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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



This story is a sequel to Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates

A year has past since our heroes battle against Sombra. Now, a new threat appears in the form of a tournament. Will our heroes be able to overcome this evil, or is the peace they worked so hard to achieve gone forever?

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I'm looking forward to read this story 😃

Awesome start l like it so far can't wait to see more

This was a great preview of what is to come. I know it will be awhile before we see more from this, but I can't wait for this to continue! Tempest is tough. I predict that even though Scarvolt appears to be her ace monster she has even more monsters up her sleeve, like maybe a monster that resembles The Storm King. This is going to be epic.

Hearing this caused Flash to frown, lasting only a second but enough for Twilight to notice. "Yeah, I get challenged every other day or so. Some are pretty good, others are getting in way other their head."


Flash frown. Maybe this woman was better then he had originally thought.


I draw and play Pot of Greed. This card lets me draw two new card,


Flash: 0
Tempest: 800

You forgot the (Winner) that appeared in your other two stories by the winner of the duel.

New Duelist, hopefully just as strong as her, would be coming to compete.


So, how did everyone pick their teams? Who is on Tempest's team? Wait. Is that other girl with Pinkie and Maud supposed to be Marble? :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: Most importantly, what does Tempest really want with Flash?:applejackunsure: Oooh, this is so exciting. Wait. Are Flash and Soarin going to meet and totally hit it off?:ajsmug:

Wait. It's been a year. Shouldn't Flash's parents have returned home by now?

An interesting preview... I am guessing the actual story will start in mides res, I think you showed a little too much with the actual duel of Flash and Tempest.
So Sunburst and Tempest have made their debut, will Starlight follow suit as well as the other movie characters and season 6 and 7 characters, maybe even the Student Six... okay the last batch might be pushing it on my end. Let's see what comes next

Well the girl could be Limestone

Given how Flash and Soarin usually share a bro-mance in most of Banshee's other stories I'd say that is a pretty likely assumption. Though chances are he'll probably bond more with Spike and Sunburst since they are actually on the same team as him. I'm interested in seeing Soarin's deck and how he and Rainbow work together too.

I don't know. In Shadow Gates, she mentioned that Marble was the best duelist out of all of them.

ok you may have answered this before but I have to know, why use a picture of Chronojet Dragon from Cardfight Vanguard for you yugioh stories?

9292866 Because that's Flash's ace monster. I renamed it into Flash Heart Dragon, because I liked it so much.

Har har. Not just that but because it's a sequel to some of the coolest YuGiOh fan fics on the site.

9292912 Oh come on, I'm sure there a loads more Yugioh stories out there that are better then mine.

This feels like a mix of the Vanguard G Next storyline with the yugioh style cards/game.

9292940 No comment. (Nervously pulls at his shirt collar)

I get drawing parallels but tbh I don't really like to see them all the time.

Wait. You're not going to have Flash and Twilight get into a bad fight and break up just for extra drama, are you? It annoys me to no end when stories do that. I mean, I'm not expecting sunshine and roses, but come on, at least let them work it out when they start having problems.

9293037 Don't worry, we won't have any issue with that. I hate that cliché.

Oh, thank you so much. I hate that cliche too.

Oh, this preview was great! One suggestion I have is rather than say that the cards are "Dominated", say they have something like a "Domination Counter" on them. That makes it more in line with the Yu-Gi-Oh card game because I never heard of "domination" in gameplay of it like that.

9293086 That's how it'll be written on the card, but I'll stick with dominated since it sounds cool.

9293132 Yes, yes I do. And Chronojet happens to be my Vanguard.

Looking good. I loved the previous two given its like Vanguard G in a way (Also love the pick). Anyways looking forward to the upcoming story.

Looks good so far. Can't wait to see more.

Has it already been a year? I find that hard to believe.

So, looks like Flash has grown bored with dueling because he can't find anyone who can match him. Glad he was able to rediscover his passion for dueling from his duel with Tempest, though! I just hope this doesn't turn into an example of "Be careful what you wish for"...

Glad to see the next chapter in the Yu-Gi-Oh! EQG saga is under way!

Hey, I just thought of something and now I'm curious about it. We haven't seen Trixie since she dueled Twilight in the original story, and then she never appeared in Shadow Gates, unless she did and I just missed her. Is the bus gonna be bringing her back in this story, or is her role in the series done?

9298855 Oh don't worry, she'll be back. I have...plans for her. (Evil laugh)

:unsuresweetie: I have strongly mixed feelings about that response.

Just an idea here, but do you think you can do a star wars version of this?

quick question? are link monsters gonna be a thing? I mean I know the vrains era is pretty contentious (though it seemed to have petered out somewhat and the infamous firewall dragon got banned recently). Hell, there are two good pendulum supporting link monsters I can think of (d/d/d abyss king Gilgamesh literally farts out the scales from the deck when it's summoned while heavymetalfoes electrume is limited to give two examples).

9325413 Sorry, no Link monsters. Considering the revamp they did to make it work, along with nerving Pendulums, I don't think I could make it work.

I don't exactly disagree with you, but maybe you should consider it for at least a one-off chapter or something (Like the character going to vrains or something akin to the Noah arc of the first season). Hell, Abyss King and Electrum show that pendulums can still make amazing plays despite that. Maybe have starlight glimmer as the arc villain of the possible link arc.

9325961 Sorry, already got plans for Starlight.

k. maybe somebody else. Maybe discord, he would be the kind of guy who would fuck over flash's pendulums like that.

9325970 I think it's best that I just not use Links.

k, but if you want some custom cards I got a few in the works. Mostly red-eyes thus far.

hey, I got an idea, give flash castel the skyblaster. It would visually fit with the effects of his monsters focusing on bouncing and wouldn't look too out of place.

9330861 Maybe, but it doesn't really fit the aesthetic of Flash's deck. Flash's decks consists of light and dark monsters, who are all based around steam punk.

to be fair he does have that gun and as the magna monsters seem to be revolutionaries in their day, I would imagine a musketeer would fit in. Besides shining spoon uses archfiends yet runs a dragon that's mostly unrelated to skeleton demons (same goes for thorax and his ace).

I kinda feel like that card would have been better in Flash's first deck. His new deck seems to focus more on removing cards from play instead of returning them to the deck.

on a side note can we get twilight playing twilightsworns. Maybe a more dedicated Spellbook/Prophecy deck.

9334130 Those really aren't Twilight's style. Just because they share a name, doesn't mean they'll have them in their decks. Rainbow ain't wielding a crystal beast deck, so I'll stick with what Twilight has now.

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