• Published 19th Aug 2016
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The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician - Antmix762

Twilight, messes up with a spell and gets sent to another world. She meets with a boy who's energetic for adventure.

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Trying To Prove The Magical Point (UPDATED)

As more days have gone by Sonic has been trying to fix up his house as he hasn't used it in years and he wanted to try and at least keep it clean. He then looked to see Twilight using some sort of weird power to try and get the tech book that was on the other side of the room as her hand glowed a glittery purple aura. Sonic was really curious on how Twilight was able to do that, although he knew a white haired boy who can use psychic powers, but he was still wanted to know about her powers

He then got an idea in his head to see if Twilight actually had psychic powers or not. He went up to her as she was dusting the room.

"Hey Twi?" Sonic called to Twilight "Hmm?" Twilight heard Sonic and turned her head around, with her hands still holding the book.

"What did you do just now?" He questioned the lavender princess.

"Oh I just did some levitating magi. What, you've never seen magic like this?" Twilight answered to him nonchalantly.

"Huh, that's cool I guess." Sonic casually said. Twilight then noticed the normal tone he had in his voice.

"Wait what you're not impressed?"Twilight asked.

"Well, can you try and wow me with more spells?" Sonic playfully taunted. Twilight then puffed her face and felt a pang of anger as she tightened her fists.

"Oh alright then. You want to be impressed, I'll give you something to be impressed about." Twilight said with an angry expression on her face, as she was ready to show Sonic her magic.

She waved her hand and an aura emerged. She then fired a beam to a vase and turned it to an apple, then she turned it back to normal. She lifted a bunch of objects around her, then she placed them all back to their original place.

"Well how about that?" Twilight said with a grin on her face.

"Well that's pretty good, but can you try something better." Sonic said,looking half impressed with her spells.

"OK then" She concentrated her power for a minute. Then she released her magical energy in the form of a purple wave and she then stopped time for a few minutes.

She then went up to Sonic, who was frozen from her time stop spell. She messed around with him a bit, like checking if he could see her hand and touched his face. She then had a mischievous idea in her head. She walked towards him and moved Sonic away from his spot and placed him in an awkward place.

She then waited until the spell ran out, and when it did Sonic fell down in comical fashion, " Wait what just happened?!" He said getting up from whatever he experienced.

"If you want to know I used a time stop spell, and halted time." Twilight said, feeling confident in her work.

"Wow that's..." Sonic stopped mid sentence and thought to himself that he didn't want her to win his approval so he went back to looking unimpressed. "Meh it was alright but can you do something better?" He said nonchalantly.

Twilight was now a little peeved at how he was still then thought up of another idea in her head.

"OK then, I'll give you something to be impressed about." Twilight said with a malicious smile on her face.

Then she pulled Sonic up as he was covered with a lavender glow and then was now in the air into the air as she twirled him around.

"WHOA WHOA, HEY TAKE IT EASY THERE TWI!" Sonic shouted as he was being twirled around and being lifted up and down.

She was having fun seeing him being levitated left and right, and with the very surprised expression on his face. Then, she placed Sonic in her arms and carried him bridal style, to which Sonic was really surprised at what was Twilight doing right now.

"Whoa, never thought she would be doing this?!" He said in his mind.

"Well does this prove my point?" Twilight said as she was flirting with Sonic.

He was blushing so much he looked like a volcano as was embarrassed and the funniest thing was about him was, he didn't even know that Twilight (who was a girl who looked like she was as shy and reserved), could actually flirt like that or maybe have the guts to actually lift him or carry him. He guessed that maybe she has a bit of a bad self and he sort of liked it.

He then yelled out "OK! OK! you made your point you can put me down." Sonic said being embarrassed and probably losing some of his dignity.

She giggled and proceeded to place him back on the floor. "Sorry about that I guess I got a little carried away." She said putting one arm around her neck, winking, and was stuck her tongue out in a teasing matter.

Sonic saw this and gave her a smile.,"It's alright besides maybe you show me later what else you can do with that magic." He asked and she nodded and she went back to her book and he went back to him cleaning things, but then Sonic came back and to tell her something.

"Oh by the way Twi." Sonic said smiling to her, "What?" Twilight said questioningly

"That bad side you've got there?" Sonic said teasingly, "Uh, yea?" she said blushing a little.

"I like girls with an attitude like that." He said as he placed his hand on her cheek and caressed it softly with his hand, then went away.

Twilight was now flabbergasted on what happened to her as she was blushing really hard right now, and for some strange reason, she thought to herself, "I kinda like bad boys too." she smiled and went back to her book and tried to get all those thoughts processed in her head.

Author's Note:

I wanted to put these two people into a somewhat cute scenario, that no one else has thought of and if they did well here ya go.

I really would appraicate some comments, and what you people like about this.

Thanks, see ya!

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