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18 years ago, a strange, celestial body crashed just on the outskirts of Canterlot. A mysterious box was found and studied in the Canterlot Research Facility. Despite the time and effort, its secrets have yet to be unearthed....until now.

6 months had passed since the disappearance of Micro Chips' brother, Gizmo. But upon a mysterious delivery, he and his friends Flash and Sandalwood work to crack the mystery surrounding the incident.

Now, rampaging monsters run amok in Canterlot City, emitting a strange gas that turns others into the same creatures. What's worse, Equestrian Magic seems to have no effect. Fortunately, Gizmo had left something behind. A particular system needed to combat these creatures and uncover the truth.

Flash Sentry now takes up the mantle, to build the winning formula.

In collaboration with Banshee531

Kamen Rider Build Crossover.

Edit 6/24/2020: This story had been featured. I am surprised and grateful. I didn't expect it to happen.

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This was a pretty good first chapter. Lots of info was thrown at us right from the start but I think it was handled pretty good. The big fight scene was my favorite part. I’m interested to see where this goes. I want to see what Flash and his friends will do next. Also, looks like Twilight has an interest in the new hero, so I want to see how that turns out. Can’t wait for more.

Good start here. Can’t wIt to see what’s next

Sounds a lot like Halo and those gas bag creatures.

im afraid ur quite a bit off on Halo, i havnt even read the story as i write this, and i already know what it entails...i might still give it a read though, see if it features any Showa Era Riders...oh well, Build Up!

Comment posted by Just_Dandy deleted May 7th, 2019

Oh, this looks like it'll be fun! I wonder who are going to be the other Kamen Riders in this story like Cross-Z, Grease, and Rogue? I'm looking forward to reading more of this story!

I'm not sure if you have it planned already, but I think that Sunset Shimmer could take the role of Cross-Z in this fic. Maybe even use alternate forms that Build used only a few times in the original show. Phoenix could easily be one of Sunset's favorites, but I still see her using the Dragon equipment as well as the Magma form.

Sadly, I can't really take much of an interest in this story. The thing is, the original Build was a genius -hell his Final Form was labeled that- and as much as I like Flash Sentry, I can't see him being a MENSA candidate like Sento was. If anything, Flash would fill more of the Ryuga Banjo role than anything else.

9611117 Don't worry, Snow Fire and I have plans for that.

What happened to the cover art?

Edit: I was using mobile when I wrote this comment originally. The cover art wasn't there, but now that I'm using my laptop, the image is present.

I apologize for that. I was a bit indecisive on how I should make the cover image, and took it down to rethink about it. That and Banshee531 and I left it off to leave a little mystery for the story until after the first chapter has been up for a bit. I ended up sticking with the Build image since this is a Build Story.

It's a good start, though I do hope Flash's Hazard level as a plot point later on.

alright I'm intrigued let's see how this plays out

Another great chapter. I can understand why Flash is conflicted, he has the power to help is friend but he also wants to keep the promise to his mother to stay safe. In times like this I remember the old saying “with great power, comes great responsibility”. I think Flash has already made the right choice. Also, his heart to heart with Shining Armor was touching.

This is starting to get interesting. I'm especially interested in who this "Dragon" is.

real talk Cross-Z is one of my favorite riders

Another good chapter and kind of know why and maybe how Flash Hazard level is.
Also, isn't the gorilla bottle a light metallic Brown and Hawk is orange?

Last one I will lose my mind if Night Rouge is who I think it is.

Oh, this is getting more interesting. Shining Armor gets involved, another awesome battle, and we even have the Dragon Fullbottle showing up already. I wonder if that means we'll be seeing this version of "Cross-Z" soon.

We will get to how the Hazard Level is what it is eventually.

And really? I honestly couldn’t tell in the show. I thought it was a different shade of orange.

Maybe, maybe not. That’s all I can say about the matter.

Don’t you worry. The holder of the Dragon Bottle will be revealed soon. Cross Z is my favorite as well. I just hope I can do this character justice.

Also a bit of a suggestion. If you want micro to improve the drone I'd suggest going the route of the rider buddies. Ya know like the memory gadgets, Candroids, disc animals, etc

Well, the Cross Z Dragon has got to come from somewhere, right?


y not go just a little bit crazy? pull out a Buddyroid? (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters/Power Rangers Beast Morphers)

Yep I have the gorilla bottle the cap of it is a light metallic Brown, and the clear plastic of the bottle is a lighter color, and honestly, I'm confusing myself here because the more I look at it the more I think of the different kinds of brown the bottle is.

I'm really liking Sol Burner! He's cool and I hope he shows up in more of Banshee's stories if you two made him up. Plenty of humor, action, and suspense with this chapter. I'm wondering what's with the ending, especially since the only Crusader that hasn't seen Build fight up close is Sweetie Belle. I'm betting that she'll be able to watch a fight for herself later, but we have to worry about what's going on with the Apple Family next.

Wait, so the guy in the picture isn't Kamen Rider Double?

Double has his colors split down the middle. And his normal form is green and black/purple. Build has his colors like that.

Dude seems like the mix of Well Soul Burner from Yugioh VRAIS and Akihiko from Persona 3. He seems pretty cool

Thank you. I will admit Sol Burner actually is based on Soul Burner from Vrains because I loved his character, but I also wanted to include some elements from Ryuga Banjou, the original Cross Z. We didn't even intentionally include elements from Persona 3's Akihiko.

I definitely saw pieces of Ryuga in there. Like the instant Best Match discovery, his diet, rivalry with the genius of the team, and the disguise used. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more and more ridiculous disguises based on what happens in each chapter. It'll be fun to see how he interacts with everyone and it'll be awesome to read his fight scenes while listening to "Burning My Soul".

“….sugarcube?” Applejack spoke. “The three of us talked and…well….we came to a decision…”

This ain’t gonna be good

Sol Burner seems like an interesting guy and a good addition to the team. That first fight with Night Rogue was interesting too. I wonder what is going to happen with the Apple family?

Between the fact that he’s a boxer instead of an MMA fighter, his main color being white, and the comments of protein it just made my brain say Akihko

Rainbow Dash said he also took up kickboxing, so there's some MMA skill there.

The most likely idea is that they might send Apple Bloom to live with some of their many relatives, just so that she's out of danger from the Smash. If I had to guess specifics, they would send her to live with Babs Seed. For now, we'll just need to have see what happens and if Team Build can help out.

I didn't intend to make Sol's color mainly white. It was intended to be a mix of blue, gray, and orange.

I hope the protein shake and banana joke makes its self know in the story soon.
nice chapter.

Personally, I'd like it if Micro and Sol get into shouting matches and the latter is called a "musclehead" like Ryuga is called in Kamen Rider.

"Don't call me things in languages I don't understand!"

Nope, that's Build. Kamen Rider Double is green-and-black, and he has a different belt. Also, Double is a two-in-one Rider. Unless they add in the Cross-ZBuild can, that won't be happening.

Big Mac will become Kamen Rider Grease.

That's exactly what I was thinking during the fight. It makes sense, too. Both are farmers that had troubles at home, so they ended up becoming the Rider to try getting help for their home. It would be so cool to see Big Mac as Grease. SCRAP FINISH!!!


Well, he could be recruited for the Sclash Driver once it's finished. Basically, he was scanned for his Hazard Level under the pretense of it being a mandatory medical checkup. T

The chapter was great and had plenty of focus on the families featured in the show as well as their concerns with each other. I liked the mentions of things from the comments like Micro insulting Sol (then saying he understood part of it thanks to watching anime, XD) and Apple Bloom going to stay with Babs. I'm wondering what will happen next, especially with what happened with Big Mac during the battle. I'm hoping that brings Kamen Rider Grease into the fic in the future.

Speaking of that, I'm wondering about the Hazard Trigger. It's a powerful item, but the risks are just as great. What makes it scarier than other Kamen Rider forms that go berserk is that instead of feral roars or deep grunts and growls, Build stays silent while beating down his opponent hard enough to kill them. That was horrifying in the actual show.

That makes sense. Somebody involved with the Smash and Blood Stalk would do that and learn of Big Mac's Hazard Level, then they recruit him. But since Grease was an enemy of Build to start, how and why would he go against Flash and Team Build if going in that direction to start?

Knowing Big Mac, I think Faust would try to use his family and blackmail him.

Yeah, then while fighting Flash, Sol could make sure they're safe. That way, Grease becomes an ally.

It was sad to see Apple Bloom and Big Mac go. Big Mac actually did pretty good against the Smash. I hope things get better soon because so far things haven't been going well for the Rainbooms and their families.

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