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Hey guys I'm a writer who just writes stuff. I like writing SonicxMLP so yeah.


What's up with S6 of MLP? (And others?) · 2:49am Dec 22nd, 2016

I've been asking a few of my friends about other seasons of MLP, more or less season 6 they've said that they don't like the new season, or Starlight (well that's a bit obvious) Or they don't like any of the episodes of S6.

I am now wondering, do people really like the other seasons of MLP past S2? Because I want to know if other people either likes or don't like other seasons or epsiodes, Please let me know at the comments below.

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Updates · 9:49pm Oct 30th, 2016

For anyone reading my story, I'm currently having an editor, checking though them and correcting the errors on said chapter.

It'll be slow but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Have a nice day ya'll

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What's happening? · 3:53am Sep 2nd, 2016

Okay I want to say this.

What is it with people just pushing the dislike button on my stories without even looking at it? Is it out of spite or something?

I see the view count doesn't go up and they keep doing it.

If you're going to dislike it fine , but read the story first, because I worked hard on these stories, I mean is my story really that bad?

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