The Blue Blur and the Lavender Magician

by Antmix762

A Battle of Brains and Brawns

Chapter 6 Part 1: A Battle of Brains and Brawns

As another week passed after the trip to Emerald Hill, Sonic has been doing his normal routines just hanging out on his porch in his hammock, he had been curious about Twilight for the last few days since she's been here.

"It's obvious that she can use magic, but can she use it to defend herself, and even then can see use it to fight?" He thought to himself as he was getting up from the hammock, he went back inside the house to go searching for Twilight. He searched and found her in his study, sitting in a chair looking up information of a purple book Wait last time I checked I don't remember owning a purple book before I'm going to have to ask her about that later." he thought to himself, he then went up to her.

"Hey Twilight," Sonic said going up to her.

"What is it can't you see I'm still trying to find a way on how do I get back to my world" Twilight said being bothered by him.

"Hey I want to ask you something," Sonic said as he wants to have her attention. She hears him as she then puts the book down.

"Ok I have our full attention, ask away." She said as she was now listening to Sonic, he sits down on the couch as he goes in to talk with her.

"I want to see if your magic of yours can be used to defend yourself and if you can use them to attack," Sonic said questioningly. Her eyebrow went up as she wondered what he meant, the thought slowly came to her mind as she then felt a chill up her spine.

"And how are we going to do that?" Twilight asked nervously not wanting to know the answer.

"Simple, we fight." He got up and then jabs his fists in the air like a boxer.

"Just you sparring with one another." He finished he then rose his hands in a fighting pose.

Twilight was surprised that Sonic wanted to fight her, though she then raises her hands at the boy.

"Okay, first off, why do you want to fight me in the first place?" She asked him.

"Because you said that you're a hero in your world right?" He asks her.

"Well, I hate to break it to you Sonic, but some of them I didn't win through fighting most of them were from...firing a beam at them," Twilight said as she looked down.

"And I don't want to fight you Sonic." She said to him.

"Well, why not?" He said her. "Well, I'm scared that I might hurt you with my magic." She then said in a worried voice.

"What do you mean?" Sonic asked.

She then looked down. "It's just my magic is really powerful, it's why Celestia chose me as her pupil, heck my cutie mark means I specialize in magic alone!" She blurts out.

"Wait, 'cutie mark'? What's that?" He said questioning her.

She sighs as she turns around, Sonic wonder what she's doing, she then looks at him again though her skirt was taken off and it was showing off her thighs, he blushed though Twilight just stopped him.

"Look at the top of my thigh." She pointed to it, he looked as he sees there was a magenta star with another star on the other side as there were six other little white stars near there.

"See this mark on there? It's my cutie mark, this mark means that I can do all kinds of magic." She explained to him.

"Huh, that's interesting." He looks at the mark though he stopped as he didn't want to stare at it too long.

"Well don't worry about it Twi, it's just a sparring match it won't be anything serious, and besides I'm tough I can deal with anything, you've heard my stories about how what I faced right?" Sonic said stretching his arms out with a smirk on his face,

Twilight puts her skirt back on she then took a look at Sonic, his body did look a little built for a guy that looks skinny, and dare she says he looked actually hot, but she put those thoughts aside.

"Sigh, ok then I'll spar with you, but I warn you my magic is powerful,".Twilight warned him as she cracked her hands.

"Hey look who you're talking to Twi, I can handle anything." He said cockily.

"Ok don't say I didn't warn you," Twilight said Sonic nodded getting the idea.

Sonic and Twilight then ran/flew over to a clearing near his house, the entire place then looked big enough for two people to fight.

(Music - Red Sun Clear Skies - F*ckin Invincible Mix)

They both took a battle stance as they both were waiting at an imaginary clock to go down so they can fight, as soon as a leaf fell from a tree and to the ground the battle started Sonic started off immediately and dashed towards Twilight in his homing attack, she saw this and conjured up a purple shield made out of her magic and used it to block Sonic and it did so send Sonic bouncing off. Sonic then tried to compose himself from the recoil damage he received, he then tries again to hit her this time with his trademark spin-dash as he turns into a ball and launches himself towards her but at a different angle, though she caught this and used her magic shield to blocks him again. He kept on hitting the force field again and again as he keeps on using his homing attack and spin dash on her.

After a few tries, he runs off to the other side of the field to plan out his next move.

"Whoa she wasn't kidding when she said her magic was powerful that shield packs a punch!" He said as he rubs his head.

"I need to think of a new strategy." He thought to himself as he was running from her.

Twilight saw this and now was going on the offensive, she then concentrated her thoughts to her magic and waved her hand as it was now encased with a lavender glow, she covered a rock with a purple glow and threw it at Sonic. He sees this and used his quick step maneuver and dodge the rock. She pointed her hand toward Sonic and shot a beam of magic, Sonic saw this and dodge the beam by siding under it. Twilight then was aiming for Sonic and was like she was now on auto fire as she was shooting out beams, as she was doing this Sonic was running to avoid them and not get hit.

"Whoa, I didn't know she can do that either, I got to be on my toes if she can do this kind of stuff." Sonic thought as he was dodging the bullets of magic.

She then flew up into the air to get more of a distance from Sonic, she kept firing beams of magic down on Sonic, he kept dodging thou they were getting more accurate the more he kept dodging them. She then flew up to Sonic and tries to shoot him at point blank range, but with little to no effect as he notices this and runs away as quickly as possible to avoid any beams from her.

She sees this and thinks of an idea, she shot out her hand with magic encasing it, then Sonic got covered in the purple light and was dragged fiercely to her, then as he got close, she used her other hand and concentrated a ball of energy into it. As Sonic got to her, she launched the ball of energy from her hand and to him, and it looked like it hit him straight in the face.

Sonic tried to recover from the blast, though it was getting hard to see with his eyes nearly closed from the blast. He then decided to attack, he spin dashed straight towards her, he hits Twilight and sends her onto the ground, he then ran towards her and punches her each time he comes right back at her, he then went to uppercut her and launches her into the sky, he then jumped up to finish his combo of punches, then Twilight looked up and saw Sonic rushing towards her, she then flew down towards him, they both collided as both their punches connected a boom was heard, and rocks were flown upwards from the impact.

Twilight flew up into the air to get a vantage point from Sonic, she then summoned a magic book from thin air as she grips it firmly in her hand.

"Alright I got him on the ropes now, let's mix this up a little." She thought with a grin on her face.

"THUNDER!" She yelled out as what came down was several lighting bolts and then she launches it at Sonic, he dodges the bolts and tries to get within Twilight's defenses. She sees this and then tries another spell.

"FIRE and BLIZZARD!" She yelled out, and then came out a ball of fire, and a flurry of ice and aimed it at him, he then went in-between both spells as everything went slow-mo for a few seconds, though he almost felt the fireball and ice-ball almost hit his face. She saw this and needed to keep Sonic away from her, so she fired her spells one at a time, Sonic needed to dodge each one, then she kept firing all elements at him to see if he'll get hit by one, then Sonic stumbles from a rock and gets pelted by each element.

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He falls to the ground looking to be down for the count, Twilight sees this and goes down to Sonic and looks to see if he's ok.

"Hey, are you ok? I hope I didn't hurt you too much with the spells, I've never had a use for them until now." She said looking down at him. Just then Sonic sees an opening and now does his homing attack and puts in all his strength into this one and he unleashed it on her and he succeeds in hitting her and she felt it and to her, it really hurts.

"H-H-Hey no fair with a sneak attack like that!" She said losing her balance from the attack.

"Heh, heh well try to watch out for that if someone pulls a fast one on ya." He said looking ready to start again.

(Music - The Strains Of Time Instrumental Ver)

Then then felt tired from the over-usage of the spells, she had to try something else, she just went for broke and had to face Sonic head-on, she concentrated her magic on her body, she then raised her fist and encased it with magic and went to tried to punch Sonic, he dodged it but then she tried continuous punches and some kicks. He blocks some of them, but some got trough to him and were just now taking the hits, he tried landing his punches and kicks on her and she also tried to blocking them as well though she's getting tired from the fight, as well as Sonic.

While fighting, Twilight was thinking to herself.

"Jeez, this is tough, I've never had fought with my hands before." She kept on dodging some hits and then launches a ball of energy at Sonic, he jumps and dodges it as she blocks Sonic's punches.

"And for some reason, I'm enjoying this!" She thought to have a smirk on her face.

"Wow she's holding her own, I didn't know she could be this strong, it's either her own strength or the magic she's using either way, I'm having too much fun with this to stop now!" He thought to himself.

As they were fighting, it was starting to rain, as these two were getting wet from the rain, they were getting really into the fight as the two were locked in combat, each of them trying to overwhelm the other, then as they continued fighting they were both encased with auras of their own one of blue and one of purple, both were clashing with strong attacks from each side, they then were on the move as they were clashing with Sonic running, and Twilight using her wings to catch up with Sonic. Both of them punching, kicking each other as they ran/flew between each other, they kept on clashing with each time they connected with one another, a force of power would flash out.

After what felt like minutes of nonstop fighting, one of them broke the pattern of the continuous fighting and backed off from one another, they both were really fatigued and their clothes were soaking wet from the rain coming down.

"Hey, Twilight." Sonic yelled out, "What?" she yelled out back, "Let's end this!" he said facing her, she grinned at this and nodded, she wonders if his cockiness is starting to rub off her. They both then were getting ready for a final attack, Sonic was raising both his hands and was forming blue energy on both of them, as for Twilight she raised her hands together and was forming purple energy. Sonic fired sharp winds from his hands."SONIC WIND!" he yelled out, and Twilight fired a beam from her hands. They collided and there was an explosion that was crackling with energy and colored blue and purple.

(Music Ends)

When the smoke cleared up they were seeing each other and they were both out of breath. Twilight then fell down on the ground as she felt too tired to get up, she sees Sonic then coming up to her.

"Hey Twi, those were some nice moves you had there." He grabbed her hand and then she stood up. "I didn't take you for a fighter," Sonic said gasping in-between words.

Twilight felt flushed from his compliment. "Thanks, I never really used my hands to hit all that well." She then grins as big as she could. "It was actually really awesome," Twilight said as she too was also gasping for air in her sentences.

They then both heard thunder from the storm they were in as rain was starting to come in.

"Hey, let's go back to my house, it's starting to rain soon and we'll catch a cold being out here," Sonic said to her, Twilight nodded as Sonic then grabbed Twilight into his arms and then bridal style and left back to his house.