• Published 4th Feb 2020
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Flash Sentry Chronicles: Friendship Games - Banshee531

It's time for the Friendship Games and CHS is ready to compete against their rival school of Crystal Prep. But the competition isn't enough for some, as certain familiar faces are working to discover the secrets of magic.

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A Mysterious Girl

Author's Note:

Hey everyone. Well, we're back in CHS for what's probably the most drastically different version of the movies. Hope you enjoy it.

Canterlot City

The sun was barely above the horizon, now almost completely set, and the streets were completely empty. Well, almost completely empty. One young girl with golden skin and hair that was a mix of red and yellow, was wearing a blue dress that went to her waist, along with blue jeans and a black leather jacket and boots. She was Sunset Shimmer, a former enemy of Twilight Sparkle and newest member of the Rainbooms, and was right now rushing back to school due to an urgent text alert sent by her friend.

It was here that Canterlot High School came into view, the girl now seeing Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie arriving as well. She then spotted Rainbow and Applejack standing at the front of the building, Rainbow with her guitar case on the ground. "I got your text, Rainbow Dash!" She stopped and began to pant, "Did something come through the portal? Is Equestrian magic on the loose? Did Twilight come back with a problem that only we can solve?!"

"Has a giant cake monster covered all the cakes in the world in cake?!" Pinkie asked while stuffing two cupcakes in her mouth. Sunset rolled her eyes at this before turning back to Rainbow, the athletic girl chuckling while pulling out her guitar.

"Um...not exactly."

Sunset raised an eyebrow, "Huh? I don't understand."

Applejack, who had a particular sour look on her face this whole time, now walked up to Rainbow with crossed arms, "Well Sunset, I was just tellin' Rainbow Dash here that a broken guitar string doesn't really qualify as an emergency."

She pulled on the instrument's string in question, Rainbow growling, "Hey! It totally does!"

"Really, Rainbow Dash!" Rarity huffed as she corrected her sowing glasses and tape measure. "I was in the middle of sewing a very complex appliqué on my latest frock."

Fluttershy nodded in agreement while stroking Angel Bunny as he curled up in her arms, "And I was just about to tuck everyone in for the night at the shelter. Now we'll have to start stories all over again."

"Why would you send all of us an emergency text for a guitar string?!" Sunset screamed, but Rainbow just shined a cheeky grin in response.

"Well, I was going to pony up and show our fans some awesome guitar licks." She pointed to the side, every seeing now Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. The three smiled and waved as Rainbow continued, "But I kinda need all six strings to do it. You all got any extras?"

Everyone let out a groan before Sunset took off her backpack and reached inside, soon pulling out some strings, "Here. But remember, everyone finished practicing for the day. I'm pretty sure all the music rooms are locked."

"No problem. The acoustics in the hallways are perfect for power chords!" She played a quick strum before waving them all over, "Come on! Let's go!" Sunset rolled her eyes as she saw the others go inside, Applejack turning to her at the door.

"You comin', Sunset?"

"I'll catch up in a bit." Applejack nodded and followed inside, Sunset sitting down on the front steps next. Sighing, she took out her magic journal before writing:

Dear Princess Twilight.

How's life treating you in Equestria? You and Flash tie the knot yet?

She laughed at herself, remembering how happy she had been when Twilight had written that she and Flash were now together. Pinkie had wanted to have them come over for a party, though the two declined due to how busy they had gotten.

It's been pretty quiet here at CHS since the Battle of the Bands. We still pony up when we play music, which Rainbow Dash just loves to show off, but I still can't quite grasp what it's all about. I would love to hear what you think about it when you get a sec. Your friend, Sunset Shimmer.

And as Sunset finished her writing, she didn't notice a bus pull up to the station across the street, the vehicle then pulling away to reveal someone in a blue hoodie that covered their head. The figure quickly raced over the street, pulling out a device that kept whizzing as a strange reading appeared on its screen. As this happened, the device began to become more erratic as the person got closer to the school's Wondercolt statue.

This led to the figure circling the statue until they stood in front of the portal to Equestria. Looking closer at their device, they looked at the presumably stone statue before placing a hand on it, now feeling it wobble and spark with magic energy.

As they did this, Sunset looked up from her journal, only to gasp, "Hey!" The figure turned to her in surprise, "What are you doing?!" They didn't answer, instead instantly cutting into a sprint. "Hey, wait!" Sunset put her journal away and started to run after them, "Stop!" Unfortunately, after the figure ran across the road, a car raced passed Sunset, pulling her to a stop. And as this happened, the stranger hopped onto another bus, Sunset soon seeing the vehicle race away into the city in the distance. "Wha...who was that?!"

Inside the bus, the figure moved over to the back and sat down with a flop, sighing before pulling her hood down. It revealed her to be a purple-skinned girl with dark purple and pink hair, the girl also wearing square glasses over her face. The teen remained seated as the bus reached the city, soon passing by her destination: A large building even bigger than CHS with crystal decorations all over it, giving it a more regal look.

She got off the bus next, moving like she was on autopilot, moving without even looking as she went to a small workshop in the far back of the school. The girl smiled at the sight inside, organized chaos everywhere in the room as it was filled with projects and scientific blueprints. But what made her smile the most was the sight of a certain someone fast asleep on a couch in the corner of the room, the person's head covered by an advanced chemistry book. A small purple puppy was sleeping on his stomach, curled up like a ball.

Smirking at the sight, she purposefully shut the door hard enough to cause a loud bang, this leading to the figure jerking up as the book fell off his head, the puppy yelping before seeing the girl and cheering, "I'm awake! I'm up!" The figure yelled, now revealing himself to be a teen the girl's age with yellowish-orange skin and long blue hair. He was wearing a light blue button-up shirt and dark blue pants, a purple blazer behind him that was rolled up and being used as a pillow. He rapidly blinked before glancing at the girl petting the puppy. "Oh...hey Twilight. What time is it?"

Twilight just laughed as she moved over to a nearby board that was covered in pictures and strings of differing colors, all centered at an image of the school she had just been at. "Time for you to head home if you're falling asleep."

"I'm fine," he started to do some waking up stretches, "So uh...since you're in your hoodie, I'm guessing you went back there, didn't you?"

"Yup," Twilight took a picture of the statue out of her pocket and placed it on the board. "And I think I've found what I'm looking for." She then pulled out her device, "But this'll need some tweaking." But before she could get to work, the device was taken out of her hands. "Hey!" she turned to see the teen frowning at her, "Flash!" She leapt up and started reaching out her arms for the device, only for Flash to keep it out of reach, "Give it!"

"Twilight, I'm starting to get worried. Ever since you first found these strange energy readings, you've been acting weird...er, than normal."

Twilight let out a huff before crossing her arms, "I told you Flash, I'm fine! I just want to find out what's going on at that school!"

"Even if it's dangerous?"

"That makes it even more important that I find out! Who else is gonna do it? No one's gonna believe me until I some real proof! Now let me have it." Flash gave her a glare back, making her sigh before reaching down and picking up her dog, "Come on..." She held him up to Flash's face, "Do it for Spike." On cue, he gave the teen the saddest puppy-dog eyes ever.

Flash growled, only to sigh and shake his head, "Fine," he was about to give the device back, only to pull it away from Twilight's hands, "But next time, I'm coming with you. You'll need someone to pull you out of the fire when you inevitably get in over your head."

Twilight did a small nod before taking the device and giving him Spike, quickly zipping over to her workbench as she began to pull the machine apart. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. Once I get this completed, I'll not only be able to locate that energy, but trap it for safe study." Flash said nothing as he sat back down with Spike on his lap, picking up his chemistry book and reading it while she worked.

It wasn't long before both the male inhabitants of the room fell asleep, Twilight still awake as she remained focused on her work. The hours passed without her noticing, twerking and transferring parts as she tried to make it into a small easy to transport shell, "Soon...I'm almost there."

The next morning...

CHS was really starting to thrive since the Battle of the Bands. Everyone now completely recovered from the Dazzling's mind control, their friendships between the students had become stronger than ever. It was here that the Rainbooms, minus Rainbow, were now in the library doing some research as Sunset explained what she had seen.

"She was definitely doing something to the statue," she said while pacing back and forth. "Or was going to."

"Do you think she came through the portal from Equestria?" Fluttershy asked, petting Angel as Sunset shook her head.

"No, I'm pretty sure I would have noticed that. I think she was from over here."

"Well that's a relief." Applejack put her book down and kicked her legs up onto the table, leaning back with a big smile, "The last thing we need is another magical so-and-so bent on world domination comin' over from Equestria." She tossed a wink Sunset's way, making the girl smile and roll her eyes.

"Agreed," Rarity added as she turned to them while standing on a step ladder, "I have no interest in another fight against the powers of evil magic. The wear and tear on my wardrobe is just too much to keep up with."

Sunset crossed her arms at this, "Still, a mysterious figure snooping around the portal? Don't you want know what she was up to?"

Fluttershy shuddered as she picked herself up with Angel in her arms, "I don't even wanna guess."

"Well, you don't have to!" Rainbow suddenly said as she appeared around from the bookshelf, a yearbook from four years back in her hands, "Because I've totally figured out who it was!"

"Ooh, ooh!" Pinkie grabbed a pair of books off the pile she was sitting next to, holding them up as she spoke her own guesses, "A nighttime statue cleaner? A magical portal maintenance maintainer? A gardener?!" Rainbow rolled her eyes and pushed Pinkie back.

"Seeing as how they got off a bus from the city and got back on a bus headed to the city, I'll bet they go to-"

"Crystal Prep," the fully human Rainbooms all said in exhausted unison.

"Yep!" Rainbow punched her fist into the side of the book. "With the Friendship Games starting tomorrow, they'd totally try to prank us by defacing the Wondercolts statue!"

"Why would anyone take a bus all the way from the city to do that?!" Sunset asked, her friends all giving her an 'are you serious' vibe.

"Because the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts are our biggest rivals?" Applejack started.

"Because that's just what the students at Crystal Prep would do?" Rarity went on before Rainbow opened the book, showing images of different teams in the same two uniforms in almost the exact same poses.

"Because even though they beat us in everything, soccer, tennis, golf..." She turned the page to show the Wondercolt statue dressed as a clown, "They still gloat every time!"

"Seems kinda silly to me," Sunset deadpanned, only to see five shocked faces.

"SILLY?!" They all screamed, Rainbow crossing her arms. "So I guess you think the Friendship Games are silly too!"

Sunset shrugged her shoulders, "Well it's not like we'll be fighting the powers of evil magic."

"No, we'll be fighting against a school full of meanies," Fluttershy corrected, "Not everything has to be magical to be important."

"If I might interject," the girls all turned to see CHS's janitor walk around another bookcase while carrying a trashcan, Grand grinning at them all, "You girls might be exaggerating our school's rivalry with Crystal Prep a tad."

"No, we're not!" Rainbow almost yelled back, "Remember the time they somehow restitched all our soccer uniforms so they spelled blundercolts?!"

Pinkie raised her hand at this, "Or during out last bake sale, they replaced the glazing sugar with sneezing powder and ruined a whole batch of cupcakes!"

"Or during the autumn musical!" Rarity added with a look of disgust, "Why, they switched the magenta parts of all the outfits with maroon." The girls all turned to her, raising an eyebrow. "It was a complete color clash with the rest of the outfits! We were made into laughing stocks!"

"Alright...so the school isn't perfect. But you shouldn't lump the whole student body in with the bad ones. After all, it wasn't too long ago that our school had its fair share of troubled students." Grand glanced over at Sunset, the girl blushing as she looked away, "Besides, you're forgetting a certain someone's grandson is now attending that school, and he's made quite a few friends there that I think are extremely good influences on him."

Sunset's eyes went wide at this, "Lightning...yeah. He's not...um...he's not coming here, is he?!"

"His whole years coming to watch," Grand told her. "And I do believe he's been selected to take part."

Sunset did a long visible gulp, "Oh..."

"It's probably a good thing darling," Rarity added, "You really should have made things right with him before now."

"I got him expelled Rarity. I suspect he's not gonna want to respond with me."

"Ya'll could still say sorry to his face," Applejack remarked. "Don't hide from yer problems Sunset."

"I...yeah. I know." Sunset slumped down in a chair, "I get it. I'll say sorry to him when he gets here."

"That's good to hear." They all turned to see Iron Core, Heather Bloom and First Aid now walking into the library.

Heather giggled at their exchange, "Bet you girls can't wait to see Lightning as much as we can't."

First nodded in agreement, "Though I hope he is not too unhappy about us replacing him in the band."

"He already knows," Grand replied, "I told him about Flash over the night of the Fall Formal, though I left out the whole 'pony from a different world' thing...in fact, I think the only thing I told him was that you all had gotten a new guitar player."

"Though it's not like he's a permanent member," Iron told him with a shrug, "I mean, Sentry is barely ever here." He then turned to Sunset, "You think he'd be willing to come over to watch me kick butt in the Friendship Games? Maybe the Royal Knights could play at the meet and greet."

"I can send him a message, but I doubt he'll come over. Apparently, the life of a Royal Knight is almost as hectic as the life of a princess. Probably more so since they usually have to fight against whatever dark force tries to take the kingdom over like...every week or so."

"Ah, how much trouble could he be in?" He reached over to give Angel a scratch behind the ear. "Not like him not being there for a day or two would put the whole world in danger."

"You'd be surprised," Sunset replied while pulling out her journal, "But I'll send a message anyway, see if they're both free. I know this is a big deal."

"That's putting it mildly darling," Rarity jumped off the step ladder. "They're still revamping the playing field in preparation."

"I just don't understand why there's this big rivalry. Aren't the Friendship Games supposed to be about our two schools getting along?"

Applejack huffed as she pointed at the book Rainbow was holding. "Well, it's kinda hard to get along with someone who beats you at everything."

"Not anymore!" Rainbow tossed the book away, almost hitting First Aid in the face before Iron caught it. "This time, things are gonna be different!"

"What do you mean?" Sunset asked, only to see Rainbow give her a big smirk. "Oh..."

Grand crossed his arms at this, "This doesn't have anything to do with that big assembly Celestia's putting on, does it?"

"And the extra hard practice I noticed the marching band doing?" Heather continued while Rainbow just kept smiling, giving them all a wink and nothing else. They all just rolled their eyes and went about their business, Grand emptying the last few trashcans while the students all left the library to get to the aforementioned assembly.

"I just hope there isn't another big issue," Grand said to himself as the students left, "If what I overheard from Sunset is right, who know what'll happen." He did a long sigh as he glanced at a nearby window, seeing the statue in the distance, "Flash Sentry, wherever you are, I hope you'll be ready if we need you."