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The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician - Antmix762

Twilight, messes up with a spell and gets sent to another world. She meets with a boy who's energetic for adventure.

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Terminal Finale

As they were getting back onto the ship, they were walking back with Tails.
“So, you guys?” Sonic said getting everyone's attention minus Shadow.
“Are all the aliens free?” He asked Tails as Twilight was wondering about that as well.
“Looks like it. Once the power went off the locks on all the containers of the wisps vanished, and we found Yacker!” He said pointing to Yacker who was then within Sonic and Twilight circling around them in excitement.
“Wait,” Blaze asked something. “You don’t think the weapon Twilight was shot with still works?” She asked worried about Twilight.
“Well, I don't think it can work without power flowing to it, I think we’re all good.” She assured her as Twilight breathed a sigh of relief.
“That’s what I want to her,” Twilight said.
They all then continue to walk back to the ship where they were greeted by Amy and Cream.

As they went lift off from the planet they were on, something was happening outside in space.
“Everyone look outside!” Tails said as everyone looked through the windows at the tail end of the Tropical Resort where the chains that were holding the planet are. The chains started to fade away from each of the planets.
“SWEET! The tractor beams are gone! The planets are free!” Tails cheered.
“Heh Was there any doubt? I mean really? Great job guys.” He said to everyone.
Tails then plotted a course to the ship back to the Tropical Resort.
As Amy, Cream, and Blaze were cheering Espio and Shadow was sorta keeping to themselves and Sonic and Twilight were smiling with each other as the others were doing their own thing.
(Cutscene - Finally Go Home - Sonic Colors Music)
As they went off the ship they were at the center of Tropical Resort. They then noticed the wisps of all colors were flying all around, with Yacker joining them. As everybody looks in awe of them.
“With all the generators destroyed, we can blow this joint and head home.” Tails said looking at the wisps, while everyone agrees with him.
“We did it, dude!” Tails said to Sonic as he looked confused as well as the others.

“Uh, We? I don’t remember you fighting off insane robots?” He said jokingly.
“Yeah, we were!” Everyone else said to Tails as he flinched.
“True well, good job to you guys on inventing a translator that allowed us to speak to the aliens and figure out exactly what we needed to do so we weren’t running around the park looking like idiots.” He then facepalmed himself in a sarcastic way.
“Oh no wait, that was me.” He said pointing to himself as everyone was just rolling their eyes at this.
“Good point,” Twilight said as she putting a thumbs up. ”Either way, we can get out of this crazy place and go home,” Sonic said.
“So, you guys did it?” They heard someone's voice as they looked around and see that it was Rouge flying back down on her bat wings.
“Hiya, you two lovebirds how ya doing with each other since I left?” She said teasingly to Sonic and Twilight as they both blushed and look away from one another.
“Rouge!” Shadow said to her as he noticed her. “Where were you when I was wondering around aimlessly in a roller coaster place?” He said asking her as she laughed.
“Well, I was at Starlight Carnival looking at the beautiful scenery.” She then placed her hands on Sonic and Twilight’s shoulders.
“And I was busy getting these two together.” She said as the two were blushing. As everyone was chuckling at their misfortune.
“So, uh Sonic?” Twilight asked Sonic. “Yeah what is it?” He answered her.
“Can we get something to drink? I’m a little thirsty for this adventure.” She said to him as he nodded in agreement.
“Sure, let’s find a drink stand around here.” He said as he took Twilight's hand and both speeded off.
Espio was thinking to himself as Blaze noticed him thinking.
“Is something wrong, Espio?” She asked Espio as she got his attention.
“Well, even though the mission was a success, how are the aliens going to get their planet back since it’s near our orbit?” Espio said wondering about the aliens as they were circling around each of them.
Amy then heard this as she answered Espio’s question.
“We’ll work on that later, just for now let’s just enjoy the moment right now,” Amy said to everyone as she went back to talking with Cream as she and Cheese were playing with the different wisps, as Shadow and Rouge were talking with each other.
Sonic and Twilight went into a food shack as they didn’t find any robots anywhere on the counter.
“Huh, they must be on break,” Sonic said jokingly, he then jumped behind the counter.
“Sonic what are you doing?” Twilight asked Sonic as she was wondering why was he doing that.
“What do you think? I’m getting a drink for the both of us, and besides, it’s Eggman’s I’m pretty sure he ain't gonna notice.” He said to her.
He got two cups from the counter and then proceeded to the fridge to get him and her a soda.
“So Twi, which do ya want? He’s got Apple, Melon, Orange.” Sonic asks her as she was then thinking about what to choose.
“Hmmm, I think I’ll go with….Apple!” He checked the soda rack and gets one out of the fridge, he throws one at Twilight and then gets an orange one for himself.
He opens it as it fizzes out from opening as Sonic takes a sip of the soda, as Twilight takes a sip of hers.
“Mmm, this tastes great!” Twilight said as she placed it on a table where the two were sitting on. “Yeah, for such an evil guy he sure does make great soda.” He said as he took another sip, though a thought came to his head as he was drinking and then watches Twilight drink her drink,
“Hey Twi, I want to ask you something,” Sonic asked Twilight as he got her attention. “What is it Sonic?” She asks him.
“I wanted to ask, how’d ya free yourself from that weird thing that was happening to you?” He said to her, as she remembered what happened to her.
“Well, I….don’t know, I was trying to concentrate to stop and I couldn’t stop, but when you placed your head against mine I felt something, like a strong wind that was guiding the way.”
“Well if it helps, I felt weird too, like your magic was in me or something, but I have no idea what that was.” He said while placing his hand on his forehead. “Maybe we can ask Tails when we get back home and maybe he can tell us about this?” She said with Sonic nodded.
“Probably, let's finish our drinks first and then we bail out of here.” He said as he went back to drinking his soda, but stopped as he belched.
“BUUURP!” He then covered his mouth, as Twilight looked in disgust. “Heh, excuse me.”
“You're disgusting, at least cover your mouth when doing that!” She said as she covered her nose as Sonic shrugged it off and went back to drinking, as Twilight placed her hand down and went back to drinking her soda.

Meanwhile, at Eggman’s room, he was checking the screens and was making the preparations for his cannon.

Ho, ho, ho…that fool Sonic and his little band of friends thinks they've won because they destroyed all my generators," Eggman laughed to himself, watching his monitors, with Orbot ignoring him as always, while Cubot was trying to pay attention. "Well, the mind control cannon is full enough for what it has to do…"

He gets up from his seat as he then casts his palm to the sky before clenching it.

"I WILL have the last laugh!"

Cubot applauded, while Orbot had to intervene with a question to him.

"The last laugh? How is laughing the last special? Isn't that like being the slowest to get the joke?" He said to Eggman wanting to know.

"Yeah, I laugh last all the time! People look at me like I'm an idiot! Forgetaboutit!" Cubot said sounding like a gangster now with a new voice chip.

Eggman, whirling around and faced them both. "That's because you ARE an idiot!" He said yelling at him.

Cubot was silently thoughtful for a moment after turning his head around before facing the doctor again. "You talkin' to me?"

"Yes, I'm talking to you! There's nobody else here, so I MUST be talking to you! Why haven't we fixed your voice chip yet!?"

"Yo, quit bustin' my batteries over here! I have been workin' on it all day!" He turned around facing away from him.

"…what does that even mean?!" Eggman shouted. "Oh, nevermind…!"

In a huff, he hit a button on his desk to send it beneath the floor, replacing it with a control panel of sorts.

"In a few seconds, it won't matter anyway, since the world will only have one thing on its mind…"
"What's that, Boss?" Orbot asked, taking the bait. Eggman flashed a toothy grin and chuckled.

"Heh heh…ME."

He then threw the switch to the mind control cannon and watched it from his screen. The amusement park goes dark as the Mind Control Cannon prepares to fire. As the power surges, however, the tower that was previously damaged by Globotron's arm overloads the section of the tower and explodes, causing a massive backfire. Nega-Wisp energy is fired in every direction, one shot of which impacts into the moon. The cascade failure of the Mind Control Cannon causes the released Nega-Wisp energy to begin forming a growing void around the middle of the four towers.

“No! This can't be happening. It's backfiring. Impossible! How?” He said as he kicked his chair with Cubot on it and then back to him. “It should be working fine!”
Cubot then looked at the screen and then looked at something that was on one of the destroyed towers.
“Ohh, I get it!” He suddenly said to himself as Eggman was
“Get what?!” He asked wanting to know what Cubot got.

“Globotron's arm is jamming the cannon's firing lever!” He said pointing to the piece of his arm that was in the towers.
“Ohhh! So that's where that thing went to!” Orbot said figuring out where the arm went.
"Whew, glad to have that figured out. It was just KILLING me! Well, G'night.” He said as he laid down on the floor but Eggman kicked him as he was having none of that.
“This is no time to nap, you fool! Go FIX it!” He said pointing to the door.
“Try to stay calm, boss. Fretting won't get you anything now.” He said waving his arms as Eggman prepared his arms.
“Rrgh, I'll show you fretting if you don't think of a plan!” He yelled out to them both.
“I have been thinking! I just haven't come up with anything.” He said floating in a relaxing position, as Eggman was then stomping his legs in frustration.

“Bah! Silence! You two are useless!” He yelled at them both, but then thought of something.No matter! I may have suffered a small setback, but this thing's far from over!"

"I WILL CRUSH SONIC AND HIS LITTLE PURPLE FRIEND!" He yelled out as he then plopped down in his chair and then flew up to a hatch on the ceiling.
Orbot and Cubot were left to watch, wondering what was going to happen to them.

"…the man gets an A for effort, that's for sure!" exclaimed Cubot, to which Orbot could only shake his head.
As Sonic and Twilight were getting out of the place, they then hear an explosion coming from the other side of the resort.
“Sonic, what was that?” She yelled out spooked at what just happened, as Sonic kept level-headed.
“I don’t know, I think we need to get out now!” He said.
“Quick let’s regroup with the others!” She yelled as Sonic speeded off and Twilight flew with him.
They find the others at the center, Shadow, Blaze, and Espio looking around to make sure nobody gets hurt, Tails and Rouge were surveying the area around them while flying and Amy hugging Cream and Cheese as they were scared at what’s happening around them.
“Amy w-w-whats happening?” Cream said still scared, “I-I don’t know, Cream just hold on!” She said to her.
“Guys, I don’t know if you noticed but I think we need to get out of here!” Tails said while he flew back down with Rouge coming as well.
“Yeah, I agree with the kid, something happening here and it’s not gonna be pretty.” She said with a worried expression.
Shadow, still looking around then thought of something in order to get everyone out of here.
“Everyone I have an idea!” He called out to everyone as they were having his full attention.
“I’ll use Chaos Control to warp us out of here.” He said as everyone agreed with him. They went next to him as Tails gave him the other five to him in order to give him more power to his chaos control.
”Sonic why aren't you coming with us?” Blaze said as she wanted to know.
“Well, I need to take care of Eggman first.” He said confidently to himself. He then felt Twilight on his shoulder.
“You mean “we” are gonna take care of him, besides we need to fight with him together!” Twilight said to Sonic as he thought about what to do. He then motions to Shadow to get ready for his chaos control.
“Well?” She said as Sonic made his decision. “Right we’ll do this together!: He then placed his arms together on her in a hug, she felt comforted as she then felt his arms push her forward and into Espio’s.

“SHADOW NOW!” He told him as he nodded and he got his chaos emerald ready.
“CHAOS CONTROL!” He yelled out as it flashed in a bright light as Amy, Cream, Cheese, Blaze, Tails, Rouge, Espio, Twilight, and Shadow all disappeared, though Sonic was left there by himself.
“Man, Twilight’s gonna kill me for that eh I can handle it.” He thought as he felt another earthquake go through the ground, Sonic stood his ground and then made his way to the exit of the place. What he didn’t see was a glowing object that was on the ground that fell from the tower.
Back down on Earth
In the field a few meters away from the tower of Eggman theme park, a flash happened and everyone appeared. Twilight got out of Espios arms and was angry.
“What was that!” She screamed out. “Why did that blue idiot do that for, I thought we were supposed to fight against Eggman together!” She said as her hands were in fists.
Tails went up to her and tried to calm her down by just grabbing her hands.
“Twilight calm down! Sonic was just trying to protect you!” He said while she was giving him a glare.
“Protect Me!? I don't need protection, I can protect myself just fine, I just don't know why he wanted to just go and face Eggman alone.” She said as she looked upwards into the sky in sadness and worry.
Blaze then went up to her and places her hand on her shoulders. “That's Sonic for you, always thinking about others instead of himself, he's always this reckless and he did that because he probably cared for you.” She said as Twilight was hearing this. Maybe she was right, and that he did this out of love?
She looks at the top of the tower and at the swirling orb at the top, she closed her eyes, placed her hands together and then prayed to herself.
“Sonic please come back to me safely. N-no I mean us safely that what I mean.”
As he was running to the exit, he hears one last announcement from the PA.
“Critical system failure! Repeat: Critical system failure! All attraction access is temporarily suspended. Please exit the park via the emergency exit ahead. This is all your fault!”
“Heh, I don’t know what he’s talking about, all we did was stop the generators, I just need to get out of here!” He thought as he was making through the place where they first got off, though a claw extends and tries to hit him thankfully he gets out of the way.
He then notices a robot getting in his way as it roars, it resembles a purple wisp, with a large razor sharped mouth with a cannon in there, there are also two tentacles with sharp pincers on each end with eyes, behind it are tanks that have a purple substance like in Asteroid Coaster.
“Leaving so soon?” He hears a voice come from the robot. In the cockpit, it opened to reveal Eggman piloting it.
“There are no lines and I’ve saved the best rides for last! At least let me STAMP your hand so you can come back in!” He said as he bangs his hand on the console.
Sonic facepalmed at his pun. “Look, I know you’re trying to be clever with this whole amusement park pun thing, but it’s just coming off lame, just say you’re gonna destroy me and stop embarrassing yourself.” He said while making a point to Eggman, as he just raises his arms in frustration.

“Curse you Sonic! Not only do you foil my plans, but you foil my speeches as well! I work hard on them!” He yells but then regained his composure. “No matter, I WILL destroy you and I WILL be victorious! Is that better?”
“Like a million times better, thank you.” He said thanking him.
“This robot is special, he’s powered by the energy from your little friends, HE IS INVINCIBLE! So I’d say it’s been nice knowing you… but it hasn’t” Eggman then noticed something different with the blue boy, he didn’t have both his friends with him.
“Say where’s your little girlfriend? I have a bone to pick with her!” He yells as Sonic looks at Eggman.
“She escaped just like everyone else, I’m the one you're facing now!” He said as Eggman just ignores him. “Gah, no matter, when I’m done with you, she’ll be next!” Sonic gritted his teeth at him saying that.
“You leave her alone!” He yelled out, as Eggman. “Oh, I struck a nerve?” Eggman said with a grin on his face.
“No….let’s throw down!” He said as he ran in one direction and Eggman followed him.
Boss: Nega Wisp Armor
(Music- Sonic colors Nega wisp armor phase 1)
Sonic was now chasing down Eggman’s robot as it was floating near him.
“What’s wrong I thought you said we were gonna throw down, boy?” He said as he was operating his machine. Sonic wanting to get on with it now had to get serious here, he had no friends, no wisps, and most importantly no Twilight around to help him, he had to do this on his own.
“Alright Eggman, no fooling around, let’s settle this here!” He said running after him.
“Heh, go ahead and try to, also another thing I’ve programmed into my mech, it has all your little wisp friends powers meaning I can use them anytime I want.”

Sonic gulped as he heard that. “Now let’s test this out shall we?” He said with a grin on his face and presses a few buttons
“CUBE!” A distorted voice was heard.
As he said that his robot fires purple blobs into the air as they land near Sonic, blocking some parts of his way, he manages to evade them to avoid tripping, though as he did so he heard the distorted voice again. “LASER!” as it said that lasers start to ricochet off the cubes, he tries to get out of the way through one of the lasers hits his knee. “Agh, dammit!”
“Ow,” Twilight said lightly as she then feels something in her knee. “Huh, what was that? Must have been a cramp.” She wonders as she placed her attention back to the sky.

He get’s out of their way and then sees Eggman again.
His machine’s arms then try and swing at him attempting to hit him, though he jumps and homing attacks off its hand, then the shoulder, then right on his cockpit as Eggman loses some of his control but then regains them.
“You little, alright then, you asked for it!” His robot then sucked up the wisps that were escaping into space and they all went into his robot.

“DRILL!” It shouted at the front of the tentacles were then spinning and then swung around Sonic trying to hit him, he keeps ducking through each swing as then Sonic goes up and straight up kicks his cockpit again, as it goes back two wisps fall out from there which were the Cyan wisp and the Yellow wisps to which Sonic caught them both.
“Hey you two, do you mind helping me?” He asks the two of them and they happily agree.
“HOVER!” The voice shouted as the robot floated upwards and then behind Sonic, it then began to shoot lasers at him one at a time, though he jumps one of them, and then the other in a rhythmic way.
“CUBE” He then shot cubes again as they appeared behind him, luckily the wisp was able to show him the way to go until more thing was coming his way, then incoming his way were purple spike ball coming down from the cubes, he dodges them and begins to talk again.
“Is he using two wisp powers at the same time? He must be getting desperate to kill me if he’s doing this.” He thought to himself.

Eggman stops and then goes back to Sonic from the front as Sonic see another opportunity to hit him, he boosts at him knocking the robot and releasing three more wisps, the Orange wisp and the Pink wisp as Sonic grabs them both.
“Hey, guys miss me?” They both knew who their rescuer was and both nodded, as he went on with the four wisps flying near him, he then sees Eggman looking at his panel and then presses another button.
“BURST! It's armed launches upwards to shoot out red fireballs, Sonic manages to duck and weave through the rain of fire with the wisps close by him, with a stray fireball hitting his cheek as he briefly staggers from it.
“Ow!” Twilight felt something hot hit her cheek as she places her hand on it.
“Ok, what was that? I didn't see anything attack me, what’s going on?” She thought as she looked around but noticed nothing.

“SPIKE!” It launches the same spike balls from before only the look to be coming out in a four row, and going by faster than before, he then tries to hit him again, though Sonic homing attack again onto his cockpit as he releases another two wisps, Green and Blue. They then follow Sonic joining him with the other wisps, as he felt their Hyper-go-on energy going off on him.

“Grr, you irritating pest, why won’t you just stay still and die?” He yelled as Sonic spoke up.
“Because of Egghead, I won’t stop going until I crack you wide open!” He said as Eggman responded.
“Well, you keep doing that, I’ll just bounce back again no matter how many times you beat me, I WILL WIN!” He yelled out as he went behind Sonic and then launched another attack at him.
“FRENZY!” It then started to chomp at Sonic from behind, he sidesteps with the wisps following him to avoid getting mauled by those teeth of the robot.
“You’ll never win as long as I’m around Doc!” He said as Eggman then turns back to the front and tries to bite him again though Sonic just jumped upwards and homing attack him again, but the glass on his cockpit started to crack and then another wisp started to come out which was the Red wisp, it tags along with the rest, and then feels more power going through him.

Twilight was still sitting down on the grass as everyone was checking out the elevator and seeing if there was anybody was there wanting to go to Eggman’s amusement park.
“I can’t believe that Sonic up there facing against Eggman alone, I should be up there helping him, but no, he had to act with his head and take me away from there to protect me, sigh I guess he did this to protect me and….” She thought as she then feeling something in her body, but it was like it was the wisp powers, but they weren't anywhere near her and she was feeling the exact way from before, the wind is going through her body.

“W-w-what is this I feel? It’s not like my magic and not like the wisps, well it is it’s just I feel them all together and I feel Sonic’s presence.”

She then closed her eyes and then saw something, a weird robot that was firing lasers and the one she was looking from was jumping around with other wisps were following her.
“Am….I seeing what is Sonic seeing? This is really weird.” She then opened her eyes and she was back to her on vision.
“That was weird, maybe I can try communicating with him? He did say he felt my magic going through him?” She then had an idea go through her head.
“That’s it I’ll try and send him some of my power to him!” She said, she that closed her eyes and then begins to concentrate hard enough to see if she can help Sonic.

Sonic was feeling a bit tired from this, he already rescued the wisps as they were following him, but it looks like Eggman’s robot isn't ready to quit just yet and neither is he.
“Sonic! Can you hear me?” A voice was heard in his head, he noticed it and tried to listen to it.
“Twilight, is that you? How are you talking to me?” He said. “Yes, I need to ask you something.”
“Well can you hurry up, I’m kinda facing Eggman here!”
“I can see that, do you feel a power goin- SONIC WATCH OUT!” She yells out as Sonic noticed the lasers firing at him, he jumps as they get faster and faster.

“VOID!” Its mouth opened a was sucking up what was in front of it, namely Sonic and the wisps.
He runs but notices the wisps going into the purple void. Sonic reached out his hand and tried to grab one of their hands he grabs one and one by one they grab each other's hands, though the Green wisp misses and Sonic reached out with his other hand and then it becomes encased in a blue aura and carries the stray wisp.
“That’s my levitation spell! how did you do that?” She yelled flabbergasted at what happened.
“I don’t know how, but if it works then I’ll take it!” He said as Twilight agreed. The void disappeared as Sonic then launches another counterattack at Eggman, he then frees the last two wisps, which were the Purple and Violet Wisp.
(Music- Sonic Colors Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2)
Then the robot was shooting fire from everywhere. “GRRRR, YOU...YOU...YOUUUU. YOU HORRID LITTLE BRAT! I’LL PUT AN END TO TO YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!” He then pressed a button at the mouth of his robot was opening looking like it was about to shoot a laser at Sonic. He tried to get ready right now was trying to get his bearings.

“Sonic! You have to concentrate! I’ll lend you my power we’ll beat him together!” She said as she concentrates all her magic and gives it to Sonic, he then feels power going into him as a purple aura goes through his body, he felt focused and also sees an afterimage of Twilight next to him looking at him reassuringly, he nods feeling confident that he was with her (even in spirit). “Unlimited Colors!” They both said as the wisps gathered around them and knew what it meant.
All the wisps were gathered and were now circling around, in a rainbow matter.
“FINAL MAGIC PRISM BLASTER!” As the colors were going around Sonic concentrated the magic energy inside himself and then launched within the swirl and it combined with the Hyper-go-on energy from the wisps crashed onto the robot as it did the finishing blow.

It crashed down as the cockpit then was launched out as then displayed a firework of Eggman’s face and then fell down and he was upside down.While Sonic then fell down as he landed face first on the elevator shaft, completely tired from that final attack as it and the magic energy inside him took its toll on him.
“Ugh, my head, who turned off the light?” He looked around as he tries to get back up, but notices the purple expanding void behind him.
“At Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park, you can feel comfortable knowing your safety is our number one priority."
He got angry again as he hears his PA announcement as he gets whisked away into the void. “OH SHUT UPPPPPP!”
The Nega-Wisp induced void continues to grow, slowly swallowing Eggman's amusement park as Sonic gets up and notices the void continuing onto him.
“SONIC, GET OUT OF THERE!” Twilight's voice was heard in his head as he gets up.
“Alright, I hear ya Twi, ugh this might not end well.” He said as he ran ahead to avoid being swallowed by the black hole.

Twilight was nervous that Sonic was getting swallowed by the black hole, she had to think of something.
“Damn it, what can I do? I’m all out of magic and I’m nervous to fly out the atmosphere.” She then fell down and her hands turned into a fist as she kept punching the ground.
“What’s the point of having this much magic if I can’t do anything about it, please Sonic you have to stay alive.”
Sonic was running like mad and sidestepping through all the holes in the ground, but the void behind him was catching up fast.
“Damn, looks like there's no getting out of this huh well.” He closed his eyes as it closed in on him and swallows him up
Twilight then felt her heart stop as she stopped feeling Sonic’s presence as she then had tears in her eyes seeing her sadness.
“He can’t be gone, he can’t be, I never….even got...a….. chance to say that, I…. loved him.” Her hand covered her face, but then.“Whoosh” She still felt some of his energy in a form of wind resonate with her. “Wait, if I can still feel his energy that would mean…”

She then saw the void up top was being brightened by a light as then a bright small ball of light came down as it bursts wisp came out of it, with a certain blue-haired boy as they go back into the sky.
He turned to them and gave them a weak thumbs up. She then ran up to him, with tears going off her face.
“SONIC!” She shouted as she bear hugged him and knocks him to the ground.
“Hey, Twi, uh hey you're choking me.” He said as Twilight let off her strain and was lightly hugging him
“Sonic! Are you okay!?” Tails flew towards him as Twilight was still hugging him not caring of her surroundings. ”Man, I can believe you made it through that!”
“Heh, you thought I wouldn’t?” He said as he smirked. But Tails went up to him and held up his fist.” Great job Sonic!” As Sonic gave a brofist, but as he and everyone else see the wisp come towards them as it was Yacker coming to them as he was excited to see them as he made a few gestures to them. Though he then went off and push Twilight towards everyone else.
“H-Hey, stop that!”
“What did he say, Tails?” Cream asked as he was looking at his device.
“He says, ‘Thank you two for saving us’”
“You’re welcome, thank YOU for saving him!” Twilight said as she mentions Sonic.
“He says ‘You are welcome!’” Tails said looking at his device as Blaze looked at it.
“That thing’s translating pretty well.” She said as he nodded.
“Yep, I managed to work out all the kinks.” He said.

Yacker chirped again, whirling around and pointing up at the herd of aliens in the sky. I frowned at that, knowing what it meant.

"…oh, great. He says 'goodbye my friends. I have to go…'" Tails announced, sighing at his machine. "Just when I got this thing working…"

"Better late than never, buddy!" Sonic assured him as Yacker flew up to me and held up his arm Sonic knew what he wanted. "Right on!"

He leaped into the air with my arm extended, and they smacked a high five, with Twilight jumping up and giving one to Yacker too. It was then that Yacker spiraled around us and reunited with his friends, swooping back down and flying along the ground of the planet, trying to make the best of their sendoff.
They then went back to their planets and managed to get them out of Earth’s atmosphere and probably back to where they once were.
“Well, that solves that problem.” Espio said as everyone agrees as they take one last look at the sky.
“Whelp, what do we do now?” Sonic says to his friends as they each say what they were going to do.
“I’m gonna take Cream and Cheese back to their mother and I’m staying with her.” Blaze said.
“I’m going back to my place to talk with Vector about the case.” Espio said.
“Me and Shadow here are gonna see if G.U.N can help us fix that.” Rouge said pointing to the giant elevator that leads to nowhere.
“And I’m...probably gonna go home.” Amy said as she walked off.
“Alright then see ya guys!” He waved his arms saying goodbye to his friends as they all went their separate ways, he then turned to Tails and Twilight.
“Well, I’m beat let’s go home and call it a day right?” He said as they both agreed.
“Yeah, I’ll start the plane.” Tails said as he went on ahead to start the Tornado.


(Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD music- Roxas theme)

It was night time as Sonic was getting dressed for bed, but as he went in his room he noticed Twilight was sitting on his bed probably waiting for him.
“Oh, uh what’s up Twi?” He asks her as she got up and then slaps him in the face.
“OW, what was that for?” He asks as Twilight grabbed him by the collar and looked at him.
“That was for pushing me into Espio you jerk!” She said as she placed her head on his chest and then promptly hits its as she started crying.
“DO YOU KNOW, HOW WORRIED I WAS FOR YOU WHEN YOU WERE UP THERE!” She said as she was in a blubbering mess like she was in Asteroid Coaster, he knew that he would face this again, he looked sad as he watches her weep on his shoulder.
He then sits down with her, as he then softly touches her face and rubs the tears from her face.
“Twilight, I know you might feel peeved, but I also want to thank you for helping me with that fight it was ...awesome.” He said facing away and she looks at him and then hugs him he then goes up to her ear.
“And I know that you wanted to say you loved me.” He said as Twilight shot out of his embrace, while looking at him and fully blushing.
“WH-WHAT NO I NEVER SAID THAT!” She yelled denying his statement as Sonic his grin as he knew she did that.
“Ah-ah-ah, remember how you were able to talk with me in my head? Well, seems you left the line on in your side and I heard everything.” He said as Twilight’s blush was glowing brighter as she was really embarrassed.
“Hey come on, don’t be so bashful?” He said putting his hand on her cheek as she placed her hands on his.
“Why should I, you heard me proclaim my love, what more do you want?” She asked wanting to know what he wants.
“This.” He then goes up to her and places a kiss on her lips. She becomes startled as he did this and then she just went with it and started to kiss along him and putting her arms around.
After a minute of them like that, they separated as they both were trying to get air back in their lungs, as she and Sonic were both looking at each other’s eyes and Twilight then spoke up while blushing really hard.
“Sonic….can we stay like this?” She asks. “Like, what? You and me sleeping together?” He asks her as she nods slowly.
“Yes, I want to stay with you, that and I’ve had a long day of adventure and I think I deserve a little something.” She said.
“Sure, I guess you do deserve a little something, and I want to, say something to you.” He says as he looks down as well, Twilight wonders. “What is it?” She asks him, as he goes up to her ear and whispers something.
“I love you too, Twily.” He said quietly, as she looked extremely giddy as she pushed him onto the bed, with her on top of him and starts kissing him on his cheek.
“Okay, Okay Twilight I get it, I get it! I’m just tired and I want to go to sleep!” She stops as she smiles at him.
“Speak for yourself, I’m tired too I’m just happy that you finally said it.” She said as she then gets cozy onto his chest and calms down.
“Well, goodnight Twilight.” He says as he closes his eyes and gets the covers over them both, “Night, Sonic.” She said as she lay on his chest and falls asleep, with smiles on both of their faces.
“I Love you. Sonic/Twilight” They both said as those words were the last things they said as they went to sleep with both of them in the embrace.


The red-n-yellow-haired girl was walking through the city as she was looking around at the buildings.
“Interesting.” She says as she looks around at all the people who are walking in the night and are in their cars to which she doesn’t know what it is.
“This world’s culture and buildings seem more, advanced than back in Equestria, and the people here look regular from what I’m getting how am I going to find Sparkle in this entire world!.” She says as she then notices something fall down from the sky.
She looks down and sees a light blue emerald, she reaches it and feels the power going through her veins as she then screams with glee as she came to a realization.
“I think I’ve found my trump card against Twilight and Celestia.” She then teleports out of the city and then onto a hill where the wind picks up her hair and she starts having an evil grin on her face and her hands start glowing light blue with magic and fire coming out.
“Look out, Princess Twilight Sparkle! Because Sunset Shimmer is coming for you and Equestria!
“HAHAHAHA!” She cackles into the night.

Author's Note:

And that was the last chapter. And now that we have finished the Colors arc is done, it's now time for a new one and it's called since it's now out of the bag.

The Sunset Shimmer arc.

I thought of putting this character in here since Equestria Girls never happened in this iteration, and I'm gonna see what I can do with her since this is gonna be original, and see how she fares with Sonic and these chaos emeralds and what not.

See ya later!

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