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The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician - Antmix762

Twilight, messes up with a spell and gets sent to another world. She meets with a boy who's energetic for adventure.

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Into the Deep Blue Planet

Chapter 15: Into the Deep Blue Planet

After a little while with combing the area for Tails and Cream, they found them playing with the wisps, well to be fair Cream was playing with the wisps and Tails was just exploring the area with Yacker.

After they already explained that they were done here they journeyed back to the Egg Shuttle, to move onto the next area.

"..and then there was the blue wisps they were especially fun when you get to know them." She went on as she was talking with Blaze about her adventure in Planet Wisp.

Tails was analyzing the light blue emerald that Twilight got from the generator in Planet Wisp. "What is it Tails?" Espio asked Tails as he was walking towards him on the table.

"I'm just looking at the emerald that Twilight found in Planet Wisp." He said to Espio.

"Speaking of her, I wanted to talk to you about her." He said. "What is it did you want to talk about her?" He pulled his chair over to face Espio.

"Well, where did she come from? I've never seen anyone with wings like that." He asked to Tails.

"She's from another world, and Sonic found her while he was on his vacation in South Island." He said explaining to him.

He then wondered at what Tails said. "So can that be a reason why she seems to have a fondness for Sonic and how their always together?"

"Yeah, pretty much, they been with each other for a few weeks in his vacation at least that's what Sonic told me anyway."

Espio understands this as he looked at the controls of the ship and appears to be nobody driving it. "Uh Tails why isn't anyone driving the ship?" He asks him. "Don't worry I've set it to autopilot." He responded as he went into another room to check on something.

He goes to the room that Sonic and Twilight were in, but stops as he tries to open the door but fails to do so as it looked like it was locked.

"Thank god he actually remembered to lock the door." He sighed in relief so they didn't have a repeat like last time.

"Sonic!" He yelled hoping Sonic can hear him. "Yeah we're here what's up?" He heard Sonic call out from the other side.

"We'll be landing to the next planet so you two get ready." He said as he went away from the door.

Sonic had his ear on the door to make sure he was gone as he was with Twilight as she was sleeping, she was lying on the chair as she sleep. He looks at her as he grabs a strand of her hair and pets it.

"Sigh, this is weird, I mean I've been with a fair share of girls with my life, but somehow she's different somehow." He thought to himself.

He then sees Twilight shifting around as she looks like she was waking up. Though as she was waking up, the intercom began to ring again as Eggman's voice was heard.

"Next stop: the Aquarium Park. This underwater attraction is the perfect place to commune with sea life, and hopefully, get chummy with the sharks."

Sonic as soon as he heard that, he then trembles as the thought of going into water. "Oh no, not again, why is there an entire planet of water!?" He said his eyes bulging from his eyes as he feels the worry go to his head.

Twilight yawns as she stretches her arms, she then notices from her seat before her is Sonic looking nervous more then ever as he's trembling in his seat.

"Sonic, wh-what's wrong?" She asks him getting close to him. "Are you cold or something? I can warm you up." She said instantly as she was going wraps her arms around his waist.

"No, I don't need any warmth, but thanks anyway." He stops her from putting her arms from his waist. "It's just the next planet we're going to it's called...Aquarium Park."

She wonders what he meant, though after a few seconds, she remembers why he was scared.

"Oh gosh I forgot, your can't swim." She said to him, he shushes her as he looks around, though he crouches down in sadness as she said that.

"Y-Y-You don't have to say it out loud." He said in utter sadness. She realizes what she said and did as she then goes towards him and tries to comfort him.

"Oh right sorry my bad, I have a tendency to blurt out stuff." She said as she places her hand on his shoulder. "I can see that." He says.

"Look, I know you can be scared of water.." "I'M NOT SCARED OF WATER!" Sonic yelled out, though Twilight . "I just can't swim."

"Well besides the point, I can help you out like last time in the Labyrinth Zone, just hold my hand when we're swimming in the water or at least when I'm swimming."

He got calmed down as he saw the caring look on her face, he started to feel a little bit better.

"Thanks, Twilight." He said as he gives Twilight a hug as he places his hands, she gets nervous at first, but then grew into the hug and places her arms over his shoulders. "Your welcome Sonic, I'm always wanting to help my friend." She said being happy as she was slowly hugging him tighter.

After a minute of them hugging they let go of each other as they both look away from each other, they then watch as the ship outside lands on the surface or at least what seems to be a surface.

"W-We need to go to the bridge, they might be waiting for us." She said as she turns her attention to the window.

"Yeah, let's." He said as he goes to unlock the door and they go to the bridge.

They get out of the ship, and though as Sonic gets out he hears something.

"SONIC DON'T STEP OUTSIDE!" He heard Twilight scream out.

"What why?" He looked at her she pointed downwards as he sees there was no floor.

"AH!" He yelled as he fell, he then starts to spread out his arms and legs and starts to free fall down to the ground, he runs through a tunnel and at the end of it he stops and notices the archetype of buildings everywhere.

As he was staring at it's beauty, the rest of Sonic's friends came in from behind them.

"Sonic, what's wrong are you still..." She then noticed what Sonic was seeing, as well as the others with Cream and Blaze looking amazed, and Espio as well.

"Whoa, this place looks amazing." Cream said as she was astonished. "Indeed, it is." Espio thought as he looked around.

"These buildings look like from Chun-Nan, I guess Eggman might of gotten inspiration from there?" Tails said looking at the buildings.

"Or copied if it's Eggman we're talking here." Sonic added. "OK so how are we doing this place?" He then asked as they got into a group.

"OK, since I want to keep in eye on Sonic when he's in the water I'll go with him, Tails, Cream and Blaze you come with me, and help me out with the wisps." They heard her and nodded in agreement.

"And Espio, you go and try collecting information with your ninja skills to help us." He then bowed. "I'll do my best." He got out a thing from his pouch and threw it to the ground as smoked appeared, as it cleared he was gone.

"Well, ok then, alright let's go!" She said as both teams headed off different directions.

(Music -Sonic Colors - Aquarium Park Act 1)

Sonic ran down the hill as he passed through capsules of white wisps and goes into the building, while Twilight goes upwards onto the rails and grinds on them at high speeds as she does she lets out a purple aura that goes through her body as she goes fast.

"Wow, this feels awesome going around at the speed of sound, hehe that rhymed." She said as she then went up to the building and slide under the passageway and through the robots. Tails flew along with Twilight as he notice her going fast.

"Geez, I never knew she can go that fast before! Those lessons from Sonic must be paying off." He says to himself as he follows the purple trail left by Twilight.

She then meets with Sonic as they go through the same hole down and continue on.

Twilight flies above as she sees Sonic knocking a bunch of Egg Pawns off their feet as he boosts, he hits one hoard, then another, then three more times, as they hear a bowling sound.

"SLAM!" She gave him a thumbs up to him as he and she went on.

Sonic then got stopped by a block as he then pushes it out of the way, he looks over head as water then comes to his vicinity, he falls into it and then sinks into the water, but then sees a yellow wisp, he grabs it and activates it's power and starts to the swirl around and drill through the water.

"Wow, this is cool, I can drill through the water." He said in his mind.

Twilight noticing Sonic going into the water, dives right in the water to keep him safe.

She then notices the yellow drill that's going through the water, she immediately swam after it, with Tails still following her.

"Hey Twilight wait up!" He yelled out to her but didn't get heard from. Blaze tried to stay away from the water as much as as she could with Cream as they rode on a boat.

Sonic was still in his drill form as he was going around destroying every Chomper that's in the way, though after a few minutes he transforms back to normal and falls down to the water.

"Ah, wait come back! I can't swim!" He thought to himself as sunk back down.

He landed on the metal ground as the water didn't look so deep as it did look, he tried running but went slow as he couldn't get any momentum into his speed.

"Gah, I hate this so much, where's Twilight when you need her, or better yet an air pocket to help me breathe?" He said to himself as he struggling to at least move.

He then sees Twilight swimming down as fast as she could as she then swam with her arms and also using her wings as well to get more speed to get near him.

"Sonic!" She said in his mind, "Huh, Twilight hey there." He said as he was going along with her. "What are you doing?" She asked him.

"Oh you know just passing through this beautiful scenic underwater place." He said pointing everywhere.

She then looks around as well and notices the landscape of underwater, the jellyfish swimming through the reefs, the quietness of the water, the robot fishes heading our way oh no… They see the Chompers heading their way as their teeths chomping and their turbines roaring towards them.

She looks at Sonic and sees that he might not go fast underwater, so she tries it.

Twilight let goes of Sonic as she then went to take care of the robots, she swam around them trying to get them away from Sonic.

"That's it come on and get me, you dumb fishes." She said as she was swimming as fast as she could with the Chompers following her, she then turned around and boosted through one after the other one as the other looked at this display and then swim away in fear.

"Yeah, WHO WANT SOME YOU...you" She then was thinking of an insult to the robots. "...you dumb fishes, you want to mess with one of the princesses of Equestria!." She yelled out in her mind as she raised he arms out in the air

"Wow, that was your insult to them?" She heard in her mind as she sees Sonic looking smug and bubbles coming out of his mouth indicating his giggles.

"Well, I'm not really in that department as you can see!" She said as she flailed her arms in the water, but as she said that she felt a lack of oxygen leaving her lungs.

"Aggh, need air!" She grabbed Sonic and she swam back up to the surface, they did so with gusto and landed on an island, as they landed they were breathing heavily.

"Uh so..huh how ...was ….that for a swim." She said to Sonic as he was coughing up water.

"Still not a fan, but by the looks of this place I might need to go back in there." He said to Twilight. He stood up and sat down.

"Can we just sit here and take a break? I need a breather from that swim."

"Alright then, just to catch our breaths and then we're going." Twilight said.

Though as Sonic was looking at Twilight he noticed her clothes wet and could see the outlines of them as some of her chest looked a little open as he could see some of it.

"O-Okay then." He said as he then rested onto Twilight's wet lap for the next few minutes to try and ignore that thing he noticed.

She felt nervous as she didn't see that coming or why would he do that, though she liked it. "Oh damn, he's on me, why is he on me? Well, this is nice." She said as she was enjoying his company as she touches his face softly.

"Hey guys!" They heard a voice and see Tails flying towards them. They get out of their poses and just sit by each other.

"Hey Tails, w-we were just taking a break from diving." She said as she didn't want him to see them like this. "He landed there.

"Alright then, whenever you guys are ready let's go!" Tails said as he waited for them as she then grumbled at how Tails "ruined the mood".

Author's Note:

Hey everyone on fimfiction
Alright sorry I haven't gotten to these.

It's just I haven't gotten any feedback in this site so I didn't bother, I'm gonna try again and maybe see what happens next.

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