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Hey guys I'm a writer who just writes stuff. I like writing SonicxMLP so yeah.


This are stories of a blue haired individual and a Lavender pony as they both live their lives and show their feeling for each other despite their different natures and species, but that will not stop them from from having a good time.

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Sonic, a boy who's life is always hectic on his adventures while he's on his runs he comes across a purple haired girl named Twilight Sparkle who gets sent to Sonic's world from a failed spell she did.

Together these two polar opposites will go together in adventures and might end up getting more closer then apart.

Sonic and MLP characters are all humans in this story

Please Enjoy!

Chapters (17)

It's Sonic's birthday, and he was content with the party, though he noticed, however, a certain lavender alicorn hasn't given their present yet. Crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog. A small one-shot I wanted to do. READ ON YOUR OWN RISK and if you like SonTwi or if you're interested.

(UPDATE 03-31-17: I managed to correct some of the words in this story so I hope you enjoy it with no misspellings and whatnot.

Chapters (1)
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