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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Forgotten Darkness

When the castle gives our heroes a strange new relic, the group find themselves at the weirdest town in Equestria. There, they meet Starlight Glimmer, a unicorn that seems to be hiding something. Will this secret be the doom of our heroes?

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Tell you the truth. I never got the evil grin. She was Cleary doing what she thought was the right thing to do. And unlike other villains, didn't really see herself as evil.

Which makes me think they only had her do that grin for the benefit of the viewing audience (the way she looked directly at the camera), so they would know something was up.


And unlike other villains, didn't really see herself as evil

Really... Nightmare Moon strikes me as one that was wronged or felt that she was wronged and lashed out, Chrysalis (at this point in the series) thought she was providing her subjects the resources they need, Discord didn't give a ####, he's Chaos-incarnate, Tirek sought for what he believed was his by right, the same for Sunset, and Dazzlings wanted the power they had in order to survive (as far as they see)... Doom felt slighted and wanted revenge, heck even Shade was seeking to fulfill a purpose given to him, the only villain that we could say viewed themselves as the villain would be Sombra, but even then he wanted to make a new order that he viewed was more just than the one under Princess Amore and or set his people free from a wrongful imprisonment.... So really none of the villains thus far actually viewed themselves as evil... just saying:applejackunsure:

9710308 9710289 Honestly, that can be said for any villain. Both fictional and the real ones in our world. They don't see themselves as evil, simply doing what's they believe is right. Honestly, evil would be a matter of perspective. Today, someone who kidnaps somebody and sells them as a slave would be seen as evil but hundreds of years ago it was just common practise. It's all a matter of perspective.

only for Spike to step on it,

no Godzilla roar... awww... here let me fix that.

. I regret nothing.:rainbowdetermined2:

Flash sighed before pulling Lightbringer out, "Darn. Kind of a waste to bring this with me."

I don't know Flash, it might be most useful.

If you never dream


there's be no need for defenders and knights once Equestria learns to understand our philosophy

... *cough*Changlings and the Storm King*cough*... sorry, something got into my throat.

Not a bad start, Flash is armed, what could go wrong... (rereads authors notes)... Well, Flash still has his sword... that's good right... right...:twilightoops:

Not the best example you could have used because even hundreds of years ago the ethics of slavery were debated... also to site that is was a common practice at the time... doesn't make it right.
I get your intent, but I don't think that was the best example you could have used.
I think a better example would be, at least in the US, is using the word 'Negro' to refer to those whose connection to our species African ancestry is more visible. Originally it was meant and used as the 'politically correct'/ kinder word to use in the stay of ... the 'n' word, but today we recognize how bigotted the term 'Nergo' is and was even back then.

9710327 Good point. Still, the point I was making stands.

Not gonna challenge the point you were making, just suggesting a better example to convey it.

Still, my point on the idea of the evil grin still stands. It's out of place and most likely just there for the benefit of the viewing audience so they know that something is up. (Considering it was given while looking directly at the camera/audience.) The show was never big on subtlety.

This is a good start. Old season 5 Starlight. Sometimes I forget how much I hated her back then because of how much of a bitch she was. Thankfully she got a lot of character development.

I thought the opening with the training room was cool. Bet we’ll be seeing a lot more of that. It was funny that Flash convinced Iron and Lightning to babysit the crusaders by bringing up the room, as well as both of them being interested in Hoofball. The start of a Guys Night maybe?

I wonder, once the map starts to branch out from others besides the Mane 7, could Springer, Iron, Lightning, or any of the other Knights be sent on Friendship missions too?

Yay Starlight! Now I'm excited for next season when she's reformed. Kind of curious what her and Flash's relationship might be once she's good. And of course the cutest ship, Glims and Trix ^^

I’m more partial to Starlight and Sunburst (Starburst) myself. But you can like whatever you like too.

Yep like whatever you like. Though in my defence, Starlight and Trixie have had two episodes where they act like a bickering married couple.

Flash call for backup NOW, call for the WHOLE Royal Guard to come down on that town, also make sure they put down more train tracks to get to the village too.

"You'll get more free time in the training room," Flash countered, making them both go wide-eyed with huge grins.

Oooh! He's good. :ajsmug:

I thought that Flash questioning everything was adorable. Hmmm, how is Starlight going to work around Flash being armed? :applejackunsure:

Hold it. Did AandWguy write this story or edit it?:applejackunsure:

Nope. You'll know if I'm writing. :raritywink:

He bit into it, only to instantly freeze before falling back like a lumber-jacked tree. The mares all looked down at the pegasus, who's soul was currently trying to escape from his mouth


"Not...bad? Goldy one through twelve said hi."

... .... ... :rainbowlaugh:

He started to stumble his hooves forward, only to tap the staff. Looking down, he grabbed the staff before looking back, a small smile appearing on his face as he saw his cutie mark was still there.

I like where this is heading.

Double Diamond opened his mouth to scream, only for everything to suddenly go black. His consciousness faded next, time soon passing. It was quite a while before he reopened his eyes, blinking as his brain caught up to reality. The pony slowly lifted himself up, now seeing the moon's light filter into the cave.

That's our Flash.

"And how many of them had their cutie marks removed without their permission, like with my friends?!"
"I'll admit that some of them needed more convincing than others, but it was for the greater good." Diamond's smile started to waver again.

'The Greater Good.'

Double Diamond just gave him a flat stare before gesturing his head, "It's in that bush over there, isn't it?" Flash's eyes glanced at the bush, saying nothing before raising a hoof.

... Wait, isn't Flash's birthname Flash Relic, that's initialed as F.R., F.R. is also the initials of Flynn Rider:raritystarry: Granted it's a role reversal, but I love it

I am very much intriged...:ajsmug:

"I swear I've had a nightmare just like this," Flash said with a shiver down his spine. "This place better not have any clowns...or yellow rats."

How did Springer's hallucinatory yellow rat end up in Flash's nightmares? :twilightoops:

Flash pulled Lightbringer out and stared at it, a dark glare following this. He looked back up to Twilight, who nodded, making him sigh before putting it down against a rock.

That was a mistake.

Double Diamond just gave him a flat stare before gesturing his head, "It's in that bush over there, isn't it?" Flash's eyes glanced at the bush, saying nothing before raising a hoof.

I understood that reference.

Well, here's where the story starts to really diverge. Hope you enjoyed it.

So, what now?


I understood that reference.

me too, Captian.


How did Springer's hallucinatory yellow rat end up in Flash's nightmares?

Its a reference to a scene in season 4. Its the Lightning Redemption chapter, mainly the scene where Twilight tells Lightning of other ponies' mistakes.

This is awesome! Flash’s mysterious powers come in handy yet again! It looks like this really letting Flash’s training as a soldier get highlighted. I also loved how he interrogated Double Diamond and pointed out all the flaws and crimes involved with Starlight and her village. If he can get his gear back he might stand a chance against Starlight, and if he and Twilight were to double team her then they would undoubtedly have the advantage. Since Lightbringer was forged with the power of three alicorns it would be like Starlight would be facing four alicorns if Twilight and Flash teamed up against her.


I understood that reference.

I think I get it too. It reminds me of Spongbob when Mr. Krabs brags about how nobody will find the formula, only for Squidward to guess correctly immediately. Is that it or is it something else?

I think the reference was to Tangled, when Eugene 'Flynn Rider' Fitzherbert pointed out where his bag was when Rapunzel said he'd never find in.

Oh, well thanks for telling me. I never actually saw that movie.

Hi Banshee I thanked and I remember you'd on my DeviantArt the you choose these voice actors to play your OC characters and well I've decited to give out some suggestions here and there.
Toxic-Jarrod Greene
Hiveena-Tara Platt
Grimhorn-Clancy Brown
Shade-Michael Dobson
Doom Raizer-Neil Kaplan
Grand Hoof-Peter Cullen
Springer-Zachary "Zach" Tyler Eisen
Big Score-Frank Walker
Rickashay-Luke Perry
Boulder-Khary Payton
Lightning Blitz-Will Friedle
Shake Shocker-Jim Cummings
Gorgenia-Cree Summer
Wild Smile-Greg Cipes
Solid Script-Johnny Young Bosch
Flash's parents- Phil LaMarr (Father) Hynden Walch (Mother)
Iron Core-Sean Astin
Heather Bloom-Mae Whiteman
First Aid-Rob Paulsen
Ruby Scarlet-Catherine Taber
Banshee-Kelly Hu
Electra-Tara Platt
Sky breaker-Keith David
Tidal Wave-John DiMaggio
Long Horn-Kevin Michael Richardson
Dreadbeard-Mark Hamill
Clean Whistle-Claudia Black
Steel Paw-Dan Green

Love the protectiveness of Flash and the exchange he had with Double Diamond, not sure how to feel about Starlight possiblily having bad blood towards Flash as well as Twilight... but looking forward to the next adventure.

That was your shortest story by far. I shocked! :pinkiegasp:

Actually it was Starlight who gave it to them. None of them would have ever met if Starlight hadn't brought them together to form Our Town.


Grand Hoof-Peter Cullen

All the 'yes'. Especially if akin to Optimus Prime. This alone convinces me to agree to your list...

Big Score-Frank Walker

... question, based on which role?

So, this is it. Our boy is growing up. :fluttercry:

Nice ending looking forward to the next story and mind if I make some suggestions for season 5.

In season 5
1. Castle Sweet Castle you can flash be the one to know about the girls plan but when with it.
2.Make New Friends but Keep Discord Flash and the royal knights try to stop Discord from recking the gala
3.Slice of Life Flash and the others deal with the bug bear and Lightning can have his moment to shine.
4.Princess Spike Sprinter can try and get spike to stop taking things to fare.
5.Party Pooped Flash can give facts to the yams to not to rage war on the ponies.
6.Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Flash can dream about something about his iner power.
7.Rarity Investigates! Sorain can join Rarity and RD on the investigation.
8.Brotherhooves Social Flash convenes every one to have a siblings social.
9.Crusaders of the Lost Mark Flash tears up in proundness when he found out that his sister has her cutie mark.
10.The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows Flash already knows what the surprise that Cadance and Shining Armor has in store for them.
11.What About Discord? Flash found out what Discord was up to and He and twilight devise a plan to turn the tables on him. (I really did not like that episode by they way please make it better.)
12.The Hooffields and McColts Flash and Iron tahe along with Twilight and Fluttershy on a friendship mission
13.The Mane Attraction Caramel helps out Applejack with a problem.
14.The Cutie Re-Mark Flash and Twilight go up I can't Starlight glimmer and a time fight and tell Starlight that he once meet Sunburst when he saved him from some bullies

Well I could a crime boss like role

This story finished a lot faster than I expected. The next story is going to be so awesome! Flash is finally going to be a knight! Can’t wait to see Flash’s test.

okay... but which one of Frank's roles, he has.... thousands of them


5.Party Pooped Flash can give facts to the yams to not to rage war on the ponies.

... if anything, Flash should be trying to convey to Twilight that's going about it the wrong way, with Pinkie bringing it home

13.The Mane Attraction Caramel helps out Applejack with a problem.

... no. The episode as is perfect as is.

14.The Cutie Re-Mark Flash and Twilight go up I can't Starlight glimmer and a time fight and tell Starlight that he once meet Sunburst when he saved him from some bullies

... not sure this should be Flash's confrontation.

Don't have anything but agreement with the rest of the suggestions, but I actually enjoyed What About Discord, and I think Flash should be own guy in the know of the events and he's trying to be the one to teach Twilight that it's okay that's she's jealous

I dont know but knowing him he'll always does it good

But didn't we already get a twilight jealous story in this fanfic with magic duel? Pluse I've always wanted to see discord get a Taste of his own medicine. With ether flash or twilight saying to him "Well it was just a "happy accident."

There's jealous of a love and there's jealous of a connection your friends have that you don't... it's a lot more nuance a topic.

Still Discord deserve some actual kind of punishment in that episode for him lying and manipulating his friends let face when he said "I feel just terrible." We all know he was lying. Besides I got a better idea for that episode have Discord originally plan to make Twilight (and Flash) feel jealous but there are we going to find she was actually spending time with flash cuz I'm pretty sure she'd be a in relationship at him by that point instead of having a book sortation thing then have the discord get angry that is plan was not working and at the end when plan was reveal to everyone flash then explains that he already talk to Twilight about that lesson and Discord will just stand there dumbfounded they did all this for nothing.


I wondered how shining armor reacted after the events of twilights kingdom

Flash said nothing, simply take a sip out of his drink. He had to agree in loving the new training hall, basically getting rid of their old training field in one fell swoop. Now his favourite part of his new castle home, all you had to do was touch the crystal and imagine the area you want, which allowed the room to show solid illusions of that location. Now they could train anywhere, from a volcano, to a dark forest, and even the middle of the ocean.

Sounds kinda like the training room in the Rolling Fortrex from Nexo Knights.

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