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Hey guys I'm a writer who just writes stuff. I like writing SonicxMLP so yeah.

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What's up with S6 of MLP? (And others?) · 2:49am Dec 22nd, 2016

I've been asking a few of my friends about other seasons of MLP, more or less season 6 they've said that they don't like the new season, or Starlight (well that's a bit obvious) Or they don't like any of the episodes of S6.

I am now wondering, do people really like the other seasons of MLP past S2? Because I want to know if other people either likes or don't like other seasons or epsiodes, Please let me know at the comments below.

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Update for The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician soon?

2310771 You're welcome!

:rainbowkiss: You are so awesome for the fave.:rainbowkiss:

Thanks for following me! I'm glad you like my story!

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