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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


This story is a sequel to Yugioh EQG: XX

The Double X has come and gone and everyone's getting back to a normal life. But before they can relax, enemies old and new appear with a dark agenda. Will our heroes prevail, or is our world doomed to oblivion. It's time to Duel.


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Damn. This story is off to an intense start. Looking forward to updates when you can make them.

"Sure. Keep telling yourself that." Flash kept teasing him about it for the rest of lunch, Sunburst feeling very embarrassed as he tried to deny everything.

Yeah, trust him. He should know. :raritywink:

Rainbow seemed surprised by this. Was he....no way.

Oh, yes way. :ajsmug:

(reads the ending) WHAT THE HECK?! :twilightoops::pinkiegasp:

I wasn't expecting this so soon. Last time, you waited until your Pokemon story was done.

Well... that escalated quickly. 😨

Well that was an epic start to your final Yugioh story. It is going to be strange with this story not updating every other day like your other ones did, but you are also working on a few other stories too so it is understandable.

There were some good moments in this opening chapter, like Flash teasing Sunburst over his relationship with Starlight (he finally gets to do that himself instead of being on the receiving end), Cold and his allies discussing what they need to do against the Dominators, seeing the great state Wonderbolts Academy is in now that everyone is dueling, and Soarin actually managing to ask out Rainbow with the excuse of a "team meeting" and Rainbow actually agreeing!

Flash's duel against Marble (or should I say Lady Marble) was pretty good. I especially liked his new Xyz Monster Reality Buster Dragon. Plus that Zenith Dragon was scary awesome. Once again Flash has lost in the opening, which can only mean things are going to get bad really fast.

He looked up at hi opponent, a teenage girl with yellow skin with light blue hair.


I'll keeping working hard, for both our sakes.


We gather useful information from Tempest Shadows, who was taken over by Storm King Dominator using a Soulink.

gathered and Shadow

He opened the next and went wide-eyed seeing what it said,

Seems like you forgot to put something after "next".

"By banishing the top card of my deck, I can let attack once more after he destroys a monster."

Put "it" after "let".

"When we have to look everywhere!"


Say bub-bye to yourself, Lady Marble.

I think you mean "buh".

Flash asked as the crumbling piece of the moon-sized egg feel away to reveal...an eye.


Afterwards, they're banished a replaced by one of the monsters used in their summoning.


Seconds later, the hole shrank until it took disappeared into thin air.


Damn those Dominators. They have no regard for other people’s lives, human or duel spirit. And now they’ve thrown Flash and Scootaloo in some other dimensional prison? That’s going too far.

And what’s that coward Hellfire doing back here? Did he come just to rub in that they locked up their friend? Twilight is not gonna take this well. Oh, no. Misty. How is she gonna react to this?

That’s it. That’s where I draw the line. Banshee, take as much time as you need, I don’t care how long it takes, I just want these demons to burn.

"Well, good thing for us there's no such thing as an ordinary human."

So C.S. Lewis once said or wrote down. I really don't remember which. It very well may be both.

Wait, the symbol on Flash's hand...:pinkiegasp: I don't think I like what it could mean. Also, why do I get the feeling that Dash is going to get Omega-ed (not a verb, I know) into where Flash and Scootaloo are?

That Hellfire, showing up acting all smug, and that thin veneer of politeness when we all know what a monster he is. Glad Cold was able to put him in his place.

That mark on Flash is significantly concerning. I really hope it doesn’t mean what I think it might mean. Either of the two possibilities. And now Rainbow is stuck alone with Ouravas, which is not at all an evil sounding name.

Someone needs to stop these evil beings now before they take anything or anyone else.

I don’t think they plan on doing that to her. Remember when Scootaloo fell in with Flash? Lady Marble said “some trash got mixed in”; it sounds like they’re just targeting candidates (the six people who have defeated the Dominators in the past). Of course, that would mean that Gilda and Soarin’ are potential targets. I could be wrong, though, but that’s my theory, at least.

Man, I'm wondering what will happen next after the Zealots revealed what they're planning. How will Flash and Scootaloo get out of their situation? Can Rainbow defeat her enemy or be defeated by them? Can any of the heroes defeat those Zenith Dragons? We'll just have to wait.

Cold won the duel, but the war is far from over. I don't know for sure what that symbol on Flash's hand could be, but I do know there is no way it can be good. The Omega Zealots are probably targeting the six candidates that Storm King and the rest of Team Dominators scouted during the Double X for this "project" that was mentioned a few times, but then why is Ouravas going after Rainbow? Also, I wonder where Soarin could be? I thought he and Rainbow were going to have a "team meeting" together, so if he is nearby he could be in some danger too, maybe more so than Rainbow since he is actually a candidate.

I hope Flash and Scootaloo will be okay until the others can find a way to save them.



The blasters unleashed a barrage of snowballs, which hit Heath's two face down and turned them to ice before they shattered.


As he did, a pair fireball erupted infront of him.


The two wing blasters pointed at Cold's face down, firing to destroy them but leaving his Pendulum Cards safe.


By tributing Frozen Heart Neo Dragon and a level four or higher Frozen Heart monster, I can unleash my dragons ultimate form!


He pulled out four, showing Frozen Heart Angel, Fortress Golem and Diplocaulus.

I think you mean three.

"If a monster is on your field after this card attacks, it can attack again.

Ending quotation mark needed.

Before anyone could tell her to shush, six figured appeared behind Discord and were completely hidden in the shadows.


Looks like things are going to be tough for everyone.

Looking at the duel I am reminded of a particular poem:

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

So can we say that Heath's world has be destroyed twice?

I take it Flash is intended to the Omega Zealot of Light.
I am not sure how Rainbow will fare against the new guy, but it will be interesting.


I take it Flash is intended to the Omega Zealot of Light.

I doubt it. I think they already have that area covered. They probably have something much worse planned for Flash.

Who knows. I do want one thing though. It would be extremely fitting if Fluttershy was able to defeat Discord and free him.

Hi I'm a huge fan of your work I have read almost all this series and was wondering if I could get a part in the story I under stand if you say no just keep writing :pinkiehappy:

10160626 Sorry. Way to late in the game to add anymore characters.

Oh man this is getting intense. Rainbow and Gilda are both dueling Dominators and it looks like they are both struggling. If Ouravas summons his Zenith Dragon I don't think Rainbow is going to win this one. If that happens, I can only imagine what Soarin's reaction will be to findding out what happened to her.

Looks like it is officially confirmed that Queen Novo has also been Dominated. With that, I think we now know the identities of every Zealot and the spirit Dominating them except for the spirit Dominating Trixie.

As decided to count the time, waiting until the hand moved before counting.

I think you wanted to put something between "As" and "decided".

Many have speculated that this is some kind of Duel Monster, though any attempt to find it in the Freeze Industry database and yielded no results


I parents got me some when we went to Europe.


"Yeah," Rainbow looked around, "kind figured that.


"Yes," Guto smiled, "this is my true form. And with it, I shall help free my lord and end this miserable existence.

"He opened the door for us. He allowed us to enter this world through the Shadow Gate. Thanks to him, we were able to Soulink ourselves into this world and find the Zenith Dragons. Now all we must do is awaken the Dragons and find a worthy vessel for our lord.

Add ending quotation marks for both of these sentences.

So now Dash and Gilda are both fighting Dominators, and Flash has finally met Discord (or rather, Draconequus). I can’t see any outcome that doesn’t involve both of the former two getting sent to the Void.

This story just keeps getting darker and bleaker, and we’re not even 5 chapters in yet. (It also looks like these events are all taking place on the first day.)

Well this is getting really serious

Discord smiled, speaking as if Flash never even spoke. "However, there are two way of being set free from this prison. The first is to lose your life." The two didn't have time to properly focus on that thought before Discord showed them his mark. "The second...is to offer yourself up as a vessel for our lord."

Oh, heck no! Double hecking no! :twilightoops:

While I still foresee the very last duel will be Flash Vs. Midnight Sparkle, the probability seem to diminishing.
But there is someone else in the room with Flash and Discord, one who has been shafted from having the abilities Flash has, one who might want to level the playing field.
A cookie to those who get the suggestion

Well... things just keep getting worse and worse... We are in the fall folks, and it doesn't look like the bottom is in sight...
The upside.. maybe we'll finally learn the being that dominated Starlight

"Wait," Flash thought back to all the people who'd beaten Dominators. Aside from him, there was Spike, Sunburst, Soarin and Gilda. They'd all beaten Dominators during the Double X. Was there anyone else?

Yeah, your girlfriend, doofus! :ajbemused:

Oh, honey, you had no way of knowing this would happen. If you had just sat back and done nothing, Sombra and those Shadow Monsters would have destroyed the world.

Wait... could Gilda become the vessel for Zeronull… well she's bitchy enough... unless...:rainbowderp:Zeronull + Twilight Sparkle = Midnight Sparkle!:pinkiegasp::raritystarry: I know I shouldn't be gitty over it, but let me dream this night.

Yeah, your girlfriend, doofus! :ajbemused:

:derpytongue2: Well to be just not even Twilight knew that at the time...

Oh, honey, you had no way of knowing this would happen. If you had just sat back and done nothing, Sombra and those Shadow Monsters would have destroyed the world.

So little solider boy was damned if did, damned if he didn't.:unsuresweetie:

Damn it. They’re evil. They’re all completely evil. Now Gilda is trapped, and Flash is another step closer to being taken over?

I can’t see any light in this darkness. I can’t see any way we can win this fight. Is this what you wanted? To show us all that there is no light? That there is no hope for our heroes? Well, I refuse to lose hope. But... it’s only getting harder and harder to hold on to.

:fluttershyouch: They can’t keep getting away with it. THEY CAN’T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!!!!

Well as they say, 'it's always darkness before the dawn'

And when exactly does the dawn get here? Do you see the dawn coming? Because I don't.

This is the long night's journey into day, my friend, all we can do is to follow the advice of Dory, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

Well that ending was brutal. The destruction of Wonderbolt Academy was shocking, and now the Dominators have awakened two of the six Zenith Dragons. Though on the plus side, Rainbow wasn’t sent to Void and Amphitrite failed to summon her Zenith Dragon against Gilda. Not much of a silver lining but I’ll take what I can get.

I wonder what Ouravas meant when he said he knows friendship better than anyone? That was too specific to just be a random thing to say. Did he have a bad experience with a friend or something? Not that that excuses him of his actions.

The light hit Gilda's monsters and caused their skin the change into fish scales while their bird feet transformed into webbed flippers.


He then tried to call Gilda, but also got no reply. "What's going on

You forgot the question mark and closing quotation mark.

Best you've never had a friend in the world.

I think you mean “Bet”.

We know ever card. Ever trick. Ever strategy your decks can use.

Those are all supposed to be “every”.

He slowly walked through what remained of the gates as he looked around, trying to find the course of his school's destruction.


Aside from those three, Flash's teammates we're the only ones who beat a Dominator.



Yeah, your girlfriend, doofus! :ajbemused:

In his defense, did Twilight even mention to anyone that she beat Starlight?

It certainly seems like there is no hope. The bad guys seem to be on a winning streak, and I have a bad feeling that they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. But we can’t give in to despair. The dawn isn’t here yet because things are going to get worse before they get better, but I’m not giving up on everyone yet.

She had to in order to tell Sunburst that she spoke with Starlight while she was trapped in her own mind.

Oh... I thought you were talking about Moondancer...

If I remember correctly, Twilight's first and only duel with Moondancer and Saltalunam ended in defeat.

"Sir," they looked around a saw someone who looked just like Thorax. The only difference was that he had dark green, almost black, skin and bright red hair. He wore a suit and sunglasses, giving him a very spy-like appearance. "We'll need to get moving if we want to drop him off and reach the meeting place on time."

:raritystarry: Is that...

"Got it," Thorax nodded. "Thanks Pharynx."

:rainbowkiss: Yes, Best Changeling is in the House!


I am sorry, but how could someone with so much zeal not know the word 'Zealot'? How? Someone at somepoint had to have called him a zealot.

"No. Cold sent me info on the guy he met, but we haven't been able to properly identify him yet. And since Skystar's a princess, she had diplomatic immunity."

That's not how diplomatic immunity works. Only if she was in Thorax's nation in the role of an actual or deputized ambassador of her nation to Thorax's nation, and even then that depends on the treaties that exist between the two nations as to the scope of immunity.

"those Dominators knew what they were doing when they chose to use someone like her as a spy and saboteur."

Espionage is one of those few crimes that diplomatic immunity is not extended too.

"Last Duel?" Twilight asked, only to put the pieces together. If she'd met this Dominator before, who apparently wanted revenge for being defeated, that meant she could only be one monster. "You...you're the Duel Spirit that Dominated Starlight."
"The one and the same," Trixie bowed. "Honestly, I should really thank you for what you did. It gave me the chance to get a far less disobedient host. Now I can Duel my way. And now I will complete my mission and capture you for master Zeronull."

Wait, are we actually gonna see the being that dominated Starlight? Oh please oh please

"Witness," Trixie raised a card into the air, "my true form!" She slapped the card onto her Duel Disk as the pillar of light exploded. A figure appeared in that light, though Twilight couldn't see well enough to figure out what it was.

Yes, yes, yes

The light finally faded to reveal a woman with silver hair under a white wizards hat. Her clothes were the same as Trixie's, except she was wearing a white cape that covered her shoulders. In her hands was a pure white staff with a circular head that had a light blue crystal star on it. The same blue shape was was also on her cape. "Shining Magician, GLORIANNA!" (A3000/D2500/L8)
The three all stared up at the monster, as she began to descend upon them. Tidal was speechless, Starlight was horror-struck and Twilight glared. "So," she whispered before looking back at Trixie, "this is your true form.

YES! and she is GLORIUS, pun unapologetically intended.
I know I should be routing for Twilight, but I just so want to see this monster in action and … well Trixie kinds of needs a win

So, after all this time the unknown Dominator finally reveals herself. Shining Magician, Glorianna. She’s the one that caused Starlight and Sunburst so much pain. Her identity was probably one of the biggest mysteries in the XX story. Now she is at full power since she can use her card and the deck she wants. I have a bad feeling about this.

Meanwhile, it looks like Hellfire is targeting Spike. It seems like these Dominators are holding grudges against the candidates that beat them in the Double X. I hope Spike’s friends can keep him safe. On a side note though, it was nice to see Spike and Thorax reunited. I thought Thorax would be out of commission for awhile since he lost to Skystar in the beginning of the story. Plus it was nice having Pharynx make a brief appearance too.

She quickly rushed over to her kitchen and grabbed a frying pan before moving over to the doorway, attaching her Duel Disk encase she couldn't fight her way through.

in case

After what happened to Flash and Rainbow, I wasn't just gonna shit back while these Dominators cause more problem.


Ideas that'll be properly disgust once Twilight's safely back home,


He turned to her opponent and saw it was the girl Twilight had Duelled in the Double X, spotting the tell tell glove on her right hand.

I think you mean “telltale”.

Next, I use Alina's skill to Special Summon on Light monster from my hand that's Level four or lower.


So, Pharynx is Thorax's cousin instead of his brother in this universe. I guess that makes sense since having him be Pharynx's older brother would have made him the crown prince, and Thorax needed to be the crown prince for story purposes.

I'm honestly hoping that that monster loses, but considering how the previous duels in this story have gone, this could go either way.

I wonder what's going on with Flash, Scootaloo, and Gilda in the Void. Wait. :pinkiegasp: Is it theoretically possible for Zeronull to takeover multiple hosts? If no, then what happens to whoever doesn't get chosen? :twilightoops:

So the candidates are being hunted, one by one, and now Hellfire has Spike in his sights. On the upside, Thorax is back; it's about time he made his way back into the story.

Poor Starlight. Sounds like she's suffering from PTSD after being Dominated for the past year. And yet she still steps up to help make sure Twilight gets back home to her loved ones. Somebody give the girl a hug, please?

At last, we have a name for the Dominator Spirit who was controlling Starlight - Glorianna. Shining Magician Glorianna. And sure enough, her true appearance is very similar to how Trixie is dressed now. The Zealots really are a bunch of narcissists, aren't they?

Not only that, she really is pure evil. Setting bombs all over the airport and forcing Twilight to duel her or else she'll set them off, killing hundreds, thousands of innocent people. Talk about a sadistic choice. SuperSonicHeroes, if you're reading this, does that qualify as a Moral Event Horizon?

This duel definitely looks like it's no longer in Twilight's favor. I'm still holding on to hope, though. We may lose this battle, but we're NOT gonna lose the war. Don't give up yet, Twilight. Give her Hell.

Let's hope that Twilight can figure out what to do against this enemy. Then again, we're only 5 chapters into this story, so we'll be expecting a lot of twists and turns until the heroes can start saving the day.


Not only that, she really is pure evil. Setting bombs all over the airport and forcing Twilight to duel her or else she'll set them off, killing hundreds, thousands of innocent people.

Not necessarily, what she's doing is evil, but that doesn't mean she's evil. We know nothing about her life before the relationship with Starlight, who knows why she joined the Omega Zealots?
Now the only person we can say is pure evil in this story is Zeronull, I am not saying Discord because he's chaos

Okay, here's some food for thought. The Zealots are going after the candidates to serve as potential vessels for their master, Zeronull. And in doing so, they're taking them prisoner and separating them from their loved ones. They are tearing families apart.

But we actually have two Zealots, Amphitrite and Rhodos, the ones possessing Queen Novo and Princess Skystar - they're mother and daughter, just like their hosts. They are a family! Do they not see how precious the bond is between family members? Or do they only care about their connection with each other?

I'll leave all of you to think on that one.

To be honest, I think I knew Twilight was going to lose this round. At least she and Flash are together again, but now Spike is trapped in a fight just on the heels of losing his sister. The Zealots just keep winning, there’s no way to stop them. The rate they’re going, the entire world is doomed.

That’s what I thought, at least. But is that true? Are they really unstoppable? I’m starting to think they’re not. They’re resorting to these tactics because they know they can’t win otherwise. They are cowards. I’ve come to believe that we’re in a dark tunnel. But sooner or later, you’re gonna reach the light at the other end, and that light will send them running in fear, just like they’re trying to make us do.

The Zealots win by making you think they’re invincible, but they’re not.

"Fine, not that I'd want to use your silly body again anyway. I have a much better host. One that is far more great and powerful."
"There's the Trixie I know," Twilight huffed before looking back up at her dragon.

Not necessarily, the two could just be very much in-synch

"Yeah." She pulled away and looked him in the eye, "I've got some bad news."

a bit of an understatement there Twily

"If they think a bunch of puny humans can defeat me, they're sorely mistaken."

If I recall correctly Cold just handed you your ass on a golden platter the last time you dueled.

Spike couldn't. He couldn't leave his friend to suffer like that. He had to help him. "Alright," he took his Duel Disk out and strapped it to his wrist. "You win. Let's do this."

And people why heroes keep getting into these kinds of messes

Well you wanted to see what Glorianna could do and now you have. Now Spike has to try and beat one of these guys. Will the good guys finally get a win?

Given Heath's track record... I am cautiously optimistic. That being said, I kind of want Pharnyx to come upon the scene and put a bullet through Heath's heart before he can attack with the zenith dragon of fire... say what you want but to paraphrase Han Solo, 'Card tricks and holograms are no match to a good gun at your side'... I know it goes against the source material, but come on Pharnyx's cousin and king is in danger and given Pharnyx's role and attitude, why wouldn't he have a firearm... just saying... also Heath is a bit of rapid dog and there's only one to treat those...

I had a bad feeling that’s how Twilight’s duel was going to end. Now Spike is next. I have the feeling Hellfire is targeting Spike just for petty revenge for Spike beating him back in the Double X.

Things are not looking good for the heroes right now. Half the candidates are captured and half the Zenith Dragons awakened, and if things go wrong for Spike here both those numbers will be raised to four. But I’m not losing hope yet.

He looked over and saw his phone laying on the ground, completely shattered with the call being cut. No doubt Tidal and Shining were having a fit, wondering what had happened to them.

I think you mean Cold.

They quickly realised the floor was acting like a travelator, carrying them through the prison at high speed and even somehow turning corner incredibly fast.


You'll have to wait until you see Cold too know


As much as he wanted to help save his sister and everyone else, you wouldn't be much use if he was captured.


Heath stepped out of that portal before it closed, the Dominator looking down at the street and smiling when the limo turned the corner into it. "To easy."


And inside th cage was Spike's friend.


Will the good guys finally get a win?


Wait. If Gilda's is already being filled out, how far along is Flash's? :twilightoops:

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