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A fan of many different shows, games, and fandoms.

Hello Fellow Fans

Hello everyone. I have been a fan of MLP FIM since the second season and it is only one of the many different fandoms I am part of. These include but are not limited to:
1. Sonic the hedgehog
2. Marvel Universe
3. DC
4. Doctor Who
5. Transformers
6. Star Wars
I have been reading stories on this site for a long time and decided the 5th anniversary was as good a time as any to become a member.

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Sure, once I have some time.

Hey man, was wondering if you could add to the character sheet that I had just set up for ‘The Flash Sentry Chronicles’ Tv Tropes page.


Thanks for favoritiing my story. :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for adding Since When Did My Dog Become a Rapper? to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

No problem. I’ll have to start reading them when I get a chance. It might take awhile to get through them all due to their length though.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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