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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.



Welcome to the Equestria Region, a land of Pokémon and adventure. It is here that one young boy will begin his quest to become the next greatest Pokémon Trainer ever know. Beside him is his partner Springer, who will be with him as he makes new friends, rivals, and enemies on this brand new adventure.

Pre-read by KingJoltik

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we have to have a jerk rival:ajbemused: that has never been seen in a Pokemon story:ajbemused:

Bemusement of the obvious rip... ahhum... homage to Gary Oak aside
'But Foxhelm, that consitent with how Banshee has always done his OC Lightning Blitz'
While true, still doesn't change how much like a copy paste of Gary Oak, Lightning Blitz comes off as.

Sincerely I think what is needed is not a clash of starting power versus training (DBZ has already asked and answered that question) but a clash of facts versus faith, Flash being the champion of faith in his bond with his Pokemon with Twilight more or less being the champion of the facts of what a Pokemon are proven able to do, very statically in her mind set.
They play off each other, Twlight learning that there is more to the world then the facts that are recorded and Flash learns what his and Pokemons limits are

But hey I might be jumping the gun on Lightning, and I hope I am, but I doubt it.

So I am putting my faith in the potential dynamics of Flash and Twilight, looking forward to seeing Spike in this AU.

This looks like it will be fun. So Lightning is basically Paul? Paul was such a jerkass until the very end so I guess Lightning fits. My one and only hope is that Flash actually wins the League, because that’s what ultimately ruined the anime for me, never letting Ash win. I look forward to seeing more of this.
Just one small mistake I noticed.

Flash then pointed at Lightning again. "Hey! Where do you're going?!"

I think you missed “you think” after “do”.

I completely agree. That's the one thing that annoys me in the anime is that Ash basically can't win when it matters. And, they usually make that fight where he loses to be the best fight of the season/generation of Pokémon the anime is doing.

Actually, he's supposed to resemble Paul in this. Paul never really redeemed himself like Gary. He was an ***hole the entire time till he was written out of the show.

Why does Champagoon's design remind me of Ember but with bigger hands? Also, why do I get the feeling that Aquana's gotten attached to Flash? I mean, I know Flash doesn't need a starter, but I kinda want to see Aquana latching on to Flash's leg, and then Flash letting it come with him and Springer.

I kinda get the feeling that Champagoon is based more on Torch than Ember.

But Torch is green and doesn't have spikes. Plus, his wings are green with an orange membrane.

I’ve been wrong before so don’t take my word for it. It’s just that I read it’s Pokédex entry and it kinda sounds more like Torch, being both fully evolved and described as a giant dragon.

Never seen Paul, so I went with Ash's first rival and the one pretty much every sequential rival is fundamentally based on.
Still doesn't install much hope, unless it's mostly going to be around the dynamics of Flash as faith in what no one knows against Twilight as what is empirical and can be reasoned, and the clash of those ideologies and the growth of both Flash and Twilight

Paul is usually considered to be a much better version of Gary in the fanbase. He actually treats some Pokémon like dirt and constantly beats and insults Ash, but not in snarky way like Gary. Instead, Paul is straight up insulting and cruel, unlike Gary, who is designed to be just an annoying goal to beat for Ash.

Unfortunately, after their last battle, Paul was written out of the show and replaced with...I guess you could call it a version of a kinda-racist in Pokémon with the character of Trip. At least, it kinda was a character like that. Trip basically hated people from Kanto, thinking they have no right to be Pokémon trainers...but Trip was barely used in the show compared to Paul, who repeatedly shows up, mainly to just insult Ash and beat up Ash's Pokémon with relative ease. Eh, shows you how shallow the writers are in the anime.

This is going to be REALLY cool with all the original ideas for Pokemon! I hope that Flash gets Aquana on his team later. Maybe Thawn as well because I like that starter's description the best. Then again, it could be part of another character's team later (probably Applejack's or Fluttershy's).

So, picture this:
Flash is about to leave with Springer when he suddenly feels something latching onto his leg. He looks down and sees Aquana, and then Aquana looks up at him like "Please, please, please take me with you. I know we just met, but I already love you. Please. :fluttershysad::pinkiesad2:" Twilight tries to pry Aquana off of Flash's leg to no avail. So, Flash turns to Springer and says, "What do you think, bud? You okay with having a new friend on the team?" Springer begrudgingly agrees, and then Flash's Pokemon journey officially begins.

Again not installing much hope in the series if it's going to be Lightning holding base power in high esteem versus Flash championing training,and development...and unless it's focused more on Flash and Twilight having ideological clashes as Flash driven by his faith in his and Twilight as facts, stats, etc and each learning from each other...

But this is an adventure fic...that's based on Pokémon and mlp. Why do ideologies have to be in this? I mean, what's wrong with a simple adventure fic?

You know, somebody should draw several of these original Pokemon ideas. I'd love to see all of them and Banshee could add them into the story as links or little things in the Author's notes.

8935001 I wouldn't mind. Anyone who feels like it, go for it.

Flash being rooted in, for lack of a better word, Twilight rooted in knowledge, facts, stats, etc and the two butt heads and learn from each other, Flash learns that faith alone is not enough and Twilight learns that there is more then just facts and figures... Do you follow?

I do...but why is that important? This is an adventure fic, all about the journey and having fun. Do the characters really have to be that against each other? I mean, the ideology stuff is fine, and it helps define the characters to a....certain extent, but is that as important as the adventure and the friendship between the characters? Friendship is what mlp is all about.

It's better then just having a rival whom is jerk, and allows for more narrative potential then a monster of the week.
Frankly I don't care how much more the clash of ideology is there between Flash and Twilight then Lightning Blitz's rivalry with Flash as long as it's more apparent that Flash and Twilight grow then the whole rivalry thing. Lightning Blittz could be removed fully and I would find it much more interesting as Flash learns his limits and exceeds them, and Twilight learns that's there's more in and to life then what's in a book

But aren't rivals a good way to have a character learn and exceed their limits? To have a character that's better than them so the protagonist can learn and grow to beat that rival. After all, this is also a mlp story, and mlp has a huge cast of characters. Even if Lightning is removed, Flash needs to meet characters who are against him, otherwise, there's no way he'll grow. When trying to go past your limits, you first need to know how far your limits go. There's nothing better than someone who is better than you, a 'wall' that you have to climb.

Not only that, all adventure stories are based on characters going from location to location, and events happen in each location. Therefore, the monster of the week formula is used best there. Do you want the adventure to just be them walking to each gym, beat the gym and nothing else happens?

8935530>>8935339 Besides, if a writer has two characters on the same side butting heads too much over the "right" way to do things, he/she risks creating something similar to "Non-Compete Clause." I don't hate that episode as much as other people do, but I can see where it falls VERY short.
Besides, Banshee did write something that involved Flash and Twilight clashing over their different ideologies and growing as people, err, ponies after learning from each other. It involved switching bodies, and you (Foxhelm) complained because Banshee ended up using a trope that you didn't like. :ajbemused:
Furthermore, even if Flash and Twilight were to have different ideas about training Pokemon, Banshee probably wouldn't be having them butt heads over it for more than one chapter. I haven't watched Pokemon in years, but I have seen enough to know that Pokemon trainers who are friends don't really give each other problems about training styles. They may bicker and butt heads every now and then, but they learn from each other by the time the episode's over. Pokemon trainers who are rivals or even enemies, on the other hand, clash with the main character mostly because there is something fundamentally wrong with how they treat their Pokemon or other trainers, and that definitely doesn't go away at the end of thirty minutes.

I completely agree with you. I think that having characters who are different and they clash is a good thing, and that's all you need at times. In fact, I think that if two people don't like each other solely because one is a jerk and the other isn't, that's fine for a story. There's a ton of great stories where characters are that simple. Lightning can just be a jerk here, he doesn't have to be anything else. That alone is motivation, as Banshee is an author that is more interested in telling the story than doing ideologies and parallels. I should know, I've been his editor for a year and a half and I'm his pre-reader in this story, and I can tell that making stories that he wants to tell to others is his main priority, and there's nothing wrong with that.


It's called the Voices are Mental and it utterly destories the immersion, because why would Flash's voice come out of Twilight's body it makes no sense.
Also if I wanted growth through rivalry, Son Goku and Vegeta got me covered

But this isn't Dragonball. What does Dragonball have to do with mlp and Pokémon? I don't understand your argument.

You are taking this way too far. Why not just read the story first before judging it for what it does or doesn’t do? Also, you are kinda overreacting to the whole Voices are Mental trope. It is usually done in shows to help audiences tell who is in whoms body, but it can work without it, but I’ve seen you not even bother to read the chapters that use the trope, which is taking it a bit too far.

Twilight giggled at this. "This Champagoon's not like others. She's much more docile, which is why Celestia took her in. She makes sure all the Pokémon stay safe."

Okay, now, I know that this Pokemon, especially this particular one, is supposed to be based off of Ember. :ajsmug:

This caused them all to laugh as Twilight stared at the teen. He was like none of the other trainers she had ever met, only to remember that that was actually wrong. There was one person he reminded her of...

Let me guess, Shining Armor. :ajsmug:

"Hail Team Shadow," they said in unison, their bodies disappearing back into the darkness.

The big bad is Sombra again, isn't it? :ajbemused: Hmm, what is it about Sombra as a villain that you're particularly drawn to? Does Sombra just somehow naturally oppose how you choose to portray Flash? You seem to really enjoy pitting Flash against him. That's all.

What was not noticed by anybody, was that a particular Pokémon was watching them leave. The Pokémon stared at one of the teens, a look of determination showing on its face.

:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: YES! :yay: Yes, yes, yes, yes! Whoo-hoo! You go, little cute Pokemon! Go out there and get your trainer!

Hold on. I almost forgot. Springer's got a backstory? :pinkiegasp: Oh my, it's not related to why the lab was destroyed, isn't it? I don't know why, but those two things feel connected for some reason.:applejackunsure:

8947868 Well what do you expect. If we go by just the show, what do we know about Sombra? That means you can do whatever you want with him.

Ah, kind of like Flash except that Flash isn't evil. :twilightsmile:

Now this dynamic of Twilight and Flash has me hooked. So Spike is without a partner... Will he get something like PeeWee?
Looking forward to see how this all play out.

And so Team Shadow seems to be a more imposing group right at the bat then Team Rocket ever was....granted Jesse and James are the actual outliers but still.

This is awesome. Team Shadow is going to be a lot of trouble in the future, I can feel it.

Oh, this is going to be FUN!!!! Let's see how this whole thing goes and what teams the characters build up!

Wait. I can't believe that I didn't think of it sooner, but did anyone else get Jurassic World or How to Train Your Dragon vibes from that scene between Flash and Champagoon?

No, I believe it is based on the second episode of XY where Ash tried to talk to a rampaging Garchomp that had a Team Rocket device on it.

I haven't really watched a lot of Pokemon since maybe gen 3, so I wouldn't know. I was still up when Banshee updated, so I had read the chapter before I fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, the chapter was still pretty fresh in my mind, and then, these images popped into my head.
Then again, the whole "brave protagonist tames a wild creature with compassion and mutual respect" thing happens in a lot of stories. A lot of those same stories also have an antagonist who breaks the wild creature's spirit with cruelty and subjugation.

Then why did you try to debate me and not ask me for clarification?

What I didn't understand is what Dragonball had to do with this story, at least according to you. This is a simple adventure mlp Pokémon story.

I know why the troope is used in animation, but I dare you to site one life-action example of it in use. As for in literature, why does it need to happen? We the readers already know about the body switch and wouldn't be more narratively powerful to have everyone else why character X was talking like character b?

As to why I don't read chapters that use it, it's because I can no long buy in to the premise of the story with how Banshee has used the troope. From point of view, Banshee stretched the premise of the two chapters in which he used a body swap too far and I could no longer buy into the premise. Or I could no longer suspend my want of disbrief when he had other characters voices come out of Flash's mouth.

As for my judgement, let's see this is a Pokemon based fanfic, and the franchise is what 20 years old with atleast 8 different 'generations' and anime incarnation, yeah there's a lot of things I can use to see where, what and how the story would go, specially with the cliche of the jerk rival.

Also you seem to ignore that my hopes for this series rides on Flash and Twilight's interactions, and I really do hope that they challenge and grow from each other, and I expect that.

In short, if I want to read/watch this kind of plot line, I'd read/watch something else, DB just happens to be my preference.

Okay. I'm gonna read this story and I have a feeling that I'm gonna enjoy it as I believe that even if a story does have flaws or tropes, it doesn't mean its bad. But that's just my opinion.


Also you seem to ignore that my hopes for this series rides on Flash and Twilight's interactions, and I really do hope that they challenge and grow from each other, and I expect that.

I'm 99.99999999999999% sure that they will. I mean, that's kind of the whole point of Celestia sending Twilight to travel with Flash. Just don't expect them to get into a lot of fights about their differences in how they approach Pokemon. I haven't watched Pokemon since gen 3, but if there's anything that I remember from the series, it is what I'd like to call the three cardinal rules of Pokemon.
#1: Love and respect all Pokemon. Love and respect your Pokemon. Love and respect other people's Pokemon. Love and respect Pokemon that you find in the middle of the wild.
#2: Respect other trainers even if you don't always agree with them and even if your personalities clash. Do your best to try to learn from them if possible even if you don't particularly like them.
#3: DO NOT STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S POKEMON. If you find a Pokemon that isn't wild and isn't yours, take it back to it's owner.
As long as the characters are following these three rules, most potential conflicts resolve before they even begin, and the main characters are usually pretty good about sticking to these rules.

Yeah, Pokemon is one of those series where love of "the game" and mutual respect trump differences in personality. If you and another person are having problems with each other, then one of those things is lacking, and I definitely am not expecting either of those things to be lacking in Flash and Twilight's relationship. I mean, they both obviously love Pokemon, plus Flash already earned Twilight's respect by standing up for Aquana and saving Champagoon. On top of that, Flash seems to pretty much respect everyone he meets, so I'm not expecting a whole lot of problems on that end.

8948481 If you haven't watched Gen 4, then you should watch this.

I've watched a couple of episodes. I haven't really watched too many. I think I saw one where Paul lost to a trainer that Ash beat, and one after that episode where Ash lost to Paul, and he got all depressed. I also saw the ones where Ash takes in Chimchar after Paul abandons it. Ooh, I think I also saw the ones where May temporarily joins the gang in Sinnoh, and Ash tries his hand at contest battling for some reason. :applejackunsure: So, basically, Paul regularly breaks cardinal rules 1 and 2 and still keeps winning. :twilightoops: Man, I dislike the guy already. :ajbemused:

"MOOOOOVVVVIIIINNNEEEEE!" It cried as it was sent rocketing into the horizon, soon disappearing like a shining star in the great blue sky.

Woo! The blast-off! Aw, yeah!

By the way, if you replace Skyler with a small child, Flash would make a pretty darn good dad. :twilightsmile:

I think this chapter made a great show of how Flash and Twilight's differences both clash and complement each other, and that way you wrote the ending implies that Flash and Twilight are starting to realize that. Hopefully, their interactions become more complementary as the story continues.

It seems like a flying type is usually the first, or one of the first, to be caught at the beginning of the journey. I wonder how long until Aquana officially joins?

I have a feeling Twilight will learn a lot from Flash about battling, and in return he will learn a lot from her.

I got a very 'Scootaloo' like vibe from the Chickling.
Nice to see that Twilight will teach Flash and Flash teach her..... Like that line from the intro to the first season of the anime.
Still want to see Spike get PeeWee.... Too soon?

I'd say too soon. This is chapter 3 after all. I'm guessing stuff like that won't happen until at least after the first gym.

Hold on. If I remember correctly from when I first saw Pokemon, doesn't a person's Pokemon journey start when they're 10? Did the series hike up the age limit, or is it just for the Equestria region?

8962565 Whole Series. Now the limit is sixteen, with guardian's permission.

I think I get what is going on in this story. Lightning Blitz isn't supposed to help Flash grow as a person or a trainer. He's there to gauge how far along Flash is growing. AandWguy and SuperSonicHeroes pointed out that Lightning was supposed to be Paul. According to that video Banshee posted on the comments section, Paul is supposed to be Ash's ideological opposite. He didn't just test Ash's skills as a trainer. He tested everything about who Ash is as a person, what he believed, how he treated Pokemon, etc. Lightning is supposed to do the same for Flash. However, Flash's journey isn't about turning him into Lightning. It's about turning him into a better, more effective Flash (think Kung Fu Panda 3). That's where Twilight comes in.
Flash has a deep understanding of the bond between a trainer and his Pokemon as well as good battle instincts. What he lacks is the knowledge needed to come up with effective battle strategies and training regimens. Twilight, on the other hand, has the head knowledge but lacks the ability to put it into practice. Twilight helps Flash better use his head while Flash helps her learn how to adapt on the fly. Their character development will have finally reached its peak when Flash beats Lightning and when Twilight...does...something (I don't know what).
Spike is there to help Flash push Twilight's buttons. I know it sounds like a dumb reason to exist, but Twilight's spent so much time in her comfort zone that she kind of needs her buttons pushed. However, at this point in the story, Flash hasn't known Twilight well enough to do that yet.

Hey, Banshee, I'm sorry if I'm overanalyzing everything. I just got back from watching Infinity War with my family, and I needed something to keep my mind off of the ending.

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