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I got into the fandom earlier in the year and have always been a lover and writer of fanfiction


This story is a sequel to Power Rangers Guardians vs Power Rangers Revolution X

The Power Rangers are back! Now in their senior year of High School, the Rangers are hoping to have a peaceful time. But to their horror, a new threat has surfaced and is out to get them and take their Elements. To stop it, the Rangers must create new weapons, find new allies and defeat new foes. One thing's for sure, should they win, they will become legends.

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Hmm, not bad Banshee, think you can give me more?

That's not the TV series Mystic Force Theme. I've actually never heard that theme until today.

"Element of Adventure"? If it's not Daring Do, I am going to be surprised.

"Element of Darkness" on the other hand. . . I have so many theories. But I won't share. ~That would be telling!~

8638515 It's the Ron Wasserman theme, that he wrote for the series. The creaters chose the hip hop one over it, which everyone says is a big mistake.

Was this unedited by any chance? Because they're were numerous times where characters were saying Yeap, instead of Yeah.

The start of a new adventure. It will be fun to see the Rangers balance school and being heroes.

Of course Flash's friends can tell there is something between him and and Sci-Twi already.

KO awesome chapter, the Rangers are back and will become stronger together now that they’ll face a new enemy pulling the strings and hope they’ll be able to defeat him. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

Ok your already better then power ranger in that you don't have super in your season 2

Oh my gosh. Cadance is joining the team. :pinkiehappy:


It was great I can wait for the next chapter and who is the element of adventure

1. I see Flash's new haircut has been addressed. :ajsmug:
2. Wizard of Oz reference. Nice. :ajsmug:
3. Man, I've missed this. :twilightsmile:

Blizzard's last line. That's exactly what the witch says as she melts.

I can't believe I didn't think to mention this earlier, but you could have given a less mundane reason for Flash's new hairstyle. For example, some of his hair could have gotten grazed off in a monster fight, and then, Rarity cut the rest of it to even it out. Oh well. "shrug"

So who's Adventure and Darkness?

The teen suddenly looked panicky as his eyes darted around, before landing on the sight of a spoon that a student had just put down.
"Spoon...Table Spoon," He said.

:facehoof: Creativity is not strong with this one. Havoc, you suck at making a name for yourself... literally.

I am still calling it form the last time, Havoc is the Element of Darkness unless it's Twilight...:twilightoops: :facehoof:I just can't let Midnight Sparkle go, can I?

In the first story, he hinted that two of the Rangers are OCs. Considering that all the non-OC Rangers are accounted for, I don't think there's room for Twilight becoming a Ranger. Midnight Sparkle's just going to have to appear in a different story, but you know, that is totally Banshee's call.

Grand Hoof, an OC, had Forgiveness before Sunset. So one could argue that one of the OC Rangers is covered... technically. But you seem to forget that I:facehoof:ed after I suggested Twilight before commenting that I cannot seem to let the idea of Midnight Sparkle being in Banshee's work go.
But chips on the table, gun to the head, I still wager Darkness is Havoc

"I made them encase all the Rangers got caught or hypnotised," Twilight explained as she took the other out along with Hypno Chargers. "Now we can do anything the Rangers can...minus morphing. Here!"

Clever girl.

Rainbow meanwhile was watching carefully, looking confused. "Where's Soarin?"

To paraphrase Applejack, looks like somebody's got a crush on the new guy. :raritywink:

"You should have seen what happened to Shining Armor. Apparently he was trapped in his office keeping the mind controlled officers from hypnotising him."

Well, that explains a lot. :twilightsmile:

Meanwhile in the back field, Soarin and Rainbow were enjoying themselves with a soccer ball.

Just going to leave your friends to do all the work I see. :ajbemused: I'm surprised the others didn't chew them out for slacking off.

By the way, Havoc had a great plan. He came closer to succeeding than Darklight did. If the Rangers hadn't been prepared, he would have won for sure.

"Get me a list of every monster the Rangers haven't fought before," Havoc explained. "I want their names and abilities. That way we'll be able to decide whether they'll be capable of defeating the Rangers or not."

Now that's the first in a long time the villains have actually thought things through, because as Henry Ford once said, 'if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.'

So when do we meet the Ranger for Adventure? Seriously, you have been stringing this along since before they found Soarin and Shining... I assume you haven't forgotten this plot element. Don't get me wrong seeing the villains actually learn is a great way to increase the narrative tension, but you still have to address headway in finding the other two elements and rangers at some point.

Well glad I helped you come up with an idea. Also, good to see Rainbow and Soarin are getting closer with each other. Looks like unlike Darklight, Havoc actually learns from his defeats, that doesn't sound good for the Rangers.

At the reception desk, the woman manning the phones was typing away at her compute. "Canterlot Studios, how my I direct your call? Okay, just putting you through now."

I think you mean "computer" and "may"

"Maybe they're in the gym of the cafeteria,"


He asked asked the camera, before pointing his staff at it.

You want to delete one of those "asked"

"Give my your Elements!"


Am I allowed to ask about las Sirenas? wink wink nudge nudge

8653972 Their not showing up. Sorry.

Maybe they'll be brought back this year in a n EQG special?
But it would be funny if one of them had one of the elements on them

Nice chapter. I see it is heavily based off the TMNT episode Monkey Brains. So it is confirmed Micro has a crush on Rarity. I suspect that based on how they interacted in the first story. Guess Micro should be lucky Spike doesn’t have a crush on Rarity in this world, or he’d need to deal with a jealous angry dog all the time.

He was so focused on his work, that he did noticed five others walk into the room.


The took attacks met and caused a loud clang, before Flash was suddenly sent flying back and crashing into the ground.


What you did was no small feet.


Wait didn't Havoc and his father have the ship before Darklight?
Someone related to Havoc?

This is a new development.

:ajbemused:Still waiting for the Ranger of Adventure.:ajbemused:

You know, I thought there was something familiar about this chapter. I only remember seeing the beginning part with the flowchart though. The other Rangers laughing at Micro feels just a little out of character. I mean, after everything that they've already faced, it feels kind of weird for them to just dismiss a monster just based on it's appearances, but I guess one can justify that by saying that the monster was really funny-looking. Speaking of laughing, hey Banshee, what was Flash thinking of that made Psychofist laugh?
By the way, I'm super hyped up about that new monster. I can't wait to see it in action. Hey Banshee, I know that you probably can't tell me, but when is Cadance going to get involved? I'm only asking because you put her in the intro.

8666925 Watch this and skip the first two minutes. As for Cadance, she'll be in it soon enough.

You know, that gag with the shopping bags wasn't as funny as I expected. Then again, it was pretty short, and because of that, it wasn't quite punishing enough to be that funny. Oh, well. What the mall scene lacked in humor it made up for in ship.

So Ranger of Adventure?
Next Chapter?
Seriously this is the twenty-fifth chapter in the series overall since the Manticore Zord and the Element of Adventure had a Ranger for it was first brought up.
I am not going to let you forget this plot element

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