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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


Flash Sentry always loved Digimon. The video games, anime and the card game were things he absolutely loved. And one day, he gets the chance to play a hardcore version that makes the game and Digimon feel real. As such, he jumps at the chance to dive in.

Being transported to the world of Codex, he soon discovers that Digimon and the Digital World are more real then he could possibly imagine. How will his digital adventure play out? Only time will tell.


OCs by SlidDiamond3214

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Flash and other EG characters in a mix of Digimon and Chaotic? That combo sounds awesome!

Nice Opening. I think I know who Flash's partner will be.

I like what I'm seeing so far. I hope Flash and Veemon turn this fight around soon.

BTW, If you need any OCs, I got one recently made you can use as you progress this story.

It was really cool to see Flash and Veemon bond like they did and the battle against Monochromon was amazing. Now we see the Codex battles set up. Let's see how things go.

He turned towards Flash before leaping out of the light, "YAHOO!" He landed in front of him before jumping around the confused teen, "free at last! Free at last! You moved the Digimental!" He turned to Flash and held out a hand. "Hi, I'm Veemon. But you can call me Veemon."

My favourite one is hear. In the series I wished Karo would have picked Davis but no. And nic etk meet ya Veemon.

"Yeah right." Flash looked at him, "Shining's the best. Literally. He was one of the first Codex players online. He was the first to make it into the Rookie, Champion and Ultimate levels. And pretty soon, he's gonna be the first Mega Level Player. Don't take this the wrong way, but you battling against him is something that's not gonna happen for a long, long time."

But it isn't in the book that he can't battle him

Very cool so far and I am digging the idea of characters merged with their digimon on in order to fight their opponents.

I like you use meta for this story… I am confused why Flash didn't recognize Veemon, he should have know that digimon since he watched anime.

I wonder if glitches are going play big roles later on.

Is that going to be a running gag where every time Flash want to go to codex, only his avatar go to that world while the actual Flash doesn't?

11594227 Let's pretend the 02 anime doesn't exist. For the sake of argument, let's say none of the actual anime exist and are replaced with new ones that only Flash has seen. I feel like that'll just be easier.

Interesting chapter. Did you take some ideas from Digimon Card Game? Cause it was a really nice bonus.

I have been looking forward to this story. A mix of EG, Digimon, and Chaotic is just too cool to imagine. I also think it is a nice touch with you including several images of Digimon in the chapter, to help casual readers unfamiliar with the franchise understand and visualize the Digimon better.

Then, he turned to Micro before a smile appeared on his lips. "Dude."

"I know."


"I know."


"You don't even say dude."

"I KNOW!" Flash cried, looking like his head was about to explode.

That never gets old!

This looks so awesome

Oh man this is off to an awesome start! Flash has already had his first adventure in the Digital World and has made Veemon his partner, and now he starts his very first battle in Codex. I have been eager to see how the game works ever since the one-shot. I see it borrows a few things from the card game like Security, making it a bit different from Chaotic, but that makes it more fresh and fun. Flash might have a slight advantage, but he can't get cocky. I can't wait to see him hopefully pull off a win.

It was also great to see Shining Armor already. He might not be a champion here, but he might as well be from how Micro described him. Flash has a lot of hard work to do to make it as far as he has, but once he does a battle between them will be exciting to see.

I would love it if Guilmon is part of Flash's team. And if Twilight was in it, I bet her Digimon Partners would be Gatomon and Renamon

11594332 This isn't Pokemon. There's no team.

Okay, then Twilight would just get Gatomon.

Wasn't excepting Chaotic elements in a Digimon story, but I ain't complaining.

So basically, it's less of the original Digimon Adventure seasons and more of versions of the other shows or the newer Adventure series?

Shining is at least one of the best players, so he's well on his way to becoming the strongest.

Flash laughed at this but did as Micro told him, taking the device upstairs and flinging his closet open. For the next half hour, he looked through everything he owned and eventually found a look he liked for his avatar. He wore a white shirt under a black jacket with his signature lightning shield emblem on the shoulder, along with blue pants and black and white sneakers with lightning on the side. He thought this would be enough, but then he noticed something hanging from a hook in his closet. A pair of blue strapped aviator goggles he had once bought at a steampunk fair.

Legend has it that Scootaloo still hasn't gotten an answer to what a digivice is

Pretty good so far. And I love how you use Veedramon and AeroVeedramon in Veemon's Digivolution.

If Flash sold the Digi Egg of Courage, Can Veemon still become Flamdramon?

11599847 Yes, because he's got a scan of the egg.

Cool. Can't wait to see Sunset and Twilight's Digimon partner. and the rest of the Rainbooms.

Very interesting you combined Veemon with Agunimon since I don't think they are connect with each other… very interesting twist.

Like everyone said, it does feel like Chaotic.

Now, Flash got a glimpse of Digital World, it's Veemon's turn to get the glimpse of Real World.

I wonder if we will meet this potential new Veemon at some point.

"We power up. If Veemon's Attack isn't high enough, Flamedramon's might be." As he said that, he heard movement and looked around to see Gotsumon charging through the trees. "Alright!" He leapt out, revealing himself to Gotsumon. "Time to power up. Digivolve!" He waited, expecting to be consumed by fire, but nothing happened. "Huh? Digivolve!" Still, nothing happened. "Digi-Armor Energise!" Still nothing, "Execute, Digital Evolution!" He was still Veemon. "Oh geez. Micro, I think you forgot to explain something to me."

"Oops," Micro gulped.

Damn it, Micro! :facehoof:

"One more attack should do it!" Flash cried, charging at Golemon and hoping to get a good hit off on him. Golemon prepared to punch him, but Flamedramon leapt straight up and over him. As he did, he prepared to use the last of his SP to blast Golemon with a Fire Rocket. But before he could.

"Sulfur Plume!" From the volcano on his back, a massive blast of toxic gas exploded out and slammed into Flamedramon. Flash's eyes went wide, as every part of his body that touched the gas suddenly burned with intense pain.

"AUGH!" he screamed, his health dropping down to zero and shattering his security.

You jinx yourself, Flash! :facehoof:

Another two were also watching this match. One was an orange skinned blonde girl wearing a cowboy hat, a white and green top, denim skirt and brown boots. Next to her was a white canine Digimon with orange ears and and an orange tail. [AN]

The other was a blue skinned girl with strange prismatic hair, wearing a white top under a blue jacket with black pants that had rainbow lightning bolts on the side. Next to her was a bipedal turtle Digimon wearing a blue helmet on its head.

Look like we finally meet Applejack and Rainbow… out of my curiosity, who are those digimon that AJ and Rainbow partner with?

"Huh," Flash thought it over before turning to Veemon in the computer. "What do you think, bud? This Digimental is technically yours, since it was you stuck under it for so long."

Veemon smiled, "you decide what to do with it. We've got a scan of it, so we don't need one. I trust you to make the right choice." Flash nodded and after a little more thinking, he turned to Gennai.

Awww…. That's sweet to ask his partner first.

Woohoo! Now that was an awesome first battle! It ended up a lot closer than I expected due to Coconut Crasher having a Golemon scan, but luckily Flash managed to pull out a win thanks to the battle gear Micro gave him. Friendship wins yet again. Still though, if the battles are that tough at just In-Training, I'm excited to see how they will be going forward, since all the other Ranks are bound to be much tougher.

The aftermath of the battle was also pretty fun. Now, Flash has lots of money he can use to purchase new scans and upgrade his decks. I think it is pretty impressive that he already has three different decks he can use now, and has unlocked the Veedramon and Agunimon evolution lines. I can't wait to see those two in action.

But more importantly, Veemon's data was also scanned by Gennai, so now he can start the process of reintroducing Veemon's species into the Digital World. I don't know if we'll see much of it in the story but it is nice to know Veemon won't be the last of his kind forever.

We also got some fun cameos from Applejack and Rainbow Dash, who are apparently partners with Labramon and Kamemon respectively. Those two pompous jerks with the Kokuwamon felt like they are going to be the Klay and Krystella of the series. Can't wait to see more of them and for Flash to eventually make friends with Applejack, Rainbow, and the rest of the main characters.

I’m definitely looking forward to reading more! Digimon is something i LOVE to play, and i absolutely loved Chaotic growing up (plus Code Loyko)

Can’t wait to see what you have planned Banshee

I bet Twilight's partner would be a Renamon, because Renamon is a smart and strong digimon

I don’t know. It seems like they’re getting Digimon based on their pets. And if Spike is human in this, I’m thinking it’s gonna be an owl Digimon based on Owlicious.

"You've got a Digimental?" Gotsumon asked in absolute shock, "how did a newbie like you get the Digidollars for that?" Flamedramon just smirked at him, whilst looking over his gauges. The Digivolution gauge was gone and his health was the same, but his SP bar had completely filled back up.

"What's a digidollar?" Gigachad (I'm using the Brave browser and inserting an image is not possible)

11600044 It's Digital World Money. Mostly talked about in the first two seasons.

I kinda assumed so, the comment was a joke perspective from Flash if he reacted differently

Only got 5000 for a Unique artifact and can only get 10 evolution scans out of it? How much is a HP cookie or any equivalent?

Very intense first battle! And I like how Flash managed to get his deck updated in the lab like he did. Now he's got more tricks up his sleeve before even exploring the Digital World for new things.

Well, interesting starting chapters. Have a follow.

Haven't got to read this yet but I wonder if Spike will have a Digimon partner too?

Very good chapter, I like Sandalwood is being stealth mentor to Flash by helping him to understand be a Digimon while still be opponent at same time.

I like you have Flash lost since he was being a smug about it, at least he learned valuable lessons to never underestimate his opponents and he's not going to win all match.

At least it wasn’t a life threatening loss.

-our failures are also our best teachers.

Fun chapter. An important lesson for Flash that one win does not make him invincible and there is still a lot he needs to learn. He is lucky this happened against someone like Sandalwood and in the Beta Stadium, instead of it being against someone with less sportsmanship and in a battle that could affect his Rank.

I think Sandalwood is a good choice for a Peyton-like character. He certainly did a good job using an unexpected strategy to gain an advantage against a Digimon he normally would be at a type disadvantage against, showing how the game involves outthinking the enemy too. It was surprising to see his Digimon partner digivolve into Arbormon, another Legendary Warrior. Once Flash digivolved into BurningGreymon I got a lot of Digimon Frontier vibes.

"Don't tell me." Mangoramon reached it and crushed the coin in his hands, the blue energy flying into him and likely restoring his SP. "How many other coins are there?"

That's a very good question. I wonder if there is a coin that will let someone recover their health, or even an entire security?

Very fun and a lot of fitting ideas for Sandalwood and his Digimon. Great work.

Well, important life lesson learned.

Very good chapter and I am glad we got to explore a bit of the Digital World and Flash and Micro got to interact with Leomon.

Through, I am still wondering if Datamon's Digimon will play a big role later on since he did scan Veemon.

Here's highlights

"And does it matter if we did get in trouble?" Flash asked, "it's not like the two of us are the real versions of us."

Micro frowned. "Flash, you have to be careful." Flash was surprised by how serious Micro was acting right now. "We might only be digital avatars, but we're still vulnerable. If we get destroyed, we don't just respawn or something. That's it. Game over." Flash's eyes went wide. "I've known players that got cocky and didn't take care of themselves, only to get crushed by a Mammothmon or something else. And I never saw them again."

Flash suddenly felt very unprotected at that moment, the teen quickly activating one of the decks as he did so. "Alright, so what would happen if I didn't load a deck?"

Considered he got his ass whoop by Sandalwood as well almost died by those crazy Digimons at the beginning, it make sense to be prepared for any potential attacks.

He turned to his computer and stuck his finger in a port, uploading the data. "Codex players might not be able to scan partner Digimon, but I have no such restriction." The image of Veemon appeared followed by a bunch of possible evolutions. He couldn't unlock any of the Armors, but the Champions were his for the taking. "Huh," he found one that looked interesting, "what's this? ExVeemon?"

Hmmm… I am wonder if this plot line is going to be important later on.

This was a fun chapter. Flash spends some time exploring more of the Digital World, getting a few new scans of Digimon, locations, and Battle Gear, and making a few new friends in the process. But there is still a lot more left to explore and discover.

I especially liked Flash and Micro meeting Leomon and helping him defend the Rookies. Leomon is always a noble and heroic character, but he sadly gets the short end of the stick more often than not due to the franchise running gag of him dying in every season and movie he appears in. So will that continue here, or will he finally catch a break?

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Elecmon told him. "He might turn into what you Digivolve that scan into, but a strong desire can override what it's programmed to become. I knew a Gabumon who had a bunch of egg-mates that all turned into Garurumon, but he didn't want to be Garurumon. He wanted to be a warrior, which caused him to Digivolve into a humanoid wolf Digimon. Low...something-mon. But like I said, it's all about what you want."

Nice reference to Lobomon.

He turned to his computer and stuck his finger in a port, uploading the data. "Codex players might not be able to scan partner Digimon, but I have no such restriction." The image of Veemon appeared followed by a bunch of possible evolutions. He couldn't unlock any of the Armors, but the Champions were his for the taking. "Huh," he found one that looked interesting, "what's this? ExVeemon?"

I can't tell if I should be concerned about Datamon or not. On one hand alluding to ExVeemon sounds exciting, but on the other hand the fact he scanned Veemon in secret is suspicious.

Flash and Micro gasped, whilst Shellmon unleashed his Aqua Blaster and knocked Veedramon staggering back. "This isn't good." Flash held up his Digivice, "time to go Ultimate."

"You can't!" Micro told him, "I'm honestly surprised you were able to go to Champion this fast. Getting your Digimon to Digivolve outside of Codex isn't easy." Ebidramon leapt out of the water and grabbed Kabuterimon, using its claws to squeeze the insect. "I haven't gotten Tentomon passed his Champion Level yet. Barely anyone has."

"Shining Armor was able to get to Ultimate." Veedramon charged at Shellmon and the pair struggled against one another.

"Shining Armor's been playing this game a lot longer then anyone else. And he's only been able to Digivolve to Ultimate for a few months. Digivolving your Digimon outside of Codex requires a lot of energy. That energy comes from how in synch you and your Digimon are." Leomon leapt out of the cliff and flew towards Gesomon, sword ready despite the ink still burning. "I'm sorry, but you're just not there yet!"

I see. That will help balance things out so Flash isn't overpowered in the Digital World too early on. That also shows he still has a long way to go.

Some nice moments of exploring the Digital World, setup for future chapters, and Flash helping out Leomon! Wonderful stuff. Hoping that the next Codex battle has a full team setup like how Chaotic had 6 VS 6 matches.

Trixie definitely gave Flash a tough and amazing battle! Loved seeing everything with that!

As for Jet Set, he said he's only undefeated in the Rookie Stadium. He's a normal fish in a small pond that's going to lose hard if Flash goes against him. But it would be best to really prove that Flash is better by not using Veemon or any forms immediately related to him. Instead, let Leomon get some love and have Flash fight as him. Plus, I'd definitely love seeing matches with a team of Digimon rather than just the one form and their selected evolutions.

I also like the choice of partners for the Mane 6 members we meet this chapter. Fluttershy with Terriermon is perfect.

Trixie really put up a fight for Flash… and I like your choice for partners for Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

Sound like Jet Set and Lightning Dust are our first antagonist since Jet planned to take Veemon from Flash… I wonder why there's no Digimon with him.

Here's highlights

"I'm Jet Set, one of the best competitors in the Rookie Stadium. I'm undefeated." Flash looked around, not seeing a partner Digimon anywhere. If he was really undefeated, then he must have been really good if he could do that without one. "And this is my confidant. Lightning Dust."

I had a feeling that either he does have a Digimon or just lying his ass just to make himself so good.

At the same time, three other girls were watching the match. One was a white skinned girl with purple hair, wearing a blue dress and purple mini skirt. The other was a pink skinned girl with flurry pink hair, wearing white shirt with balloons on and a pink skirt. Finally, there was a yellow skinned girl with pink hair that was wearing a long blue summer dress.

Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie enter the scene!

All left is Twilight and Sunset.

"Ha," Jet laughed as he saw this, "serves the loser right. He should learn not to play with the big kids if he can't handle it." Lightning nodded, the paid laughing as they watched Veedramon staggered into the water, which went up to his knees, as Lekismon landed and drew another icicle.

Wow! They really loves to pick on newbies, huh? :twilightangry2: Just wait until he proves those two jerks wrong about him!

As they made their way to the foyer, they were watched by Jet and Lightning Dust. "That guy won't be laughing for long," Jet stated. "The only reason he won was because of that Digimon he had." Jet smiled, "I'll just have to take him for myself."

Wow! That's low of you, Jet. Stealing Veemon is illegal and would get yourself banned from Codex.

If this guy said he's the undefeated, where the hell is his Digimon?!

Amazing! Trixie put up a good fight against Flash and he was able to come out on top and win. Wonder if will see Trixie again in the future.

And, nice that we have Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie show up to. Also, who is Pinkie Partner? There is no picture and I’m drawling a blank on who it is :twilightblush:

Only leaves Sunset and Sci-Twi. Wonder who’ll they will get as partners

11618894 If a Digimon doesn't have a picture under its description, that means it's an entirely original Digimon I made up.

Another epic battle! Flash really did a great job adapting to whatever Trixie threw at him, and did a great job showing what Veedramon and AeroVeedramon can do. It is definitely a good thing Flash went with that deck instead of his Flamedramon or BurningGreymon decks since he would have otherwise been at a massive disadvantage, but I guess he knew Trixie was expecting him to use Fire so he went with the unexpected instead. His Volt-Edge battle gear also definitely served him well against Trixie and her Water Digimon.

Trixie was really fun like usual in your stories. You seem to like giving her ice-themed abilities on top of her usual illusions. Here's hoping we still see more of her after this. Maybe she can even join Flash's group of friends. Speaking of friends, we also got fun cameos of Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie. They have some fun Digimon, like Salamon and Terriermon. I am guessing Pinkie's partner is an OC, so it will be fun to learn more about it later.

Finally, we are also formerly introduced to Jet Set and Lightning Dust as minor antagonists. They just seem like typical bullies that think they are better than everyone else. Can't wait to see them get knocked down a peg or two. Interesting that Jet Set doesn't have a partner yet, but I wonder how he is going to try to steal Veemon from Flash? I doubt Flash would ever wager Veemon or anything. Also interesting to see Lightning as Jet's confidant instead of Upper Crust, given their relationship in canon.

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