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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S5

It's time for the Friendship Games and CHS is ready to compete against their rival school of Crystal Prep. But the competition isn't enough for some, as certain familiar faces are working to discover the secrets of magic. And with all things at CHS, this is only the beginning of trouble.

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Sweet first entry into Friendship Games here, Sci-Twi looks a bit more outgoing interacting with EQG Flash here (plus just as manipulative as Twilight's S1 & S2 from your main series :rainbowwild:)

Also seems like Lightning may appear next chapter, looking forward to see how that goes for Sunset (even though she might not :twilightoops:)

Some small highlights :

She laughed at herself, remembering how happy she had been when Twilight had written that she and Flash were now together. Pinkie had wanted to have them come over for a party, though the two declined due to how busy they had gotten.

Ohhh lots of ribbing material for you there girl! :raritywink:

Smirking at the sight, she purposefully shut the door hard enough to cause a loud bang, this leading to the figure jerking up as the book fell off his head, the puppy yelping before seeing the girl and cheering, "I'm awake! I'm up!" The figure yelled, now revealing himself to be a teen the girl's age with yellowish-orange skin and long blue hair. He was wearing a light blue button-up shirt and dark blue pants, a purple blazer behind him that was rolled up and being used as a pillow. He rapidly blinked before glancing at the girl petting the puppy. "Oh...hey Twilight. What time is it?"

lol works better than bending his ear ehh? :rainbowlaugh:

"That makes it even more important that I find out! Who else is gonna do it? No one's gonna believe me until I some real proof! Now let me have it." Flash gave her a glare back, making her sigh before reaching down and picking up her dog, "Come on..." She held him up to Flash's face, "Do it for Spike." On cue, he gave the teen the saddest puppy-dog eyes ever.

Wow that was low Sci-Twi..................................brilliant! :twilightsheepish:

"Ya'll could still say sorry to his face," Applejack remarked. "Don't hide from yer problems Sunset."

"I...yeah. I know." Sunset slumped down in a chair, "I get it. I'll say sorry to him when he gets here."

Oh boy, can't wait to see how that goes! :twilightoops:

Looking forward to see what changes come out from here on, keep up the good work Banshee! :pinkiehappy:

Oh boy, this is going to be good. I like the interactions between the human versions of Flash and Twilight so far. Also, I can't wait to see the Human Royal Knights reactions when they meet the new Flash. Hopefully Pinkie will be able to explain it to them like she explained the human Twilight to everyone in the film.

I'm curious about the Human Lightning Blitz. The first EG story seemed to hint that he was kinda a jerk like his S1 pony version was, which was why he dated Sunset, but his cameo at the end of Rainbow Rocks shows he is friends with Flash and Twilight. So maybe they really were a good influence on him like Grand said. Also, I bet running into Sunset, his ex, at the games will be funny, unless he still holds a grudge against her for what she did to him.

Flash gave her a glare back, making her sigh before reaching down and picking up her dog, "Come on..." She held him up to Flash's face, "Do it for Spike." On cue, he gave the teen the saddest puppy-dog eyes ever.

I love the idea that Sci-Twi trained Spike to give sad puppy eyes on command, specifically to guilt-trip Flash.

Well it's a start... that's all I can say, it's a start.

A story not disliked by Flash Haters...Foxhelm was right, it's a start.

i'm making my own version that is inspired by both this series and the "Sun's Equestria Girls Adventures" series with an Anime Crossover to boot

Not quite what I meant...

This is an awesome start to your version of Friendship Games! Though I was honestly hoping that Flash Sentry's next epic adventure would've been next.

I'm wondering how Springer would fit in the EQG universe.

Honestly it felt mediocre...

Well if it is the same as in Banshee's Power Rangers series, then Springer would probably be a stray dog that Flash adopts as a pet.

This was unexpectedly fun. You know, I kinda feel bad that the Knights won't be in the second event. They really added to the chapter.

Never asked or requested your negative response.

How's life treating you in Equestria? You and Flash tie the knot yet?

I really want there to be a wedding arc in this fic.

10068569 If Flash and Twilight do get married, it won't be until near the end of the series.

That going to take long time.

10068670 Well what do you expect. Last I checked, you've gotta date someone for a while before marriage is even considered.

Mediocre means middle of the road, it's neither negative or positive

One more thing out of curiosity what do mean near the end? Do you mean
1. During the movie
2. Between the movie and season 8
3. Season 8
4.between 8 and 9
5. Season 9

10068972 Maybe around 8 and 9, maybe even after. Heck, who says Flash and Twilight are even gonna stay together or that Flash survives long enough for them to get married.

Well if your going to have them married in season 8 you could have Flash propose to Twilight at the end of the movie and please don't kill off Flash.

Oh come on! Don't do that to us! Canon has already denied us, and you teased us for four whole seasons before you finally made it happen. If this relationship doesn't make it for the long haul, I'm drowning you in crying Rarity emojis. :ajbemused:

We all know you Banshee, if you are writing a story, it always includes:
1) Flash being protagonist
2) Happy Endings
3) FlashLight Shipping
4) Family

So in that case, Flash Sentry will survive. If anyone asked why I included family, is that every story Banshee has made includes: Scootaloo (Sister) Misty Veil (Mother) Trail Blazer (Father).

But the pokemon version of Flash Sentry has his parents dead. Yet he still has his grandma, so it still counts as Family.

The happy endings are my favorite part of Banshee's stories, of any story really.

10069627 Just because a main character dies, that doesn't mean there isn't a happy ending. Just look at all the great films where the character dies. Rogue One, Batman V Superman, League of Extraordinary-I'm gonna stop talking.

Yeah, I've only seen two of those movies and liked only one of them. :applejackunsure:

Personally, I really hope that Flash doesn't die, since you know Flashlight is my favorite ship and I want to see the two of them have a happy life together. But I know it is your story and I'm confident you know what you are doing. Pretty sure no matter what happens you'll make it a happy ending.

He's not gonna die. When have you read any story made by Banshee, that ends with Flash dying. Plus I only read one story of FlashLight in which Flash died in the end.

Sorry for the late review but wow. I'm glad we saw Flash trying to stop Twi. I can't wait to see everyones reactions to Flash Twi and Lightning, and that mystery girl. I hope maybe there is a music competition that will have the royal knights vs Flash Lightning and maybe some other. Who knows maybe we can even get Wild here and we may have Pinkie and him do some small fliriting. Anyway great job.

Yeah, doesn't having Flash legally be Twilight's brother kinda complicate this relationship (long dramatic pause) A LOT? Then again, depending on the edition, Victor and Elizabeth had a similar relationship in the original Frankenstein, so maybe it could still work.:applejackunsure:

Also, the part where Flash and Twilight first meet just reeks of NaruHina. I LOVE IT! :pinkiehappy:

10079459 It's no different from how pony Flash and Twilight grew up.

Flash had lived in an orphanage for as long as he could remember. He had been dropped there as a baby, now living there for seven years. It was the first snowfall of the season that day, Flash now with the rest of the children at a nearby park. They had just finished a snowball fight, Flash knowing they were about to head back soon.

Interesting...if his physique is quite true, it maybe because of the Sacred Light keeping him active, but the real question is, how is this Flash capable of obtaining Sacred Light on a world that defies magic, and only items are capable of giving power?

One quick and painful fight scene later...

Word of advice, hit them in the nuts, and blind them by kicking the snow to their faces, while blinded, punch them on the adams apple.

"Well, if Crystal Prep were to lose, some of our sponsors could decide to transfer their funding to Canterlot High. If that happens, there will need to be cutbacks to ensure the school stays afloat. One of those cutbacks would be to expel a small number of students." Twilight gasped at the suggestion, only for Cinch to open another folder, "Let's see...if I was forced to expel someone, who would be the student at the top of that list? The one whose grades are below the normal standard and isn't part of any school team...." Twilight started to shrink in her seat as she heard this, Cinch shining a big grin as she took a file out of the folder, "Ah, that's right." She placed the file and pushed it over with a slight nudge, "One Flash Sentry."

Oofed....your chapters getting short.

In canon, Flash just didn't go to that swing so he didn't save Twilight from the bullies. That lead to him never being taken in by her family, leading to him being adopted by another family that sent him to CHS.

And having him not be an orphan isn't an option why? :applejackunsure: Also, what's his parents excuse for leaving him in an orphanage in this universe? Unless Misty and Trail are horrible people in this universe, I can't imagine them just abandoning their children without a reason. Heck, with the way you write the other characters reacting to them in the main AU, Misty and Trail probably already are horrible people by their standards.

10079467 I might have to answer that in a short or something.

True, but don't most adoptees get creeped out with the idea of being romantically attracted to/involved with an adopted sibling? I wouldn't know. I only have one point of reference for that kind of scenario.

Also, I just did a quick Google search, and in most parts of the world, it is both legally and religiously prohibited to marry or have a romantic relations with an adopted sibling. :twilightoops: Yeah. So, now what?

Biological parents...? If his parents came this comes out:

Birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child (or adoptee) can file a petition to reverse or vacate an adoption. If birth parents wish to regain their parental rights, they may petition the court for an adoption reversal. This is the most difficult form of reversal and, in some states, is actually impossible.Apr 5, 2019

10079476 Don't see why. No blood relation, so it shouldn't be any different from stepsiblings getting married.

I don't know how family law works, but apparently, adopted siblings are counted as full blood siblings (despite sharing no blood) while step-siblings aren't. Don't quote me on this, but I think it's because adoptees are raised to think of and treat their adopted parents as if they're their blood parents and are usually raised to think of their parents' biological children the same way.

Now that I think about it, I think family law is less about the siblings' relation to each other versus their relationships to the parents. I mean, even though stepparents are legal guardians, they still have to legally adopt their stepchildren in order to have the full legal benefits of a biological parent.

10079515 I just looked it up and it says an adopted child can't marry their parents, but can marry any other member of the family.

Yeah, well, adopted siblings marrying is definitely illegal here in the States, but I think Colorado might have a loophole that would make it allowable. Also, kissing cousins is illegal over here too.

10079530 Alright. Then Flash wasn't adopted. He was...fostered.

while I can't explain the legality, I think part of the reason why siblings by adoption can't marry, religiously (at least from a somewhat anthropological and sociological view), is due to the potential of incest, as back when the religions that have this prohibition were established the odds were that a man would adopt and formally legitimist his own illegitimate children (bastards), also we have to recall that these cultures weren't just patriotically but patrimonial, meaning that things passed through the father's lines, and adopted children marrying biological children, were likely to be viewed as usurpations. Additionally given that marriages were more akin to business transactions, if your biological daughter were to marry your adopted son, there are a lot of things denied to her, your family, and all potential in-laws. Also it should be noted that we currently live in an era of abnormal abundance, which historically didn't exist, and to have your biological children marry your adopted children, cuts you and your family off from the great community, during a time when entire villages, even if everyone was on the same page and were in harmony with one-an-other, could easily be wiped out.
In other words, we need to look at the time and context of when the more religious based laws were composed to see why.
Also it could have been a way to signify that those that follow the religion will no and do engage in what can only be described as hedonistic practices of the cultures around them that tend to suffer from certain societal or personal aliments. A sort of, 'Hey you see those people and how they behave and all the hedonism, and look at all their dead from the last plaque or how sickly their children are... yeah we're not going to behave like them.'

One quick and painful fight scene later...
Laughter filled the air as the three boys looked down at the moaning boy, bruises covering his body as he laid on the ground. The girl had watched in frozen fear-filled horror, tears now going down her face as she saw the bullies glance up at her.

As soon as I read this, I thought of this seen,

(go to the 8 minute mark)

"I would if you were actually gonna think about it.

I am so glad Ruby is not putting up with Flash's B.S.

Flash continued to say nothing as he started to walk away

because there is nothing that he can say, because Ruby is right.

"Why the Friendship Games, of course." The teens spun around at the voice as the large chair did the same, revealing a late aged woman with blue skin, multi-purple shades of hair, half-moon glasses on her face while wearing a blue suit.

I wished you used the blopper of this scene, it gives Cinch some much needed depth.

some of our sponsors could decide to transfer their funding to Canterlot High

Given what've seen, Canterlot High is the local public school, which shows that the transfer of funding point in kind of hallow, but given Crystal Preps' reputation, if it were to lose to the local public school which only needs the students to score like 65 out of 100 on a national, state, county, muninpal, and city level... and Crystal Prep is presented to be scoring at least 85 out of 100 by their own, much higher standards... well I can see the funds drying up. As for Cinch's other comment, while the Everton Independent Study program might be an independent study program, part of that is working with others and Sci-Twi doesn't have much skill in that department, and given Crystal Prep's reputation, one can assume that the vast majority of the Everton Independent Study program's top performers came from Crystal Prep, the vast majority of them during Cinch's tenure as principle, as such, while she's not the decision maker, her recommendation does have a not unfound amount of clout in the Everton Independent Study program acceptance process.
Also, as a private school, there isn't the safety net of Tax-payers dollars to fall to, so when funding is denied, costs have to be cut. There is a business aspect that almost no one thinks about.

Love the exchange between Ruby and Flash, she's clearly had this talk with him before and is just about done with it as she states that he won't think about it and that once (if) Sci-Twi was accepted into the Everton Independent Study program, because he's defined himself as like her bodyguard, because he's a mediocre academic student and not part of any clubs or teams, he'll have no purpose. Gonna be honest, if I was in Ruby's slippers (:raritywink:) I'd given up on Flash at least a year ago, only to say 'I told you so' after Sci-Twi leaves for the Everton Independent Study program.
My only grip is that the blooper of the chair spinning scene should have been used, would have made Cinch more agreeable at face value, and once Twilight was a lone with her, really hammer in that she's not a woman to mess with.

Flash kinda reminds me of Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura), he always helped out on any sport team at school but never joined, at least Ruby pretty much made her point across regarding him & Sci-Twi. As for Cinch I can see you made her even more of a witch holding Flash for ransom (so to speak) for getting him & Sci-Twi into the games, can't wait to see this bite her later. :raritywink:

Some highlights for this one :

Flash didn't respond, instead opening the door to see a deserted hallway, "Alright. I'll get you a coffee on the way back. You should probably think about getting a shower too, as I suspect you'll be reeking after your little escapade yesterday."

Twilight was about to retort, but Spike took this moment to take a whiff of her and started moaning before covering his nose. Flash let out a laugh until Twilight grabbed one of her many stress toys Flash had given to her a while back before throwing it at him. Quickly shutting the door in response, he continued to laugh as he made his way through the halls to the gym shower room.

lol you know you're in trouble when even Spike won't come near you Sci-Twi! :rainbowlaugh:

"Flash..." She almost growled, making him glance back at her, "Do you think Twilight would like it if she knew you were throwing your life away because of her?" Flash didn't say anything, just looking away as she continued, "You can't always be there for her. There will be a time where she'll need to be able to stand up for herself, and you watching over her isn't going to help that. What do you think will happen if she gets into Everton? You can't be there for her then."

Ouch, right to the point there Ruby! :ajsmug:

"Oh yeah?" The last one asked, "And what if we don't?" They all stared at Flash with grins, only to see Flash clench his hands into fists.

"Then I'll make you! RAAAHHH!"

One quick and painful fight scene later...

Yeah, that's not gonna be pretty! :twilightoops:

"Well, if Crystal Prep were to lose, some of our sponsors could decide to transfer their funding to Canterlot High. If that happens, there will need to be cutbacks to ensure the school stays afloat. One of those cutbacks would be to expel a small number of students." Twilight gasped at the suggestion, only for Cinch to open another folder, "Let's see...if I was forced to expel someone, who would be the student at the top of that list? The one whose grades are below the normal standard and isn't part of any school team...." Twilight started to shrink in her seat as she heard this, Cinch shining a big grin as she took a file out of the folder, "Ah, that's right." She placed the file and pushed it over with a slight nudge, "One Flash Sentry."

Yeah, subtle Cinch, really subtle! :twilightangry2:

Looking forward to see how our unwilling duo handle CHS next chapter! :twilightsmile:

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