• Published 19th Aug 2016
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The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician - Antmix762

Twilight, messes up with a spell and gets sent to another world. She meets with a boy who's energetic for adventure.

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The Beginning (UPDATED)


In a plain from an unknown land called Equestria, 6 girls and a boy were on a picnic during a sunny afternoon. Two girls were going at it in a strength contest. One had rainbow colored hair with blue wings, a pony's tail, purple eyes, a blue jacket, strapless gloves in her hands and blue pants. Her name is Rainbow Dash. The other girl had a cowboy hat, green eyes, long yellow hair that was tied up with a strap, an orange shirt, and blue jeans and brown boots. Her name is Applejack.

"Alright this time I'm gonna win it, AJ!" Rainbow declared as stretched her arms, cracking her fingers as well, Applejack then laughed as she cracked hers as well. " Try all ya want partner, ya'll can't beat ma strength." Applejack said. They both sat down on a nearby bench, placed their hands together as they got ready.

"Alright then ready?" AJ said grinning.

"Oh yeah."Rainbow Dash, then grinned as well.

"START!" AJ yelled out as they begin trying to get one of their hands down with each other's strength.


A boy, who had green ruffled hair, a purple jacket with a hoodie, brown shorts with a dragon tail at the bottom and with green shoes sat down on the grass. His name is Spike. "Hey Rarity whatcha doin?" He asked another girl. She had purple hair, a purple dress, blue eye shadow and high heels. Her name is Rarity. And was right now just relaxing and just seeing the sun.

"Oh nothing Spikey, I'm just relaxing on the grass, would you like to relax with me deary? I really enjoy the company." Rarity said she patted the towel next to her.

"Alright!" He said as he smiled as he sat down and relaxed with her.


Two girls other were in another part of the plain. One had curly pink hair, overalls with one strap colored yellow, and another light blue. The same went with her sleeves as they were both striped as well, and wore pink shorts. Her name was Pinkie Pie. The other girl had yellow colored wings on her back, pink hair with some covering one of her eyes, a yellow dress with a pink skirt underneath, and also with tall socks with shoes. Her name's Fluttershy.

They were just looking at the flowers and at how nature was beautiful, well more so Fluttershy than Pinkie Pie as she was jumping around the field. "Oh wow this place looks so amazing, even though we been here for like ten time already, but this place still looks beautiful none the less."she yelled as she was mention everything that is happening.

"Umm Pinkie maybe you should be a little bit quiet?, You're scaring the animals around here." Fluttershy said quietly as Pinkie stopped jumping around and then sat down

"Oh ok then I'll be quiet let's look at these plains." Pinkie Pie said quietly to Fluttershy, they both were still looking at the plains together.


The last girl was far away from the other five, she was sitting down on the grass looking at a book. She had dark purple hair with a magenta streak running down the side. She wore a purple sweater with a purple shirt, a blue skirt that goes to her knees, had sneakers, and she had a pony's tail behind her with wings behind but those were different from the others as these were alicorn wings.

Hmm?,...no this one I already did that one time ... no this one was on Spike, come on there has to be something in here I haven't tried out." She said looking in her book of spells.

"Ah ha! here's something I haven't tried out yet, let's see what this does."she said as she was preparing the spell.

As she began to channel the spell, then out of nowhere Pinkie came and startled her.

"HEY Twilight doesn't this place look great!" She yelled at her.

"GHHHAH" Twilight screamed as Pinkie coming up to her made her lose her concentration, as a purple light shined on her and she disappeared in a sudden flash. Seeing this made Pinkie's eyes widen in a mixture of surprise and worry.

"Uh oh….. I wonder where she went?" Pinkie said as she dashed back to the others.


A blue blur rushed through a grassy area. That blue blur was none other than Sonic, who had blue hair, wore a blue jacket with a white undershirt, blue pants, and his custom made soap shoes. He was rushing through the grassy area, he hears the sounding calm water washing down on the waterfall out in the distance, and the orange fields with loop-de loops in some areas and other parts of the area.

"Ahh, nothing like running out in the Green Hills to start your morning off right." He said as he ran through the hills and then going up through a ramp and doing tricks in the air and as he landed, he made his signature pose and then continued to run through the zone.

He then stopped as he saw a purple flash of light happen at a distance. He went to check it out as he always enjoyed seeing something interesting happen every now and then.

He noticed the light died out and from that light came out an unconscious girl. In his eyes she looked like a normal girl, only with the pony tail behind her and wings on her back.

"Hmmm, well that's something you don't see every day! " Sonic said as he checked out the unconscious girl to see if she was breathing. She looked okay from Sonic's perspective other than her being unconscious as she had no wounds or anything.

"Maybe if I take her back to my place, she can explain why is she like this when she wakes up." He thought to himself.

He went and picked her bridal style, but was having a hard time trying to grip her as her wings were getting in the way. He dashed off to the far south toward his house.

"Ahhh home sweet home." He said as he went to open his door.

He got in, he passed by a few items that he placed of his past adventures which were Chip's ring which was from his world adventure, his gauntlet from his medieval adventure, and a small ring which was when he went to his Arabian seeing those items brought back memories, but now he needed to concentrate on right now.

He went to his living room and placed the girl on the sofa. "Huh I wonder who she is, but whoever she is, she look dang cute with those clothes." He thought as he looked to see if she was ok.

"Maybe I should get something for her to make her feel comfortable." He said and brought from his room a blanket and pillow and placed them on her.

"There that should do it, hmmm maybe I can do something else until she comes around." He said as he went to the kitchen to whip up a few chili dogs to pass the time.


He came back from the kitchen with a plate of chili dogs in his hand. As he was eating one of them, he went to check the girl and tried to wake her up.

"Huh it's been an hour already and she's still asleep, she must be a heavy sleeper if she can do it this long." He said looking to see that she was breathing slightly.

"Hey, purple haired girl, wake up already." He said as he shook her shoulders slightly to try to wake her up.

She was still unconscious as he was shaking her. He then thought of how to wake her up before he had an idea. He tried to place the chili dog under her nose, thinking maybe the smell would probably do the trick. It looked liked that it worked as her her senses started to come to as she smelled the chili dog. She started to open her violet eyes and yawned as she woke up and her wings spread out majestically. Sonic gasped as he saw the mysterious lavender girl waking up as he couldn't believe that it worked. Her eyes twinkled and sparkled from the light projecting from the sun.

"Hmm what was that smell, it smelled like.." She thought as her mind was coming to as she then noticed how this wasn't the fields or her library.

"W-Where am I? This doesn't look like the library! Huh. I guess that another fail for the books then" The girl said as she was trying to get a grasp of the surroundings, she looked at the furniture, but then noticed the blue haired boy looking at her. Both Sonic and the girl were staring at each other for what seemed like an eternity before he talked to end the awkward silence.

"Ummm, Hey there miss." Sonic said nervously, trying to start a conversation with her.

She felt a small blush on her cheeks as she nervously found herself looking deeper into his emerald this was happening. her wings flared up.

"Hello sir, did you bring me here?" She said in a small tone.

"Well, yes I did you appeared on the ground and I carried you here to my home." He explained

"Well, am I somewhere in Equestria?" She asked him though he looked confused as to what she was talking about.

"Equestria?" He asked. "You know land of peacefulness, humans that are half ponies?" She said as she pointed to her tail.

"Heh pardon me but I think you're on the wrong planet." He said as Twilight became baffled.

"Wait, am I not in Equest- She paused as she raised her hand to her head as she tried sensed something. " I don't sense the others here, WHERE AM I?" She yelled out angrily and nervously as she got up close to Sonic.

Sonic lightly pushed her away. "Ok, first, calm down. Second, you're on Mobius, it's a different planet OK?" He said to her as she sat back down on the couch and calmed down. "OK, now do you mind telling me who are you and where did you come from? Sonic said, as Twilight moved a little. She was still nervous but kept her emotions in check. "Well, my name is Twilight Sparkle, and I'm from a world called Equestria." Twilight explained,

He then sat down on the couch while placing the plate of chili dogs on the coffee table. "Huh, Ok then go on." Sonic said as continued to listened.

"Ok I...wait you believe me?" She said to Sonic as he nodded nonchalantly. "Yeah, I believe ya, I've been dealing with weird stuff for years now, so I'm used to this go ahead." He said to her.

"Ok, well I'm also a magic user and a princess, I've been trying out a longer range teleportation spell and it might've backfired judging by the situation I'm in." Twilight continued

"You know that really isn't the strangest thing I've seen so far." Sonic answered to Twilight.

Twilight was now thinking about what Sonic said about that her being the lesser of strange things to happen. She decided to take a look at him. He looked like any 16 year old boy would look like with blue hair ruffled on his head. He was wearing a white undershirt that showed his almost soft toned body which she was trying to not to stare at for too long. She continued to speak.

"Hmmm it seems that I'm probably stuck here, so I need to figure out how to get back, wait if I'm stuck here what will my teacher think? They'll be worried as to where I've gone!" Twilight prattled on as she got up from the couch and then paced around the room. She felt depressed that she now couldn't see her friends, teacher and possibly her brother, who were probably worried sick about her.

As she was in her depressed state, Sonic felt sorry for her because he knows how it felt being trapped in another world surrounded by people you don't know much. He then started to think that maybe she could stay at his house.

"Hey calm down!" He said as he came up to her and shook her to get her out of her stupor. "If you want to I can offer you a place to stay!" Sonic said "Or at least until you get back to your world at least." Twilight was surprised that he would do that and then smiled.

"R-Really!? Even though you don't know me, you'll let me stay?" She said as Sonic just nodded and her smile grew larger. "Ok I accept!" Twilight then said with a glimmer of happiness in her voice.

"So do you want me to show you the house?" Sonic said. Twilight looking at his hospitality and gave him a warm smile

"Sure I want to know this place so I can get used to it." She said looking around wanting to see this place. Sonic smiled as she leads off with him to explore his house, and possibly start what can be a new change for her life.

So now begins a kinship between the two but will this acquaintanceship probably turn into something more?

Tune in next time to find out.

Author's Note:

So now begins a kinship between the two but will this acquaintanceship probably turn into something more?

Tune in next time to find out.

And that's it for the first chapter, sorry if this feels a little bit forced or not, and there will be more coming later.

Please review and give me constructive criticism so I can do better, and readers it's ok if you don't like the paring (or Sonic since this site has told me otherwise), I want to hear your opinions about this story, please do I want to hear what you guys say.

(QUICK UPDATE 10-30-16: I had my editor look over this chapter and correct any errors I had , thank him, anyway on with the show!)

So have a nice day/night.

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