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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: EQG

One year has passed since our heroes first met and saved all of Equestria. Now, Flash must protect the newly crowned Princess Twilight as she carries out her duties. But when a strange new power awakens, he must learn to grasp his own destiny. And as this happens, his friends must all face their own challenges in life, and must overcome them together.

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Don't you usually need a hiatus or two between seasons? Or maybe your creative juices are just going overdrive?

9290542 I took a week off after finishing the last story, but that was like...three weeks ago.

Flash decided to tempt fate

No, don't do it, don't do it.

"Seriously, what else could go wrong right now?"

and you did it.:facehoof: To quote Equestron 'damn it, Flash'

"Your highness!" Another guard cried as he rushed into the room.

That was sooner than I expected.

"I had to ask."

:eeyup: congratulations Flash, you earn the idiot of the chapter reward.

"Yeah, you did meathead." Twilight grumbled

#IamwithHer... ironically

"This is gonna be my whole day, isn't it?"

Welcome to the life of a good guy Lightning... it's not too late to go back to being a villain.

That is, till he asked, "So...read any good books lately?"

:rainbowderp: why do I get the feeling 'The Necromonican' is their first answer?

"They're all gone sister! All of them!" The princess then rested a hoof on her head as she panted out, "I...I don't know who they are....but they're all gone! I know they're all gone and you don't care!!! You don't care at all!"

:rainbowhuh: just:rainbowhuh:

Well, an interesting start to season 4. Love the explanation to why Twilight had a hard time flying, and the inconsistency between the season 3 finale and the season 4 opener. And adorable near kiss is adorable. Not sure how to feel about this development of 'They're gone', are we talking about the sister's parents, the other Alicorns, the Pillars... a little soon for the Pillars, So next up, the looks into the past.

This is going to be a fun season. I admit I am a bit surprised the season opener isn’t getting its own story like the first three but I am sure you have your reasons. Luna’s rant at the end was interesting, like she became Nightmare Moon over more than just her Night always being ignored.

No sooner had it formed, it faded yo reveal one creature of chaos...currently in a bathtub.


Hey, this is being featured right now!

Lightning let out a long sigh, seeing he wasn't escaping this. "Fine. But when I took this gig, I didn't think it'd include foalsitting detail."

Think of it this way, a lot of ladies find guys who are good with children attractive. :ajsmug:

"What are you-wait..." Twilight turned back to the potion, "Are you saying that's the potion Princess Celestia used? The one that lets you see the past?"

At least we won't have to see Twilight awkwardly think that Celestia died and stuff.

Luna was talking about the jackhowls, isn't she? So, whatever caused them to disappear is also related to the Tree of Harmony? :applejackunsure:

This is getting interesting.

The sky was both day and night, with the sun and the moon floating side by side.

Whenever I see the image of that The Walrus and the Carpenter appears in my head.

Still not much to comment on, other than Luna’s interesting note of “They’re all gone…”

And would I be right in assuming giving the Elements back to the Tree of Harmony is what “Mrs Relic” mean by Flash losing his element?

Celestia hummed at the sight. "Legends speaks of a seventh Element, which will one day be forged when it is needed. I suspect that it will probably act as the guardian of magic, and help increase the power it and the other Elements wield." She placed a hoof on the groove. "It appears that this is where it will one day sit, protecting the magic so it might become strong enough to be without it."

:ajbemused:I've said it before and I'll say it again, making Flash a 7th element cheapens the Elements of Harmony... also kinds of underminds Twilight's own capabilities.

Twilight then turned to Flash, "Flash....you're with me, right? I have to go with you all!" But the unsure look on his face told her everything. "Not you too..."

No, Flash, no... why. :facehoof:

The five Discords all flashed him an identical frown before all but one disappeared, that one holding up a tiny flag with Iron's Cutie Mark on it. "Iron, Iron, he's our stallion. If he can't do it, GREAT!"


Flash raised an eyebrow at this, only to then frown, "She's running back into the forest, isn't she?"

it took you long enough to realize that.

"Seven locks, seven keys."

sighs... I'll hold off until Flash's key is found, but does he need a 'Rainbow' upgrade? He already has the theta mode and he has his sword and he has the mystery Grand is investigating and his one-on-one with Cold

"Fine..." Discord mumbled as his grin half-disappeared, soon vanishing after a snap of the claw.

No, "But I don't do windows." :applejackunsure: Oh well.

Still, have the chip on my shoulder about the Element of Courage and now there is a 7th key, BUT with that said, not a bad start, I think the whole Twilight going back to town was unnecessary, but the heart to heart about Flash's role with regards to Twilight was nice.

Alright, what's next?


No, "But I don't do windows." :applejackunsure: Oh well.

He said that earlier.

Well the elements are gone but friendship remains. I liked how Discord did a reference to Genie at one point, that was one of my favorite moments. I look forward to seeing the "key" episodes this season, since they were some of my favorites in the show, especially Rainbow Falls, Pinkie Pride, and especially Twilight's Kingdom.

Now I am curious to see what the character building and special thing are.

Next chapter's gonna be a little character building, then its on to something really special.

I'm looking forward to it.

Also to quote Master Fu from Miraculous, those two were made for each other. :raritywink:

Also, I was right! The Tree did have something to do with the jakhowls disappearing.

Sorry, I accidentally hit the post button before my comment was ready earlier. :twilightsheepish:

Looking up, his smile vanished as he spotted almost every colt and filly from the party rushing towards him. And before he could even react, he found himself at the bottom of a dog pile of hugs.


All I could find was a silver feather quill

silver feather quill, all that's needs to be said.

Nice to have a Lightning chapter, especially with him taking that key first ste..... He's going to be the one to give Flash his key.....you know what, let's see what happens, looking forward to the next part in Flash's knighthood arc.

Questions, since in this the Element of Courage is... set in stone, what's going to happen when we reach the Pillars? I know they didn't exist 2 years ago, but they have been cannon for a year now and will there a seventh student for the Young Six? And how will things with Starlight play out? I know it's down the road, but these are the kinds of things that really throw the making of a seventh element at the start... out of wack.

9317308 Don't worry, I have plans. Some will work, some will...require a little suspension of disbelief, but it should all work out in the end.

I am reading a story about paschal colored talking equines... :ajbemused: I don't my suspension of disbelief is the issue. Now you pitching the premise of the stories you want to tell to come knowing what's ahead is the question, and to be honest, letting Flash have a Rainbow Box key is really stretching the premise to me. And I am going to be honest Flash having a throne that is great then Spike's own and him going to 'Our Town' might just be the last straw and break the camel's back for me to buy into it. I love you're work, will except for the middle chapter of the Power Rangers saga, it's okay, but utterly shippable, but back to the matter at hoof (because ponies), and I want to read more of it, but the existence of the Element of Courage dampens the uniqueness of the Elements of Harmony, and the scene of Celestia saying it would be made by one who would protect Twilight, really undermines Twilight, it basically says she can't do this without Flash.
You know what makes the Doomday arc in Season 3 the best, because it didn't take away from Twilight or any other character to build Flash up, heck everything for Flash that revolves around him working to be a Royal Knight works, because it doesn't come at the expense of any other character. Giving him a key, I have swallowed because of the design of the box, six sides and the top. Him having a Rainbow Power form, I'll accept begrudgingly. But I am not sure I can buy the premise if stretched much farther, him going on map quest like Starlight and Spike, that I can get behind, but him going to 'Our Town'... what is he suppose to forget his sword? Or hand it over when he can basically cleeve the Staff of Sameness in two and shatter the vault in one strike?
Again, this is not a matter of suspending disbelief, this is a matter of you selling and stretching the premise and to me it's getting dangerously close to snapping.
I don't say this out of anger or hate, I say this out of love and concern, let the Mane 6 be the Mane 6 and let them do that, let Flash be Flash and let him do that, let them come together as needed and go their own ways when not.

Aww. That was sweet. :twilightsmile: Wait.

Next time: Something I've been waiting to do for two years.

You're making resisting the urge to attempt to read your mind VERY difficult. :ajbemused:

I think my opinion of this series is kinda the opposite of yours for the most part. The Doom arc in my opinion, while very exciting and enjoyable, didn't really hold my interest for the following reasons: 1. Too much time away from the Mane 6 2. The arc heavily depended on Flash's shonen anime main character powers, more than any other arc I should add. I honestly like the parts that show us where Flash is just a normal guy who is friends with a bunch of girls. Sure, Banshee had to move things around to make it work, but seeing those little changes are what makes it fun for me. Having him as the seventh Element and having him be destined as Twilight's protector doesn't bother me all that much. Granted, I'm also a huge Disney princess nerd, and my favorites happen to be the more traditionally feminine ones. Besides, Flash needs Twilight as much as she needs him, so it's an equal relationship. Banshee just has trouble showing that balance, but that's just my opinion.

Do any of those plans involve Shining Spoon?

Comment posted by Joeyjambo122 deleted Dec 2nd, 2018

Just curious, if you did do a guess, what would it be?

I have nothing against traditional feminine virtues, but we have been shown time and time again that Twilight can take of herself, and it can come off as insult that she is destined to be protected by someone else.
Now I have some quibbles of the use of shonen anime tropes in the Doomsday arc too, but it never made Flash look good at the possible expense of the Mane6 mainly Twilight. But Doomsday arc aside, Flash shines the best and takes the least away from any other character during the chapters that focus on him becoming a Royal Knight. There is the winning strategy for the series in my book.
I get Banshee's trying to go for the yin-yang between Flash and Twilight, but this series is called Flash Sentry: Defender of the Peace, that should be the focus, however given what the mane6 can do, they should be allowed to shine.
You might be right, he seems to have a hard time finding that goldilocks spot

9317418 The fact that Flash is suppose to be Twilight's protector isn't a stab at her ability to be protect herself. Celestia, Luna and Cadance our all just as strong as her, but they all have guards defending them. How is Flash protecting Twilight any different?

Either the start of the Key arc or Flash and Twilight kissing. :ajbemused:

Because Twilight has always shown that she doesn't need a protector, the other three alicorns... well the series speaks for itself.

And yet no one bothers to actually read the comments

This was a nice chapter, showing Lightning Bltiz being a better pony and earning forgiveness. I liked how he and Big Mac bonded over both having deceased parents, and that birthday party scene was adorable. Is it just me or does that ending scene have shades of Lightning x Rarity? I have to admit though, it feels a little odd for Lightning to finally be a good guy here while meanwhile in your Pokemon story he is a major jerk rival.

"WHOA! Get down!" Flash yelped as he, Springer and Zecora hit the floor, barely dodging a swinging slimy tentacle that shot out of Zecora's cauldron. He then glared at Springer, "This is the last time I let you near anything magical!"

"Sorry!" Springer replied as he got up and swatted away a tentacle with his Bone Breaker, "How was I supposed to know mixing those two ingredients would create an interdimensional portal that could unleash a horror that wants to wipe out all life in Equestria?!"

That was easily the funniest moment in the chapter! It almost felt like something you'd expect from something like The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or something. But now I am curious what the thing you have wanted to write for two years is. Maybe Flash and Twilight will finally be an official couple?

You didn't reference the best part of that scene:

"You used a potion that was glowing dark red! Everypony knows dark red glowy stuff is bad!"

That's the best line of that part.

I like that line, but personally Springer's "How was I suppose to know" line that basically sums everything up was the funniest line to me, especially how he just casually mentions an interdimensional portal.

Eh, can't disagree there. I just like 'dark red glowy stuff' as a line more.

Sorry for the late review. Firstly great chapter. I loved the teasing Wilde got from Lightning. I loved the cuddle party with the kids. I'm glad Lighting is making a good impression and is working towards redemption. I can't wait to see if he becomes a knight.

Now. I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm betting it is flash's parents!!! If not, I still am excited!

Next. Wow. Flash saw Pickachu too!!! I wish there was a bit more about the triple sugar accident. I would love to see Flash and Springer attacking the royal knights and lightning claiming they are pickachu!

Twilight might now be an alicorn, which did result in a mild longevity, but she was far from immortal. "Now let's see, where was I? Ah yes, nothing to spoil my me time. Me and my books."

Three, Two, One,

Knock! Knock! Knock!


the second pony remarked as he removed his hood. As soon as he did, Twilight almost mistook him for Flash.

Not even remotely sublte... but hey, work with what you got.

Everypony gasped at this sight


"Oh, and that makes it so much better," Fluttershy spat

a litte early for Sassyshy, but fitting.

A new stream of tears went down Misty's face. "That's...that's because when you were born, I instantly recognised you from my visions. One showed you and Flash outside the orphanage we left you at. When I first saw it, I figured Flash just got close to a random filly and later took her in. But...well, let's just say the second pregnancy came as a surprise." Misty admitted while staring at her husband, a light blush on both faces before Misty looked back at Scootaloo, "When you were born, I knew you were the one from the visions, the filly I saw Flash adopt. Seeing this, I knew that in order for Flash to become the pony he is today, you needed to be in his life as well."

D@... Scootaloo keeps getting the shaft

Trail spoke up this time, "I always wanted to name my son Flash, mainly due to a distant ancestor of mine named Flash Magnus."

I'd make a copy right claim, but I have Flash Magnus an ansestor on Flash Sentry's mother side.

watching as the light started to wrap around Flash's body and form a tornado of sorts. As this happened, Flash felt something encase his hooves, chest and head. He was wearing armor.

And Flash has achieved Sūpā Saiya-jin Tsū.

A second after he did, a rainbow colored shine reflected off the dish

Not the key I was expecting, but fitting.
All in all a great chapter

I saw everything!

Oh dang! I can't believe I didn't catch this when you had me pre-read it! That's what I get for not giving it a second read. :ajbemused: She contradicts herself later on in the story. I'm so sorry. I should have caught that.

you got to be a beta-reader... yes I am peanut butter and jealous... not quite salty, but in that direction

1. Hmm, Misty is a bit of a lightweight when it comes to magic. Both pre-alicorn Twilight and her brother have maintained bigger and stronger shields than that.
2. If I was in Misty's situation, I would have gone insane. I mean, being able to see your kids suffering from afar and not being able to comfort them? It's a mother's worst nightmare.
3. This chapter shows why Flash needs Twilight. He deals with his feelings the same way he deals with monsters, by punching them. Yes, that's a bad thing.
4. I said this was your best work so far, and I meant it. However, I do have one little nitpick. It's probably not important in the grand scheme of things, but I kinda wish you had devoted a chapter to rework "Flight to the Finish." I know you didn't mean anything offensive by Dash encouraging Scootaloo to ignore medical advice in Season 3, but that part still kinda grates me a bit as a medical student, and I would have liked to have seen it addressed. Again, it's probably not that big a deal.
5. Even when he willingly abandons his child, your headcanon dad for Flash is still leagues better as a father than my headcanon dad. Just saying.

Well, Twilight you managed to survive meeting the in-laws.

1. Twilight's a magical prodigy and shield magic is Shining's special talent...I think.
2. Same. Guess knowing what's coming helped.
3. Agreed. In the beginning, I wanted Flash to not have any flaws so people wouldn't have any ammo against him. But then my editor told me not having flaws is in itself a flaw, so I had to show he's not a prefect character.
4. I wanted to do Flight to the Finish, but I had a problem. I could have either A, had Flash take Rainbow's place as Scootaloo's support and rob the character of a great moment, or B, have it be probably 99.9 percent the exact same as the actual episode. Doing that episode would have been a no win scenario for me, so I just skipped it.
5. Agreed.

well, since Twilight Velvet and Night Light basically raised Flash, Twilight already met the 'in-laws' on the day she was born:rainbowwild::trollestia:

Wow, that was one great chapter! Not only did Flash finally meet his parents and get some closure, this is the official beginning to finding all the “keys” to the chest. I have to admit that is a nice touch, and Flash and Scootaloo being in contact with their parents opens opportunity for new stories, possibly ones that take place in Manehatten too.

Though one thing that is still a mystery is why Flash isn’t affected by most magic. I’d thought if anyone knew about that it would be his parents, but it never seemed to come up. Oh well, that’s a story for another time I guess.

Great chapter. So it looks like Flash gets more power. I can't wait to see what happens next here. Best of luck.

A second after he did, a rainbow colored shine reflected off the dish

1 down, 6 to go

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