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The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician - Antmix762

Twilight, messes up with a spell and gets sent to another world. She meets with a boy who's energetic for adventure.

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The E.G.G.M.A.N Cometh

Chapter 10: The E.G.G.M.A.N Cometh

Another week has passed since Sonic and Twilight had their, they were having a normal day so far, Sonic waking up from his bed as he gets up and goes to the bathroom to freshen up, after that he went down to the stairs. As he did so he smelled something coming from the kitchen, he then sees Twilight still in her pajamas and also had a lavender colored apron that said,"Number 1 magician" she was using a spatula as she was cooking on something on the stove.

"Mornin Twilight, whatcha cookin?" Twilight hears this and turns around to greet Sonic.

"Oh good morning Sonic, I'm making my special pancakes for the both of us." She said as she winked at him as he blushed.

"Ok then I can go for some pancakes, I didn't know you can cook." He asked looking at the pancakes she was making.

"Well I don't actually I learned the recipe from watching Spike cook it in the library." She said as she grabbed the things she needed.

"Though I want to ask something, why make em today? What the occasion?" He asked curiously as he was making his coffee. "Well I'm making them specifically for you." Sonic then looked at her questionably "Why me?" She then turned around to face him. "Well you've shown me real hospitality since I got here and I'm making this as my way of saying thank you." She said as she was readying the pancakes onto the table.

Sonic finished making his coffee as he sits down the table, as he did so Twilight placed two plates across from one another, with three pancakes stacked over one another. Sonic then proceed to eat the pancakes by putting in the syrup along side it, as Twilight was looking at him to see how did they taste, after a few minutes they finishing the pancakes.

"Well what do you think of my pancakes?" She asked him wanting to know if he liked the pancakes.

"Well to be honest, they were pretty good, Twi, I liked your pancakes." She heard this and squealed as she heard his comment of approval.

"Thanks Sonic, I'm glad you like it."

"Also Twi?" He questioned Twilight as she looked to him.

"What?" He then looked at her with a sly look.

"I like the apron you have on, it looks cute." She then blushed at what he said about her apron.

Then there was now making a ringing noise ringing out of now where, " Uh what was that?" she stopped being blushed and was now surprised at the noise was. Sonic looked at his pocket.

"Hmmm? it's my cell phone, it's ringing." He said pulling out a device from his pocket.

He placed it on his ears and was answering now the call.

"Hey Tails, what's up?" He said into the device, "Sonic we've in trouble here!" A voice came out from the phone. "What's happening Tails?"

"Here I'll send a video to you so you can see for yourself." He said in the cell phone, as Twilight was closely looking at what Sonic's doing with the phone.

He then looked at his phone's messages and sees a message that has Eggman's logo on the video's front, at he saw it he knew it wasn't good. Twilight then looks at Sonic. "What is it Sonic?" She asks.

"It's a message from Eggman you know the villain I face?" "Oh yeah I know." He then clicks the video and it shows Eggman on the screen.

"Greetings, Sonic I've bet you're wondering what I've been doing lately?"

"No, not really." He said nonchalantly to the screen, with Twilight giggling at his remark.

"Well if not interested, I'll bring you up to speed. I've seen you've encountered a girl and you've let her stay with you and I've been watching you two very closely for the last few weeks. I've seen very much at what she does and her "magic" abilities. I want you to come to my base at the Mystic Ruins, bring her to me. Otherwise I'll be forced to take "Explosive" measures, I hope you come, I'll be wait Sonic."He said putting on a smile and looking directly on the camera.

The video then stopped and Sonic had the most angriest look on his face, and Twilight had a frightened look.

"That Eggface, he can't seem to just leave me alone now can he?!" he said yelling at himself.

"Sonic, what does he want with me?" She said frightened at what Eggman might do to her.

"I don't know what, but I'll make sure he won't hurt you Twi, let's go get Eggman." He said with confidence and he placed both of his hands on her shoulders. Twilight knew that she felt safe in them.

"And that's why we are going to his base." Twilight then had on her face. "And how are we going to do that?" She said with a angry scowl.

"We're going to sneak into his base and stop him from doing anything to anybody." She heard this and spoke. "Well can't we try to reason with him?" she said.

"Nope, I don't think we can reason with him, he did say that he'll blow up a city if we don't respond."

"Are you sure we should go what if we catches us, wouldn't it be what he wants?" She responded to him. "It might be, but I'm fast enough to get in stop what ever he's doing and get out."

Twilight then thought about that he had a point that no matter what they do, they and other people will be endangered.

"Well I guess your right, we'll have to go take it to him." "Come on let's go!" He said. "Wait!" Don't we need to change into something sneaky?" Twilight said "Your right Twi, now your talking my language, she smiled at that and went to get dressed.

Sonic went upstairs to his room and changed into what seemed to be a black ninja costume. Twilight then used her magic to make herself a suit for herself, it was a black suit, in which she used during another heist she did long ago, with a lavender sash on her hips, she even placed an eye-patch on her face, and a white bandanna in front of her head and placed her hair straight up.

They both went down to the living room to meet each other, they then looked at each other. "Sonic you're going in as a ninja?"

"Yeah it's an alter ego I made when I was younger I call it. "The Sneak" what do you think?" He said as he was doing a few poses.

"That suit does go well with you, but what about mine?" She said also doing a few action poses of her own. "That outfit looks good on ya, it fills in all the right places if you know what I mean." He grins at her in a flirting way, she blushed and slapped him in the face for that pervert comment. "Also Twi, can you ditch the eye-patch, can't you see good can you?" She then thought about it and thought this was just a costume so she got rid of the eye-patch.

"Ok are you ready?" "Yep" "Alright to the garage!"

Sonic led Twilight into a garage of his and turned on the lights that showed of a red biplane with the word "Sonic" on the sides, Twilight was amazed at this, he once told her that on his adventures he used this plane to sometimes get to his locations, though he uses it to cross the seas whenever he needs to cross the seas or whenever he doesn't feel like running.

"So Twi you want to get on?" She then was nervous as shes never had been on this type of machine, yes a hot air balloon maybe but not this.

"Are you sure this is is safe?" She asks.

Hey this thing is safe I can assure you Twi." Sonic says and gives a reassuring thumbs up to her. He then gave Twilight googles, and he placed googles on himself, she got on the cockpit of the plane and Sonic get on the pilot seat and starts the plane.

It flies off from the garage and goes into the air, with the engines running and the propeller spinning, they were flying really high.

Twilight was looking down and sees the clouds passing by and the ground below them.

"Hey Sonic!" She tried to yell out to Sonic from the high wind that was blowing on her face. He barely heard Twilight. "What is it Twi?" He said while he's flying his plane.

"Are we almost there yet?" She said loudly, "Yeah we're almost there, I'm parking the plane somewhere away from the base so Eggman doesn't see it on his radar."

As they were talking, he lowers the plane, and lands the plane near the base, then Sonic covers his plane in a cover to hide it and then they were off to the base to confront Dr. Eggman.

(Music - Metal Gear Solid 3- Infiltration ~ Battle In The Base - Caution)

They were now backed up near crates, that probably had parts for machines, they both looked around there were robot guards everywhere guarding the place. They got back to their hiding spot and were now conversing with one another quietly.

"Ok Sonic, we've got here near the base now what do we do?" She asked whispering to him. He then went to face her, "Well we need to sneak into his base, but we got do it quietly." He said using his binoculars to scout ahead. "You've got any spells that can give us camouflage?" She looked at her magic book that she made appear out of thin air, she looked at the pages and found what they needed.

"Ok I found it, are you ready?" He nodded and she covered her hand with her magic and suddenly Sonic and Twilight's body, and clothes color get overridden with the colors of the environment.

"Wow, this is cool, I didn't know your magic can do this, your awesome!" He whispered, Twilight then felt flushed as she heard his complement.

"Thanks, now what do we need to do?" She asked.

"Ok first we need to get to Eggman's control room and sabotage what he's going to do, I found an entrance, but we need to get in as sneakingly as possible, you got that?." Twilight then smiled at his planning. "Wow I didn't take you as a planner, I'm proud of you." She joked at him, Ok I get it, now can we get moving now?" He asked tapping his foot on the ground. Twilight then smirked, "Alright, I'm ready let's go." He then motioned her to follow him and she did so.

They carefully tread the path filled with robot guards, as they quietly go through the base, Sonic going as fast as he can to avoid being seen, and Twilight running along with him avoiding the lights. They spot two Egg pawns guarding the entrance. "How are we getting past them?"

"Don't worry, leave it to me, Twi." He said as he disappeared suddenly. She then looked to see a noise was being made, then the two robots heard this noise.


"BEEP, YES I HEARD THAT WE MUST CHECK IT OUT." They then went to check it out in the corners, after a few minutes Twilight heard a crushing noise. Sonic then came out from the corner with wires in his hands.

"Did you take them out?"

"Yep, took out their alarm wires too, let's go!" They then went in through the mechanical doors and into Eggman's base.

They were walking through the hallways at the sides and they were having an easy time navigating through the hallways. Occasionally, they spotted an Egg Pawn walking through the halls guarding the place, they stopped at the sight of a camera looking around the hallways.

"Don't worry Sonic I've got this." She looked at the camera and used her magic to disable it. "Ok let's go we got a few seconds until it goes back online." She and Sonic then ran as fast as they could through the hallway, and then after wandering they found Eggman's control room where there was his chair and his desk. "Ok we're here now we got to destroy his machine." He whispered as he was looking at Eggman's desk. Twilight was looking around and noticed something weird.

"Sonic, don't you think that this is too easy?" Sonic then looked at her wondering what she meant. "What do you mean by that?" He asked as he was randomly disarming the components of Eggman's machine.

"Well there's nobody here anybody here guarding this place, you don't think this is a..."

(Music-Metal Gear Solid 3-Battle in the Jungle (Alert))



There was an alarm beeping in the room as Sonic and Twilight then looked around as they were alarmed by the noise ringing in their ears.

"I knew it, it was a trap, quick Sonic, we got to get out of here now!" She grabbed his hand, and tried to escape through the door, but the doors were then shut in trapping them in.

Then they noticed Giant Egg Pawns with hammers were coming out from above, they were slowly walking towards our two heroes and were now trying to knock and capture them. They then were now running away from them as they were walking really slowly. "What do we do now?" Twilight said as she was flying above to avoid their s

"It's no use, we got to fight!" Sonic said getting into a stance, Twilight looked worried at first but went into a stance as well.

Sonic went after one trying to knock it off balance it looked like it was doing nothing, he tried repeating it again but they were still not budging. She flew up avoiding the hammer strikes from the giant robots,she then tried to fire her beams of magic on them though it was facing no affect. She then saw one of them were about to hit Sonic.

"Sonic look out!" He noticed the giant hammer coming towards him and sidestepped out of the way. Though as he got out of the way of one hammer, another one got to him and knocked him unconscious. "Sonic!" She went down trying to save him, though she gets hit by a hammer. "S.s..so..n..ic" she said falling further unconscious as her mind went blank.

After an unknown amount of time, Sonic was coming out from his unconscious state, his eyes were now sees his legs tied up in what seemed to be metal chains, he then looks up at Twilight as her arms were covered in what seemed to be metal. He then used his arms to crawl toward the unconscious girl.

"Twilight, are you up?" He heard nothing from her. "Hey come on wake up Twi!" She then was moving as she was waking up. "Sonic what happened?" He then looked around as they were in behind iron bars. "Well it looks like we just got caught." He said as he was looking around.

"Maybe my magic can break this." She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate her magic, though nothing happened, she then looked at her metal covered hands, Sonic then looked at her also.

"What happened?" He asked, "M..m..my magic it's not working." "Eggman must of made this metal magic-proof, he must of prepared it just for us."

Twilight then had an angry look on her face and whacked Sonic with the metal cage on her hands. "Hey, what was that for?" He said as he was reeling for that hit. "This is your fault!" "What, why me?"

"You said we were you had this and I knew this was going to be a trap, I told you it was going to be one, but I had to listen to you didn't I?" She said sneering at Sonic.

"Hey I thought this was going well, until the trap, I thought you would know something Ms. Smartypants!" He said, promptly offending her.

"Well I would have if maybe you should of used your head while doing this, or maybe was it the adrenaline getting into your head?"

"What are you saying?" He asked Twilight.

"I'm saying maybe if you think with your head and not your action more, then maybe we would have gotten out of here!" She yelled out at Sonic, . "Are-are you calling me an idiot?" "No, I'm calling you a dolt, or is that brain of yours not smart enough?" Sonic then couldn't speak and felt something broke within him. They were both staring at each other, both of them feeling hurt from each other's insults.

Then their staring contest was then interrupted from a screen. Then appeared Eggman on it. "OH Hello their my prisoners, how are enjoying your stay here?" He said gleefully. They heard him and they just snorted a "Humphed" at him as they were facing away from each other. "Hello? Earth to Sonic?" He tried to say at Sonic though he was ignoring him and Twilight.

"Well, what about you little girl?" She also ignored him. "Whoa cold shoulder, I thought you two would be angry or yelling at me not at each other, well whatever weather or not you two for each other that is." He then pressed a button on his desk and then both of them got transported to another room with Eggman in at the back of what seems to be a machine with two weirdly shaped spears. "I'd like to introduce myself Ms, I am Dr. Eggman, genius extraordinaire. As I said on the video, I've been watching you and Sonic for some time now." She felt a little creeped out. "And I also have been taking notes on your powers that you've had and now I want to see how powerful this so called "Magic" is." She heard this and then was scared at what was he going to do to her, with Sonic looking worried as well.

"And I have a hypothesis on how to get this power of yours out." He says as he presses the button and in the middle of the two rises four weirdly shaped spears as Sonic was looking confused on what his nemesis is planning, then a square glass was placed around her.

"Now let's begin shall we? He pressed another button on his console and then electricity was seeping for the spears, as they were now shocking Sonic and Twilight.

"AHHHHHHHGGGH" She yelled out as she was feeling the sparks coursing through her body, as Sonic was laying down on the ground also feeling the electricity hurting his body. Eggman was checking on them as he was looking if Twilight's magic was working. "Bah, nothing is happening I better turn it up some more." he said as he turned the dial up. The electricity was now sparking more intensely as they felt more shock in their bodies.

"W...hat...are..you...trying...to...do Eggman!" He said as he was struggling to speak.

"Well I want to see if her powers can be more powerful than they really are so, and the reason your in there is well, I destroy you as a bonus." He said as he was looking at him with a grin on his face.

Though as he said that, Twilight heard this and felt something snap in her head, she fought the electric surge on her body as she felt a magical surge within her body and then suddenly a purple light was circling around her body forming a barrier around her. The alicorn magic that was surging through her it was so powerful it broke the metal cuffs that were magic proof.

"RAWWWWWGH" She yelled as her eyes were now covered in a purple light, she spread her arms around, as the light around her spreaded as the wave destroyed the spears that were electrifying both of them. She stopped the light as she was floating in mid air, she then looks at Sonic as he was now trying catching his breath, she uses her magic and unlocked the cuffs on his hands and legs, and then carried him bridal style.

Then she looked at Eggman with an intense glare as he was legitimately scared by this.

"CONSIDER THIS AS A WARNING, DON'T HURT MY FRIEND OR ELSE." She said in a dark chilling voice. "O-o-or else what?" He said trying to sound like he had it under control but failing. He then didn't notice as a beam fired near him and he jumped out of fright.

"THEN I'LL YOU'LL HAVE TO MESS WITH ME." She said with the cold stare on her face, then she blows a hole upon his ceiling with her blast and then flies off with Sonic in her arms.

Twilight was now in the sky, flying the damaged Sonic, though she was sporting a few wounds of her own and felt hurt herself as she was flying lower as she now landed near Sonic's plane. She settled Sonic laying near a tree as she was now pondering what to do next, she couldn't fly the plane.

"Ok, this is bad, I feel tired, and I have no idea where we are, maybe I should ask Sonic." She thought to herself as she neared Sonic. "Hey Sonic?" She said as she layed next to him, he heard and turned his head to her.

"T-twilight", he said speaking softly still feeling the shock from the electricity. "Sonic p-please don't speak to much, your hurt." She said being worried about Sonic, "Hey i-it's alright I'm doing fine." He said as he was putting his trademark smile. She heard this and she frowned as she didn't believe what he said.

"Nonsense, look at yourself you can't even move!"

He attempted to move though he couldn't.

"Ok you're right I can't move." He said as he couldn't move his legs. "What do we do now?" We'll have to call my friend, Tails can you go to the Tornado and get me my phone?" He asked to Twilight, she then went to his biplane near his cockpit, she reached down and got the phone as what Sonic called it.

"Ok, here you go." She gives Sonic the phone and he dials Tails number. "T-T-Tails? are you there ... yes we went after him, ... yeah I'm ok I'm alright just a little shaken and shocked and I can't move... Yeah just come here and get the plane back to your house... Ok then I'll see ya." He finished and put the phone back in his pocket.

"Well what did he say?" She said as she was wondering what he was talking. "He said he'll be here in an hour."

"Umm Sonic?" She asked him though Sonic just ignored her "I know your listening to me, please talk with me." He then listened to her. "What is it?" "I-I-I want to say that I'm sorry about my outburst in the cell, can you please forgive me?." She said with some sadness in her voice, though for Sonic her face alone looked very guilty and he couldn't resist it.

"Alright Twi, I forgive you if you forgive me for my outburst as well." She heard this and grabbed his hand in happiness. "Yes, I do, thank you!" She said in happiness, they both were now looking nervous as they both noticed their hands were touching, they both were now getting close to each other their face getting closer and closer.

"Hey Sonic?" Somebody said suddenly and then were now surprised at the person who just appeared out of nowhere, the kid in question had orange hair and had a bluish yellow shirt with long sleeves with a palish shorts. "Sonic why are you laying on a tree, and who's this girl?" Sonic was now feeling nervous as he was facing Tails and he had to explain about her , "Uh well it's a long story." He started and was now telling his entire story of his vacation. "Wow that's... odd." Well how odd has this been besides the other things we've seen right?"

"Yeah, well very true, what's your name miss?" He then was asking Twilight.

"Well My name is Twilight Sparkle, so are you Tails?" She asked diligently.

"Yes I am, we need to get Sonic to the plane, do you think we can both carry him?" She then had a sly grin on her face.

"No, I can do better." She used her magic.

"Hey what are you doing?" He asked worrying him as she placed him in her arms. Sonic looking embarrassed and now his best friend was watching him. "Hahahahaha this is great, I've never seen somebody doing this to him." Sonic then got a little mad as he was being humiliated "Just get me to the plane already?" He said bitterly She smiled and did as he was asking for, as for Tails he really wanted to know what is up with these two.

Meanwhile back to Eggman in he was in his ship and was looking at the computer at the energy readings that were coming off of Twilight.

"Hmmm her energy readings seemed to be higher than I expected, she'll do nicely along with the aliens and their energy." He said as it was nearing his Amusement park.

"Now then, my amusement park is near completion, and then nothing will stop me. OHOHOHOHOHOHO" He laughed all the away back to his park.

Author's Note:

WOW, this was my longest chapter yet, and I had some trouble with this along with college and such.

And, this is the start of an arc for this story that I'm starting and I hope you guys get the hints.

As always please review and fav if you like what you see.

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