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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Yugioh EQG

They thought getting to the finals was the hard part, but Flash and his friends will soon learn the the true competition will soon begin. Meanwhile, dark and mysterious forces are working to destroy everything they love. Can Flash fulfil his destiny or does our world's fate belong to the darkness?

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Did you forget a question mark at the end of the main description?

Foreign leader... I will buy that... although I have some concerns about what Chrysalis' and Thorax' relationship will be. But the second round has began.

Alright the sequel is out! This is going to be fun!
Wow, Thorax and Chrysalis already, and Throax is a prince here. I know Thorax is a sweet kid but what about his mother? Chrysalis is normally the bad guy but I've seen a few stories where she's good. Hope to see more of Thorax soon, and Chrysalis too.

Don't under estimate him,

Underestimate is one word actually.

Wait ago Flash


AN: Because I suck at describing clothes, it's their fall formal outfits.

Feel free to use this to help, yes they are the gala dresses, but they are the superior dresses.

Oh boy the tournament finals have begun! I'm surprised Flash and Shining Spoon are dueling so early, I thought they would both advance a round or two before facing each other. There are so many people I don't know who will duel whom, but I can guess Rarity and Sure will duel in B block, and I hope Flash faces Timber next round, just because I want to see Flash beat him again. I don't know if you'll show ALL the duels, but I hope we at least get a glimpse of each one to see what kind of decks everyone has and see they match ups.

As soon as Flash is out of the car he's retinas were bombarded by many flashes of light

Change is to "was" and he's to "his"

You think you can win!
You think you can stop what is coming!

You can keep the exclamation mark since someone appears to be shouting it, but add a question mark to both of them since they are questions.

Is it me or is the cover art that of Chronojet Dragon.

Yes it is, except in the story it is Flash Heart Dragon, Flash's ace, except with slightly different colors and his cutie mark on the scarf. Lots of monsters in this story apparently take inspiration from Vanguard cards.

Alright! The sequel is up and the opponents are set for the finals! I loved this chapter and the last one, too. I really want to see how everything is going to play out.

You know, I honestly thought Thorax would have had a deck that focuses on Insect-types or a transformation theme.

Me too honestly. But maybe Chrysalis will have a deck that is like that.

That could work. And maybe Thorax will get a new deck based on the new Changeling designs from the Season 6 finale. It would be awesome for Thorax's best card to be his Equestrian counterpart.

Okay I look forward to see how this turns out.

I can't wait for the duel between those two. 😊

This is awesome! I can't wait to see how Flash will deal with Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon? I can't wait to see more.

Chrysalis replied as she held out he hand


I did it! I Pendulum Summon.

"Pendulum Summoned" actually, past tense.

he ability activates and deals you damage equal to the number of cards in your hand, times by three hundred.

Change he to his and delete by.

The dragon struck the demon, destroying and causing Spoon's Spell to glow once again.

Put "it" after "destroying."

There's something about Chrysalis. I don't trust her, she's up to something.

This is getting good! Let's see how the battle will be finished!

I can't wait to see how this Duel turns out 😃. And also, the attack, Lightning Disobey's real name is "Mauling Mantiful Charge."

That was an amazing duel. Glad to see Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon and Dark Requiem XYZ Dragon provide so much of a challenge. Now Flash has another way to fusion summon. I can't wait for him to XYZ too, it'll be great. Now to see who duel next.

That think's tough for sure


he new what was coming


"I doubt we'd be faring any better


before being blown out the top before exploding

That second before should be "and". The sentence will flow better.

Well I don't see how,"

Missing the beginning quotation marks.

getting a node in return


That duel was crazy awesome! Now we just wait for the next fighters. I wonder which ones are going to fight to be Flash's next opponent?

That was a great sibling duel. Maud has a good deck, and it was surprising to see her actually being serious for so long instead of her usual deadpan behavior. Vinyl made it through too huh? I wonder who she beat in her duel?

"I attack you Ditsy Goddess with my cowboy


The light faded, revealing Pinkie's newest monster. It looked like Balloonimal Pony, but it now pink wings on its back.

Add "had" after "now."

so I'll have my Megastone Golem attack you Balloonimal Dog


He monster burst


Cold said as they continued to watch the Duel."

Delete the ending quotation marks.

It seems the old sibling will be taking this match


Can Maud save her monster, or is this Duel over.

Put a question mark instead of a period at the end of a question.

Everyone nodded at this, all in agreement that Pinkie did great."

Delete the ending quotation marks.

"My turn," Pinkie said as she went to her deck, "I draw!" She looked down at her cards and smiled, "and I'll start by summoning Balloonimal Pony, in ATK mode." A bunch of pink balloons appeared in front of her, before twisting together to take the shape of a large horse. (A1700/D1100/L4) Pinkie jumped on her monsters back, as it began bouncing around the field. "I place on card face down and end my turn."

XD HAHAHAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh: Pinkie summoned herself!!!!

I understand not showing every battle, so let's just enjoy reading what does show up. The battle between Pinkie and Maud was pretty awesome.

You know, I have to ask something after reading the latest chapter. When are you planning on adding Starlight Glimmer into the story? I bet you could come up with a few interesting things with her character, Banshee.

8301801 I plan to had her in a later story. Maybe as a villain turned ally like in the show. I've already made a deck for her, bet you can't guess what it is.

I don't think I can guess it immediately aside from Spellcasters as her best cards, but I'm glad you have something planned out!

That was the best sibling duel ever 😃

Comment posted by SlidDiamond3214 deleted Jul 20th, 2017

Oh, I figured out something for Rarity's deck in a battle for later. I noticed that you never wrote her using Gem-Knight Lady Lapis Lazuli and I think it would be a powerful card for her to use in the Pendulum Duels for the finals.

Big Mac with a machine deck, nice job. The first day will come to a close soon and I can't wait to see who is up next. I thought Timber was going to make it to the next round so he could lose to Flash, but no big deal.

The hours break


who was sitting a ways of


Now my two Mecha Workers will combined to create an even greater machine


He was Applejack's sister


The deck was a pleasant surprise. And now Cold has figured out two things, Cloak is possibly working for Sombra while Big Mac would be a good ally. I just wonder who's next?

I was kind of hoping that Timber would stay in the game for awhile. It would have been nice for him to get some character development.

This was nice. More scenes with Thorax and a great fight with Spike. I actually looked up that changelings are originally from Celtic folklore, so the Celtic deck is actually pretty fitting.

What kind of cards did that blackout create from power being siphoned? Either way, its going to be a tough deck to beat when its revealed.

Onto Twilight's battle for the finals! It's probably going to be a challenge.

That was a fun chapter. Nice to learn more about Thorax before moving on. It's interesting that this is only the second time we've seen Spike in an on-screen duel in this universe. Now Twilight vs Comet Tail next. I know Twilight and Comet Tail use to be a popular ship in the fandom until Flash came, so this will be fun to see.

Flash Sentry claimed victory of Shining Spoon


which while increase his ATK by six hundred points


"Defiantly," Thorax said with a smile

I think you mean Definitely.

Only the best of the best cam make it there


Go get Twilight

I think you forgot to include "em" between "go" and "Twilight."

"Hopefully one day he'll get the chase to life his own life," Flash said.

chance and live.

It would be nice to see Adagio think about her sisters down the road in this arch, either viewing them as weak or maybe wanting to get them back, but things are getting dark.

Everyone in the top box was sitting away from Shining, seeing him growl under his breath.

BBBFF moment and I love it.

Magi-Beast Midnight Owl and scale six Magi-Beast Mystic Dracokid

Spike and Owliciuos

She looked over at where Twilight's friends were sitting, focusing her gaze on two of them. "Besides," she said, "I've got a score to settle."

0-0 This cannot end well for Rarity and Pinkie Pie Calling it now, Adagio wins against Rainbow Dash and Rarity but goes ... overboard in making them suffer in the duel, motivated by what happened to Aria and Sonata

Nice start to the second block, seven more duels this time around. Let's see how it works out.

Edit* I was half right concerning the members of the mane6 Adagio has bone to pick with.

8324020 But Rainbow didn't Duel her sisters.

(Reread 'The Irresistible Voices two-parter).... Oh.... My bad, but Pinkie was already eleminated

Magi-Beast Twilight Unicorn...Any other cards similar or related to this other than owl and Dracokid?

8324137 Actually no. I couldn't think up any more Equestria creatures that'd fit Twilight. Any ideas?

None at the moment, but it might be a good idea to add the one for the rest of the main six in either her or their decks to make it look like a set and something that connects them.

Twilight did awesome. Comet needs to learn to stop being a sexist, and he learned it the hard way. He should count himself lucky that Shining and Flash didn't get their hands on him though, otherwise he'd be in a world of hurt. I wonder who will duel next?

just make sure you were something nice on our date.


By looking at the top cards of my deck

I think you forgot to include "three" after "cards."

With this, I since Meteor Blazer is in my graveyard

Delete the "I."

One either side of her


Now'd you get it

Now'd isn't a word, you want to put "Now do" there instead.

focusing her gaze on two of the


8324140 A few thoughts...
1) Magi-Beast Fire Unicorn (Magi-Beast Unicorn polymerization with a fire monster)
2) Magi-Beast Pegauses
3) Magi-Beast Hippocampus
4) Magi-Beast Kelpie
5) Magi-Beast Earth (Pony)
6) Magi-Beast Alicorn (Magi-Beast Unicorn, Pegauses and Earth (pony) fusion)
7) Magi-Beast Griffin
8) Magi-Beast Hippogriff (Griffin and any pony fusion)

8324355 Nice ideas, but I wanted the Magi-Beast ideas for Twilight's Pendulum cards. Plus I wanted them to be connected to Twilight in some way.

Fair enough, although Fire Unicorn, maybe Alicorn might work, maybe something like a 'living book' or shikigami (often depicted as a small paper golem version of their maker) and something star related? Hopes this helps.

"Here goes," Twilight said as she went to her deck, "I draw." She looked at her card and smiled. "I'll start with something new, so I'll summon Magi-Beast Twilight Unicorn in ATK mode." In a flash of light, a purple unicorn appeared before her with a mane and tail that looked just like her hair. (A1800/D1300/L4/P7) "I'll then place one card face down and end my turn."

XD HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Now we just need the others to summon their pony forms. I honestly love this little gag/idea.

From out of no where a meteor flew towards them, before exploding and a new monster appeared in its place. It looked like Meteor Blazer, but it was twice as large and much bulkier. It rock like skin was a dark, almost black, red and on its shoulders where what looked like mini volcanoes with lava spewing out of them. (A3000/D2800/L4)

Is the Level 4 thing an error?

"It's my turn," Twilight said as she reached for the deck, "I draw!" She looked at her card a smiled seeing what she could do. "Now it's time to set the Pendulum Scale, with scale two Magi-Beast Midnight Owl and scale six Magi-Beast Mystic Dracokid." She placed two cards on her Duel Disk as it lit up. On either side of her, two columns of light appeared as two monsters flew up into them. The first was a light and dark brown owl with an orange beak and talons, while the second was a mainly purple dragon with a green underbelly and back spines.

I seriously love the references to the actual show in the cards.

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