The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician

by Antmix762

Sweet Mountain

Sweet Mountain

Part 1: Sweet Dreams and Boosting Lesson

Where we last left our heroes they were looking for a way to get to the other trying to board the "Egg Shuttle " as it was called, Cream felt scared from it and Twilight found this to be creepy as it had his face there, to which Sonic and Tails chuckled from this. They were sitting in the seats as Cream was looking through the windows as they were approaching their destination.

"Wow, space looks amazing doesn't it Cheese?" "Chao, chao!" He replied gleefully. Then they heard Eggman's voice from the PA again.

"Next stop: the Sweet Mountain. Enjoying our candy paradise is the perfect way to celebrate your next birthday. Or to avoid reaching it."

"So, hey Twilight?" He asked Twilight. "Yes?" She asked questionably.

"I want to ask how did you go so fast to crash into me?" He questioned her.

"Well, you know those white wisps that we freed?"

"Yeah, what about them?" He asked. "They went into me, then I felt some sort of power in my body and they came out." She said as she placed her hand on her chest.

Tails was hearing this and was now interested in what she was saying.

"Then when I flew, I felt like I was going faster, like almost at your speed, though I couldn't control it and I rammed into you." She said looking nervously.

Sonic then felt puzzled as to what she said as he couldn't believe what she said.

"You almost went as fast as me?"He said wondering.

"Yeah it looked like your Boost move, that you used before." She told him.

"I think I might know why you did that." Tails, whos on the other side where Sonic was sitting answered. "Really?"

"Yeah while you guys were looking for transportation, I was communicating with Yacker and he told me some interesting information." "Well what is it?" Twilight asked.

"Well he said that his species are made up of a Really powerful energy called "Hyper-go-ons, it's inside of them." Tails said explaining the aliens power. "Wait, like a battery?" Sonic suggested. "No, well sort of it's their life source and you two got a taste of it from what you two were telling me, "battery" is sort of an understatement."

Twilight then look astonished. "Wow, so that must of been the boost rush from."

"Hey Sonic, do you think that maybe you can help me with that boost power that I have? I want to learn more about this, and about if I can go just as fast as you?" Twilight asked Sonic.

He then looked to himself thinking for a few seconds. "Hey I already taught you speed, and now that you sorta have a boost like mine, sure I can help ya." He said.

"Thanks Sonic." "Hey, what are friends for?" He said as he winked at her. She blushed but then went to think on what he said.

"Friends? Huh, I wish... no I can, I have to focus on getting back home, but he's so dreamy... damn it stop thinking that!." She thought to herself as she was looking outside.

After a few minutes of them looking throughout the windows, their vehicle reaches down towards the pad. As they got out of the vehicle and look around at their surroundings, which everything was filled to the brim with sugary treats.

Twilight also looks at the place, "Wow this place looks like something Pinkie Pie would dream about."

"Wow this place looks amazing!" Cream said looking at everything.

They then heard Eggman again.

"Welcome to the Sweet Mountain. Insulin will be provided, at a marginal extra cost. And by marginal, we mean enormous."

"Tails, what did Eggman means by that?" Cream said questioning Tails.

"Uh don't worry about that Cream." He said to Cream. They then stopped at what looked like a plaza with gingerbread houses working as gift shops and other buildings.

"So, what do we do now?" Twilight asked looking at the houses. "I have an idea!" Sonic yelled out. "Uh oh" Twilight said in her head. "How about we split up in pairs? Me and Twilight go one way and you and Cream go another way, that way we can cover more ground."

Tails thought about this and came with a conclusion. "That's a good idea Sonic, also we can keep n touch with our phones in case one of us are in trouble."

Sonic then gave him a thumbs up. "Alright then, I see ya later." Tails returned it, "Yeah, you two lovebirds have fun with each other!" He said cheekly.

"Sh-Shut up! We're not together!" Sonic and Twilight yelled out as they immediately blushed at the half fox's remark with Cream giggling at this. Though they looked at each other in disbelief.

"Suuuuuuuure you guys are! Later then let's go Cream!" He said as they parted ways with the odd duo. "Bye Sonic! Bye Twilight!" Cream said as she waved at them.

They waved at her back as they tried to ignore Tails's remark. "W-W-Well then shall we go then?" Sonic said as he tried to get back to his demeanor. "Y-Yes, lets." She said trying to recompose herself by breathing. They immediately went the other way.

(Music - Sweet Mountain Act 1)

Sonic runs through the frosty terrain as Twilight was flying above him. They were then noticing all of the junk food that was everywhere in this place, lollipops, burgers, donuts, and popcorn everywhere. Sonic was jumping around

They stopped at a mechanical part of the place as they sat down.

"So, Twi? So here I can show you the stuff you've learned of speed and I can try to show you how to use this "boost" move!" He said to her. "Okay I'm ready!" She said giddily wanting to learn.

"Ok, so what have I told you about speed?" He said as was teaching to her.

She then was think of what she has learned from the "speed master".

"Well you've told me to raise my head, feel the wind going through my body and wings as I'm flying, and think of nothing, but the horizon ahead?" She said remembering everything that she's learned.

"Correct, but most importantly when you have time to worry, then run or fly either way is fine." He say saying words of wisdom to her.

She writes it down as she listened to him. "Ok, so how do I utilize this boost?" she said now wanting to learn this move.

"Ok to use this move you need to concentrate the energy that you have within your body, and then when flying you just let it go and fly, you got this?"

She was listening really closely to what he was saying. "Ok, can I try it?"

"Sure, let's use this road as practice." He got ready and did his trademark boost, as envelops himself in a blue aura and accelerates to high speeds, surpassing the sound barrier, she even notices that he creates a distortion in space around him as he started running, he stops at the end of the road and turns toward Twilight's direction.

"Okay, now you try." He yells out to her. She looks nervous at first but puts on what she likes to call her "game face" and flies off.

She flies as fast as she could as she tries to let go of the energy she had, though as she did, she noticed she was covering herself in some purple aura that looked like her magic, she was getting that same feeling from before as she felt the wind going through her face and clothes flapping in the winds.

Though she tries to turn herself as she is flying try and not crash into the surroundings, and though as she was flying in high velocity.

"SOOOOOONNNNIIIIC, HHHHHEELP, I CAN'T CONTROL THIS !" She said as she was going around in a zigzagging pattern and was almost about to fall to the floor.

Sonic was seeing this and tries to stop her as she was about to collide with the ground he catches her, but the force of her speed makes Sonic's back hit the floor, though the floor was made of cake so it softens the blow on his back. Their clothes were now covered with white frosting.

"Are you alright, Twi?" He says as he was recovering from that blow. "Well that depends, am I alive?" She jokingly says as she wipes off the frosting from her face.

"Well, yes your alive and that was AWESOME!" Twilight heard his compliment and blushed. "You looked like you were doing good, but let's try and practice a little bit more later." He said. He and Twilight were licking the frosting though. "Umm, I got to admit this cake does taste good." She nods as they get up from the hole.

"Yeah, but their not as tasty as my friend, Pinkie Pie's cakes." She said as she was wiping off the frosting from her skirt.

"Pinkie who?" He asked her

"Well it's one of my friends from my world." She said as they went on their way.

"And she's a little bit kooky at times and she might not make sense, but she makes parties for a lot of people and makes people smile, so all in all she's a great friend." She said with a smile on her face.

"Wow, she sounds interesting!" He said as he was walking.

"Well all of my friends I've made are great, well for better or worse." She said looking nervous at him.

"Well if makes you feel any better my friends are kind of crazy in there own way." He smiled as he was putting his arms behind his head, she giggled as he said that. "I guess we both have crazy friends huh?" He said as they were then laughing with each other.


Tails was walking alongside Cream and Cheese as they were walking through the cake filled road with Yacker floating around, as they were noticing the concessions this place had which as they were walking. Tails was still working on his translator, with him wanting to know more knowledge from Yacker, and while he was working on this Cream, Cheese, were looking around at the gingerbread houses.

"Hey Cream, don't go too far from me." He said to Cream as she was going of into a different direction.

"Don't worry I won't go far ahead." She said to Tails as she goes with her near a gingerbread house.

"Wow, I never thought they would make these things!" He said as he looks around.

"I would see this in a fairy tales that my mother would tell me about." Cream said as Cheese and Yacker were with her as they were looking around.

"Yeah, this architect on these houses look well constructed for being made of candy." He curiously looked at it's side that looked like a candy cane, he took off a piece of its side, though as he did that it then suddenly fell apart.

"Huh, I could of sworn it was stronger than that, oh well it wasn't anyone's anyway." He said as he walked away as he throw the candy cane away, though as he and Yacker walked away he noticed Cream wasn't in the area he was in.

"Cream?, CREAM! WHERE DID YOU GO?" He yelled out as he looked around quickly as he looked around.

"Ugggh, I look around for a few minutes and she just wanders off, come on Yacker we need to find Cream and Cheese." He motioned the little wisp as he went on ahead.

"Wait, Cheese please come back!" Cream said as she was running after Cheese as he was flying away.

"Cheese, is going to be angry that we're going away from him!" She said as she sees Cheese fly away from her. Then she sees a pellet of energy almost nearing Cheese. "CHEESE GET DOWN!." She yelled to her chao as it noticed the pellet nearing him and ducked out of the way.

They then noticed who was the one that shot him, it was a Buzzer that was flying around, and it was closing in on them, Cream then thought of something.

"Cheese get him!" She called out again to her chao, it responded as it rushed towards the robot headfirst and destroy the bee robot. Then more Buzz Bombers were coming in as Cream saw them.

"Cheese, to your left!" She yelled out to Cheese. As she said that Cheese then looked to it's left and dived straight towards the bee robot. Then it zigzagged towards the other two and destroys them as well. "All right, Cheese!" Cream cheered as it did that, but then gets caught by an Egg Pawn again though it looked different then the other one she encountered as it had a chef hat and a beater in one hand. "Oh no, not again" She says to herself, now worried that she got captured again.

But suddenly, a fire ball came out of nowhere and destroys the robot holding Cream, she falls put then she notices who was the one who saved her as she recognizes her, this person had light tan skin, she had part of her hair tied upwards. She was also wearing a purple coat with white tight pants on her bottom and heels, she even had cat ears and a purple cat tail.

"Blaze! its been so long!." She said excited to see her friend and brings her into a friendly hug, as she was doing this Blaze had a smile on her face, as she was feeling happy for now seeing her old friend again. "Yes Cream it's has been so long." She says towards Cream.

They then went near an ice cream stand, Blaze ordered one for herself and for Cream. They then sat down on a table an were now eating their respected ice cream.

"So what are you doing here, Cream?" Blaze said she was eating her ice cream. "I should be asking you the same thing, Blaze!" Cream said back to her, as she was eating her ice cream.

"Well, I was checking one of the Sol Emeralds as usual, but then they started glowing, and then here I was." Blaze told to Cream. "Speaking of which, where am I exactly, I don't remember giant food in your world?"

"We're on a planet called "Sweet Mountain" where there's lots of food for some reason." Cream said to Blaze. She then looked bewildered at how Cream was saying this like it was just normal for her, then again noting about their life isn't normal, she then had a worried expression. "Wait, why are you here all alone?" She said being worried.

"Well, I'm with Tails in this place." She said kindly to Blaze.

"Well, where is he?" Blazed asked to which Cream got nervous. "Well, I lost him, because Cheese here went after you." She said to her and looking at Cheese.

"Hmmm, maybe we can go look for him then?" Blaze questioned to Cream. "Sure, I hope we find him in..." Just as she was talking she heard her named being called out. They turn around and see Tails walking up to them.

"Cream!" Tails said in a distance, and was running towards Cream. "Oh Hey Tails." Cream said to Tails.

"What did tell you about running off? Eggman's robots are everywher..." He then notices Blaze near her.

"Oh hey Blaze, it's nice to see you again." He greets to Blaze.

She noticed Tails saying hello. "It's nice to see you too, Tails." She waved her hand to him as she gave a chair for Tails as he sits down. "By the way, how did you get here?."He asks Blaze.

"Sol Emeralds." She nonchalantly said to Tails. "Oh ok then." He understands her predicament. "Hey Blaze so what do you want to come with us to see the rest of the place?" He asked towards Blaze.

"Sure, maybe you can tell me what's going on?." She said as she got up from the chair.

Cream also got up and took her hand as she motioned her and Blaze to check out another place with Tails, and Yacker following them.

Also Twilight's now have a sort of "Boost" move from the wisps. Though she'll need to practice it more from Sonic.

Part 2 :Drilling On and Rocketing Off

Sonic was running along the sides the cake colored roads as Twilight was hanging on to him as he was holding her bridal style.

"Hey Twi why can't you just keep flying? I mean I've seen you go so fast earlier?" He said complaining to her.

"Well, my wings are tired from using that boost move I used earlier." She said toward him as they were going along the road.

"Hey Twi, you better hold on to something, there are robots coming this way." He said as he tilted his head, she looked at his direction and she saw the same bee robots named Buzz Bombers heading towards them. She nodded as she braced herself for his running to take off.

He immediately kicked up his speed and now reeving through the cakes as he outran the buzz bombers.

Twilight was looking on ahead as Sonic was running as fast as he could was going from side to side. He then ran out through the curves of the roads as he was drifting through.

"Sonic, there's something up ahead!" She yelled as she pointed her hand forward. He heard as he looked on ahead and spotted a capsule containing another wisp only this time it had a triangular, colored yellow and had an orange stripe spiraling it from the bottom up.

Sonic ran forward and got knocked over the two capsules and out came the alien and it went inside Sonic and Twilight.

She and Sonic both nodded as they both saw each other's yellow glow on their bodies.

He nodded with Twilight and they both activated the power that he had within himself, as he turned into a yellow head with a drill on it's front. It then went down through the ground and was burrowing through the ground.

"Whoa, so this is what this guy can do, let's see what else I can do!" He thought to himself as he was drill through the cake like ground. He then turned around as he was navigating through the cake-like dirt as yellow crumbs were going off. As he was drilling through he came out the surface and landed on the ground, as then the yellow wisp went free from Sonic's body.

"Huh, so that was this guy does, I can drill through this ground, that cool, wait where's Twilight?" He said as he was looking around the place.

"Sonic!" Twilight was yelling from the distance as she was flying lightly and she landed towards Sonic."What happened to you?" She said to him.

"Well this little guy can apparently drill through the ground." He said pointing toward the yellow wisp flying above them. She then had a look of interest on her face as she then took out a notebook that has her marking on the front and was then writing in it.

"Twilight, what are you doing?" He said questioning her as she was writing down in her notebook. " I'm writing down the details of the wisp as this is interesting stuff." She said writing down on her notebook. As Sonic then rolled his eyes as she was doing this.

"Are you done now?" He asked her. Though as he said that she then gave him a glare at him, to which he flinched at.

"DON'T INTERRUPT ME WHEN I'M LEARNING ABOUT THE UNKNOWN!" She yelled at him. "GOT IT?" She finished as he then nodded in agreement.

She went back to writing after about a few minutes she looked about done. "Ok, I'm done let's go!" She said now looking happily as place her book away.

"Uh ok then." He said casually towards her. "OK, then note to self never mess with Twi when she's trying to learn about something." He thought to himself as he stood up and grabbed Twilight and they went on their way.

(Sonic Colors - Sweet Mountain Act 3)

"...and he's captured aliens with weird powers on them, and we're trying to find out what is he trying to do with them." Tails finished his story as he, Blaze and Cream were walking.

"I see, I may not know what Eggman's up to, but I'll help you and Sonic as much as I can!" She said towards Tails.

"And me and Cheese will help too!" Cream said behind Blaze with Cheese nodding with agreement.

Tails was happy as he knew his friends were agreeing with him and were wanting to help out. "Okay, let's get moving and find Sonic and Twilight!" He declared as he was pointing forward.

They pressed on as they were looking around the sweet environment, as they then discovered the giant machines that were everywhere in the place with the food under the machines.

"Well, it seems Eggman's been through here" Blaze asked as they were looking around, Tails looked around observing the technology of the surroundings.

"I know... hey what's that sound?" He says as he looks around and hears a hissing sound, Blaze and Cream were also looking around for the sound. Tails then looks behind him and notices the hole behind them, there was what seemed to be a missile readying to launch, and they were at the vicinity of it!

He looked around for cover he noticed a hole a the bottom to where they were standing on. "Quick everyone hit the deck, there a missile behind us!" He said as he ducked down in the hole. Cream and Blaze noticed the giant missile behind them."Cream, move away!" Blaze said to Cream as she and her followed Tails into the hole.

The missile then fired and went over them as they barely got away from it, the missile exploded away from them as what came out of the explosion were many jellybeans, as they were flying off in different directions and even into the hole that the three (plus chao and wisp) friends were in.

They got out of their hole to see the jelly bean scattered about everywhere, and with jellybeans on the head.

"Well... that was unexpected." Tails said surprised at what just happened, Blaze nodded in agreement with him looking just as confused. Cream picked up a jellybean, though Blaze stopped her as she was doing so.

"Cream don't eat those you don't know where it's been." She told to Cream as she placed it back down.

"Why would Eggman build a thing right there?"Cream asked to Tails as he was pondering on an answer or an explanation.

"He probably made it for Sonic if he were to come by here." Tails explained to them.

"Okay, let's try moving with caution this time okay?" Blaze said towards the group.

They all nodded in agreement, as they then went off towards the rest of Sweet Mountain.


They were still walking along the now metal roads looking out for anything that might be interesting.

"Look over there!" Cream pointed somewhere with Cheese too looking at a distance. They noticed a few Egg Pawns using beaters as weapons and were surrounding what seems to be an orange colored wisp inside a capsule.

They have that poor wisp trapped in there!" Cream said, "Chao Chao!" Cheese also yelled out as well.

"We need to save it!" She said desperately to Blaze and Tails. "Okay we'll save it you stay here." Blaze said to Cream as she agreed to her and the two went off.

The Egg Pawns then spot the two heading there way, they immediately run towards them and swing their beaters, they both dodge them easily.

Tails pressed a button on his watch and it immediately changed into a orange colored arm cannon, it then shot out a green energy ball and hits two of the egg pawns and turns them to pieces.

Blaze sped around the robots and attacked with a well timed Fire Claw as she lunged herself and hits them with her hand encased with fire, she then chained it by hitting the others as they burned down from the fire that she emitted from the attack.

After they destroyed all the robots they freed the wisp that was inside capsule, where it was an orange wisp that had it's two eyes lined up vertically, with three spheres which seemed to be it's legs.

It looked at Blaze as it was the one that freed him it was then exiced and turned into energy and went into Blaze's body, she was glowing orange as she was confused as to what is happening.

"Tails what going on why did this alien just went into MEEEEE!." She yells as she transforms into an orange rocket, and launched herself high into the sky, Tails and Cream were shocked as to what happened to Blaze.

"Blaze!" Cream yelled out to Blaze as she was going higher into the sky, she stops as she transforms back to normal, she notices that she's high in the air.

"AAAAAHHHHHH." She screams as she falls straight down, she waves her arms as she falls though as she falls she remembers a move that she had, she concentrated hard as fire from below her feet start to come up, she floats down toward where Tails and Cream are and lands as normal as you can imagine.

"Blaze, are you alright?" Cream asks her. "I-I-I'm f-f-f-fine Cream, L-L-Lets g-go." She say calmly though her face says otherwise, as she looked pale and nervous from her little "trip".


(Music- Sonic Colors - Color Mix (Drilling Sweet Mountain)

As he was running through they spotted donuts and looked like they were part of a ride.

They then heard Eggman's speaker again. "Due to cost restraints, some of the donuts used in this ride are of the stale variety. We apologize for this cost-cutting measure, and hope that you enjoy the ride."

"Well, I didn't want to eat those anyway." Sonic said as they passed on by.

They noticed there were giant heaps of gelatin in different colors that were near the got out of Sonic arms and was then checking on them as she poked on them. "Hhhhm, this gelatin looks bouncy, maybe we should bounce on them?" Twilight said to Sonic questioningly, "Well there's no where else to go so..." He ran towards it and bounced up, though he then stomped downwards onto the gelatin and he then bounced higher towards another one.

She looked at the gelatin though as she was about to jump on though she stopped and thought to herself.

"Wait I can just fly up, why do I need to go on the gelatin?" She thought to herself, but then kinda toned it off. "Well, I guess I could try and follow his example." She went upwards, though she was going nowhere as she was bouncing up and down, she then tried to stomp it and she propelled upwards and went towards where Sonic was going.

She kept on jumping through each one, she noticed she was catching up to Sonic.

"Hey, Sonic." She said bouncing up towards him.

"Wow Twi you made it, can you catch up with me?" He said giving a challenge towards Twilight as he bounced up to the next gelatin, she grinned at his saying at followed him. She keeps on going as she goes along with Sonic as they both jump from one gelatin to the next. They continued this until they reached the end of where the gelatin stops. Just as Sonic was reaching the end, he looked at Twilight who was keeping up with him, as he then stared down at a her thing as they were bouncing along side with her as they were continuing to go up.

"Ahhh, don't think of that Sonic, you're more mature than this don't stare at...her things as they bounce up and down...up and down." As he was in his own world he didn't see that as he crashed right into Twilight as they were both going onto the ledge.

"Ahhh, Sonic, what the hell, why did you crashed into me?" Twilight yelled at Sonic as they were both laying on the floor.

Sonic was on the floor blushing and looking down at the floor not wanting to look at Twilight.

"B-Bounce...bouncing everywhere." He said as he slurring his words.

"Bouncing? what do you mean by..." She stopped and looked down at her chest in realization to what Sonic meant by.

"WHAAAAM" She blushed as she curled her hand into a fist and slammed his head as Sonic as he feel down and held his head.

"Ok, now that we have that out of the way let's press onwards." She said to Sonic as he recovered from that they then went off though as they went off Sonic then was thinking to himself.

"Man that was... weird, it happened just like at the beach, I need to keep those feeling off especially on Twilight cause I don't want her to... think less...of" He stopped his train of thought as he stared at Twilight, but more specially her hips swaying from her skirt.

"Ga!, stop that, stop staring at that beauty of bookworm Doh!" He kept on arguing with himself, as Twilight looked at him with worry.

Sorry if this chapter feels off, I just finished my finals and I'm trying to get my groove back. I can assure you I'll try better next time.

Part 3: Pirates of the Mountains-Sweet Man's Chest

As Sonic and Twilight were now running and flying through the pastry filled land,

"AAAAAAAHHHH" They stop as they hear a scream fill the air and both look around to find what was that source. "Sonic, did you hear that?" She said to him. "I don't know, it's probably not important." He said as they continued on. Then Twilight spoke up as they were heading through.

"Hey, Sonic!" Twilight flew up to Sonic. "What is it?" Sonic said to her.

"I've noticed that thing over there." She pointed over to where the giant chain is.

"Sure let's check it out, maybe we'll find some aliens to save." They then run towards a giant platform, they start walking towards something.

"Now if I were an alien in need of saving, where would I be?" Sonic said to Twilight. "Well, I don't see any wisps trapped any where or at least in those giant capsules we've seen before." She said as they were walking towards a weirdly glowing machine.

"Well, experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows, Twi can you check what this is?" He says to Twilight, "Sure I'll check what this is, but to let you know, I'm a magic user I don't know much about this type of technology." She specifically tells Sonic. "Yeah I know, but it wouldn't to look." He answered back. "Good point." She says as she was now looking at what this thing was.

Just as she was about to say what this is, they feel tremors coming from the ground as they notice a giant pirate ship floated upwards, as Twilight looked to be spooked from this.

"Experience has also taught me that the best way to solve problems is to kick robot butt." He says as he kicks the air. They then hear Eggman's PA announcement again.

"Visitors are cautioned to avoid feeding, petting, or saving any aliens." He speaks out as the two groaned from that announcement. Sonic walked up and looked as if he was speaking to it.

"Uh, excuse me, giant killer robot? You wanna do this the hard way or the easy way?" He says rhetorically towards it.

Then out comes from the ship a robot pirate that spun it's body around with little robot bouncing behind him, as he waved his candy-like sword at Sonic to command the cannons on his ship to fire towards Sonic and Twilight. They notice this and dodge the bomb that was sent towards them. "I could've sworn they would fire gumballs at us instead of bombs." Sonic says as he regains his footing. "Wouldn't be surprised actually." Twilight says towards him.

"Somehow, I knew you'd say that. Let's dance!" He says as he jumps up towards the ship, with Twilight flying with him.


(Music- Sonic Colors - vs. Captain Jelly and Admiral Jelly)

They land on the ship and notice cannons firing cannonballs straight at them, Sonic jumped up and homing attacks them, as Twilight flew up and dodges them as well.

"Well Twilight, wish granted you said they're now firing candy at us and they are!" He said annoyingly spreading around firing at him, "Sonic, I was joking about that, well I was trying to joke like you." She said flying frantically. "Well, can't blame ya Twi, let's just fight this Blackbeard wannabe." He said as he went forward at the captain's minions as they were in his way.

Twilight flies up in the sky as the gets a visual on everything below as she dodges cannonballs being launched at her, she didn't spot where that captain robot was."Hmm, that robot isn't around, maybe hiding perhaps?"

She looks over again as she doesn't spot the captain anywhere.

"We need to draw him out of hiding, but how?" She wonders as then sees spots a switch at the end of the ship. "Bingo!" She flies straight down and lands near the switch, as she approaches it she gets ambushed by the captain's little minions." Gah! get away!"She says as they keep swarming her. She blasts each one of them away with her magic, she then throw the switch.

Then the ship starts to malfunction and start to sink down into what seems to tea water.

"Huh what's happening?" Sonic said as he noticed the ship shaking, he falls down the side of the ship as it was tilting, he almost hits the water. "I got ya!" Twilight yelled out as she catches Sonic just as the ship reaches the water.

"Hey thanks Twi!"

"Don't mention it!" She says as she winks at him.

They land on a spot on shore, though they met with the same robot pirate from before. It was jumping around madly and is speaking some sort of weird gibberish, as it was pointing it's sword towards Twilight. "What does he want Sonic?" She asked him. Sonic looked as the robot was making those same notions.

"Yarrrg how dare ye sink a man's ship, I mean that's just cruel, do you see me sinking others around, huh do ye?." He said as he pointed towards her.

"Well, why would you build a switch that could decimate your own ship?" She said towards the captain, it then looked nervous as he tried to come up with an answer.

She folded her hands on her chest as she was hearing him, "What did he say now?" She asked.

"Well, we had time constraints, and the boss couldn't give us enough parts just for that so...yeah." She placed her hand between her eyes and groaned. The robot captain then went back to what it was doing before as he was swinging his sword in frustration.

"But enough talk, me and the lass shall have a duel with the both of ya." He said as he brought his sword high. "And why should we duel you mister...?" She questioned his name.

"The name is Jelly, Captain Jelly to ye, and why we shall duel is for this!" He went into his pocket and brought out of his robot claw is what seemed to be a red colored jewel of sorts. Sonic saw this and was shocked as to see that one of Eggman's robots had this thing. He then went up to Twilight and placed both of his hands on her shoulders.

"Twilight, we need to duel him, we might need that thing he has." Sonic said towards her. She blushed a little as she noticed Sonic's hands on her, "But why is that jewel important to you, plus I barely know any sword play" She questioned him. "I'll explain later, just follow my lead and duel with him, good luck." He said towards her as she moves towards Captain Jelly.

(Music-KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX- He's a Pirate)

"Here! For ye two!" The robot yelled out as he throw two candy-swords towards Sonic and Twilight, they both caught them, with Twilight fumbling a little as she grabbed hers.

"Now, are ye two are ready, now have a ye!" He yelled out as he swung at Twilight, she noticed him swinging his sword and as she blocked the hit from him as she staggers from the parry, he then tries to take advantage by swinging at her, though Sonic stops him from hitting her as he gets his sword away from her.

"Careful, Twilight!" Sonic said as he went forward to slash at him. He dodges the slashes Sonic keeps throwing by using his built-in thrusters. He jumps as he throws the sword from him as they both clash with one another, each one trying to one-up the other as they were both walking around in a circle. Twilight was standing there looking at them she thought of about how she can fight him.

"He's small for an attacker, but he looks like he can hit hard." She looked at Sonic and Captain Jelly as their swords clashed with one another, the sounds of candy metal clashing. "Wait I think... I notice something!" She looks as she was watching them, as they were fighting she sees that Captain Jelly looks as if he has a pattern. "That's it!" She runs towards the fight.

"Your pretty good for a stubby little robot." Sonic yelled out as he and Jelly were slashing at one another, and were both up "Yaaargh, you're not so bad yourself boy, but how long can yee keep it up.?" He said as he did the same.

Then Twilight tries to swing at him as Sonic and the captain were both fighting and in there she stops him as he stumbles and and now tries herself to swing at him. As he recovered, she went towards Sonic to tell him, "Sonic, I figured out something about him!" She whispered to Sonic to make sure Jelly doesn't hear, he stops and grabs her and zooms away with he " What did you figure out?" He whispered to her as they talking with each other.

"What are ye two talking about?, stand and fight ye scallywags!" He yelled out loud as he was angrily swinging his sword at nothing. "We'll be right there Jelly-Belly." Sonic said joking around. "So what is it you want to tell me?" He asked her. "We'll, I've been looking at you two fighting, I think I've figured out how he attack."

"Well, what are ya waiting for? Tell me!" He said to her. "Ok, I'll tell you." She went to his ear and whispered what she knows. "You got that?" "Ok, I'm all set, let's get this guy!" He yelled out as they both ran into his direction.

"Alright Jelly-Belly, let's dance!" He said as they went in after him. Jelly went straight into them,Twilight parries his attack and Sonic went in to cuts one of his sides. He tries to slash at both of them, thou they both were holding their own as Sonic tries to trick him by striking him quickly and Twilight stabbing him trying to find a weak spot.

As they keep doing this as Jelly swings back-to-back at both of them, they both dodge-roll out of that swing, with the blade slightly grazing Sonic's shoulder though he powered through the graze.

Sonic then swings at his hat, it comes off show a big yellow spot on his head.

"Yaargh NOOO, not me hat, I've uh got eh bald spot." He said as he was trying to get back his hat. "Is that the weak spot you were saying?" Sonic asked, she nodded.

"Twi, Upward slash!" He yelled out and they both slash up at his body. "Now, downwards!" They then brought their swords down at him as he lookes paralized for their swings. "OK then ,let's finish this!" They both nodded at each other and both rushed at him at great speed.

"SHIIIIING" They both slashed his head, he tried to feel his head but then fell down, and dropped the emerald out of his pocket.

"You me, the emerald's your's." He then exploded destroying himself.

(Music Stops)

They both placed their swords into the ground as they walked away, and Sonic went for the red emerald. "Great job with the swordplay, Twilight! How did you learn to swordplay like that?" She blushes as she hears the compliment from Sonic. "Well, I've dealt with pirates before hand in one of my adventures and I've had some practice with my BBBFF." She said as she placed one of her arms behind her head.

"Your what?" he asked. "It stands for Best Big Brother Friend Forever." She answered him. "Oh, well that makes sense."

"OK, then let's go check that generator." He said to her as they both went back to the generator, she looked at it again with no distractions, "Well Twi what do you think this is?" He asked her as she was looking through it."It looks like it's powering the giant chain behind us, that's keeping this planet within range of the other one."

I'm gonna try and shut it down." She said. She looks over the panel and finds the switch, she flips it and from behind them the chain starts to lose it lighting.

Then as they were going away, Tails, Cream, and Yacker walked up to them. "Hey Tails! You miss the BBBE!"

"Huh" Tails asked in confusion. "Best Boss Beating Ever!" Sonic said while doing poses. Tails and Cream looked confused as they said that, and Twilight looked embarrassed from his display of goofiness, while Yacker was just staring at them. Blaze then walked over to them.

"Oh hey Blaze, it's nice to see you here!" Sonic said seeing Blaze with the group. "It's nice to see you here too Sonic." She said to Sonic as they went to shake hands, while they were doing this Twilight looked a little worried about what was happening.

"Hey, you look pale, what happened to you?" He said as he looked at her face. "Oh um nothing." As soon as Sonic touched her face to check on her, she felt some surge of something within her. "Wha-what's this feeling, I feel?" She said as she placed her hand on her chest. He then went to Tails to talk with him.

"So, has Yacker given you any more information or limericks, or whatever it is he's spouting?"

"Well first, remember this translation stuff isn't 100%." Tails said while carrying his translator. "Trust us, we remember." Sonic said jokingly.

"Well, it seems an evil man and you might know him who they call "Baldy Nosehair" was."

As soon as he said that Sonic, Cream, and Twilight were now laughing out loud from the name. "Ha ha ha ha ha! Baldy Nosehair?! That's the best thing that I've heard all day! I've got to remember that one!" He said as he fell down laughing.

"Ha ha ha, I know I'm already writing down." Twilight said as she was giggling as well.

Tails then went serious after his laughter."Anyways he's draining them of their power, ALL of their power, and using it for an evil... aquatic mammal? An evil dolphin? No, a porpoise! Oh An "evil purpose!"

"That's great intel. Keep working on it." He then was running off. "Hey, where ya goin'?"

"To find Baldy McNosehair, of course. Ha ha! I'm totally calling him McNosehair." He was about to run off, but felt a force stopping him.

"No you don't mister, you got a wound on your shoulder." She pointed to the wound on his shoulder. "What I'm feeling fiaaaahgh." He yelled out as he felt the wound hurting. "Would you run that by me again?" She said with her eyes lowered and a grin.

"Alright alright, I'll get fixed up, ya happy?" He admits to her as she smiles with her. "OK, then, let's go back to the ship!" She said as she was grabbing his arm with her looking really glad that she's holding his arms.

Blaze noticed this, "Hey Tails, who's that?" "Oh that's Twilight, the girl I mentioned, I'll explain later." Tails said to her as they went with Twilight.


Spike was working in the library, still doing his chores per usual of his day. Though as he finished he looked around and felt a feeling he didn't want to feel, lonely. Though he had his friends visit him everyday, and he had Owlowiscious with him in the library, he started to miss Twilight.

"Man, I'm starting to miss Twilight." As he was working, Owlowiscious was hanging around him. "Hoo." He called out to Spike, he turned around as he heard him.

"Twilight, you know your owner, oh sorry I keep doing that." "Hooooo" The owl said as it went onto Spike's shoulder frowned when he said that.

"Yes, I know you miss Twilight too, but I swear we're doing everything to try and bring her back!" Spike said proudly. The owl then went back to his resting place and slept.

Spike then sighed as he was still cleaning the library, "Hey Spike!"

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie came out of nowhere. "What is it Pinkie."

"I've got something for you." She pulled out a piece of paper from her pink poofy hair.

Spike got it and looked at it, "Pinkie, it's a note." He looked at the piece of paper that had a picture of a musical note.

Yeah, but turn it around there's a letter!" She said with a grin on her face. He turned the paper around and there was a picture of the letter A. Spike frowned as he was confused at her antics.

"Pinkie what are you trying to tell me?" She frowned at his negativity. "Jeez you killjoy, I'm just trying to make you laugh, you've been in this library all week and all of our friends have been worried about you especially Rarity." She said to him looking worried.

"Well, I'm trying to find some way to bring Twilight back, and I'm not resting until I find a way." He said as he was looking through a book. He suddenly felt something resonating in his stomach. "BUUUUUURP." He felt a letter came out. He looked at it and read it. He closed it and went upstairs urgently.

Pinkie looked to see what was up with Spike. "Spike, what happened?" She asked him.

"Princess Celestia called, she said she might be on to something about Twilight, we need to go to Canterlot." He said coming down the stairs.

She then raised her hands and placed them in a salute with her smile. "Okey Dokey, then I'll tell every one else." She bounced out of the library.

Spike then looks at a picture of Twilight and him, and had a sad look on his face. "Don't worry Twilight we'll find you."