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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: Rainbow Rocks

Flash, Twilight and friends have beaten the Sirens. All seemed well as they returned to Equestria, but true peace never lasts. Now, the Elements of Harmony find themselves in a place that will reveal a truth that was thought to be all but forgotten. And as a darkness rises from these depths, will they survive this revelation, or is it all over?

Written by KingJoltik

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Okay... an interesting start... is this about the start of Springer's life?

Okay, so is the Mane 6 and Flash seeing the past of how Springer came to be or what, they didn't get sent back in time did they?

You got featured on May 14th at 10:45 EST AM.

This is a really interesting start. We finally get see more of the jakhowls. I know that Sharp Paw has been mentioned a few times in the past, but maybe now we'll get to see him in action and see what happened to him and the jakhowls. I wonder if his future child is actually Springer? There would probably be an interesting explanation behind that if that were the case.

Dark Mist seems like major trouble. If Shade turns out like him someday then dark times are ahead. I wonder why Twilight, Flash, and the others are seeing this though? Maybe Luna is showing it to them in a dream?

Also, congratulations on this story getting featured.

"Ki ki ki….ki ki ki!" the Trickster laughed, releasing his claw before leaning back in his throne. "Ki ki ki...ki ki ki...ah, that's brilliant! I love this so much! Ki ki ki...ki ki ki!"

Are weird annoying evil laughs standard for Tricksters? :ajbemused: I can't even hear what that voice sounds like outside of my imagination, and I'm already sick of it.

Oh my gosh! The little jakhowl is going to be important later, is it? Unless suspended animation is somehow involved, I highly doubt that Sharp Paw's child is Springer. :applejackunsure:


Are weird annoying evil laughs standard for Tricksters?

As amusing as that idea is, that's a no. Its a reference to One Piece, as characters always have distinct laughs in that series.

What the! What is going on. Why are they viewing the past or memory. And is Springer's parents... THEM?!?!

So this explains what happened to most of the Jackhowls. Might I guess that somehow the egg survived, and a thousand years later it hatched into Springer?

Wait, so are Jackhowls a species of monotreme?
So is this whole fic is about Springer and his foe, Shade?

Well, Jackhowls are based on the Pokemon Riolu and Lucario. And all Pokemon are egg layers.

Well this is getting more and more interesting. If that Egg really is Springer then maybe that is why Luna has kinda been a mentor to Springer, because he is her partner’s offspring.

Also, the part where the girls were freaking out at the thought of being ghosts was funny.

Yeah, the parts with them thinking they're ghosts is probably my favorite part of this chapter. Especially the Applejack dialogue.

9634646 Honestly, when I first read it I thought you'd written Twilight out of character. Her thinking they're ghosts is against her scientific mind. I'm glad she explained she didn't think they were.

Shade's coming back, isn't he? :ajbemused: Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! I don't like that guy. Please tell me that he's going to end up in Tartarus by the time this story is over. :ajbemused:

Wow. This is great. We get to see some of the back ground. I'm still betting Springer is Calm and Sharp's offspring. Great job here. I can't wait to see what the Dark Mist is planning.

Why thank you. Glad you're enjoying it.

"What a complete different way of thinking these foxes have." Twilight commented with a hoof to her chin, "To think, a society based on hatred, all the way to the point of admiring that hatred...that's insane."

That hate is based on something, let's see Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate... They are afraid of the Jackhowls, so why do they fear them?

So this is Atem Vs Yami Bakura in the final arch of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

That was a pretty interesting twist. It certainly feels familiar to Atem and Yami Bakura's last battle in Yugioh, when it was revealed the events of the past were them playing a game. Most epic game ever. Springer vs Shade, why am I not surprised that Shade is behind this? Maybe next chapter we'll figure out how everyone got in this situtation and how this game got started?

"Yes...but think about it, my love." Sharp added as he went over and slung his arm around Calm, "Now, the egg will be safe from literally everything. Nothing will harm it."

"True. Not only that, the amount of aura and magic poured into it..." a big smile started to appear on Calm's face, "Our child won't be any ordinary jakhowl. That includes whoever its partner is."

That would explain how the egg survived for over a thousand years, and why Springer and Flash are so powerful (both together and as individuals).

Okay, so, the Tricksters basically live to suck the life out of everything and will try to destroy anyone and everything that gets in the way of that, and that drive is so powerful that it overrides any sense of self-preservation they might have, assuming that they have any. :ajbemused: Oh, gosh! They sound almost demonic. :pinkiesick:

So, we know this whole field trip through history is some sort of game. My two biggest questions right now are "How do you play?" and "How do you win?". Also, how does Shade plan destroy Springer and the rest of ponykind by revealing the past to his enemies? :applejackunsure:

Finally, I'm going to take a wild guess and say the little Trickster that shows up in this story is Shade, and that some sort of weird suspended animation thing happened with him and Springer. :ajbemused:



Yes, the main gimmick of this story is inspired by the Yami vs Bakura finale from old yugioh. That being said, that inspiration is just for this setup. As for everything else...well, I'll just let you all wait and see.

I just realized something about AJ's dialogue. Who the hay are you and Banshee shipping her with? :derpyderp1:

9650977 Nopony. She is the one character in MLP I can't seem to ship. Nopony seems right for her.

Yeah, I know, right? I was just really weirded out by the fact that out of the six main ladies, she's the only one who is still unshipped and yet is the one who is most concerned about procreating. Then again, it's pretty short-sighted to procreate just for the sake of procreating. :applejackunsure:

9651003 Yeah. There is one stallion I wouldn't mind pairing her with, but he doesn't have enough character for me to make anything with it. Caramel.

That was just for a joke. No shipping here from me.

Before anyone dislikes this comment, please read it in its entirety and try to understand where I'm coming from.

I know this should feel weightier to me, that this should have an impact ... but... it comes off like this whole story is filler. And bringing in the history of the Alicorn Amulet feels more like, '(eye-roll) really, that's how you're gonna explain the Alicorn Amulet in this AU?...' when I know I should feel 'Oh no... this is...bad, really bad.'

I don't know what about this story, or myself, or both, but I am having a hard time justifying to myself that I should care.

Believe it or not, I want to care, I want to feel invested in this story, in these characters, I want to feel like I'm on the edge of my seat waiting with baited breath for the next chapter and to know how our heroes are gonna get out of this... but all I feel is ... 'so when do we get to the answer to 'The Cutie Map'/Season 5 opener?' and/or 'so when is the next chapter of Pokemon: Harmony and Chaos', and/or 'when will the first chapter of the sequel to Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates will be published?'

I honestly don't want to feel this way about this story, I really don't.

Well, now we know why they are seeing all this. Shade has a sick sense of "games", now Flash, Springer, and the girls just need to figure out how to beat him at it. I admit that the inclusion of the Alicorn Amulet is interesting, since it never got a proper backstory in canon. It is a good thing Flash destroyed the amulet awhile ago, but I bet it is going to cause problems in the past. Wonder what are the chances it is responsible for what happened to the Jakhowls in the past?

"Seriously?! We're cutting there?!" Flash yelled before putting his hoof over his eyes, blocking the light that began to change the scene around them.

I know, baby. I know. :ajbemused:

Me after reading the ending: Oh, holy crud. :twilightoops:

well, if one were to point a gun to my head and ask which of the mane 6 would I say is best waifu, I'd have to say AJ. BTW the suggestion I pm-ed you awhile back, it's still on the table, just saying...

9662561 Remind me what that was again.

That's the origin!! Oh boy. I hope they can find a way to escape. To be honest this reminds me of yugioh where everyone was trapped in the virtual world. Coincidence?

Close guess. Actually, the main gimmick of the story is inspired by the final arc of yugioh, when they go to the past.

True. I brought up that, because the gang was in a machine, not going through the puzzle. It would be cool if a maze like the millieum puzzle appeared in this story.

That would be cool...but it wouldn't work in this story. A fun idea for later stories though.

I'll PM you later. I need to hit the hay.

For some reason I got a feeling that shade and springer end up a couple. Is that weird ?

It's just that the way you make shade's dialogua make me feel that he has a crush on Springer or something

9667671 Not my dialogue. Talk to the writer of this fic.

OH, sorry if I'm mistaken. Result of reading too much shipping fic :)

9667682 My stories aren't that ship heavy...are they?

Nope.That just me and my damaged brain

Great story btw. Hoping for some more:ajsmug:

Thank you for liking my story.

As for your earlier questions: No. I don't know how you jumped to that conclusion, but that'll never happen. Shade hates Springer, which is supposed to be paralleled with Dark Mist and Shade and their dialogue. There's no romance here, and there will never be romance here. Just pure hatred.

I'm not saying they have interested in each other. More like a frenemy relationship in the end of the arc

If (and when) Springer and the gang survive this, Luna owes them answers. :ajbemused:

Well this is getting tense.

Wow, that is just sick and wrong. Two whole races gone just like that just for the Alicorn Amulet. I was a bit surprised when it was revealed Shade was released when Flash destroyed the original amulet, that was a good twist. I honestly would not blame Springer at all if he murdered Shade for this, that little demon has had it coming.

Okay this racial hatred motivation is honestly pretty weak. "We hate you! So we must kill you!"
"Why do you hate us?"
"We just do! No other reason!"
That's just... lame.

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