the team. Wukong also seems like a pretty fun Bakugan.

Thar battle was intense! Can't wait to see what other Bakugan we'll see and I have a feeling that Leo's little secret of where he's from will be out by someone who knows something about where he's from

Nice work. Flash's team now has their Pyrus member. And he and Heath scored a Siege each out of it. Honestly, Sieges were one of my favorite generic Bakugan from the original show.

Been enjoying the battles thus far. Honestly, I preferred New Vestroia's Health Meter system compared to the original rules. Reminds me of Dan's and Masquerade's epic final showdown where they used Drago and Hydranoid for multiple matches.

I gotta ask, will Helios show up? He's one of my favorites.

I'm also curious...will you plan to incorporate the Doom Cards? Since the Doom Dimension is a thing, the existence of Doom Cards is not unbelievable. It also adds much higher stakes to the brawls. I can see it as something that can be added when Naga is freed. And if Doom cards are used, how do they interact with the 500 G power rule?

I can see Soarin being the team Ventus brawler, but who will Darkus be?

Looks like Leonidus will be the main hero Bakugan of the story.

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