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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Pokémon: Harmony and Chaos

Our heroes adventures through the Equestria Region continue. With new friends, new rivals and new Pokémon to encounter. Meanwhile, a Shadow begins to spread over the Region, hoping to take it for themselves. How will our heroes handle the challenges they face in the next stage of their adventure?

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Was not expecting you to do an opening. Nice job.

Alright! That is one of the best ways to start a story! Not only did Riptide learn Aqua Tail, it finally evolved too! It’s motivation to get stronger is really touching and will serve it well. Plus, Applejack caught a Lombre too. I remember how cool and calm Lombre was in the anime.

Awesome start, I'm looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Me: Nice! An opening!
*Clicks YouTube to start the music*
Youtube: Video is Unavailable
Me: .-.

9920326 What do you mean. It works perfectly for me.

"AQUANA!" Riptide yelled out before his entire body was engulfed by light, making everyone gasp.

wait... what...:twilightoops:

It was a slightly larger version of an Aquana, complete with larger tail and legs, muscles now pulsing in all his limbs. The Pokémon floating in the Aquana's place held itself with an air of confidence, opening its eyes to show the naïve innocence had been replaced by a look of calm determination. "SPRANITOR!"

... Not the one of the starter trio I expected to evolve first, to be sincere my money would have been on Viper as when Flash found him Viper had the most experience in combat and such... just saying, But finally an awesome moment for Riptide that's not negated. Go Riptide

I don't see how Lombre will contribute to AJ's pokemon team style, but we will see

WAHOO! I love the little guy, although I guess he's not so little anymore, isn't he? :twilightsmile: So, what are they going to find in the forest? Oooh, I bet the legendaries are going to show up in the background again. :pinkiehappy:

Thank You! Now I can try and comment something amazing....

Nailed It!

A great start to the fic! Riptide's getting stronger now. I'm betting he'll be really helpful during an important battle.

That opening was the most awesome thing I've ever heard :twilightsmile:

9925972 Of course it is. I wrote it. :ajsmug:

I am kind of hoping that it would be something that would to the other two starters to evolve...

Wow, that was awesome. Rarity caught three great Pokémon at once. Plus they are gem based, so they are absolutely perfect for her. She really shined in this chapter.

Ideas for other evolution types for Diamalem
Fairy: based on lapis lazuli, as it was believed to be the flesh of the gods in old religions
Dark: based on onyx, dark and black tend to go together
Dragon: based on jade, referencing the Jade Emporer
Bug: based on Peridot, it's lime green... :applejackunsure:
Ground: based on jasper, because it's created from a volcanic eruption, which creates land (ground)
Ice: based on Moon Stone, believe to be formed by the cold breeze from the moon
Poison: Based on Cobalt, it has many radioactive isotopes
Psychic: based on Amethyst, it is believed to clear the mind
Electic: based on Spinel, made from a metallic bond
Fighting: based on Bloodstone, it deals with courage and strength
Steel: based on bismuth, it's a metal,
Ghost: based on Zircon, as it is believed to provide protection from nightmares, which Ghosts can cause

I will have to get back to you on what gems to base Flying and Grass on.

But way to go Rarity and Opal.

9932713 Not bad. But emerald is grass.

okay, so that leaves Flying.

The idea for Flying: based on Sugilite because it was/is believed to absorb 'garbage' from wearer’s aura, making them feel lighter when the stone is worn, purposively giving them energy and making them feel uplifted

9932724 Cool. Love to hear what the Pokemon would be called, but don't force yourself to try and come up with names.

Leave it to Rarity's generous nature and fair deals to get her team built up like that. The battle was amazing as well.

Twilight opened her mouth to explain, only for Rarity to leap in front of her, "I told you, darling, this place is famous for its gems! Why, it has it in its name! It has stores that sell gem themed items of all shapes and sizes along with clothes, toys, clothes, battle items, clothes and so much more!"

Darling, you listed clothes three times. :ajbemused:

"HERB/PIE/FIRE!" They all cried, their tears now in full force as they gave Rarity their thanks.

AHHHH! TOO CUTE! TOO CUTE! :raritycry:

I wasn't expecting a Rarity chapter to come out this amazing, but she totally shines here. :twilightsmile:

You're having way too much fun with this. :ajsmug:

No, if I was they be up in a day... this is just a 'sure, why not'

Fairy: Browuli - Brownie and lapis lazuLi needs a Fairy Gem
Dark: Fonyx Foul and onyx needs a Dark Gem
Dragon: Jadrake Jade and drake needs a Dragon Gem
Bug: Pesteridot Pester and peridot needs a Bug Gem
Ground: Sasper Sand and jasper needs a Ground Gem
Ice: Cryostone Cryos and Moon Stone Needs an Ice Gem
Poison: Toxbalt Toxic and cobalt needs a poison gem
Psychic: Octhyst Occult and amethyst needs a psychic gem
Electric: Voltinel Voltage and Spinel needs an electric gem
Fighting: Melone Melee and bloodstone needs a fighting gem
Steel: Fermuth Ferrum and bismuth needs a Steel gem
Ghost: Geistcon poltergeist and zircon needs a Ghost gem
Flying: Glidite Gliding and Sugilite needs a flying gem

It's worth noting that there are two other evolution types for Diamalem, maintain the Normal/Rock and Mono-type Rock
So for the former: Diamanga: (Diamond and Magna (Latin for great) needs a Normal Gem (based on Diamonds) Consider it Diamalem's 'Natural' evolution
For the later: Quartz: (Quarry and Quartz) needs a Rock Gem, based on Quartz. Consider it more of 'primeval' form, something that harkens to what Diamalem Scitifically evolved from

The rest is up to you, just give credit where it's due.

9934906 Awesome. If I ever do another generation, though probably not, I might include some of these.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... You know what, hey The Foundations, take it away boys.

Thanks, homies.

it was done in a day... I was board...


Darling, you listed clothes three times.

and you sound surprised, Sugarcube.

The evolutionary process for all of these would pretty much be the same as with the three already in the pokedex
as for design... not my forte for the most part save the same basic shape as the other three. Save the fighting evolution takes looks like a female MMA fighter, the dragon evolution looks like its half chinese dragon, and the normal evolution looks like a mature version... I don't have much else

Great job here. Always fun seeing Zecora in action. It was cool seeing the group take on what was essentially a pack of Timberwolves.

"I don't why, but there's something here that really stinks!"

You forgot “know” between “don’t” and “why”.

"Very well. Then without no qualm, hit that thing with your Sludge Bomb!"


I think Applejack should have caught one, sorta harken to the connection between them, Zap Apples and the Apple clan.
But Zecora is always nice to see

I got a feeling that they'll meet Timber while traversing the path. Since this is EQG...

Maybe someone else in the Apple family already has one?

The person that comes to mind that is Granny Smith...:twilightoops:

Well there's also Gloriosa... heck maybe even Gaea Everfree:rainbowlaugh:

With that, all but Flash, Rarity and Zecora headed off with Flash held one of Doc's radios. Ten minutes later, Flash heard the signal for everyone in position. "Alright...here goes." Flash handed Rarity the radio before jumping down. "Yoohoo!" he yelled, the wolves instantly turning to the sound, "Remember me, ya bunch of ugly twigs?!" Flash barked as he began to dance around, the wolves growling at the sight. Seeing this, he spat a raspberry before yelling, "Bet you can't catch me!"

Since when was Flash able to be in two places at once? :applejackunsure:

You did a great job with Zecora. And Rarity with her Gem Trio was positively adorable. :twilightsmile:

9945207 What are you talking about? Flash is with Rarity and Zecora near the den, then has the Timbark chase after him.

Then, who headed off with Flash?
Maybe you meant "with Flash holding one of Doc's radios."

9945303 Ah, I see the issue. The sentence explains how all but Flash, Rarity and Zecora headed off. It then talks about Flash having one of Doc's radeos.

What name? Is it Timber Spruce? Green hair, brown skin, has a sister that owns Camp Everfree...Oh. I get your point...

"I don't care who started it, I'm ending it! Now, are you two gonna behave or do I have to put you both back in your Pokeballs?" The two growled before looking away, Flash sighing and shaking his head, "You two..."

:ajsmug: I'm saying it. Flash Sentry is a poke-dad. :ajsmug: No, I haven't gotten tired of calling him that. :rainbowwild:

A bit surprised that Everfree only lasted for two chapters, but they were both good. The Energy Fireball combo in this chapter was pretty cool. Also, Flash continues to show he is a great trainer and cares for his Pokémon, with his advice helping them to finally work together.

I was a bit surprised with the small scene that had what Prongs and Viper were saying translated. I thought that was just a one time thing in this story’s first chapter, but if we get more of it I am not complaining since it is fun.

Prongs let out a yelp as he fell to earth, unable to spin around, so hw was forced to land on his head.


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